Big Brother 14: Britney Busts Down Boredom

Britney Haynes acting up on Big Brother 14

What’s a girl to do when she’s been stuck in the Big Brother 14 for weeks on end and nothing but bad news piling up around her? Britney found the answer yesterday: throwing things around and drinking lots of wine.

Cabin fever sets in right around 2:28PM BBT on Tuesday as Britney wandered around the kitchen looking for something, anything to do. She finds that something in the form of throwing things she finds on the counter. Unfortunately for Frank, most of those things are his. “Don’t throw that! That’s my good luck oatmeal!” Frank’s jokingly pleads but to no avail. “Why you throwing all my $#!% on the floor?!” Britney just keeps on throwing and drop kicking what she finds around her.

When Big Brother yells at her to “stop that!” Britney moves on to self-destruction. She begins playing the knife game where you jump between fingers and try to not nick yourself in the process. Bishop did it faster. That’s not enough fun though and Britney moves on again and this time she finds Ted. Poor, defenseless Ted.

Flashback to 2:34PM BBT to find Britney pummeling Ted to pieces with kicks, throws and body slams. Frank encourages her suggesting “You know who can take a punch? Teddy.” I think he was just glad to have his things back on the shelf. A few minutes of therapeutic wrestling ending in Britney choking the fictional life out of Teddy.

Fast forward until later in the night when Britney breaks out a bottle of wine. You’d be amazed at how much of that wine can fit in her favorite coffee mug. Flashback to 10:35PM BBT to find Britney working through a massive mug of wine and enjoying every drop. Dan jokes “I see your eyes filling up with wine behind them.” Drunk Britney arrives and has the heart to heart talks with a few HGs before heading to the pool for some late night splashes.

Of course Britney wasn’t the only one drinking heavily (relatively) that night. Ian put away several beers which got him saying a few things he’ll probably regret later. Flashback to 1:11AM BBT 8/29 to hear Ian tell Frank around the hot tub that he’s a great competitor, but his social game is $#!%. That goes over as well you’d expect.

It was another fun night in the Big Brother 14 house as the Live Feeds continue to be awesomely entertaining this week. Sign-up now for Big Brother Live Feeds and you’ll get a free 3-day trial to check out what other fans are watching. The real Big Brother game is online with the in-house cameras so check it out!


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    • Absolutely. I know she has heart and really think she will figure this thing out as the day progresses. dani didn’t hesitate to throw Brit under the bus quickly. All Dani cares about is pleasing the two men…Dan and Shane. Brit needs to quit feeling sorry for her so called BFF and PLAY!

      • Danielle needs to leave. Shane needs to grow a brain and evict Danielle just to get rid of Dan’s #1 ally. I dont see what is the point of keeping Danielle if he is just going to get evicted soon right after Britney.

    • What would it matter if she did? I am a Brit fan, but don’t want production stepping in to save her. Just like, if it was going on, I wasn’t a fan of them trying to keep Frank. Let the houseguests do what they want, vote the way they want. If production would stay out of it we may have a completely different show. They would do what they want to, instead of what they are pressured into.


  1. If Britt stays the house will be have more Drama.. if she leaves it will be real predictable…and boring..

  2. Britt will be preying on Frank, Jenn, Dan, if she stays she will be out for blood…that makes BB more exciting..

  3. Danielle will just be riding Dans coattail and stalking Shane…how exciting is that… please keep britt..

  4. can anyone tell me if there is anyone else in BB that can entertain us ?? cause brittney alsways makes me laugh. all the rest is boring

    • I am a Brit fan. There I said it. Love her DRs, they are great (tho season 12s were better) and her game play is usually pretty good. She knows, most of the time, when she can throw things and when not to. She went for safety that one week allowing her to play again the nest week. Same thing with throwing HOH to Dani, she got to play again next time. The girl is pretty smart, and I hope that she starts campaining today. I think she could easily get Joe and Shane, if she just tried.

