Big Brother 13 Episode 14: Week 5 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 13Big Brother 13 is back tonight for episode 14 where we’ll watch the house react to the new Head of Household, Kalia, and the nomination ceremony which we’ve heard was a very tense and angry event.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen and company to deliver the latest BB13 news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH nomination spoilers. But wait, there’s more! The Power of Veto competition has already taken place and we’ve got those PoV spoilers for you too if you really want to get ahead and read all the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

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    • Please God, don’t let Cassi or Dominic come back into the game. They are so lame. PLEASE GOD, PLEASE DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!

    • What I don’t get is why don’t they just let Dick back in the game, he never had a real run because of the incident, so they shhould invite him back.

      • That was my hope too (to bring Dick back), but they said that they couldn’t because he has been able to watch BB. All of the evicted players are in seclusion and have no idea of what’s going on in the house. I was sad to hear that it would be unfair to allow Dick to return since he has a heads’ up on what happening

      • Keith, Dom, Cassi and Brendon, haven’t been watching the game. Dick has been out the house watching it. This would give him an unfair advantage.

  1. So glad Jeff won POV…wish Kalia would redeem herself & put up Porshe, then b/d Dani. Jeff’s face was priceless when Brendon used his veto on Rachel but does anyone else think she’s been much more tolerable w/o Brendon? Can’t wait for Dani to leave… so over her bashing, lying & manipulating,

  2. I would love Adam or porshe to be replacement nom. Then vote to keep Rachel. Brendon gets back in the game and the vets are back in business.

    • I would rather see Porsha go than Adam. I would be hapr way as long as Rachel stays in the game. Go Team JJ and R. Screw Team Dani. They are all two faced b****** who even throw each other under the bus!

      • I would love for that too! I think there is actually a really good chance of that happening… Cannot wait to see Danis face it does. Can you imagine Julie saying “by a 4-2 vote Porche” *dani thinking-porche your safe*…but “you have been evicted from the BB brother house”…and then to see Brendon come walking back through. I don’t understand how it will all work though. It will be one super-packed episode. Cause they’ll have the eviction. Then they would have to have the competition between the evictee and the vote winner. Then the HOH. Otherwise, I would assume the vote winner won’t get to come back until the following week or what? Also, will the veto ceremony be tonight? Does anyone know?

    • I don’t care who goes as long as it is not RACHEL. SAVE RACHEL! VOTE BOOKIE! Nothing you do in your life will ever be more important.

      • Seriously? I hope you didn’t write that with a straight face. Its a game and not matter how you vote it wont matter anyways cuz its all about ratings

      • No, I really mean it. How could anything else any of us does in our lives be more important than voting for BOOKIE. I mean, my God man! It’s BOOKIE!

      • Dani is lame and won’t have daddy ED carry her to the end this year. Can you say you are a Team Dani fan with a straight face is the real question.

    • I am in no way a Brenchel fan, BUT I hate Team Greasy Ass Bitches more, so I HOPE to GOD Rachel stays and comes back to get those three OUT.

      • That’s funny. GAB. I hope Rachel stays too. Please let Rachel stay and Bookie come back. Please, please.

      • Rachel would perhaps be better off by growing up and going back to Vegas…etc. and begging to get her job back. Even if one of the so-called vets would happen to win, they are complete idiots to just that they could strongarm everyone, and expect them to lie down and play dead, while one of them(vets)waltz away with the money. That says a lot about their character. They proclaim to be vets and such excellent skillful players, that they really wanted an effortless win. They are stupid, really now.

  3. I really see Shelly being the most hated HG in a few weeks. She has been playing both sides for a while, and people are finally starting to notice. Eventually it will blowup.

    • Are you watching the feeds? Anything going on? I started to buy them year and it said there are fees too. I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them.

      • Yea I was gonna get them the other day and on top of what they charge there’s another 9.99 fee so it would’ve been 50 for me to watch em and I’m a single mom of two so can’t pay that

    • Last I knew, the only ones really getting played by Shelly were the newbies. She stays friendly with them but reports back to J/J and has always voted with the vets. Has that changed? As long as she’s aligned with the vets, she’s good with me.

      • Well that is true for the most part..however shelly has also been telling kalia and dani things she shoudlnt.

      • I think for now the straight shooter is with JJ, but as time goes by, I think that’ll change. You never know with the straight shooter.

  4. Ok, Rachel is now confronting Portia about what went wrong with them. Portia is telling her that friendships and alliances are different, and that Rachel has been freaking out lately and she doesn’t want to be involved if her and Dani get into a fist fight. And that Rachel has been playing the game too personal and Portia thought she could separate the game from her personal life.

      • You are very welcome. :) OMG Adam just shaved his face and looks totally different!

      • Wow he said last night he would do it. I’m surprised that they let him change his appearance.

    • What went wrong is that BRJJ are not HOH this week. IF they were, Portia would’ve been best friends with Rachel. Don’t buy Portia’s bullshit. She’s a floater all the way baby.

  5. Oy, the show will not be the least bit interesting with Danny the Tranny and Co. coasting while the most interesting players aka the veterans get picked off.

    I hope Porsche’s dumb ass leaves and Brendon comes back.

