Big Brother 14 Episode 14 Recap: Who’s Up For Eviction This Week?

BB14 Frank HOH

It didn’t take long for half of the Big Brother 14 house to regret their decision to blindside Janelle. All it took was Frank winning Head of Household and everyone left realizing, “oh, maybe Boogie can’t be trusted and maybe Janelle would have had my back.”

I could say SO much about this cast right now but I’ll save that for an op-ed piece some other time. This is a recap, so let me get to it.

At the top of the episode, we pick up with Janelle leaving the house and as I said, people are regretting it. Britney is crying and forgot that she was one of the first to get on board with the plan. She realizes that Janelle would have helped further her game and Boogie and Frank will not.

Then Frank wins the HoHo competition and Ashley and Wil start wondering why they evicted Janelle. Oh, that’s right, because they were in the mood to be catty a-holes and turn on their only real ally in the house. Joe, despite all his own little issues, is the only person who used his head with the vote last week. I’m not saying Janelle shouldn’t have gone home or anything, I’m just say a lot of people made a lot of bad moves.

Britney tries to tell Danielle they made a bad move and that Frank is going to win this game, but Danielle is still blinded by her imaginary  hate for Janelle.

Speaking of Danielle, we get a little moment between Shane and Danielle that’s starting to show us there isn’t really a showmance going on. It’s also giving the TV-only viewers what the Live Feed watchers are seeing and that’s that Danielle might be a little crazy. Maybe not in real life, but definitely in the game. (Yeah, probably in real life, too, but I have no real proof).

It’s good that we’re finally getting some more realistic edits of what’s going on inside the house. Aside from Danielle’s antics, we also got to see the shady side of Boogie and Frank. They’re already talking about turning on their Silent Six alliance by putting up Dan or Britney. Of course Boogie isn’t too into the Dan idea because there’s a good chance the two of them have a super-secret unspoken alliance formed before the show started.

Right now they’re talking about putting up one of the Silent Six as a pawn, but Frank acts more like he’d like to toss out another blindside this week. Luckily, Boogie thinks they need to keep the trust within the Silent Six a little longer before they start turning on each other.

The Have-Not Competition returned this week and the house was split into two teams. The Green (Lime) Team was Boogie, Ian, Dan, Wil and Ashley with Frank playing for her because of her back issues. The Yellow (Lemon) Team was Britney, Shane, Joe, Danielle and Jenn.

They’re all dressed like lemons and limes and they have to jump into a pool of juice to soak up the liquid to fill up jugs that will decide who the Have-N0ts are. In most seasons, I’d complain about how cheap and embarrassing the competition is, but this season has been so far off other seasons that this was a welcome reminder of the show we love.

The Green Team wins so the Have-Nots this week are Britney, Shane, Joe and Danielle. For some reason Jenn isn’t a Have-Not and I missed why not since she was working on that team. I’m not sure if anyone said why.

After the competition, the house guests go back inside to find out the special treat America voted for them to enjoy along with slop this week. It’s candy canes and cod. Yummy.

It looks like the Silent Six might be solid this week because Joe and Wil can’t seem to escape Boogie and Frank’s radar. They were leaning more toward Joe until Wil stuck his foot in his mouth. Wil basically told Boogie and Frank that he knows there’s a big group of people in an alliance and he couldn’t exactly tell them who his target would be if he won HoH. Basically Wil didn’t suck up to the person in power and may have bought himself a ticket home.

At the nomination ceremony, Frank does put Joe and Wil on the block and it’s starting to look like the target has definitely shifted from Joe to Wil.

Who do you think should go home this week?


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  1. jenn is not a have not becasue there were 10 bottles and evry team member had 2 bottles with their name on it. they only had to fill up 4 people bottles

    • But you don’t explain why Jenn got a buy on the HN comp she was on the team that lost and was supposed to help fill all the bottles necessary to win

      • Each team was supposed to choose which 4 of the 5 people on the opposing team they wanted to be have-nots.

      • They had to fill up the bottles of 4 members of the opposing team, and those members would become the have-nots. The lime team chose not to fill Jenn’s bottles, so she did not become a have not.

  2. I want Joe to leave and Wil to stay, Wil is the only reason for waching this show and to get him out would really hurt the ratings. Joe is crazy and I pray that he is doing someting really bad like cussing someone out, throwing frank under the bus, or even telling Danielle she a crazy person and a liar. I really hope Wil stays if not then this show is going to be boring than ever.

