Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Thursday Highlights

For the majority of the day we have to endure the longest pity party in the history of Big Brother.  Rachel goes on and on about how she’s not going to fight.  She’s going to leave the game with Brendon and more blah blah blah while the rest of the house is just wanting to get the whole thing over with.  The big surprise came during the live show when Kalia stepped up her game and became the next HoH which means Dani should be safe this week. Yesss!

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 4, 2011:

8:45 AM BBT – Daniele talking with Kalia. She can’t wait to see Rachel on her own in the game. Daniele really wants Brendon to go home this week. Well, that’s probably not happening anymore.

10:20 AM BBT – Brenchel and Shelly are doing their usual morning routine but instead of bashing another hg, Rachel is still having her pity party.  She volunteers to be the first one in the jury.  Shelly is trying to give her a pep talk and the whole thing is just so stupid really because Rachel is so fake. She claims to not being playing the game anymore.  She doesn’t care. She’ll walk out the door with Brendon tonight.  OMG there’s no way you would walk out unless you thought you’d get more attention by having a crazy exit. She says this game is not for competitors, that she and Brendon tried to change it and they always get voted out for it.  She says its for the people who just want to hang out, have a good time and drink beer while floating to the final 2.  Rachel always fails to see the importance everyone places on the social game these days.  She’s too much drama for the others so people want her and Brendon gone.  Bottom line.

10:30 AM BBT – Jordan and Lawon have been listening to the conversation going on above.  They don’t say much. Jordan doesn’t get why Rachel acts like she can’t do anything without him.  Lawon thinks Rach is mad because he, Jordan and Kalia are going to the jury and haven’t won comps but Lawon says he’s been playing the game since day one.

10:44 AM BBT – Shelly is getting irritated with Rachel saying she’s not going to fight to win.  She asks Rach why she’s even there if she doesn’t want to win the game.  Rachel knows she blew Brendon’s slim to chance to stay in the house when she went off on Dani yesterday.

10:48 AM BBT – Shelly walks into the bedroom where Daniele and Lawon are listening to the convo and she says, “Give me a break, Let’s just have a big, fat, freaking pity party. LOL. She calls them immature and says it’s a “ridiculous state of affairs”.

10:53 AM BBT – Rach tells Shelly she had to talk to Dr. Zachery today and she’s obviously screwed in the head before the feeds cut her off.  When they come back on Rach is talking about some girl (Britney from last season) who said something about Rach and strippers and STD’s.  She says no one knows what she went through this past year so yes she does rely on Brendon.  He is her rock.  She continues on saying her parents and friends wouldn’t speak to her when she got out of the house last year.  She says everyone hates her, including America.  She says she hates herself.  She doesn’t understand why they wanted us to come back.  They hate us.

11:00 AM BBT – Jordan comes in to give a pep talk and give Shelly a break lol.  Jordan says it seems like Rachel doesn’t know who she is without Brendon and that’s sad.  Shelly tells Rach to take some time in BB to find out who she is again.  As Rach walks off Shelly tells them they are not good for each other.

11:07 AM BBT –  Brendon is such a controlling jerk. Once he and Rach are alone, he tells Rach what Shelly said about her fighting isn’t right.  She needs to just make it to the jury house.  I am so sick of this jerk.  I’m so happy he’s leaving before her.  Rachel needs to wake up and get the hell away from this idiot.

11:40 AM BBT – HoH lockdown and Rachel is sobbing.  It’s a very awkward scene with everyone in the room.

7:20 PM BBT – Feeds are back and Kalia is the new HoH!  YESSS!!  How awesome that Dani is safe for another week.  JJ and Rachel think it will be Rach and Jeff on the block.  Rach says she still thinks Kalia is a floater.  Get over it. You lost. Kalia doesn’t understand why JeJo are mad she won HoH.

8:30 PM BBT –  The hg’s speculate on the twist coming up.

10:40 PM BBT – Everyone heads upstairs to see Kalia’s HoH room!

It should be an interesting week in the house depending on who Kalia nominates for eviction.  Dani she wants Rachel, Jeff and Jordan out in that order.  We’ll see today if Kalia puts up her own choices or uses Dani’s influence to put up Rach and Jeff.  Who do you think will go up for eviction this afternoon?

