Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Thursday Highlights

For the majority of the day we have to endure the longest pity party in the history of Big Brother.  Rachel goes on and on about how she’s not going to fight.  She’s going to leave the game with Brendon and more blah blah blah while the rest of the house is just wanting to get the whole thing over with.  The big surprise came during the live show when Kalia stepped up her game and became the next HoH which means Dani should be safe this week. Yesss!

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 4, 2011:

8:45 AM BBT – Daniele talking with Kalia. She can’t wait to see Rachel on her own in the game. Daniele really wants Brendon to go home this week. Well, that’s probably not happening anymore.

10:20 AM BBT – Brenchel and Shelly are doing their usual morning routine but instead of bashing another hg, Rachel is still having her pity party.  She volunteers to be the first one in the jury.  Shelly is trying to give her a pep talk and the whole thing is just so stupid really because Rachel is so fake. She claims to not being playing the game anymore.  She doesn’t care. She’ll walk out the door with Brendon tonight.  OMG there’s no way you would walk out unless you thought you’d get more attention by having a crazy exit. She says this game is not for competitors, that she and Brendon tried to change it and they always get voted out for it.  She says its for the people who just want to hang out, have a good time and drink beer while floating to the final 2.  Rachel always fails to see the importance everyone places on the social game these days.  She’s too much drama for the others so people want her and Brendon gone.  Bottom line.

10:30 AM BBT – Jordan and Lawon have been listening to the conversation going on above.  They don’t say much. Jordan doesn’t get why Rachel acts like she can’t do anything without him.  Lawon thinks Rach is mad because he, Jordan and Kalia are going to the jury and haven’t won comps but Lawon says he’s been playing the game since day one.

10:44 AM BBT – Shelly is getting irritated with Rachel saying she’s not going to fight to win.  She asks Rach why she’s even there if she doesn’t want to win the game.  Rachel knows she blew Brendon’s slim to chance to stay in the house when she went off on Dani yesterday.

10:48 AM BBT – Shelly walks into the bedroom where Daniele and Lawon are listening to the convo and she says, “Give me a break, Let’s just have a big, fat, freaking pity party. LOL. She calls them immature and says it’s a “ridiculous state of affairs”.

10:53 AM BBT – Rach tells Shelly she had to talk to Dr. Zachery today and she’s obviously screwed in the head before the feeds cut her off.  When they come back on Rach is talking about some girl (Britney from last season) who said something about Rach and strippers and STD’s.  She says no one knows what she went through this past year so yes she does rely on Brendon.  He is her rock.  She continues on saying her parents and friends wouldn’t speak to her when she got out of the house last year.  She says everyone hates her, including America.  She says she hates herself.  She doesn’t understand why they wanted us to come back.  They hate us.

11:00 AM BBT – Jordan comes in to give a pep talk and give Shelly a break lol.  Jordan says it seems like Rachel doesn’t know who she is without Brendon and that’s sad.  Shelly tells Rach to take some time in BB to find out who she is again.  As Rach walks off Shelly tells them they are not good for each other.

11:07 AM BBT –  Brendon is such a controlling jerk. Once he and Rach are alone, he tells Rach what Shelly said about her fighting isn’t right.  She needs to just make it to the jury house.  I am so sick of this jerk.  I’m so happy he’s leaving before her.  Rachel needs to wake up and get the hell away from this idiot.

11:40 AM BBT – HoH lockdown and Rachel is sobbing.  It’s a very awkward scene with everyone in the room.

7:20 PM BBT – Feeds are back and Kalia is the new HoH!  YESSS!!  How awesome that Dani is safe for another week.  JJ and Rachel think it will be Rach and Jeff on the block.  Rach says she still thinks Kalia is a floater.  Get over it. You lost. Kalia doesn’t understand why JeJo are mad she won HoH.

8:30 PM BBT –  The hg’s speculate on the twist coming up.

10:40 PM BBT – Everyone heads upstairs to see Kalia’s HoH room!

It should be an interesting week in the house depending on who Kalia nominates for eviction.  Dani she wants Rachel, Jeff and Jordan out in that order.  We’ll see today if Kalia puts up her own choices or uses Dani’s influence to put up Rach and Jeff.  Who do you think will go up for eviction this afternoon?

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