      • If some how Shane could find the truth out about the lies Danielle has told him. The scheme Dan,Frank,Jenn and she have conjured up. And then tells Shane & Britt bare face lies..Hope Shane find it all out,in time to save brittney..Wonder how many Dr. she has lied to about patients she has cared for,while working ….Sure would refuse having her as my Nurse..Go Home Danielle,your Dad & Bother are the only males,you need in your unfaithful life

  5. When Britney gets like this it’s really funny.
    i really liked her pillow fight with Hayden and Enzo last time around.
    I love the shot of her fighting with ted.

      • I am talking about Britney getting bored and doing silly things in the house.
        When Frank gets bored and starts dancing around in his carrot costume, that will be funny as well.
        When Jordan did the little strip tease when she took off her humilitard it was great.
        I just like people acting goofy and having fun.
        Britney didn’t really hight with Hayden/Enzo, she also is not beating up Ted the Bear out of a vendetta.
        So I have absolutely no idea what’s hypocritical about that.

  6. Britney needs to stay and Dan’s plan needs to fail . . . Danielle needs to go! . . .BB is starting to look like a farce with production coaxing people on what to do ie telling Ian not to use the Veto and c allying it a second veto the whole time, but making him go first knowing Jenn was going to use hers! Not liking productions influence at all!

    • Stay calm, lol…he may get to use it at the eviction ceremony. Production has to keep the viewers guessing and throw some moves in every now and then for our entertainment.

      • That would be funny stuff. Ian getting to use his veto at the live show. Dani would deff be out the door then.

      • Thanks for the positive message. I think it was actually the first of all my posts. I just like to see twists involved so it isn’t predictable and boring. Kinda like the beginning with the coaches. I don’t think that went over as well as they may have hoped. I think production knows they have to do some background work for US, the viewers.

    • the next person to think danielle is a coattail rider she has won a hoh and a pov the coattail rider is joe and jenn done nothing in this game but float atleast danielle has game

    • A 2nd veto can be taken two different ways. 2nd as more than one veto, or 2nd meaning to go after. In this case it obviously meant more than one veto and had nothing to do with the order of it being used.

    • You can’t blame her, she got scumbagged. She didn’t see it coming, and her own alliance member threw her under the bus so hard she won’t ever walk again.

      • Yep, what goes around comes around. She had her hand in all the evictions before this and some were her own alliance members. It’s how the game is played!! She’s classier than how she acted yesterday… or I thought she was. She is disappointing me.

      • Agreed. She just went with whoever won HoH like a flea on a dog. She didn’t win anything. She is one of the biggest floaters in the house. I will be glad to see her go and hope they vote her out. Although, Danielle should be out next–she is psycho.

      • Are you crazy? (answer is yes) Brit threw Dan under the bus first so she had it coming. Didn’t like her the first time she was on BB, liked less this time. Can’t figure out why the even had her back, can think of about 50 previous players that would have been more interesting than her.
        Ba Bye

      • I agree I hated her b4 and always thowing somebody under the bus but act like shes prefect and crys when its her butt in the hot seat PLEASE send her to the RR lounge lol to vote

    • I use to feel sorry for him, but when he opens his mouth he sounds cocky and arrogant. Yesterday, he decided that he forgives Dan and wants to bring the Quack Pack back, but talks like dirt against Frank. Guess he forgot Frank always treated him like a little brother and never wanted to see any bad in Ian until Dan told him just what Ian did. Dan took all the heat for Ian and Ian is just mad because he got found out. Who does he turn against, but Frank and wants him out. He made me sick. This was during the day – haven’t watched what he said last night yet.

      • Dan told him, “You’re about this close to making one of the biggest move in BB history.” I believed Ian got so obsessed on evicting great players of BB to add to his resume. He used to be calm and thinking his game play methodically Because of his arrogance he’s doomed to fail. His own team is already preparing his funeral. He would only realized how bad of a player he’s become during the goodbye messages from his fellow HG’s….cant wait for Dan’s departure message to him.

      • Thanks Cyril. I for one can’t wait to see the failure of Ian. Like I said I use to feel bad for him, but no more. His arrogance is almost painful to watch.

  7. Danielle should not be crying about missing Britney cuz I have a feeling they won’t be seperated for long ! Dani is nothing more than a vote & will soon be the sacrificial lamb !

    • Danielle has a serious psychological problem. And I sure don’t like how bb is manipulating the game. Brit is awesome. Frank is a great competitor but naive (or slow). Shane isn’t very smart. If Brit leaves I don’t know who I’ll root for.