    • Actually, jannelle was the only reason to watch. Willie was the only reason to watch.Britney, boogie, and dan are the only reasons to watch. Wil is a train reck. A wannabee no-one trying so desperatley to be some one. His eyes are dead, his soul is comprimised, and he needs to use some lice shampoo!

      • FYI you listed 5 “only” reasons to watch not one..Wil may be a bit of a wannabe but I think he adds some entertainment and just cause he has long hair doesn’t mean he has lice…

      • You jealous Will is by far hands down the only reason to watch
        U prob (closeted, paying old men for sex) boogies mother.

      • Wil  is not a tranwreck you don’t know anything about him honey. Unlike me so take your comments and shove them.Thank you!!!!

      • OMG!!! your so right except Joe is louder. Ihave a question is the DR room soundproof because, Joe is so loud that everyone could probably hear him shouting.

      • Yes!!! So annoying!! Lol.  The ONLY good thing about keeping Joe is that he can’t win ANYTHING. He sucks at all the veto and hoh games!

    • I did think it was funny Frank put Boogie’s key last.  I wonder what Boogs was thinking as the keys were getting pulled.

  3. It’s ashame that wil is probably going home this week. I was really rooting for him. I really dont understand why he didnt try to make a final 3 deal with frank and boogie. also, when he was asked of who he would want to vote out after joe, he could have easily thrown shane under the bus by saying hes a big physical threat in the game and could have tried to get him out. it could have made helped his game immensely.  instead he pretty much implied that they are his target if he wins hoh. very bad move!!

    •  All he had to say was that he didn’t even intend to win HoH next week. cause he had no real targets and wanted to stay in good therms with the house majority. Instead he shot himself in the foot.

    •  Seriously!!! Its “cool” and all that he didn’t suck up to the HOH and just tell Frank what he wanted to hear, but that’s what this game is ALL about. Put your pride aside and kiss butt. Wil EASILY could have “made” deals with Boogie and Frank. All he had to do was lie (which he’s been doing all season) and he probably wouldn’t be going home this week.

      Like Boogie told Ian … “You can bounce checks!!!!” horrible game play by Wil. Hope you’re walking out the door this week. But at least he’ll have his dignity… ha!

      • That act is good in real life, but in BB it is all about 500k, and if any player says its not in them to lie and backstab then they are in wrong game.

  4. Not that I don’t like Frank and Boogie, but the quack pack? (was that what they decided on) were pretty dumb to go after Janelle. The smart move IMO would of been to take Will down and put Boogie up with Frank, guaranteeing one of their biggest threats would go home and leaving the other basically alone. The longer they keep that team the more dangerous they become. The object is supposed to be to win and not getting rid of your biggest rivals is kinda crazy.

    •  I think its premature to say it was a bad move to get rid of Janelle. If Frank were to turn on the Silent 6 this week (which it seems like he’s not going to), then yeah I would agree with your assessment. However, the alliance is staying intact this week. All is good.

      • I think it was a poor decision for Wil to get rid of his only real, and quite frankly, accomplished comp winning ally. She would have kept him safe for weeks and would have been a bigger target than him the meanwhile. For the girls, especially Britney and Ashley, getting rid of Janelle just makes it easier for them to be picked off and not have a strong alliance member to help them. Britney is going to get Brigaded once again, if not back-doored very soon. Jenn, Ashley and Danielle’s days are numbered as well. The biggest competitors left are men, and they will not be breaking their bromances for any of the girls.

        But for everyone else, Janelle’s eviction was a spectacular move.

      •  It is not so much that getting rid of her was a bad move. The bad move is when they could have guaranteed either Boogie or Frank going home, they wasted that chance, using it on Janelle. IMO they could have gotten her pretty much any time, she wasn’t really on her game this time around.

      • Let’s be real… They helped Boogie out a ton this week. Not only did they save his teammate, but they evicted his biggest enemy. And all they gained was a pair of semi-trustworthy allies for a week or so. Janelle would have put up whichever of Boogie or Frank was left over. She would want to get Mike out as much as he wanted her out. But now their future is iffy. I don’t think it was a TERRIBLE choice, but I don’t think it was the best one. Mike will win again if he gets to the final two, and Frank is looking better and better as well.

    • Janelle think it was personal thing. And when Dry.Wall called he told Julie if Janelle doesn’t win she will be three time loser, and he said it mocking way. wic tell you that hi and Boogie have deal that he will get her evicted.
      and getting Janelle out was best move for Frank game because she targeted him since day one.

