Big Brother 14 Episode 15 Recap: Zingbot Returns


Wednesday night’s Big Brother 14 had a little extra zing to it. Yes, the Zingbot made a comeback and he has upped his game. But before we get to the zings, we’ll start this little recap in chronological order.

The show picked up where Sunday’s left off, with the nominations of Wil and Joe. We see Dan wiping the sweat from his forehead in relief that he wasn’t nominated. But he knows he’s not out of the woods yet. He’s still nervous about something happening if Frank wins the Veto.

Boogie is happy Frank was a good boy and did as he was told by nominating Wil and Joe. And Boogie continues his push for Wil to be the one to go. Frank let’s Joe know, in an indirect way, that Wil is actually the target this week. Meanwhile, Boogie is telling Wil the same thing, but just as a way for Boogie to get his rocks off by tricking him into thinking he’s safe. He even says in a diary room moment that he loves doing that to people. Lucky for Wil, he’s not buying anything Boogie is selling.

Once that excitement dies down, we switch to Britney and Shane discussing Danielle. We’re FINALLY getting a CBS edit of what’s really going on between Shane and Danielle. Shane isn’t interested but Danielle is. And Danielle is coming off as pretty unstable in a lot of ways. And if you ask Live Feed watchers, editing has nothing to do with that.

Wil is actually playing the game pretty well this week campaigning for votes. He’s got Ashley and possibly Jenn on his side and he even does a great job of getting Danielle to consider keeping him over Joe. Even though she’ll probably go with whatever Dan and her alliance do.

It’s time to pick the veto players and joining Frank, Wil, Joe and Shane (since he won the veto pass last week) are Jenn, Ashley and Boogie. Ian is chosen as the host.

Just before it’s time to play the veto competition, the Zinbot stops by and he’s got some fresh new zings for everyone. He class Ashley out on being an airhead. He slams Britney for giving away $500,000 to the Brigade her season. He makes fun of Boogie’s age, Frank’s hair and Ian’s lack of chemistry with the ladies. He tells Shane his niece called and wants his pink tank top back. And for the zing of all zings he tells Danielle that Shane has something for her when they get out of the house: “a restraining order.” Hahahhahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahha. Hahaha. She is NOT happy. But everyone else is. Hilarious.

The Zingbot segwayed into the Veto comp, which was called “Birth of Zingbot.” The players had to construct some tubing then lead a ball through it using a magnet just so the Zingbot’s baby can be born. It’s your typical silly and embarrassing Big Brother game that we should all be ashamed of. And per usual, most of the players are terrible at the game, so that makes it an easy win for Frank. So for the third week in a row, the HoH has won the Power of Veto.

Dan gets nervous again and rightly so. Not only has Frank already been thinking about putting Dan up, but Wil actually does some more gameplay by talking to Frank, letting him know if he makes this move, he and Ashley are behind him and will protect him. Frank is highly considering making this big move, but Boogie keeps buzzing in his ear, reminding him that it’s too early to turn on the alliance they just formed last week.

In the end, Frank does not use the Power of Veto so either Joe or Wil will be heading home Thursday night. Right now it’s looking like Wil is out the door, but anything can happen. There’s still a little time.

Who do you hope heads home this week?


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  1. i wish they both would go home!!  wil finally got busted for a being a shady bitch and joe is just annoying as hell, but if we must keep one, keep joe

    •  Wrong one to keep!!  “Dirty Joe”He,ll use the bath room,and seldom washes his hands..He is not a clean,respectable to have around,let alone a Chef..He is a disgrace to all Chefs, Willy should have knocked the hell outta him..Matter of fact Joe, was the instigator,of willy,s actions,that led to him being removed form BBH..Joe should have been ordered to leave also..

  2. i can’t wait to see boogie boogey on out the do’.  hit the road, boog.  he wasn’t a gentleman back then, he’s no better now.  Look at Frank.  He’s not been mean or disrespectful or hateful to anyone.  Try to be more like him, boogey-man!

    • I DO like Franks gameplay.   But i think it was a teeny-weeny bit disrespectful to tell Boogie about his date with Ashley when the two of them had agreed not to kiss and tell.  But you’re right…he’s not hateful to anyone.  Why bother when Boogie is so good at it.

      • On the live feeds Frank talked to Ashley and she said that she told everyone else. And Frank only told Boogie, so he is still more honest than many others in the house! :)

      •  Frank has the worst gameplay. Nobody in this season has great gameplay. Boogie plays personal and everyone else is just followers. Frank’s best move was to get rid of Dan, if he wanted extra allies to protect him. But by far his best best best move was to backdoor Boogie. Had he backdoored Boogie his target would be right off his back.

  3. CBS, I mean the Zingbot 3000 came back with some good ones this time, but by far it got Danielle the best…and the look on Danielle’s face was priceless, she was clearly upset. Now of course who’s going home this week? I’m thinking Wil, its his time.

    • I agree. Zingbot was good tonight.
      Britney, Boogie, Ashley, Shane, Ian, and Danielle’s were very good.

  4. When Frank won HOH and Boogie practically jumped into his arms I wanted to barf. I wonder what Frank’s dad (Sid Vicious) thinks as he watches his son being mauled, pawed and clutched by that dirty old perv!

    • its funny how Boogie gloats like a child when he wins, but walks around like an old man. Oh yeah, HE IS!
      so sad.

    • Dude come on…they’re best friends in the house and they celebrated a win…

      The homo jokes between Frank and Mike are getting to be nothing but head-shakers

  5. i want Joe gone. He thinks he is a strong competior and a good player when really he has done nothing and is there for being weak. sad. Wil is probably going home. too bad.