  8. New flash! Britney may not be leaving. Ian still has some sort of power. If you remember, his veto is called the second veto. I think he is going to have a chance to use it right before evictions! What an awesome twist for all if he gets to.

  9. Danielle should be the one leaving,Brit should have Shane Joe and Ians vote to stay. They need to work together to get the two piles of crap (frank, dan) out.

    • I agree, Shane needs to stick with her, he would win in the end. If she goes, he will follow soon after, he doesn’t know what he is really doing. Brit has been guiding him, win/win for them.

      • You not realize Shane’s social game is orst than ians? He never talks all he does is work out it seems

    • I agree…Shane is going to have a fit when he figures out that Dan & Dani are both playing him & Brit! I just wish Brit would think…she should be able to figure this out! I’m very upset with Dani, & when Brit finds out she will be very upset with her too! She has let Brit go on & on about her getting out Dan & Jenn, when in fact she is now working with them! Next up will be Shane & Ian, & then Shane will figure it out! Shane should be ashamed of himself voting out Brit, who has had his back thru this entire game!!

  10. I’d be P.O’d too but come on, throwing things? Brit *is* pretty entertaining, but I’m a Dan fan and love seeing it all blow up in her face!

    • I think Dan screwed himself. This is twice now that he scumbagged his alliance for himself. If anyone trusts him anymore they deserve to go to jury.
      That being said, I am kinda a Dan fan.

      • But I’m sure no one has any trust left for him. And his 4 person alliance of Frank Dani and Jenn isn’t a real alliance, Frank and Sahen have a deal with Joe for final 3. I see that deal being kept by Frank over one with Dan, Frank can beat Joe, no problem. Like season 10 Dan and Memphis taking Jerry to final 3, easiest to beat.

      • True! All of the guests have their moment this year, with the exception of maybe one, which would be Jen City. Funny thing is, she is suppose to be the bad ass!

      • Haha! I guess they just stay hidden in the background till someone else tells them what to do. Guess that is a badass in your book.

      • I agree w/most of your posts ’til now, Jewels. :) You probably weren’t aware but Jen snapped upon being put on the block. She got in peoples faces in some attempt at intimidation, called a few names, sent a shot-out during live feeds to that ‘Trey’ person Danielle’s mentioned, telling him he should leave her alone cause she’s been sleeping with Shane… & trust, I’m no fan of Danielle’s, it’s just one of the mentionables. She went batchit crazy as if the HG’s had some nerrrve putting the almighty ‘Jen-city’ on the block. She was an ass, for sure… completely devoid of class.

      • on theses replys why do people contuie to disrespect danielle you dont know her the people who go in this game arent the same people in real life i would be just like her if i was in the game in real life no shes playing the game

      • did any of you people look at the vidoes of the houseguests before they went into the house i watched all of them its a realty show alot of it is edited to make her look like a crazy annoying women it for the show

      • Bad Ass? in looks only. She looks as tho she is the type to stand on a street corner in NY.In hopes someone will notice her..ha Ha.. Walks like she might have wiped her ass with a Corn Cob..Make me wonder where in this world did BB look for HG,..In skid row???

      • I didn’t say anything about Frank… Brittney just came off as super bitter last night. She keeps making fun of Frank and how bad of a player he is, yet she’s the one going home. Doesn’t she realize that she’s been humiliated and played in BOTH her seasons? You think she would have learned her lesson.

        She can make fun of Frank all she wants, but she’s the one getting evicted. Just a bitter little brat if you ask me..

  11. Brit can be funny and entertaining when she’s not being catty,complaining and picking at her face..She also had her chance and need to get to stepping!

    • This whole “they had their chance” attitude sucks. I’m sorry, but they are there, they are playing, why shouldn’t they deserve to win. Different cast, different season. You either like or dont that they got to return, but they did, and now they deserve to play to win. Honestly, at this point, in my book, Dan deserves the big ‘W’ again based on his epic game moves this week.