      • He just made it up. Saying that Adam looks like a businessman. and that they have a new HG. So he just started calling him philip. ( and Phil for short) So if you hear that on BBAD tonight you know why. LOL

  6. Adam shaved his beard and head…He looks like a young Telly Savalas…”Who loves ya Baby” lol..

  7. i’m a loser… i dun’t hav a life… i write things to hurt others… sry VOTE FOR BOOKIE …

    I will vote for bookie

    • The loser sounds like you Sparky. You are in no place to judge anyone who uses this site. Worry about yourself and your opinion and stop worrying about other people and if they use duplicate comments.

      • I agree with you leo…this sparky person is constnatly trying to put personal attacks on people if they don’t agree with his thoughts.

    • interesting how comments show up with my name when im not on the computer….. hack job…. check it out MATT…

  8. I think Dani is turning the house upside down. We needed that. I’m glad Brenden is gone and Rachel wil be gone this week. They try to make the show all about them. Brendon will not be back. I think that Dom or Casi will fight against Rachel to come back.


    • Me 4. I love the game play. I don’t like the floaters who just coast along while others are busting their butts to win. I hope Brenden returns.

  10. Hi I was wandering Im in Canada and I just discovered I can watch BB after dark everynight on our reality channel is it worth watching?I will tape it on to the pvr but can anybody tell me if it is anygood?

  11. For almost an hour now we have been given a lesson in how Dani Danato colors her hair..with a few breaks inbetween…ENOUGH…move on camera guys…

    • LOL, Earlier all 4 cameras were on Adam sleeping in the chair outside and Rachel sunbathing. And neither of them were talking.

      • I am getting tired of paying for these live feeds and having just one camera shot…move around guys!

  12. Kalia should put up jordan jejo dont like her and will back door her the chance they get.
    If they do put up a pawn like shelly or adam and they go home it wont matter cause there on team jejo,hopefully dom comes back and beats whoever gets booted and gets back in the house.

  13. Kalia looks so ridiculous today! Shorts with pockets hanging low, so very early 90s. Feel sorry for the “word diva”, she has no clue.

  14. Kalia may actually put Lawon up against Rachel..
    He did not object to the idea…That may not be a good is very risky as Lawon is a major slacker…totally hmmm

    • I think Kalia, Dani & Porsh would trade Dom for Lawon anyday of the week. Thats if Dom gets the votes. I’m wondering if production hinted to Kalia or Dani whoever gets voted out has to compete against the voted in HG. Putting Lawon up would make the most sense. With Dom making 4, that’s a very strong group right there.

  15. Since when are Jeff and Jordan entertaining. Jordumb can barely complete a thought and Jeff is nothing more than a homophobic bully with a great tv edit. I pray to gawd that Dani takes both these worthless floaters out of the house! Team Dani!!!!!

    • I liked them on bb11 but dam arent they the most boring thing in the history of this show,i mean the chemistry between them is non existent.Its like watching clothes dry lol.

      • They may be private people and not want to have their affection for each other exploited in front of cameras and they have more respect for each other than to have sex with the cameras rolling…some people like to keep certain aspects of their life private..

    • Jordan acted like a whiny baby tonight when she was pulling out her key from nominations. Are the rumors about Jeff making homophobic remarks true? if so, he’s so sad.
      I’m definitely over Jeff and Jordan. Time to send them both home!

      • Jordan just spoke the truth which is more than Kalia. She is such a puppet to Dani and Dani needs to quit acting like a queen and treating Rachel like that. Rachel is making Dani look like a big baby! Porsche, Lawon, and Dani need to go away. They have floated thru this game completely.
        Jordan and Jeff have class and respect for themselves and others and don’t have to make out on tv like trash.
        True love can survie that and I think that is what they have!

      • Right Kitty. J&J are sad anyway. And if he made those remarks maybe it is because he is going dealing with something within himself about his own sexuality…? Jordan made a comment once that would make you think that nothing like that was going on with them. I don’t know, maybe that’s why he’s always evil and grumpy.
        Yes,and they should both get sent packing.

      • Totally agree with you Barbara…Jeff and Jordan both have class and a good heart. Go Jeff and Jordan

    • Totally agree J/J are so boring, everyone is a floater except the two of them. Jeff, finally wins something after being on the show twice. Tired of J/J thinking they are the only ones entitled to play the game. Jordan with her suckly face, and homophobic Jeff bullying anyone that does not agree with him.

    • You are exactly right Patrick. Watching those two are like watching paint dry. Jordumb (I like that), appears to be dumb as a box of rocks. And I think that it’s not an act. Jeff is just a bully who is ‘only’ great in the eyes of himself (and possibly J).
      And thank you for seeing them as floaters too. Some seems to refer to only the newbies as floaters, but J&J has done absolutely nothing. Jordumb is obviously good at shaving her legs and Jeff is practicing and taking over where Brendan left off at being an abusive pig. They have no respect for women. Not even their own.You can tell by watching that they know that their girls aren’t the ‘sharpest knives in the drawer’.

      • Haven’t done anything except float Ann??? Gee I seem to recall Jordan winning HOH oh and also a luxury comp. And Jeff oh yeah he just won POV and is coming off the block. Go Jeff and Jordan!!!

