Big Brother 14 Episode 14 Recap: Who’s Up For Eviction This Week?

BB14 Frank HOH

It didn’t take long for half of the Big Brother 14 house to regret their decision to blindside Janelle. All it took was Frank winning Head of Household and everyone left realizing, “oh, maybe Boogie can’t be trusted and maybe Janelle would have had my back.”

I could say SO much about this cast right now but I’ll save that for an op-ed piece some other time. This is a recap, so let me get to it.

At the top of the episode, we pick up with Janelle leaving the house and as I said, people are regretting it. Britney is crying and forgot that she was one of the first to get on board with the plan. She realizes that Janelle would have helped further her game and Boogie and Frank will not.

Then Frank wins the HoHo competition and Ashley and Wil start wondering why they evicted Janelle. Oh, that’s right, because they were in the mood to be catty a-holes and turn on their only real ally in the house. Joe, despite all his own little issues, is the only person who used his head with the vote last week. I’m not saying Janelle shouldn’t have gone home or anything, I’m just say a lot of people made a lot of bad moves.

Britney tries to tell Danielle they made a bad move and that Frank is going to win this game, but Danielle is still blinded by her imaginary  hate for Janelle.

Speaking of Danielle, we get a little moment between Shane and Danielle that’s starting to show us there isn’t really a showmance going on. It’s also giving the TV-only viewers what the Live Feed watchers are seeing and that’s that Danielle might be a little crazy. Maybe not in real life, but definitely in the game. (Yeah, probably in real life, too, but I have no real proof).

It’s good that we’re finally getting some more realistic edits of what’s going on inside the house. Aside from Danielle’s antics, we also got to see the shady side of Boogie and Frank. They’re already talking about turning on their Silent Six alliance by putting up Dan or Britney. Of course Boogie isn’t too into the Dan idea because there’s a good chance the two of them have a super-secret unspoken alliance formed before the show started.

Right now they’re talking about putting up one of the Silent Six as a pawn, but Frank acts more like he’d like to toss out another blindside this week. Luckily, Boogie thinks they need to keep the trust within the Silent Six a little longer before they start turning on each other.

The Have-Not Competition returned this week and the house was split into two teams. The Green (Lime) Team was Boogie, Ian, Dan, Wil and Ashley with Frank playing for her because of her back issues. The Yellow (Lemon) Team was Britney, Shane, Joe, Danielle and Jenn.

They’re all dressed like lemons and limes and they have to jump into a pool of juice to soak up the liquid to fill up jugs that will decide who the Have-N0ts are. In most seasons, I’d complain about how cheap and embarrassing the competition is, but this season has been so far off other seasons that this was a welcome reminder of the show we love.

The Green Team wins so the Have-Nots this week are Britney, Shane, Joe and Danielle. For some reason Jenn isn’t a Have-Not and I missed why not since she was working on that team. I’m not sure if anyone said why.

After the competition, the house guests go back inside to find out the special treat America voted for them to enjoy along with slop this week. It’s candy canes and cod. Yummy.

It looks like the Silent Six might be solid this week because Joe and Wil can’t seem to escape Boogie and Frank’s radar. They were leaning more toward Joe until Wil stuck his foot in his mouth. Wil basically told Boogie and Frank that he knows there’s a big group of people in an alliance and he couldn’t exactly tell them who his target would be if he won HoH. Basically Wil didn’t suck up to the person in power and may have bought himself a ticket home.

At the nomination ceremony, Frank does put Joe and Wil on the block and it’s starting to look like the target has definitely shifted from Joe to Wil.

Who do you think should go home this week?


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