      • When people say that Boogie and Dan has won it and should not be allowed to win—-it is ridiculous. Just because BB fans of Brittney want her to win, does not entitle her to that $500,000. If she wants it that bad, show us that you have good game play. In all this time, her biggest move is to vote to evict Dan!
        Now, if she was half as smart, he would have approached Frank with a plan to backdoor Dan. If they backdoored Dan, he would be the one going home! She did not think of it because Brittney was not that good. End of discussion.

  12. BBAD was so boring last night we fell asleep. When Ian gets drunk he’s an even bigger jerk than when he’s “normal”!

  13. This is just sad and pathetic. I wasted my time watching the feeds hoping for some vote lobbying and instead got Britney and Ian turning into alcohol-fueled train wrecks. Call me when the next HOH comp starts.


  15. Brits strategy didn’t work with the Brigade….and it’s not working with these people either. Nice girl, but just like Janelle, she seems to have lost her touch.

    • What touch? We can’t be watching the same show… Second time Brit getting blindsided by her owe alliance

      • Yeah, true but i meant her touch at making the show worth watching. Last time she had the ability to do that but this time she’s just an entitled brat.

  16. can’t stand Brittney or Ian. everyone says Frank has no social game just can win comps. yet it ok for Brittney to have social game but no comp game, really! People on here always saying Frank can only win comps and he not that good yet they like Brittney who has done nothing but float within the quack pack. Frank still here Brittney gone. COMPS KEEP YOU HERE!

    • Ummmm, Brit would have won endurance comp against Dani but threw it to her because they were on the same team. Also Brit did win 2 Pov and 1 hoh in season 12 so pretty sure she not just a social player.

    • Brit could have won a few different of the comps. She threw them, like the endurence one she threw to Dani. That allowed her to play again the next week, giving her the chance to save herself if things would have changed. Or the HOH comp she “lost” when she “won” safety for the week. The girl is doing what it usually takes to win, riding along. The competetors usually get evicted as soon as they loose something.

    • I agree, but also think Frank has a social game as well. I remember in the beginning even Brit said everyone loves Frank. Janelle said it as well. I don’t see why all at once some people think Frank has lost his social game. He is always smiling, talks with everyone and has been on the block how many times and still remains upbeat. So I think Frank has it all. He is a beast in comps and does have a social game. It is Ian who is running around saying Frank has no social game. I guess Ian is so cocky and arrogant now the he thinks he himself is a social butterfly.

  17. @jewelsforu:disqus I thought that Ian had to use that second veto he won at the veto meeting. I heard that he had to use it before Jenn even made her decision. Are you saying that you think it might still be something that is in play? Wouldn’t that be great!? The show will be boring without Brittney. She is the only entertainment we have! This is my last year purchasing Showtime for the After Dark show. Until these past two seasons, it was worth recording and watching. This year Brittney has kept us entertained, which is always great. Last year, BB13 I canceled early in the season as it just put me to sleep. BB12 was a great cast and so much fun to watch…and again…we had Brit that season too. There was a reason she received the money for “America’s favorite player”. I honestly would love to see a couple of others put their big boy briefs on….make a better move and vote Danielle out!

    • Well it seems most people on here think I’m totally off on my thinking so I don’t know for sure. What I do know is if it was the second veto, why did he have to go first? My take is, production knew the plan Frank, Dan, and Jenn had. They wanted Ian to not use it so they could throw a twist in the eviction ceremony. Just my thoughts and not worth arguing with people I don’t even I do like to throw my opinion in every now and again. I agree, she was America’s favorite for a reason. I’m sure she keeps the ratings up so that is why I believe a twist is going to happen. If not, oh well, maybe she will find peace doing yoga with Ash.

      • Boogie and Jani were 2 of the greatest players to ever play the game. There was NO twist to save them. Britt hasn’t done anything in either game to prove herself . Nothing she is the true definition of a floater .

      • Yes they were but lets keep it real. One has already won and the other had 3 chances. This is Brits second chance and I can see she learned a lot from her first season. If you ask me, she may not be the best strategically but she is great at figuring out what else is going down in the house without being a total idiot with it. She is smart at analyizing everything going on.

      • There are no rules that says that just because you won previously that you cannot win it again! If that is the case, then, Boogie and Dan should not have been allowed into the game. It is all about who plays the better game. Brittney according to Dr. Will himself at the time said was playing the worst among the coaches and even worst than Janelle and that tells you Brittney is not that good of a player as far as strategy goes. She does not deserve to win more than Dan at this point. If She wants to win, she has to fight for it and not hope it drops into her lap.