    • The reason for the Quack Pack turning on Janelle is simple. Ian was asked by Dan about both Boogie and Janelle. He said Janelle would have betrayed them and not stuck to the alliance. He said Boogie would have stuck to the alliance more than Janelle. Janelle betrayed her alliance with Brittney at that time and betrayed her alliance with Boogie with her repeated attempts to evict Frank! Janelle dug her own grave when she refused to throw Joe under the bus when that would have given her the 4 coach alliance that she supposedly wanted! She said she wanted it but, turned her back to it! Very bad move showing Dan that she could not be trusted which resulted in them backdooring her!

  5. Boogie will backdoor Frank eventually. it makes no sense for him to be final 2 with Frank who is charismatic with the house, been on the block a few times, won hoh a few times, can basically say he played his game even if Boogie (who already won) was there etc. Boogie and Dan will try to go final 2 together. Dan defended Boogie when they wanted to put Frank and Boogie up, and now Boogie defended Dan and said they will backdoor later. 

    •  I don’t see Boogie turning on Frank at any point in this game. Boogie didn’t want to become an HG, he wanted to stay as a coach, I don’t think the grand prize was ever his intention. Boogie would be happy getting $50,000 and securing Frank’s ultimate win. He’s said before he’d try to win veto and take Frank off the block, even if it meant ruining his own safety. He may be a manipulator, but he is faithful to his ultimate alliance. Boogie turning on Frank is as likely as him turning on Evil Dr. Will, IMO.

      Frank will meet his demise by Dan (or Dan via Danielle) or Britney (or Britney via Shane). Dan will always keep Boogie around as that guarantees his ultimate win at the end and Boogie will always be a bigger target than Dan.

      Frank backdooring Britney or Shane (I love Shane, but as far as game goes, he’s the biggest obstacle standing between Frank and $500,000) would eliminate his threats (oust Britney or Shane and the other will need somewhere to turn for safety) and gain possible ground with other newbies in the house. It’s become so obvious who is aligned with who, it’s time for Frank to rally the noob-troops and get a real threat gone. Dan, Danielle, Ian and Boogie would all protect Frank, at least for another two weeks.

      •  To CuriosityCounts:

        Unless Boogie went to F2 with Ashley, Jenn or Danielle, it’s highly unlikely he would have the jury votes to win anyway. Unless the house decided, “ohhh that damn Boogie, he does deserve to win after all”, which I think everyone is a little too jaded to vote that way. He’s definitely got an ego, which everyone would hate to feed by giving him another $500k.

      • wow finally a comment that make sense and based on logic, thank you for your input. most viewer base their comments on their emotion and the way they feel about certain player, so their comments are senseless and idiotic

      • I don’t think Boogie will turn on Frank either. I think Boogie wants to get Frank to the final two and then will let Frank win. Boogie has a lot of money already in his personal life so he doesn’t “need” the win. He’s already said he didn’t even want to be a player and only wanted the money that coaches won. Say what you will about Boogie but he is loyal.

    • I would love it if Boogie took Dan to the final two over Frank if he had the chance, but I feel like even if his ego is rather large, he is also loyal. He stuck with Dr.Will until the end, and he would probably do the same for Frank.

    • Actually, he is smart and he saw through them and called their alliance, but too bad he woke up so late, this wake up call would serve him good two weeks ago.

  6. i don’t think they’ll send joe home since they were talking about using him next week to get rid of one of the six. i don’t know that being in an alliance does any good. they don’t trust each other and they’re no safer than joe who’s working alone. those people are deluding themselves.

    • Not all alliances are the same. Those that last and go deep in any of the reality games, there is an element of trust and a willingness of the members to stick together. You have more than one alliance to cover your butt. If one betrays your alliance, you go after that house guest and evict him or her!
      That is the only way to protect yourself and instill fear on anyone betraying you!

  7. If i was a houseguest, i would not be scared of Joe taking “revenge” or doing any damage in the house.
    Come on Joe, if you want to follow up on your promises, dont be sitting down in a challenge. Even Britany who was half your size  was pulling her weight.

  8. I hope Wil is the one to stay.   He’s less likely to do Boogie and Franks bidding.   Joe didn’t vote to evict Janelle because the rest of the house kept it from him that they were backdooring her.   They wanted him to look foolish.   Now THEY are the ones looking foolish.  Their plan all along was to evict him this week.   But now that Wil has refused to play Frank and Boogies game, i’m afraid he has sealed his fate. 

