Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Free Trial Offer

There are two games in every season of Big Brother: what CBS edits to show on TV and then the real action online with unedited, uncensored Big Brother in-house cams.

CBS is offering up a free, 3-day trial for you to test out the Live Feed, see what other fans are watching, and get an idea of how the Big Brother game is really played.

Start your Free 3-Day Trial of Big Brother Live Feeds Now!

This is the perfect time to try the Big Brother Live Feed because of all the action coming our way this weekend. Today you can watch the build-up to nominations with the ceremony tonight. Saturday will feature the Veto competition fallout. Sunday brings us the scheming and backstabbing as HGs prepare for Monday’s Veto ceremony.

Get your Free Trial now and start watching on your computer or even on the go with new support for Android devices along with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch support.


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  1. i started watching the feeds this season and it’s awesome, sorta takes away from the tv show though, i find myself not as interested in the tv show. the only reason i watch the tv show is for the DR Sessions.

    • Yeah, the Sunday episodes are dull once you’ve known for 2 days what happens. But I still get excited for the Tues shows to see the Veto comp and then obviously Thurs.

      Such a different game from what they show on the TV and what CBS cuts and edits to present as their version of the story. It’s so much more interesting getting the full story.

  2. .
    Setting: Dani talking to Kalia in the HOH room.

    Sing to the tune of “Ah, Leah” by Donnie Iris:

    Yeah it’s been a long long time
    You’re such a site, you’re
    Winning more than a Newbie
    Has a right to
    Don’t you know you’re
    Playin’ with the fire?
    Evict the vets
    But CBS sends back the cryer, yeah!

    Here we go again
    Is it ever gonna end?
    Here we go again!

    I see your lips, I’m amazed
    How fast you’re using them
    I never knew you could talk
    With so much food in them
    We all know you’re
    Never going to make it,
    But when you lie
    You never have to fake it, yeah!

    Here we go again
    Is it ever gonna end?
    Here we go again
    You ain’t learned your lesson yet


    Baby it’s no good
    You’re just askin’ for trouble
    I can’t trust you and I don’t
    Know how to snub you
    It ain’t no use
    You’re headed for disaster
    I’d take a break
    But you keep on talkin’ faster, yeah!

    Here we go again
    Here we go again
    Here we go again

    [repeat to fade]

  3. Did I hear Kalia make fun of people who watch the feeds? I was so sleep-deprived from 24/7 live-feed watching that I thought, “I didn’t hear that, did I?”

    • Ok, first Jordan pulls “David Hasselloff” out of thin air. Then Kalia turns into Carnac the Magnificent and repsonds to “key” words…Please, just stop fixing things and let the hamsters play. AG did pick Dani to win this season (between entrees) so I guess this is how she is gonna win. VOTE BOOKIE!

  4. Why does CBS need my birthday before I can vote? They never asked me to register before. I won’t give it. It is none of their business. Companies want too much info from people. I’m sick of it.

      • Thanks. I made up a birthdate and it worked. User name was a challenge. Lots of Mary’s out there. I finally went with techtronics and that worked.

  5. Ask Kalia a question…any one ask her a question! I bet she knows it before you ask it!
    She is a mind reader. HOH mind reader!

    • Insinuating Kalia couldn’t POSsibly win a contest on her own. Okay.. so let’s throw in conspiracies since we don’t approve of the winner. Let me just say, Brandy, that whether you like her or not… due to her chatty-kathy nature, alliance-change or whatever random petty element one could add, the chick is pretty Sharp. Not only is she a quick- talker but thinker as well. Now we can agree to disagree on that one ‘fact’ ;) but I’ve observed & found this to be true… on a few occasions. I could probably safely say that had the winner been Your choice, the contest would’ve been a nonissue for you. I try to base my opinions on reason, fact/truth rather than my personal (dis)approval of a situation. But again, agree to disagree…

  6. How much you wanna bet that Rachel convinces brendon to take out the “ill” in his name and go with Mr and Mrs Vegas? Lol

  7. Okay, ‘Captain Obvious’ here, but sheesh — it’s 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time — when will the nominations be announced? C’mon!
    Not that I’m expecting any surprises, per se — sounds like it will be Rachel and Jeff. If so, then God help Kalia/Dani next week should a vet win H.O.H.

  8. You need a credit card for a “free” trial. Then “will be billed at the end of the trial period “. No thanks.

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