      • Her problem is she is not good at understanding how she is coming across to
        people. Talking down to people and making
        fun of others in a not funny way has hurt her
        game. She has played for herself, as have
        many others, but she went about it the wrong way and made too many deals too early.

      • That’s exactly why I don’t see how she got America’s favorite. the only reason she’s been so nice and “motherly” to Ian is because she thought it might help her game and anti-bullying is in right now. if the rest of the house had been mean to him like they treated Ronnie, she would have jumped on that wagon quick

      • She didn’t learn anything from her season. She’s the same bratty cry baby she was in her season.

      • What good is figuring everything out if you can’t use it to save yourself? and no she didn’t learn a lot because she’s leaving earlier than she did last time. she’s as annoying and as big an idiot as gnatalie…. oh wait, no she even made to the final 2 hahaha

      • I heard Ian told the group that the “DQ” tried to tell him not to use it!! I think they knew the plan & wanted to make sure it didn’t get used! I’m beginning to believe that production has a bigger hand in the BB house than I thought. Shane even said that the DQ tried to talk him out of putting up Frank & Boogie!! I believe they wanted it to be Frank,Mike,& Dan!! Now I believe they want Frank to win!! Of course, just my opinion!! lol

      • I agree. Coaches should have never been allowed to compete. Dan was all laid back untill he got put on the block. Then turned into a whiney pouty child. I liked him before that but never wanted him to win. He’s won before.

      • I heard that on Showtime too. And they quickly panned to the fishtank and said “you are not allowed to talk about your diary sessions with the other houseguests” but he was very adamant about that

      • 2nd veto meaning there’s more than one veto. If there was a third veto they would say 3rd veto. Does not mean they are used in that order.

    • I don’t know for sure, but there are two different ways you can take the wording of 2nd veto. It could mean 2nd as more than one veto or 2nd meaning to be used after the 1st veto is used. Either way it was discussed as they did not know for sure themselves and they did have another backup plan if Ian’s veto followed Jenn’s veto. They did ask in the DR to find out what it meant. Regarding Brit she use to be a favorite of mine in her season, and I still find her entertaining. She is funny, but just because she is funny does not mean she plays the game the best. I think her downfall this season was making far to many alliances way to early. In her first season I know she had an alliance with Lane, but not sure at what point in the game. It didn’t matter as he was in a secret alliance from the beginning with the Bragrade.

  18. I read an article that Danielle is one of these people who lie just to lie and it makes me sick watching her be all sweet and fake to Brit when she’s behind it. Dan was acting like a little spoiled brat while he was on the block but yet het talks about others and how they should “accept it” and deal with it. Instead of campaigning he gets mad when no one will throw the veto comp so he can win. He gets mad and puts on a show so people feel sorry for him. Frank fell for it. You know as soon as Danielle wins hoh Dan will have her put up Frank because then Dan can say she did it and still no blood on his hands. I hope Frank is doing this to mess with him and right at the end Frank starts to influence votes to send Danielle packing to surprise Dan like Dan did to him. I just don’t think Brit should go. She’s the one a lot of people like to watch because she’s funny and obviously very pretty but she’s hilarious and she ain’t anyone’s puppet like Danielle and Jen. Dan’s already won the game why would anyone in the house want to offer him another chance to win again when he don’t need it at all

    • You obviously don’t know what happened with Dan he was mad that ppl threw the competition. And what are you talking about. Dan just made the biggest move in BB history he didn’t cry and whine about it like Brit doing he accept the fact that the Quack Pack was okay with him voting him out and did something about that and changed it. Ppl should actually look up to him he never gives up.

      • Dan has turned into a scumbag. Has he won anything? Has he done much except lay around half asleep?