    • Actually I think they were boring in BB11. But now, they are getting buck wild. I love it, especially that Jordo. That girl gots some diva in her. She’s definitely not that little quiet, sweet girl anymore. She’s got spunk.

  16. Bring back Dominic people jejo is the most boring couple in history they have no chemistry Danielle and dom are entertaining to watch on bbad they have more chemistry than jeff and jordan 10 times over.
    I love how jeff and his dumb alliance feel that they will automatically return to the show what will be the look on their faces when their arch rival danille’s boy toy domonic walks in the house that will be priceless lol

    • How r u so sure he is going to walk in??? Production are going to bring in who generates ratings and drama If it is any indication look at survivor (Same station cbs) Boston Rob one everybody hated him but he generated high ratings and he won.
      I dont think a newby will win but that is my wishfull thinking
      Bring BOOKIE back

    • BigBrotherLeak Feeds down for Adam’s birthday party. Probably because Big Brother is playing music for them. “Have-nots” get to eat at the party. #BB13

  17. Kalia and dani are clearly completely in the dark about what’s going on as well as everyone else..they have no clue that someone is coming back to compete. All they know is that there’s a possibility the evicted one could stay and they’ve said multiple times they don’t think person will actually get to stay in the game. Also…why does everyone talk like they know Doms coming back…NONE OF THE NEWBIES WILL BE BROUGHT BACK…lol..they are all non-factors..they’ve done nothing thus far and deserve to be gone…Dom and Keith both chose to throw theire vetos..if they were that stupid, they deserve to be gone..and cassie was just an idiot….BRING BACK BRENDON CBS!

  18. I hope they put up Lowan & Rachel goes home. I would like to see her face when she sees she got beat by a floater. Ha. I would also love to see Cassi come back and see Rachels evil eye knowing she has to beat her in a comp.

  19. I think this is the first time I’ve agreed with that is right, some people would like to keep their dignity in tact, so when they go home to live their real lives, they will still be proud of themselves. Lastnight je asked jo if she would have sex in the house and they made it to final 2 and she still said “no, that’s gross”. So clearly, they’re just respectable.

  20. Exactly…but you also have to remember were such a small portion of the a few comment on here saying Dom is coming back, doesn’t mean he will. And vise versa..but. hands down Brendon will bring back the most drama and excitement..I’m sure it will be him…go bookie! Lol

    • Mandi Please do not take offense to this post..You need to learn to use the reply button so that your responses will be read by the correct’s a problem in trying to figure out the post u are answering..

  21. @ offense, and I know everyone has their own opinion and I respect yours. But that is the. Absolute most boring scenario and also the dumbest one, because that. Would be a small amount of drama for one night..bringing brendon back and rachel staying would be much more controversial and much more drama in the house…for the next few weeks..not just one night..if Rachel goes home Thursday. And Brendon doesn’t come back, the rest of this season will. Be a drag…sorry. about all the periods, my stupid phone keeps adding. Them in.

  22. I just need to say that Jeff and Jordan made very good arguments on tonights episode. All of the newbies are FLOATING by and it is not fair to all of the vets they are taking out!! Kalia won out of pure luck, not intelligence. These people need to stop being so stupid and start nominating people who deserve it….oh and Danielle… well she is a different story… thinks she is good, but really she is not… she will never win !!!!!!!!!

    • I am thinking this over and Dani may have another plan in the works…Since the blow up with Jeff and Kalia Dani has not made herself at home in the HOH as much as she was. If u have noticed she is staying downstairs in her own space. Kalia is going to Dani… not Dani going to Kalia..I believe Dani has a back up plan and it depends on who gets HOH this coming week (if she doesn’t). I belive that at some point she is gonna (try to) realign herself with Jeff..(not Jordon) because she still needs a vet for back up in th eweeks she can’t play HoH or POV..Dani is most assuredly up to something cause she knows she can’t depend on Kalia in the end..

      • Maybe, Danielle is getting a tad nervous having burned a number of bridges in the house. The worst ones was of her alliance who protected her and yet, she back stabbed them! I think Jeff and Jordan will put her up if they win HOH. The same if Shelly wins HOH. Rachel could still survive this week and it could be ironic if she wins HOH and now nominates Kahlia and Danielle! That would be the payback she is seeking!

      • You may be right. It doesn’t matter what she does now because my girl Dani f’cked up. She’s going down, baby.

    • Why should ANYONE feel compelled to save a vet because, and I’m paraphrasing Jeff “a floater should be going up”? What nerve these vets have to think they somehow deserve the win over anyone else in the house. I am actually disgusted by Jeff’s comment, as well as Jordan’s.

      • Because they are targets every week and have to fight while others sit on their ass and have a vacation. This is not Real World, this is Big Brother, which means you have to fight to stay. If you’re not fighting, then you are way too comfortable and feel too safe. No one that is working their ass off is going to stand for that.

    • why was it ok when the vets were in charge they were getting all the newbes out and everyone thought that was ok. The nebes are getting the strong vets out(that’s the name of the game) I think everyone should just enjoy the show and quit trying to pick all the pkayers apart.IT’S A GAME!!!