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  1. I think she will put up each and Jeff and rach will win pov and she will put jordon up and Jeff will go home hope I’m wrong I love j/j but if they don’t win I’m pulling for shelly I love ed put hate dani

  2. I tried to vote and I have to register first. They want my date of birth. I won’t give it. That’s way too personal info to be giving out over the computer without a security site. People really don’t care what info they give over the internet and then wonder why they have been victims.
    I don’t know if Rachael is faking or not. Brendon did say that this will be the longest they have been away from each other. I know she overreacts to things, but I really do think she should see someone. I think it started as a pity party, but I think it could end badly for her if she doesn’t get help. Alot of people in this economy have problems. No work, no money. Worring constantly about being homeless. She is no different. I feel bad for her. I pray that she will be alright.
    I think Dani is going to play HOH even though Kalia is and she will get the blame for everything, just like she did with Dom. He was evicted because of her. So will Kalia. I’m almost positive she is after the vets. Her HOH won’t really be powerful this week because who she sends home may come back to get her.

    • Oh yes, there is no doubt in my mind that Kalia is Dani’s puppet. In reality, Dani is still HOH. I think Dani will want to break up Jeff and Jordon next. Dani wanted Brendon out of the house, Rachel wasn’t her target. Jeff and Jordon are now more powerful than Rachel, I think, in Dani’s eyes. Kalia is a nasty for what she said to Brendon. She isn’t arrogant–lol!

    • I agree about not giving your DOB, so I just lied. I gave the site the correct day and month, but lied about the year. I do it on every site. That’s what you should do. The computer/site isn’t going to know you lied.

  3. Here’s where the twist get’s interesting. What if America votes Brendon back…and he has to go against Rachel (this weeks possible evictee) to go back into the house. OMG would that be drama. I hope they both are gone.

    • I think Rachael will let Brendon win and he will go back into the game. She needs to go. She is not fighting at all.

      • Mary I agree. I’m wondering if she is not fighting as a way to gain attention and still stay in the spot light…let’s face it production will continue to focus on that. or is she really, truly upset…maybe clinically depressed and needs help/meds.

    • I was thinking the same thing! Rachel will let Brendon back in the house and tell him to destroy Dani!

  4. You know, I actually feel kinda bad for Rachel even though I don’t like her.

    Her own parents not speaking to her after big brother? That’s gotta be rough. By the looks of things she’s in a really bad place at the moment mentally. I think evicting her is the best option, obviously she can’t handle the big brother craziness…

    • I didn’t know Rachaels’ parents aren’t speaking to her. I think she is way too dependent on Brendon. He is so controlling that she probably doesn’t think she can function without him. She is probably thinking that Brendon is home and is worring if someone is taking her man. That wasn’t meant to be a joke.

      • I think she just said her parents did not speak to her when she got home after last season as another ditch effort to get attention and have people feel sorry for her. I agree…it is very sad that she relys on Brendon so much. I truly believe he has gotten into her head this past year and has her believing she cannot do anything without him Very sad. I do want to see Rachel gone though. It is time!

    • Rachel made statements about going home to visit North Carolina in the last year..Her HOH blog indicates that she is on great terms with her mom & dad and sister…U never know what the truth is with Rachel…I think her crying jag and pity party was geared at making people feel sorry for her..If the other HG’s thought she would have a breakdown without Brendon that they would vote for him to stay…U never know with that girl……lol

  5. I am actually happy J/J/R will be voted out this week, so they can beat D or C in a challenge and re-enter the game. The look on D & K’s face will be priceless.

  6. I do feel bad for rach she really needs help I don’t think she is a bad person she doesn’t mean to hurt people she has problems and her biggest brendon and dani should not talk about the vets turning on people she is the one people need to not trust she turned first I would rather rach over dani

  7. I hope either Rachael or Jeff is voted out because they are more likely to beat Cassi or Dom. Even Porsha going up and being evicted would be a good story line if she beat D and C to return to the game.

  8. I was sooooo happy to see Brendon leave last night – now it’s Rachel’s turn – this is the
    Rachel & Brendon show – it’s supposed to be Big Brother. They should not be together – it is an
    extremely unhealthy relationship. Or they are both trying to act that way and doing a bad job of it.
    I mean Rachel is constantly pretending that she is crying and it is pathetic. Brendon is a neanderthal!And lastly yes we know you are engaged – you don’t have to remind us every second sentence.

  9. I kinda feel bad for Rachel to if people outside the house are really not letting stuff that went on inside the house go from last year then thats kinda UN fair but she did come back for another year but who wouldn’t getting to come back with a team mate to win half million most of America would do that I hope Dominic comes back he deserves it the most

  10. I find it very offensive when you talk about Brenchel in the way you do. Some people like them you know, there’s a reason they get so many votes. Why can we never get any unbiased feed reports?!

    • how can we say anything nice about them when they can’t say or do anything nice for others.(unless they need them and then it only last until they don’t need them anymore) I don’t hate or dislike them. I just never met any other couple act the way they act. I feel sorry for them.