      • Ain’t that the truth. He even said on afterdark he would throw Danielle out at this point just to stay but then goes down to say “I just saved us” which is b.s. he only saved himself. I’m so disappointed in Frank. They conveniently left that out on the show tonight. The humor and stink eye will be gone if Brit leaves and that would be a shame. Danielle is a nutjob and can cry on demand. I couldn’t do the show because I couldn’t be around someone comforting them and sympathizing with them if I’m partt of the reason they’re leaving. Brit is smart and almost has it figured out completely. She knows the deal with Frank and Dan but she is close to putting Danielle in it also, she was telling Shane she thought Danielle was too happy for someone who’s on the block

      • If you watch him on afterdark is always telling people to just accept what’s happening. He’s got the win and greed will catch up with him at one point. I know the point of the game but Brit is saying “hey, if I am going up against my girl I’d rather let her have the chance to win because this is my 2nd time here” if she only knew how Danielle started saying Brit was “being mean to her” which is not true but if you notice every time she wants a female opponent to go home she always says the same thing. Dan is only a good player because he’s a poor Christian. Using the bible in a reality tv show in order to win is low low low

  19. I realize a lot of you want Brittany to stay I like Brittany too but she is the one that through Dan under the bus and we all do not like production butting in except when someone is leaving that we want to stay and then let them interfer and do what we want that’s not how it works production needs to stay out of it and may the best person win and it may not be someone we like but that is what is fair to the hg and viewers

    • I agree, I like Brit and would love to see her SAVE HERSELF. Production needs to stay out of it. Let her do it, hopefully she does too.

  20. …Ya know..Devious Dan may have another game play to put in motion….Since DANIELL did (so he says) cost him the POV or HOH and he may in truth be really pissed at her and his ploy is to make her feel safe until the eleventh hour and then tell all to “not” vote Britney.. Scenerio>>The reason he chose Britney to be a backdoor pawn is that she was the most likely canidate that Frank would be willing to get rid of..Dan could have used Shane but Britney is a vet/coach meaning she’s a bigger target. Using Britney made his pitch more believeable. I don’t see Dan getting rid of a vet/coach when he wanted all 4 to go to the end and let em play it out. keep watching

  21. Dani is playing “poor pitiful little whiny, sick, sad, me” in the house. Funny how she didn’t act that way when she was HOH. Shane is buying her “act”…maybe everyone else is too.

  22. I’m torn. I want the one with the best chance of flashing us to stay. Brit is pretty hot but Danielle is no slouch either.

  23. This is what separates “Allstars” (boogie, dan and janelle) from “whiny losers” (britney)

  24. I don’t like Britney but I like her better than Danielle and I wish Brit had the votes and was staying instead.

  25. frank never had a chance to develop social game. He was forced to beg for votes or make deals because he was always on the block.

  26. what dan did is way worse than what ian did. what ian did was for his team, and dan used it against him, back stabbing his whole team. frank should really reconsider teaming up with him.

    • Only one can win so eventually they will all have to turn on their “teams”. I thought it was a pretty brilliant move. If he hadn’t done that, he’d be a goner.

      • Totally agree (Dan). I don’t think that Ian did what he did just for his team. He’s not stupid. He has a game play all his own. He’s young and foolish, but highly intelligent. Which, hasn’t always served him very well in this game.

    • It doesn’t seem like Frank is in Dan’s corner. He’s using him for now. It sounds like he totally plans to oust him when possible, whether he’s HOH again or not. He’ll push to eliminate him and others will probably agree with him.

    • Are you forgetting that Ian and Brittney made a deal with Frank prior to the HOH that he would put up Dan? That makes them the back stabbers. That is why Dan was so upset, he knew that his alliance had turned on him… what would you do?

    • Why is what Dan did way worse than what Ian did? Dan and Ian were on the same team. Ian not using the veto was backstabbing Dan who was a member of the team. When Dan realized that Ian was backstabbing him he came up with a plan that kept him in the game. Bottom line is Ian was looking out for Ian only and Dan was looking out for himself. Dan had already taken the heat for Ian since they were on the same team. If Dan was backstabbing Ian his fellow team member he could have let the cat out of the bag a lot earlier and let Boogie and Frank know that Ian was the mole coming back and reprting everything to them. He did not do that.