  23. GUYS GUYS GUYS today on the feeds lawon was super mad because kalia told lawon he would most likely be the replacement nominee. im sooo happy. theres no way in hell he can stay if he is on the blokc vs rachel. jeff, jordan, shelly and adam will vote him out, and so will prosche. though i hated kalia lats week, she is warming up to me, her and rachel patched soemthings up, but still not my faovurite hosueguest and far from it. if lawon goes up, rachel will survive, and bre4ndon will come back. this is what i call EXCITING DRAMA

    • ok..I missed something then..cause at one point they were discussing it and he said ok I trust Kalia

  24. stop being personal,you need to relax men,get over and give you opinion about the game not me,lol

  25. I. Don’t take offense lol…its when I get the alert on my phone cause sometimes I’m. Just. Bored and it comes to my phone, it doesn’t direct back to the right comment slot..sorry about all the periods.

  26. Why bring Brendon back when he tried to get voted out last year and quit this year for his girlfriend.Bring someone back who wants to be there.

  27. jeff jordan and rachel are all disgusting human beings i hope they are getting payed to act like complete dumbasses. bye bye rachel! stupid sore losers.

  28. Wow….just lost all respect for Jeff and Jordan. I was team Je/Jo till now. They acted like babies tonight. Jeff did you forget you called a house meeting and ran over Kahlia two weeks ago? Chances are thats why youre up. And Jordan…..I love you but that speech was a 4 yr old throwing a temper tantrum. BTW Jordan….do you not remember coasting and floating thru your season? So don’t complain about people doing nothing. I may have to turn my Je/Jo bandwagon card in….ugh

    • Agreed, disgusted with Jordan, everyone has a right to make their speech during nominations. It’s nice to see that Jordan is a real person and not the sweet 8 year old she keeps pretending to be. Always wondered when the real Jordan was going to show up.

      • Y’all gone make me lose my mind,
        up in here, up in here

        Y’all gone make me go all out
        up in here, up in here

        Y’all gone make me act a fool
        up in here, up in here

        Y’all gone make me lose my cool
        up in here, up in here

    • How did she float through her season. Were we watching the same show??? Her and Jeff had the biggest target from day one. And do you not remember her winning the last 2 comps for HOH. By the way the most important HOH. And how was her speech a temper tantrum? She finally is speaking up for herself. Go J/J

  29. OMG. Can’t believe that after watching the beginning of tonight’s episode, that I almost felt sorry for Rachel, and JJ. But, as it got further in the episode, it made me remember why I think rachel is a psycho and needs to leave, and that Jordan is a brat. Thanks BB for reminding me.

  30. I can see now why Jeff was pissed at Shelly during the have/have not comp. He clearly told her candied yams, she totally ignored him and if you notice, I have the feeds and I swear I never see Shelly eat anything, she is always drinking those shakes. Kalia to me is just an Oprah wannabe..she and Daniele are just mean girls who like to make fun of people. Porshe and Lawson are absolutely useless in this game, Shelly, I am still not sure about her, Rachel, no words, I really hope that Cassi or Brendon come back in, please no Dominic, he will run straight to Daniele, the vets needs someone on their side.

  31. Kalia is such an idiot but she thinks she is such a smart, strategic player. She has no strategy as far as I can tell…she is Danielle’s puppet, pure and simple, whatever Danielle wants, Kalia is doing. It is stupid to put up two strong players like Jeff and Rachel because ONE of them is most likely to win POV (like Jeff did), saving themself and then go after Kalia with a vengeance whereas otherwise she might not be their target. I don’t believe she is going to make it to the end…she is not likely to win too many more competitions to save herself in the near future.

    I don’t know why people don’t find Danielle every bit as annoying as Rachel – at least with Rachel, what you see is what you get. Kalia is too full of herself for winning the POV – big deal, it’s not going to last. Lawton is the most pathetic houseguest ever on BB in my opinion, he should be evicted simply for not playing any kind of game.

    So far, I think this is a boring season.

    • I noe wat u mean… Lawon Yelling in his dairyroom session that he is bring his A game… wtf… danial is evil jr, she is a mean girl with a nice girl act.

      • It seems to me that it is always a big mistake for anyone to play this game guided by their emotions like Kalia seems to be doing. Jeff made her mad, so she put him on the block. Rachel has been catty to her, so she put her on the block. How about putting people on the block keeping in mind that there’s a chance the evicted houseguest COULD come back and the other person might want to retaliate. In other words, maybe put at least one less threatening person on the block, not the two strongest players at the very same time! I say this knowing very well that Rachel has definitely been too emotional, she could definitely play a better strategic game (not turning the house against her!)…one thing about her vs. Kalia is that Rachel is a stronger competitor.

  32. Boo hooo… Jeff was mean to kalia… get over it… u guys r feeling sry for as thou she is a saint… Jordan was just pissed, so she talk wat was in her mind… she wasnt insulting anyone… i believe this is the first comment she made this whole season… if ur a true BRJJ fan, im sure u will understand…

    Vote Brendan Everybody

  33. Everyone who is not a JEJO/BRENCHAL fan are just trying so hard to make them look like asses at everything they do. They are not allowed to be upset and not allowed to have emotions and express themselves or they are worthless humans. Only the newbies and Dani are allowed to act that way right? GET OVER YOURSELF NEWBIE LOVERS!!!! THEY ALL SUCK!!

