Big Brother 14 Episode 15 Recap: Zingbot Returns


Wednesday night’s Big Brother 14 had a little extra zing to it. Yes, the Zingbot made a comeback and he has upped his game. But before we get to the zings, we’ll start this little recap in chronological order.

The show picked up where Sunday’s left off, with the nominations of Wil and Joe. We see Dan wiping the sweat from his forehead in relief that he wasn’t nominated. But he knows he’s not out of the woods yet. He’s still nervous about something happening if Frank wins the Veto.

Boogie is happy Frank was a good boy and did as he was told by nominating Wil and Joe. And Boogie continues his push for Wil to be the one to go. Frank let’s Joe know, in an indirect way, that Wil is actually the target this week. Meanwhile, Boogie is telling Wil the same thing, but just as a way for Boogie to get his rocks off by tricking him into thinking he’s safe. He even says in a diary room moment that he loves doing that to people. Lucky for Wil, he’s not buying anything Boogie is selling.

Once that excitement dies down, we switch to Britney and Shane discussing Danielle. We’re FINALLY getting a CBS edit of what’s really going on between Shane and Danielle. Shane isn’t interested but Danielle is. And Danielle is coming off as pretty unstable in a lot of ways. And if you ask Live Feed watchers, editing has nothing to do with that.

Wil is actually playing the game pretty well this week campaigning for votes. He’s got Ashley and possibly Jenn on his side and he even does a great job of getting Danielle to consider keeping him over Joe. Even though she’ll probably go with whatever Dan and her alliance do.

It’s time to pick the veto players and joining Frank, Wil, Joe and Shane (since he won the veto pass last week) are Jenn, Ashley and Boogie. Ian is chosen as the host.

Just before it’s time to play the veto competition, the Zinbot stops by and he’s got some fresh new zings for everyone. He class Ashley out on being an airhead. He slams Britney for giving away $500,000 to the Brigade her season. He makes fun of Boogie’s age, Frank’s hair and Ian’s lack of chemistry with the ladies. He tells Shane his niece called and wants his pink tank top back. And for the zing of all zings he tells Danielle that Shane has something for her when they get out of the house: “a restraining order.” Hahahhahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahha. Hahaha. She is NOT happy. But everyone else is. Hilarious.

The Zingbot segwayed into the Veto comp, which was called “Birth of Zingbot.” The players had to construct some tubing then lead a ball through it using a magnet just so the Zingbot’s baby can be born. It’s your typical silly and embarrassing Big Brother game that we should all be ashamed of. And per usual, most of the players are terrible at the game, so that makes it an easy win for Frank. So for the third week in a row, the HoH has won the Power of Veto.

Dan gets nervous again and rightly so. Not only has Frank already been thinking about putting Dan up, but Wil actually does some more gameplay by talking to Frank, letting him know if he makes this move, he and Ashley are behind him and will protect him. Frank is highly considering making this big move, but Boogie keeps buzzing in his ear, reminding him that it’s too early to turn on the alliance they just formed last week.

In the end, Frank does not use the Power of Veto so either Joe or Wil will be heading home Thursday night. Right now it’s looking like Wil is out the door, but anything can happen. There’s still a little time.

Who do you hope heads home this week?


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