  6. There are 11 people on the house and this is still the most boring BB ever. Reading the comments from fans is more interesting than the show. Somerhing’s got to give soon. Please!!!!!

  7. Boggie has a great strategy. He leeches onto a strong player (will, Frank) and let’s them take him  to the final 4.Then he blindsides them and wins the game.

    • The best thing would’ve been if Danielle unexpectedly snapped and jumped Zingbot while yelling, swearing and wailing on him…her comment in the DR was pretty funny too, something about kicking him in the face…

      That would’ve been the top highlight of Big Brother history. Zero tolerance for violence against other houseguests, does Zingbot count? He shouldn’t…

  8. I’d like Joe to go home.  It would be unexpected and Wil is a wildcard at this moment – no one really knows who he will go after if he wins HOH.  He could totally upset this game if he stays – which would be awesome.

    • If Joe keeps on grossing everyone out with his bad chef habits tonight, they might turn on him & send his sorry ass home tomorrow. I can only hope!

      • I think they skipped Dan and Wil for some reason. I’ve been wondering the same thing, and wondering if I just missed a zing for Dan…but I didn’t turn away from the TV during that segment…so…

  9. Shane wears pink because hes comfortable with his sexuality????? could go both ways…. straight or gay???

  10. Ian is such a little bitch.

    Frank is such a good threat but hes such a sucky mental player. Boogie is using him until he does’nt need him anymore….

    Duhhhhh and ashley needs to go hm shes useless.

  11. Is it just me or did Zingbot totally skip Dan and Wil? Did I miss their zings? As it is Zingbot combined Joe and Mike into one, so skipping Dan and Wil altogether would be disappointing.

    • I hope Wil leaves tomorrow too. His attitude was a joke, he shouldn’t get the chance to play another day. I love all the “watch your back” talk against Frank tonight, even after the Veto ceremony where he was still left on the block. Here’s an idea Wil, win a competition. Especially with your game on the line.

    • Finally!!! I was thinking the same thing! Get boogie out! He’s washed up. Frank could use him for maybe one or two more weeks and then Frank should get the rest of the silent six on board with a back door. Minus Dan. Dan would tell him.

      • I was definitely thinking that after last night’s episode. Most of the houseguest are probably after Mike. If they were to win HoH they would put up Mike and Frank just for being associated with him. If Frank was to get rid of Boogie he would get rid of the target that is on his back

  12. If I have to listen to Brittney sucking on candy canes all night long I’m gonna kick my TV, just like Danielle was gonna kick Zingbot!!

  13. When do you think Shane, Britney, & Danielle, or even Dan or Ian are going to turn on Boogie & Frank??? I hope soon!

  14.   In shanes diary room session he mentioned wearing pink cuz he was comfortable in his sexuality what did he mean?… comfortable cuz hes straight or is he gay?

  15. Has anyone been watching BBAD? They are playing a game to guess TV shows in alphabetical order. I find it insanely funny that they got stuck on the letter B. Hellooooo, isn’t Big Brother a TV show that starts with a “B”? Duhhhhhhhhh…..

    • I found it interesting in that same segment when the brilliant Danielle states emphatically, “The is not a word.”

      Also interesting when the know-it-all Brittany gives Ian a chemical burn and has the nerve to comment that he has exaggerated his pain.

      The level of intelligence this season is amazing.  There are always dumb members but this season it is hard to find a bright one which is probably why I enjoyed the zings so much last night.

      Wasn’t happy earlier to listen to Brittany and Danielle discuss needing to put Ian out later and then have Ashley mention on her date putting him up if she should ever win HOH.  

      I love the twists and turns but Boogie has got to go.  He is so evil and Danielle.  She is so pathetic and thinks she the best! 

  16. Why is it that the Zingbot’s ZINGS are really lame or really low?  Theres not much in between.  Boogie/Joe’s was way lame..yawn on theirs.  Same with Jenns, Ian’s and Ashley’s.   Shane’s was kinda funny. Brits was pretty good ( a little cutting w/out being way mean).  Danielle’s was vicious!  BTW, did I miss Dan’s and Will’s?

    • I think they made Dani’s that way so she gets it…Shane doesnt want her in that way. They probably noticed that she lives in a flase sence of reality and were afraid she in her own land believes he wants to be marred to her and have her babies. WAY TO GIVE IT TO HER! Now how about a reality check in general?

      • Forgot to mention in my previous post, Danielle’s comment to Dan that she had previously been married and the difficulties that ensued and changed it to not married but living together.  Wonder if he will store this information and begin to see he as full of falsehoods.  He absorbs info well and for now probably wants to keep her alliance but we will see.  

    • Did not even notice that Dan and Wil were not zinged! Anyway, I liked the zing on Danielle about the restraining order. While, she smiled and tried to
      be a good sport in front of everyone, she was ready to kick Zingbot over it!

  17. yeah – I didn’t hear Dan or Wil’s zings either.  I hate to see Wil go this week because he really seems to be aware of the game play that is going on – just did not get on the good side of an alliance.  Seriously Britney – Shane – Danielle – why are you playing the game with Boogie?  That old dude has to go…………….

  18. It became very close to Frank blowing up his HOH decision. He almost did put up Dan in a backdoor and Boogie sobbered him up by telling him it could blow up in their faces and it would be game over! They screw this eviction and it will be 8 against 2 next week said Boogie and both of them will be evicted! Frank to his credit, used his head and decided on not backdooring Dan. That was the best decision he could have made and good that he stuck to it!

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