  9. I think if I was Britney or really any of the girls, it’d be better to let Joe go. Just because out of the 2 guys Wil’s got a better chance of winning an HoH. Of course, I’d make sure I was on Wil’s good side and watched my P’s and Q’s w/him. For the guys, though, Wil would have to go and keep Joe. 

  10. Talk about putting his foot in his mouth. Sometimes, less is more. When Joe is already slated for eviction this week, Wil manages to just save Joe! Talk about
    stupid with a capital S. Instead of promising Frank and Boogie that he would not target them if he won HOH next week, Wil does not say anything and plays coy like Janelle last week. This guy is just dumb and arrogant for him own good! He deserves to go this week!

    • lol, just like Janelle when she digged her own grave he did the same, it look like it runs in the teem.

  11. We knew who was going up so onto the next subject. I am SO happy that CBS finally did a decent edit tonight about crazy stalker Danielle. Note: I am not a Janelle fan at all this season. Ok now let the bashing begin from the Danielle lovers out there. Clearly you either don’t watch the live feed or read the Internet. If your not a believer now, wait til the show is over & even more comes out.

  12. anyone else having trouble with the sound on their feeds? I have alot of double talking, talking at the same time..very annoying.

  13. Please backdoor Britt or Shane. That way Frank can go to them “see how it feels? now you want to work together or what.?”

  14. Obviously these newbies do not know how to play the game. With Boogie being known for what he does you must break up the pack. By keeping Frank and clearly he’s a strong player…he’s not making any alliances with any of them other than Boogie so why keep him. Even though no one liked Janell she new how to play the game and this is why Boogie wanted her out…..SO CLUELESS!!! 

  15. They both should go. Joe, because his DR sessions are so annoying and because if I see one more health violation while he’s cooking I’m going to jump through the screen.  Did anyone else see him handling the raw Cod and then without washing his hands use the same bloody hand grab the banana nut crap he made and eat it, then go back to handling the cod, then back again to the pan with the bread? Yuck!!  

    Wil should go because he isn’t fighting to stay – he has totally given up – where is the strategy? Why isn’t he playing the game?  Instead of taking a risk and stirring up some trouble, he prefers to lay down and die.  Why hasn’t BB production coached him like they have done with past contestants.  Remember when Ragan knew he was going home and BB production suggested he plead his case (mostly so that BB could get some interesting footage for the show), even though he knew it was futile because of the Brigade alliance?  Anywho…where is BB production on this?P.S. Audio has been a little screwy and cutting away to music every few seconds is getting really annoying. 

  16. I hate this season and Mike Boogie…have stopped watching for the first time ever since BB began. I could only stomach Booger with Dr.Will around, he is so obnoxious and Frank reminds me of Richard Simmons on steroids!

    • I find it very difficult to watch this season because Boogie is so front and center.  He makes me sick to my stomach and I hated his comment about Janelle the “evil witch” being gone, who is the one who is really evil here, it’s Boogie of course!  I believe Boogie is the single most polarizing player that they have ever had and I don’t understand the desire they had to bring that detestable person back.  I wish they would just have a season with absolute no one coming back, except as a special guest hosting a comp (like they did a couple of seasons ago when Janelle had guest hosted a comp).

    • I also have watched the show faithfully  since the initial season . For the same reason, obnoxious Mike, I have stopped watching too.

  17. After tonights episode, it seems to me that if Dan says the wrong thing to anyone and it gets back to Frank, Frank may try and backdoor Dan.  This would be great – with only two coaches left the HG could take out Brit and Boogie and let the game begin with only the newbies

    • I’m not convinced the newbies have it in them to get rid of the remaining coaches even if Dan goes, they seem to act like mindless puppets being controlled by Boogie (of course).

  18. Frankie drive me crazy he is so anxious to but his alliance, I am team F/B but it look like he going to blow it. But God love him he is so sweet the way he talks the way he smile and all in all he is delicious.

  19. It looks like Joe is sent packing and walking out the door on Thursday by 8-0 vote because nobody likes him and everyone is going to vote him out

  20. I think Wil deserves to go home over Joe because Wil showed his total lack of loyalty to Janelle who was the ONLY person who had his back.  Joe made a target of himself by being the sole vote to keep Janelle, he may be a loudmouth, etc., but I think it did show a bit of integrity on his part.   Wil isn’t nearly as funny as he thinks he is, in my opinion he’s just plain annoying and he needs to either use some dandruff/anti-lice shampoo, or shave his head, he keeps scratching his hair so much. I wonder if Joe might not be good to keep around because he is so unpopular and has no real alliance.