    • Yupp, True BRJJ fans would not change their supports for something as small as them getting upset…

      I’m a BRJJ Fan

      • ME TOO!! If you are a true BB watcher, then you know the correct way to play this game. Jeff shoots straight, Jordan, nice girl, occasionally gets upset, Rachel, a little crazy, but a fierce competitor, she just needs to get over Brendon being gone right now. I hope she gets to come back in on Thursday. Lawon-worthless, Porshe-worthless, Kalia-Dani’s puppet, Shelly-backstabber, Adam-like him, but has done nothing, and then there’s Dani–shit starter.

    • No one said they couldn’t be upset but they didn’t throw a tantrum. They didn’t yell and scream at people for making a decision. You have issues Mandi and take this game way to serious.

  34. Is Jordan the product of someones educational system? If so they have failed her miserably. Poor Jeff he really has his work cut out for him with this dumb-bell. Come on now Jordan, is Canada a country, do you eat or drink coconut, how many eggs in a bakers dozen(Amazing Race)do u know anything? What an idiot

  35. I don’t think the newbies were even given a chance from the beginning. The show s/b all newbies or all vets. It seems that Rachel was bought back to give her another chance to win. The producers should stop munipulating the games and just let things happen natually. This has to be the worst BB EVER.

    • Good then, don’t watch. You’re probably one of those people that just loves floaters. Well float on, float on, and quit watching.

    • Last season was the absolute worst season of Big Brother when 4 house guests formed an alliance and voted people off from beginning to the end! That is crap! I stopped watching because I know this is about ratings and the ratings did drop because I am sure a number of people got fed up with it! Veterans are needed to ensure everyone plays to win! The fact that the newbies are not even trying hard to win HOH and VETO is whose fault? They still have every chance to win that $500,000 even now as the veterans are moving to take each other out! If they don’t make their move then, they lose out on that $500,000. It is as simple as that! Whether you watch or not is always your choice. No one is forcing you to watch a TV show you don’t want!

      • Are you kidding? An alliance that remained secret from the beginning until the end wasn’t exciting? And all four of them didn’t make it. 3 of them had to sacrifice 1 to save the alliance half way through.

      • johnny i agree man the brigade was awesome they played the whole house, from the beginning hayden and lane and thats how it ended…..awesome game play

    • I don’t love Brendon and Rachel but I can’t stand Kalia and Danielle. I don’t want Dom to come back because it would strengthen Danielle and Kalia’s alliance. Noooooooooo!

      • I love J&J and I love to watch Brenchel, the 4 of them could get rid of Daniele & Kalia

        More than anything, I do not want Daniele to make it to the end. I cannot stand her, I would rather see the pool table win the money rather than her.

      • I agree with everything Jordon and Jeff said tonight. Kalia needs to get out of Dani’s butt and play her own game. Even when the Vets had all the power, none of them played the “mean” card. Everyone knows the blood is on Dani’s hands. Get her Rachel…

    • Someone has got to get Daniele out of the House. She is poison. I am so so sick of Kalia with her race issues. She is really messed up. She had the nerve to bring up the cattiness and talking behind people’s backs like it is all Rachel? Who talks behind people’s backs more than Dani and Kalia? Come on. I am so glad that Jeff and Jordan are seeing her for what she is and will go after her. I love Rachel. Bring back Bookie!!!!

      • Dani makes me sick. After weeks of going hungry and eating pickles Dani makes Jordan a horseradish and sourkraut coctail, the poor girl not only threw it up but then has to sleep in the have not room with killer gas and the runs. Dani wasnt playing a game she was out to hurt Jodan. Lawon choosing to use potato chips as an ingreiant was a smart move, they’d have to be undetectable under two other things and milk.

  36. Shelly may change my opinion of her. She is trying to convince Kalia to evict Porsha and align with Rachel. It seems to be resonating.

      • Not a chance. Kalia is too scared to cause anymore problems between her and JJ or even Rachel. She’s already started talking about putting Lawon or Porsche up since yesterday. Neither of these two will stay over Rachel.

      • Dani is saying that Rachel staying is bad for her even though it isn’t bad for Kalia. Kalia is doing the math. Why not have JJ, R and S not after her to get rid of P? She knows they will all be after D and not her next week.

      • Kalia is finally thinking for herself and not Dani. Dani is upset and trying to strong arm Kalia and it’s not working.

  37. Kalia is soooooo annoying. I can’t wait for this week of her reign to be over. Please make her stop talking.

  38. Well at least JJ and Rachel and Brendon were true to thier alliance.. Dani couldn’t wait to turn on her alliance. She did not get mad about Dom being voted out she new she got caught. I hope Kalia puts up Lawon, he gets voted out and Brendon comes back and the Vets gets rid of 1st Dani, 2. Kalia.. then JJRB to final 4.. GO JJRB. BB would be worth watching..It is going to get pretty boring watching Dani pull all the strings with the Newbies.