      • sorry for the spelling I didn’t prove read it. I hate when I don’t correct it before I submit my comments.

      • this was aimed at MattBBN who wrote the summary, btw

        You are entitled to your own opinion about brenchel, but every single update i read, is like reading matt bash them. I mean seriously, if you dont like them bash them once, bc its really annoying to read it as a brenchel fan

      • @Victimized: Try “readimizing.” I didn’t write the summary as clearly noted below the headline where it says “By: Chloe.”

        If you’d like unbiased reports on the game, then visit CBS’ site. This is a fan site run by fans. Fans with opinions. Just because you don’t agree with the author’s opinion doesn’t mean they’re wrong and you’re right.

        Or maybe you could try sharing your opinion on why you disagree and choose to support Brenchel.

  11. My final three are Kalia, Dani, and Dominic. Final thoughts on Rachel….she needs help OUTSIDE of the BB house. The girl is delusional and she is starting to rub off on some of the viewers. Shelly, Lawon, and Adam are at best mediocre to the game so my feelings would not be hurt they left, we just need their votes to boot Jeff and Jordan out. I’m not down with dictatorship and that’s what they thought they were running in there. And Porshe is just irrelevant, no brain of her own. I’m voting for Dominic, wouldn’t mind Cassie either, she didn’t really get a chance with all the pettiness that occurred with Rachel’s crazy ass.

    People don’t like Kalia because she stood her ground against Jeff and Brendon, too damn bad! She has a voice and she is not afraid to fight against the so-called “powerful players”. Good for her for not being a phony suck-up (Shelly) or a Puppet (Porshe).

    • @ Rosefromlastyear… I think you summed it up Perrrfectly. A ‘voice a reason’ in what appears to be a veteran love fest (no put-down) from many.

    • she didn’t stand her ground, she kissed their feet. and she didn’t find her voice till she became Dani’s puppet. So she went from being the veterans puppet when they were in power to Dani’s when she got the power. She’s a tool.

  12. You should also mention that adam guessed correctly on the twist.He started talking about the twist of survivor

  13. YEA!! i am so glad Brendon is gone!! and now Kalia wins hoh!! haha..bye bye Rachel you whiney cry baby!! Im rooting for you Dani…you are very smart breaking up the couple..Rid of rachel,then Jeff,backdoor Kalia in the weeks to come, get rid of that two timing Shelly, who is responsible for Dominicks departre…and you can win the whole damn thing…

  14. People feel bad for Rachel? give me a break!! She cries like a spoiled baby if she dont get her way..Boo hoo…she contradicts everything she says.Its all part of the game..She takes everything personal…she is surely the same spoiled brat in life…Boo hoo to her and all that root for her..

  15. I don’t think Rachel even knows what a floater is. Her and Brendan have misused that term all year. People that are against them are “floaters”. Hello? If they are against you, then they are definitely not floaters. Shelly is a floater.

  16. We always see what the production wants us to see. People who make statements about it not being the Brendon and Rachel show need to realize that those two contestants do not control what is shown to the public.
    Rachel and Brendon are two good competitors. They win on their own abilities and aren’t floaters like so many people in this house.

    • Really? Then please explain why on even the live feeds the cameras were on Brenchel 90% of the time?

      Seriously that couple is a joke, they need to be split up and both attend therapy. They should have never been asked to come back making a mockery of the show.

      I hope for either of their sake that they don’t act like that outside the show, if they do then maybe it’s time to ensure they don’t reproduce.

  17. If she were smart – she’d put up Rachel and Porsche…Jeff and Jordan are ALWAYS going to be an easy target as you can pit them against each other and guarantee one will go home. The thing is – your know where Jeff and Jordans allegiance lies (to each other). You can always exploit that later. Get rid of the ones you can’t control and don’t know where their votes are so they can’t come back to bite you in the ass.

  18. Still love Jeff & Jordan…I think if one of them go home America would vote them back in. If this is the case, America please vote for them to return to the game…This would shake things up! Love to see Jeff, Jordan, & Shelly final three. Rachel gets on my nerves, but it is apparent she has been broken down by the comments America makes about her. It is amazing how social networking can be so damaging when misused! I think she deserves a break…It is just a game! I mean, wouldn’t you throw the other opponents under the bus in order to advance yourself in the game. That is how it is played. I agree that Brenchel has a disfunctional relationship, but if it works for them, then more power to them! Just Saying

    • @ Karen…. If this dysfunction is an indication of how Rachel & Brendon handle issues outsiiide of the show, I would venture to say that Surely this isn’t ‘work’ing for them.

