Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 2 Wednesday Highlights

It’s the day before the live eviction show for week 2 of Big Brother 13 and all is quiet in the house. Cassi seems to accept where she’s at in the game and that her time may be short.  Things liven up when Jordan breaks out the HOH camera and the group poses for pictures.  There’s not a lot of game talk today but some conversations are worth checking out.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 20, 2011:

8:30 AM BBT – Brendon and Shelly are up and outside chatting about who is good at what type of competition.  They can’t believe how upset Dominic got when he realized Cassi was leaving the game.  Shelly tells Brendon that Dom said once the couples are over he will win the game.  Talk turns to Kalia and how lazy she is.  Apparently she asks for food others cook and then complains when she doesn’t like something.  Brendon adds hot sauce to his now so Kalia won’t eat it lol.

11:25 AM BBT – Rachel, Shelly and Brendon talking about how some people come on Big Brother in order to be famous but it’s not like that when you get out of the house.  You don’t become famous.  Shelly says Adam has an agent lined up for when he gets out and how disappointed he will be when he finds out he’s not going to be famous.  I don’t see how anyone thinks they’re going to be famous for playing this game.  Yes a few people over the years are standouts but for the most part?  No one remembers you.

12:00 PM BBT – Brendon and Shelly are discussing Rachel and how she reads everthing people say about her on the internet and takes it to heart.  He’s going to make her talk to a psychologist when they get out.  He says she doesn’t trust him.  He’s only messed up one time and would never do it again.  Blah Blah Blah Brendon, you treat her like crap dude and I don’t even like the girl.

12:15 PM BBT – Rachel says she thinks Dominic will come after Jeff but Jeff disagrees with her.  They want Kalia to throw the next HOH comp and devise a plan for her to choose A until only the 4 vets are left. Now Rachel is saying Jeff should drop out too so he can play in an endurance comp the next week.  When Rach leaves, Jeff tells Jordan he is NOT throwing it and he’s telling Kalia not to as well.  Good for you Jeff!  I hope you stick with that plan!

12:50 PM BBT – Jordan comes out with the camera and hands it off to someone else saying she doesn’t like to take pics.  Check some of them out below.

1:30 PM BBT – Adam tells Jeff not to vote him out in a leotard lol.  I’d love to see that!

1:53 PM BBT – Porsche’s nipple is out of her bathing suit and she doesn’t care.  Walks around for a minute like that before she lays down and fixes it. See for yourself with the uncensored Feeds’ Free Trial.

2:15 PM BBT – Shelly and Cassi talk about how having sex in the house is NOT ok.  Cassi says she’s not going to bad mouth people when she leaves and Shelly says she’s classy Cassi.  I don’t think Brenchel having sex in the house is a big deal.  They’re adults and they’re under the covers so go at it guys lol.

2:30 PM BBT – Cassi is now talking to Dominic in the have not room.  She tells him to trust Shelly and stick with her.  He tells her he will still vote to keep her but she says it doesn’t matter at this point and she’s just ready to go.  Dominic tells her to be glad she’s getting out of this hell hole.

2:45 PM BBT – Cassi tells Dom the only reason Rachel is back is to redeem herself and have her dream wedding.  Rachel is NOT doing a good job redeeming herself IMO.

3:15 PM BBT – Using a baseball analogy, Dominic tells Cassi he only needs one batter.  A reference that he is still a virgin.

4:05 PM BBT – Kalia asking Jeff different things he would do in a movie or to prepare for a movie like would he smoke crack if he had a part as a crack head.  He says no but he would go hang out in a crack house.  He said he would kiss another man if it was a big movie.  Said he would do “Broke back Mountain” type role.

11:55 PM BBT – Dani tells Jordan she is frustrated with Rachel’s attitude.  Jordan says she will choose slop so she can lose weight

Not much game talk in the house today.  I’m ready for the eviction tonight so we can move and hopefully have the power shift back to the newbies and maybe put Brenchel on the block.

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  1. Jordan totally FU last night, not putting Brenchel up for eviction. Those 2 need to go away Forever!

    • They cannot take the chance’s toooo early… B&R are needed right now..believe it or not..

      • I agree. As much as I’d love to have BR out now, it wouldn’t serve JJ too well at this point. They’d only have Jeff competing tonight rather than J/B/R/D. I think even Daniele would take that opportunity to openly support the Newbs and then hide behind them as everyone attacked JJ until they were gone.

      • Daniele can’t compete cause she as a golden key. But either way I’m sure J&J would have been fine making other alliances if they backdoored Brenchel. One could only hope that Dom or one of the “newbs” wins the next HOH and picks Brenchel.

        Then they need to stop the two from winning the Veto and bye bye Brendon or Rachel.

  2. Oh Yeah…Porsche is really proud of those fake boobs…Rachel & Jordon were both upfront about their implants..but I don’t think Porsche has come out to admit hers are courtsey of silicone..

    • Yeah, Porsche said it on the season premiere in her diary room scene. Something about “well, the doctors helped with these” and pointed at them. They’ve talked about picking shapes/sizes/etc. and she’s been pretty open about it. But yeah, she’s proud of ’em for sure.

    • Silicone or not, they are still nice to look at :) besides who cares if they are fake or not, she still acts like a complete bitch.

    • Brenchel needs to go as soon as possible–I cant sit through remainder of season listing to more bush baby whining. Their going would even things up a bit as well. Too bad no one has noticed the traitors Shelly & Kalia–dump them one at a time & let Cassi stay she is pretty harmless–for now.

  3. for jeff and jordan or even brendon and rachel to try to evict one-another would be a dumb move. lets say jeff and jordan DID backdoor bookie and shmamy, then jeff and jordan would be a huge target. that goes for whoever evicts either couple actually. unless there is a big fight that paints rachel, or brendon or even jeff and jordan as complete rotten apples who cant be trusted this early in the game, then whoever evicts either couple wont be a major target.


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