    • They mad Joe the only vote, he asked them how the vote is going but they kept him in the dark, so they can have excuse to vote him out without blowing their cover.

      • Bet the farm on Wil being evicted.  Joe is as useless as teats on a bull.  He’ll never win a single competition and can be taken out any time.  Wil has a chance at winning something.  Wil is going bye bye.

  21. I think Joe deserves to go home over Wil because he’s annoying, he keeps yelling in the diary room, not washing his hands after using the bathroom, he has no alliance, he is on his own, and he needs to shave the strip off his chin

  22. Real interesting conversation between Dan and Britney right now. There sooooo paranoid LOL. 12:15PST

    •  Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane, if any of them get HOH, they are going to put up Frank and much for silent six, waiting to get to the six..Frank should have went with his gut and put up Dan..that dude is a snake, so is Britney.  I think Boogie needs to let Frank make his own decision, he butts in way too much, I think Dan and Boogie make have a secret alliance.

  23. U guys do know your boy boogie was sued by his business partner for using their restrarant funds to pay male gigalos, older males at that, for sex! Yes sex!…yeah google it. He’s a pig, gross, scum! 2faced egotistical ugly!

    • He was sued, doesn’t mean he lost the suit, he didn’t, anybody can sue anybody for anything, just cause you sue someone doesn’t mean you have a valid case.
      For example I could sue you for being such a dickwad, oh wait that’s a bad example, I’d probably win that one.

  24. MAYBE , just maybe, Frank is getting tired of doing what Boogie says. He really wanted to put Dan on the block. Frank needs too do what he thinks will further hissself in the game.

    • Boogie has saved Frank’s ass. A number of house guest has been putting his ass on the block and that is Shane, Brittney, Danielle and Dan. He will be stupid as hell to trust any of those guys. Boogie has had his back each and every time!

  25. People love WILL?? To me he is a no-body on the show… I wouldnt even know the difference if he got voted out or stayed, 

  26. I still want boogie and frank gone. this week it shuld be wil that goes. he is another one that i havent liked. they did make a mistake voteing the wrong person out this week, it does seam like everyone is regreating their vote and that joe was right.. im hoping that the house guest realize the boogie it running the show

  27. Jenn’s buckets did not get filled up so that is why she is not a have not.  It was only the first four buckets that got filled that were have nots.

  28. I think that the best ever BB 14 moment was when Janelle called Boogie a douche bag on live tv , upon her exit interview with Julie Chen. Loved it!!!!!!!!

  29. face it fans ,the weak ass players had a chance to ax that bogus white trash hairball 3 times…….ahhhhh too late u idiots .Frank wins bb14 !Danielle is so reese-dick man!

  30. I think the best BB 14  moment so far wa when Janelle called Boogie a douche bag on live TV….exit interview with Julie Chen

  31. Best BB 14 moment ever was when Janelle called Boogie a douche bag during her exit interview with Julie Chen…Loved it!!!!!!!

  32. As much as I love Big Brother this is getting way to much of Frank and Boogie show. Frank should have been gone 2 weeks ago and Shane’s HoH was worth nothing and he got blood on his hands for nothing.

  33.  Up to this point I hadn’t made up my mind about Frank, he seemed decent enough (for a Big Brother contestant) but now he is getting really stupid.

    He really wants to go after Dan because Dan was going to vote him out 2 weeks ago, but HELLO he wouldn’t even know about it if Dan hadn’t told him and Boogie about it. 

    They were ALL going to vote Frank out (except Boogie of course) so how is Dan worse than any of the rest of them??  Since Dan told him about the plan Dan is better than the rest of them, so why is Frank more angry with Dan than any of the rest?  He is just being stupid to want to attack Dan this week.

  34. what an incredibly stupid move getting rid of janelle instead of sending home frank or boogie. can’t get over how jealous danielle and brittany are of janelle-soooo ugly of them!

  35. i think boogie is the biggest threat there since he so treacherous and conniving and is frank’s puppet master.i honestly think he is a jerk/loser  in real life too, based on his nastiness to janelle who probably represents all the pretty women throughout his life that woudn’t give him the time of day! he seems to think he is sooo superior to everyone-he needs a serious reality check.he is UGLY inside and out and i can’t wait to see him go.

  36. I think Ashley and Jenn should have been put on the block. Then again nobody prolly even knows theyre in the house!

  37. the reason Jenn isn’t a have-not, is because it was only the first four players whose containers got filled that would be have-nots.  there are five people on each team, and the “farmer” had to choose which containers would be filled – guess the other team didn’t care to make Jenn a have-not.

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