  19. Can you people please stop with the overused term “FLOATER”? Everybody plays the game differently and only one person can win an event each time out. Why are people overlooking the fact that this game is about lying, cheating and stealing? Remember we are rooting for people who are lying, cheating or stealing the best so what does that say about us? Sit back and enjoy what CBS is giving us and stop attacking the players and each others on this site.

  20. People, Dani is the apple that didn’t fall too far from the evil tree. Kalia is a beauty pageant failure with a valley girl accent, stuck in a make believe “sex in the city world.” They are both self centered, mean spirited, hypocrites. I hope Rachel wins the veto, Brendon comes back to battle against Jeff who has seriously disappointed me this time around. He’s not who I thought he was.

  21. I think Cassi should come back, because she has her own mind. Dom would follow Dani’s orders. Brendon, no way no how and Keith is just sad. Cassi to return!

  22. Why cant kalia wake up and see that Jejo dont like her and dont consider her a friend or ally.They will put her up without hesitation hopefully she sees this and don’t let them walk all over her..i think her foolish allegiance to jordan is her weak spot and it will cost her the game.

  23. Kalia as the new HOH (iuc). I really have nothing say about that.. I hope that Brendon comes back..

  24. Lets Vote Brendon back in this game, it would make things alot interesting because he will acutally fight to survive in the house unlike Rachel assuming she will be the evicted houseguest thursday night, Keith is a joke and has no good game play except to sleep with every girl in the house, Cassi isnt really a threat at all, and Dom just guessed bossed around by other people, Brendon has won two vetos this season and is more of a competitor than any of the other evicted house guests, and by the way MattBBN your blogs are real good keep it up! Kailia and Dan will get theirs in weeks to come people. Shelly is a fake which I hope JeJo will eventually figure out, and Porsche is just a brenchel puppet.

    • sorry that will never ever, ever happen. for every 1 that likes him, 5 dislike him. if he does get “voted” back in, then we’ll all know BB is completely rigged this season.

      Only 1 scenario of Brendon coming back i could live with, Dani gets herself evicted this week, goes into comp against Brendon, beats him and come back in sayING she took out Rachel’s Bookie twice.

    • What was dom supposed to do?
      The newbies were with the vets from the very start and they weren’t winning anything he cleary could have won the pov cause he had a word that was longer than brendan’s.The dude is a good social player from you see rachel liking him you know that.
      And dont forget that the house is still jejo,shelly,porch rachel adam,rachel against dani,kalia and lawon the odds need to be more fair dom will come back

  25. Sure is a lot of hate out their for Kalia, but why, can’t really fault her game play. she has done good, she layed low for the couple part and then she picked things up nicely these last couple weeks, she proved herself in endurance and in trivia comp, the only newbie to win HOH, besides Dom winning veto she is i believe the only newbie to win period.

    so you guys must hate her on a personal level, but what has she done to you?

    • Haha we all no it is just a game so nobody really hates her on a personal level, I mean Big Brother gives us all something to talk or argue about. Every BB season there is a bad side and a good side, Kailia was fine until she got caught by brendon and jeff saying she wanted to vote Jeff out of this house, thats the main reason why I think alot of people hate her as a player in big brother, but not on a personal level. The game has gotten very interesting and yes you have to give her credit being the only newbie so far to win the HOH competition, but if brendon is voted back in and wins the comp to get into the house, we all know that his targets will be Kailia and Daniele, She has herself in a bad spot because of trying to get jeff out the other week and even if rachel is evicted Brendon might be back so basically it was a waste of an HOH for her.

  26. I am really sorry for what i have said about any of the players got carried away but it not nice i went to church and confessed I wish all the players luck i felt like Salem’s witch hunt not nice i am not a perfect person so that said God bless all truly sorry.

  27. In response to Ellie on Kalia’s gameplay… If that’s even remootely true, Still Kalia found both her Voice aand her Fight unlike the ultimate ‘tool’ (to borrow your word though I try not to get into name-calling)Shelly who appears to give plenty of Voice but where’s her Fight in regards to comps? If that’s your true reason for your obvious disdain towards Kalia then shouldn’t you feel the same towards Shelly who worships the ground of veterans J&J? Being reasonable goes a loong way… imho. BTW, I realize my post is a bonanaza of run-on sentences… it’s just one of those days. ;)

    • Sorry Robin, but when I see two catty girls constantly going after people on a personal level, I can’t help but get personal myself. Even last night on showtime, after her talk with rachel, Kalia went to Dani who dissected the whole thing and told her what to think. Shelly is playing both sides, but has never played the catty card. I can respect someone who doesn’t go after someone on personal level.

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