    • That is the move I am hoping Kahlia will do!
      After all, she put herself on the chopping block by aligning with Danielle for what? It does not help but, hurt her game! Backdooring Danielle will show the other players that she is serious about winning that $500,000 and they
      would atleast, respect her game play.

      • Its too soon to put Dani up, she is too good at compitions backdoor her when she cant play to save herself

  39. If Dani complains too much about Kalia’s change of heart, she should backdoor Dani for safety for 2 weeks. Everyone would thank her for that!

    • This is the perfect opportunity to backdoor Danielle when she cannot get herself off! Kahlia can make that deal in exchange for safety! Jeff, Jordan and Rachel will be very happy to take that deal because I am sure they are itching to get rid of Danielle. If Danielle goes home, it also strengthens the newbies in terms of numbers. For the veterans it is one threat they would have gotten rid off and what is one or two extra weeks for Kahlia?

      • lol…She may come back…that is why Kalia needs to consider her nominations very carefully..

      • Kalia will have JJ and R as well as Shelly and Adam against Dani if Dani comes back? Dani will be screwed!

      • Fly,

        I understand that Danielle has a chance to get back into the house. However, I think it is worth a shot nevertheless. Danielle still has to beat whoever gets the most votes and she can always lose that competition making her eviction final. And if she gets back in, she will still face a group of very hostile house guests who are not allied with her! She will have to win HOH and the veto each time to survive and mental pressure on her will be huge! Danielle will be at a huge disadvantage when she comes back and she will know that the majority of house guests will again vote her out a 2nd time if given the chance to do so!

      • Yea cha on that.. but I believe that if Rachel stays or comes back that she will get her act together and do some damage that only she can do..(with or without Brendon)Yep back dooring Dani would be a smart thing to do but Kalia ain’t gonna do that..

  40. Yes…….. Yes…….. YYYEEESSSSSSS….. Get Porsha out of there. Join Team JJ and Team BR Kalia!!!

    • voye for bookie….. It may even be better than that. Shelly has convinced Kalia to nominate Porsha and get rid of her and work with Rachel…

      Let’s go Team JJ / Team BR!!!

      • Where are the results of the pole so far? I have people who dont even watch the show giving Bredan ten votes

  41. Dani needs a backup in Porsche..she knows that next week KALIA IS GONNA BE THE TARGET..Dani is setting up any newbie she befriends and when she is done with em..they get voted out..Dom was an early casualty

    • Danielle is using them for her dirty work and nothing else! If they would wise up, they should realize that Danielle is helpless and in great danger of being booted out! Kahlia should wise up now and put up Danielle as replacement.

    • Watching the TV show and Danielle is saying that she is glad that she does not have blood on her hands and Kalia is doing it for her!
      And Kalia let Danielle make her decisions as far as nominations go! She also made suggestions on how to talk to Jeff to make it seem Kalia is not against Jeff but, using him as a pawn! Just shows you Danielle is playing the newbies because they cannot think for what is best for them. After all, there is $500,000 waiting for the winner!

  42. How do you text to vote who you want back I keep texting to 81818 with the number of who I want but I get a message saying short message transfer rejected. Do you have to live in the U.S. I’m in Canada.

  43. kalia was talking to shelly,she doesnt wona replace porcha instead lawon and they have the votes rachel to eliminate but what she doesnt know is j\j is with rachel even shelly ,adam porcha actually she wil be shocked when lawona is out and rach is save,i cant wait that to happen,BB higher rating next week , lol

  44. I hate this one, I hate that one, she’s mean, he’s a jerk, no one loves me. AAAAARRRHHGG!!!! I think I’m suffering from BB burnout.

    Did anyone happen to see the show After BB, Same Name? I think I have a new found respect for Mike Tyson. He made a difference in that town in Michigan that they won’t ever forget.

    Ok, back to the fights again, not you Mike. They folks have REAL grudge matches.

    • Yea I watched it and am happy for him. I was never a fan of his and I always thought everyone around him uses him-so good luck mike.

    • Well, a bookie voter would also be on the same page as one that tattoos their FACE, wouldn’t they….ANYONE but bookie.

  45. This season is getting on my nerves!! No one is playing!! Bring back either Dominic or Brendon at least they know how to play the game well

    • Ziggy1 who says Bookie isnt coming back? Are you in with someone from the show? Alot of us want Bredan back. Come on voters get your friends in on yhe vote even if they arent watching the show I am!

  46. It’s hysterical to read these comments. People telling people if you don’t like this group then youre a bad person or if you don’t like how they act then youre a hypocrite. You people take this game WAY to serious. The vets are crying because of their targets…..well guess what….thats what happens when you return to a game you’ve already played!!!! How can you be shocked at that target??? Jeez people complained when the newbies were all on the side of the vets now they are complaining when they are taking out the vets. Seriously guys and gals make up your mind. There is no gameplay on EITHER side. the vets taking out the newbies…..yea great strategy…..that was the same one that the newbs tried out but got all starry-eyed with the vets and decided not to do it. Please tell me ONE person in this game that has a strategy in this game. Its vets vs the noobs vs Dani. BTW Jeff….you cant have a house meeting and call someone out and then be surprised when they become HoH and nominate you…….lol.

