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Big Brother 14: Danielle The Cowardly Lion

Part of being the Big Brother HoH is putting on a show and talking a big game, but Danielle Murphree seems to be taking it to a whole new level. Since Monday’s Veto ceremony where she successfully made a daring move in the game she’s held several conversations that have left viewers on the Live Feeds (sign-up for your Free Trial) scratching their heads when her versions forgo reality altogether.

Immediately following the Veto ceremony Janelle and Danielle convened in the HoH room for a discussion on what caught Janelle completely by surprise. Flashback to 11:37AM to find a “shocked” Janelle and a groveling Danielle. Janelle remains very calm and soft-spoken throughout the conversation while Danielle sounds like she’s on the verge of tears. Danielle pleadingly tells Janelle “I’m sorry,” “I truly am very, very sorry,” and again in what sounds like near-tears “You can hate me, but I’m sorry.” Those are all delivered in under a minute, but the apologies don’t end there. Janelle continues to tell Danielle “it’s okay” throughout the discussion. When Janelle asks Danielle if she thinks she made the right decision Danielle answers, “I don’t know. No.”

When Danielle says she thinks she’s going to cry Janelle tells her not to and comes across the room to give her a hug. The conversation then wraps up with Janelle telling Danielle she’s been lied to and had hoped they could work together. Danielle replies that she really likes her and has never said anything bad about Janelle before closing things with “I think I’m going to throw up.”

Shortly after this apologetic and whiny Danielle concludes her “I’m so sorry” pleading to Janelle we get a completely different version of the story relayed to Frank. Flashback to 12:10PM BBT to hear all about Danielle’s alter-ego “Danielle Fierce” who must have held a separate conversion in an alternate universe. Danielle tells Frank how she aggressively stood her ground as Janelle threatened her. Danielle claims she warned Janelle that there must be a powerful group in the house.

Danielle also suggests she told Janelle about her coming to ask Janelle to exercise and Janelle snapped at her. Then Danielle claims she told Janelle she made that renom to cover her ass. None of that happened in her talk with Janelle. Danielle is puffing herself up and presenting a tall-tale to Frank to sound tough. That’s a lot different from the reality of a whiny, nearly crying Danielle who said she was about to throw up from making such a mistake. Danielle doesn’t think she made a mistake, but is too scared to defend her decision and admit to Janelle that this was her plan.

For a full-on blowing-smoke session jump to 8:05PM BBT. You’ll find Janelle bringing out the presumably fake tears while Danielle heaps the praise on about how wonderful and genuine of a person Janelle is. Danielle promises she hasn’t been fake with Janelle. Heh. Danielle goes on saying she must have been fooled by others tricking her in to believing things that weren’t true. She completely disowns the decision as something she wanted and thinks as beneficial to her game. She did and she does.

Janelle point-blank asks Danielle if she wants her to go home this week. Danielle says that if she wanted Janelle out then she wouldn’t have left Frank up on the block. We even get more of the “I feel so bad. I feel so bad, Janelle,” followed by more near-tears and cracking voice. After this completely fake, heart-felt love-fest between the two they proceed to play with their make-up for over an hour.

For another trip in to an alternate universe Flashback to 10:20PM BBT. Danielle describes her conversation with Janelle as intense and Janelle’s behavior as “being a bitch.” Danielle also insists she told Janelle that there’s nothing she can do about it now. Her entire retelling involves Danielle aggressively going after Janelle for things said and done. It’s a hilariously thorough misrepresentation. Danielle ironically complains that Janelle is making her out to be a liar.

It gets even more entertaining at 10:34PM BBT when Danielle makes up a story about Janelle accusing her of plotting Janelle’s demise while continuing to do things with her. This is of course delivered in Janelle-is-an-evil-witch voice contrasted by Danielle’s tough-girl voice fighting back against her. Neither ever took a “tough” tone with the other.

A little later when Dan joins Britney and Danielle we get even more fantasyland retellings. Dan finds it hard to believe saying he’s never seen her play like that. Danielle claims Janelle was in acting full of rage. “I knew the rage was coming,” Danielle tells the room at 10:47PM BBT. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The whole situation is a bizarre back and forth of reality conflicting with Danielle’s versions of events. Danielle sits there in private conversations and boasts how bold and brave she is for going after Janelle but then when facing Janelle she goes weak in the knees, pretends to be near tears, and can’t stop apologizing.

Some viewers think Danielle wanted Janelle out for game reasons. I still suspect it runs much shallower than that. On top of comments that she thinks Janelle doesn’t like her and stares at her, at least twice now Danielle has voiced concerns that Janelle is flirting with Shane. First time was a week ago and then she really breaks it out in her conversation with Britney last night. She goes as far as to call Janelle an “F’ing bitch” (to Britney, not to Janelle’s face) because she suspected Janelle to be flirting with Shane and says Janelle can keep flirting with him this week.

The full extent of this dual-identity Danielle can’t be fully expressed in words. It’s both hilarious and bizarre at the same time. You’re really going to need to watch these scenes for yourself. Sign-up for the Big Brother Live Feeds and start watching.

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