    • Crystalclear, the whole Quack Pack back stabbed Dan first. Ian didn’t use the Veto to save him. They just sat around and let him rot. That’s not how you treat a team mate. Obviously, it’s not Crystal Clear to you, Crystalclear

    • Ian left Dan to hang to dry! He was in the same alliance yet, Ian will not use his Golden Veto to save him. Dan covered for Ian’s ass all thru the accusations of Boogie and Frank thinking it was Dan and not Ian who was the rat!
      Ian, Brittney and Shane were ready to vote to evict Dan! Brittney fans pissed because Dan saved himself and now Brittney is on the chopping block? Tough luck. That is part of the game. There is a $500,000 prize. Brittney fans expect the other house guests to just give her the check.
      Not happening even in your best day!

  27. in reading comments, I understand people having favorites but what I don’t get is why some of you make excuses for some and not for others? The old double standard. This is a GAME folks. You do what you think you need to in order to stay in the game and win. Jumping sides, back stabbing etc is all part of it. Many past winners won because they made it to the end, not because they were nice people. What I do not like is the poor sportsmanship as we have seen in Brit. At least for the most part, Frank and Dan roll with it and get busy trying to save themselves..

    • Poor Sportsmanship?? Cheating is the Worst!! Frank Palmed the people choice chip,didn’t returner it as he should have,but kept it until he needed it next time..and played it ..He should have been sent out of the BBH back then..Yes it is a game,But CHEATING isn’t Game Playing…Boohie,told him to not mention it again in the house,because someone would expose him for cheating….Production seen & heard it ..I would expose one of my children if I caught them cheating..Even if it meant they would go to Jail..So Frank is a Thief,he stole the chip and spent it,to pay his way out..SORRY BB will forever be know as an accomplice,to theft..

      • It was not cheating. This was already explained multiple times by multiple people who saw what happened. Frank the first time he drew the House Choice Chip but, the angle was bad so that, they re-shot it. He palmed the same House Chip to pretend he was drawing it the first time. There was no cheating because it was the same chip he already drew. If he put it back in then, he would have gotten a different chip which would not be fair to Frank.

      • He pulled the chip before they could get a good camera shot. He only kept the same chip he pulled the first time. Big deal.

  28. I hope Britney ends up staying. She’s been caught up in lies just like everyone else in the house – and for all of you who think that’s such a horrible thing then you should probably realize what being in a game like this for $500,000 is all about. It’s stupid game play for Shane to put all of his trust with Danielle when the only way she’s going to separate from Dan is if she has to especially when he’s been with Britney since day one whether or not she’s helped in the competitions or not. Joe and Jenn are going to ride whatever coattail is in power and Frank ended his game as soon as he gave up the next two HOHs for a veto that he didn’t need to save even his own ass. I think this just might be the week that Big Brother sinks down into the boredom that is the last predictable weeks of the ending of the game, unfortunately. At this point if Britney walks out of the game, I’m all for Dan making it to the finals and taking home the big prize again.

  29. Certainly Dan has to now be considered one of the best players to ever enter the BB house. We’re awake now when we watch; no more yawning through another BB summer! I hope Britney does get evicted. All she does is whine and cry and is – according to BB players who have left the house – a very negative presence in the house.

  30. Well not sorry to see Britt go myself she has laid around all summer not winning anything , The Quackasses r through so quess Ian went down with the ship LOL..Danielle also a waste really dont care which would go..come on Britt and Danielle r no better than Joe floating saying a few words floatin Britt had Ian her whipping boy do her dirty work when she new she couldnt push shane around..

  31. Dan made a great move and Frank is a very good player wheather u like him or not. I was hopeing Daniele would leave next but her time will come soon. I cant stand her jealous self. thats the reason she got rid of Janell. Ian needs to go also. The real Ian is coming out and he is a sick puppy. He has an evil side. And did u notice neither Jenn nor Joe ever wash their hands when they go to the bathroom. Sick.

  32. Everything on this show is pretty much predictable! I am hoping Brit stays but BB production is controlling this game. Did u hear Ian say when he went to the DR he came out and said they told home not to use the GPOV….. And he said something like “are u sure it’s in your best interest if u use it”. I am hoping for another surprise that he is able to use it before the votes and Brit stays or this is all an act to keep dani thinking she is safe and Julie come back and says. By a vote of three to two Britney you are safe sorry dani you have been evicted from the BB houz!!!