  47. Tomorrow would have been Casey Antony 6 Birtday I know maybe this is not the site to promote this and if I offended any body I am sorry but if u have it in your hart release a purple baloon for her thank u again if I overstepped bounderie I am sorry

    • I find nothing offensive with your post. It’s Caylee Anthony, and she was born Aug. 9th 2005. Thanks for the reminder of the loss of that precious little girl.

    • Please don’t release purple baloons. They are a hazard to planes harmful to the environment and to birds. If you feel the need to find a way to memorialize the birth of the young girl who accidentally drowned then please find some other way to do so.

    • That she is but, that is her game. She is no worse than Danielle who betrayed and backstabbed her whole alliance, uses the newbies for her dirty work and is laughing behind their backs knowing she is not dirtying her hands when she uses the newbies as her puppets. Sorry, I think Danielle is the biggest snake and back stabber in this season with no competition at that! What Danielle has done is far, far worst than, what Shelly has done! And Danielle continues with her lies and back stabbing like 2nd nature. That is her game play so, at some point, the newbies will figure her out!

      • Dani is a dirty rat too. Can’t stand her. But, she doesn’t have as much clout right now as Shelly. Shelly was laughing to herself on the couch after giving Kalia an earful. Shelly is in major control of the house…just the way she’s planned.

      • Cd,

        Danielle is doing a very good job using the newbies as her puppets. She got Porsche to turn on Rachel and Kalia to nominate Rachel and Jeff. Danielle was laughing on the TV show tonight about her not having blood on her hands because Kalia is doing what she wants for her and that is not conrol? And the nomination of Rachel and Jeff came from Danielle and she even told Kalia what to tell jeff to make it seem she is on his side! LOL
        Shelley made deals on both sides and
        being a newbie what are her options?
        Shelly is playing a smart game until she gets exposed! Her game play is way better than Danielle who I really like booted out the sooner the better!

  48. I wonder how many people would be saying “Bring back Bookie” if they knew what he did to Rachel while he was on skype….lol.

      • That’s not all he did….lol. Otherwise he wouldnt have posted that pathetic thing he called an apology on youtube….lol

      • Ellablue is right, who cares? If Rachel is okay with it, who are we to judge. VOTE BOOKIE! LONG LIVE KALIGULA IF SHE SAVES RACHEL!

  49. Shelly is playing the game! It is everyone for them selves. I hope she makes it to the final 2. Go Shelly!!!

    • Yes, Shelly is tons better than Kalia letting Danielle manipulate her and use her!
      That is another stupid move which does not take Kalia nearer winning that $500,000. Like Jeff said in the HOH room, Kalia should be playing her game and be listening to others on what to do and if she puts him up or Jordan—-that they would be coming after her!
      Kalia won’t be able to play HOH next week which is why it is surprising that she does not play this to favor her and instead listens to Danielle. Danielle plays for HOH next week and was made safe by Kalia this week which is a sweet deal for Danielle for doing nothing except whispering who to nominate in Kalia’s ear. Bad move by Kalia only hurts her and not Danielle who is using her! LOL

    • I don’t like shelly and I thought she had no game until a few days ago. She’s gonna get herself to final 3 atleast it don’t matter with who its with. Sure she may be a floater but she’s a sneaky one and good at it and she’s working hard at comps.

  50. Dam I need to get up and do some stuff..but this is too good…gonna stay on top of or I might miss something..lmao.

      • right now it is very interesting…this deal just might go through…big “MIGHT” we will see..

  51. i’d bet that the winner of evicted HG vs returning HG will be the HOH that week. it would be a good way for the 2nd chance they are getting is worth something, cause usually when someone returns they get evicted the next week, this way that can’t happen.

    so vote Dom back in, i’d love for him to send her home, it would almost be fitting, since Daniele took out Brendom, Dom should take to Rachel. it would also be fitting cause this iis the same week she got evicted in season 12

  52. The vote bookie propaganda is getting ridiculous, he was such a controlling jerk and I was rooting for Brenchel last year / first few weeks of this year but I hope he doesn’t get voted back. And if Rachel is evicted and Brendon is voted back I hope he throws it to her and Daniele wins the next HOH and re-evicts Rachel.

  53. It would be a lot easier to believe Kalia’s BS about making decisions for herself had she hadn’t been shown asking Daniele how to act when people come up to talk like a pathetic tool. What a dumbass! I hope she’s out next week.

    Jordan hit it right on the head the slacker newbies are all hypnotized by Daniele…

    • BBAD is on people. Watch Showtime 2 to see the Team JJ and Team BR move take affect as Porsha gets the boot!

      • yes shelly is feeding this idea to kalia that dani is horrified about keepin rachel and voting out porsche! lol…oh my word…and kalia is like i need to step outta your shadow and make big moves! lol…shelly straight shooter my arm foot and leg! how is it none of them realize she is allied with almost everyone!

      • Porsche allowed herself to be Danielle’s puppet so, her loss is no big deal! Better her than Rachel. Rachel can play if she keeps her emotion under check and just plays the game! I would like to see Rachel win HOH and send Danielle out of the house for good!