  33. I also hope that Crybaby Danielle gets evicted. Her nicey-nice act has not fooled me since day one.
    In a perfect world, Vain Shane would be up on the block with her… but you can’t have everything.

    • She has really upset me! She is crying like she wants Brit to stay, yet in on everything including Brit going up on the block!! I understand she can’t tell Brit, but she is taking it to far, playing like she is so upset!! Plus, this means she is going to have to screw Shane. (Not that Shane doesn’t deserve it. lol) But she needs to stop pretending with Brit, if I was Brit when I found this out I would be so MAD!! & how bad can she really feel…not once when she’s been alone with Dan has she said she feels bad how she is back stabbing Brit!! even Brit got upset about voting out Janelle!! (which I think was Brit’s biggest mistake) lol

  34. For those of you who watched Britney’s last season she is an absolute brat I am glad she is going. Also the way she isolated Willie was selfish and braty.

    • Willie was my favorite, and if she wasn’t such a crappy coach he probably wouldn’t have blown up the way he did. it would have been nice to see him with Dan as a coach, he probably could have calmed him down just enough. but sadly she desperately wanted to be up Janelle’s butt and accepted by her. she thought she wouldn’t be one of the cool kids if she didn’t separate herself and her team from him, there was nothing smart about that for her teams game. If I would have known about America’s vote for coaches, she definitely would have been my last choice.

  35. I damn near peed my pants last night watching bbad. I LOVE Britney. She is so fun and entertaining. Hope to hell she finds a way to stay. If not, really going to miss her.

  36. I don’t care for Britney at all. She is handling her (hopefully) eviction very badly and seems to feel quite entitled. And she seems more than just a tad bit unstable. I see why she and Ian get along… two nasty twits.

  37. Am I the only one who thinks Ian may have a mild form of Asperger’s? The constant rocking, the tippy-toe walk, the uncontrolled facial expressions – my friend’s son has Aspeberger’s and has the same traits. And he’s smart as hell, just like Ian.

  38. I think Dan’s move was scum and Danielle pretending with Britney for so long is scummier. I think BB production should have private talks in DR and individually talk Ian, Shane, Joe and Jenn into voting Danielle out and keeping Brit; each one thinking they are the only ones to give her the vote. Now THAT would be BB history!

    • So you think that production should interfere with the game because your favorite hg is on evictions door? Why should Brit be any different and rate special treatment than any other hg? This is NOT the “Brit Show”.

  39. As much as I love Britney, the production told ian and britney early in the week to work with Frank, they declined, now she has to pay the ultimate price.

    • I don’t agree with “production way or the highway”. I think more of America wants Britney to stay and I still say it would be a bigger coup if they vote to keep Britney.

  40. No Britney has the votes to keep her in Danielle is going to Jury this week. Dan and Frank are going down next week in a fast forward or double eviction and I hope who ever does it backdoors both of them.

  41. I continue to see on all these post how crazy and psycotic danielle is, yet, I have never seen her throw items, drop kick items, drink huge mugs of wine, play with a knife, and get in a knock down drag out fight with a TEDDY BEAR. Maybe it is Britney that nees psychiatric help

    • I have no doubt that Danielle is a woman in need of a psychiatrist. But Brit could use a little anger management counseling also. Playing with knives while pissed off is not quite normal. I can see the teddy bear thing and maybe even the throwing thing. But if you’re willing to possibly cut your own fingers off because you can’t accept defeat….you need a little help in how to handle disappointment.

  42. Britney is the one who needs to leave the house. She’s an extremely weak play always clinging to the stronger ones. She showed us that in season 12 did she not? She’s basically the biggest floater in the house next to Jenn City. Doesn’t her lazy eye bother any of you? I’m extremely excited to finish watching this season without trying to follow Britney’s left eye, while her right one stays with the program. And not to mention, she’s one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen. Inside and out.

  43. As long as she’s not blubbering Brit has kept me laughing with her imitations of Dan and Frank. I do wish theyd keep her a little better lubricated with wine. Ian on the other hand has just come across as a whiny little byatch since Dan showed him he wasn’t the smartest player in the game. If Dan truly sticks by Fran as he said he woollcott then I think they make it to the final two with Frank winning the vote.

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