    • Kahlia could be out next week if they are not able to get rid of Danielle then, she will see how very stupid she has played. She wins HOH and totally wastes it by putting a target on her back, being a Danielle puppet and ensuring Danielle is safe! Kalia got nothing in return. She should have struck a deal with Jeff/Jordan and Rachel that in exchange for backdooring Danielle—-she is kept safe for say two weeks. Atleast, she would have gotten something out of being HOH!

      • She can’t trust Jeff/Jordan and Rachel —they would lie to her without blinking. Jeff already threatened Kalia and said he is coming after her. He would lie to her without a doubt.

  54. Good lord, these vets are crybabies, they get mad at the floaters and they get mad at the people playing the game. Just play the game and shut up.

  55. god i hope kalia isn’t as dumb as we think she is when putting up a replacement nom. Just put up jordan and then get rid of rachel.

  56. I hope Kalia stays true to Dani and the newbies send Rachel out of the house this week. I watched tonight but nothing new … Jeff was a jerk to threaten Kalia—who the $%&* is he to threaten her? He’s just a jerk. I used to like him until he did that. I still like Jordan but she is so off the mark this year.

  57. In regards to JJ floating their season, you couldn’t be more wrong. Jeff should have been out week 2, but won the veto, then back to back hoh and veto wins after the coup got Jordan towards the end. They won at important times, just like this season.

  58. Btw Shelly has Kalia pretty much convinced on sending Porche home now. Kalia is fearful of her alliance with Dani

    • Kalia should be fearful. All she has done as HOH is make people mad at her! That is what she gets for listening to Danielle instead of thinking of the best strategy for herself! Danielle is trying to win that same $500,000 or is that simple fact lost on her? Jeff and Jordan will go after her and Danielle if they get HOH. The same goes if Rachel goes off the block. Rachel if she is able to survive and control her emotions could win HOH next week! She will go after Danielle and Kalia if that happens.

  59. I hope these newbies see that the strong veteran players will win this thing if they don’t take them out one by one. And Shelly thinks JJ will take her to the final 3? —OMG. Who would vote for Shelly over J or J?

    • That should be the newbies strategy and they should be keeping the newbies in the house if they wanted to win. Allowing Danielle to manipulate them only hastens the destruction of the newbies. Their chances at that $500,000 is getting smaller and smaller thru their own lack of initiative to do what is in their own best interests!

  60. They are not thinking about the votes for the final two….who they want to be sitting next two in the final three and final two. It doesn’t appear they were watching how this game was played the past 12 seasons.

    • The jury counts too and the underhanded way
      Danielle has been playing back stabbbing her alliance which could cost their chance at that $500,000 will definitely cost Danielle if she survives and makes it too the end! The newbies she used also as puppet will see for themselves her gameplay and I don’t think they will appreciate it either! So, Danielle is not going to win either way!

      • I don’t think Dani will win…I would like to see a newbie win. They probably will not win because they are giving too many breaks and too much power to the veterans.

    • watching after dark-is that all thay do is eat??? Am so tried of watching them eat. What is wrong with Kalia? She can’t make up her own mind. Who ever talks to her she changes her mind to theirs. for someone who said she strong and smart she’s not playing to smart now.

      • I just hope whoever Kalia puts up in place of Jeff is a keeper and crazy Rachel goes home.

    • From what was said by others with live feeds, it seems that Lawon will be put up. That would keep the advantage with the veterans.
      Danielle has Porsche and Kalia doing her every
      bidding it is pathetic! They should be thinking instead of backdooring Danielle! They have no use for her and it only puts a target on their backs because now the other house guests knows they are on Danielle’s side! While, a longshot, I am still hoping that Kalia will grow a backbone and backdoor Danielle as the replacement nominee! Sure, she can come back thru the twist but, she has to beat the top vote getter among the evictees! Danielle winning is not guaranteed and even if she got back—-it will make Danielle mad but, she will be a target of everyone for eviction. She can be evicted a 2nd time if it comes to that!

      • But there’s no threat that Dani will get the votes to win the $500K so why not keep her around until they don’t need her anymore….the newbies need to get rid of the vets if they have any chance of winning the $500K.

      • Danielle is a veteran and also good at competitions so, she is as much a threat as the others. The math is the same. Say, Kalia backdoors Danielle this week and she loses the competition and cannot come back then, then it would be 3 veterans left to face 5 newbies for HOH next week. If a newbie wins HOH and nominates 2 veterans, they can guarantee a veteran goes home a 3rd straight week and there would be 2 veterans versus 5 newbies left in the house. Advantage newbies. Now the numbers change if one evicted house guest goes back in. Depending on where they side, it will change the numbers a little bit. A veteran goes back in then, the veterans are strong again. A newbie gets in then, the newbies got stronger.

  61. Shelly is convincing Kalia to try and keep Rachel. And I think her dumba$$ is falling for it.

  62. Dani thinks she’s the queen of the house. She has the nerve to ask Rachel if your so sure your coming back then why are you afraid to go? Rachel tells her I’m not. Then Dani has the balls to say then why would you campaign to everyone to stay? Dani is shaking in her boots. LOVE IT!!!

  63. kalia can make her own decision,what,s wrong with her,renom porcha or lawon ,do whats best for you not dani,brainwash by dani,lol

  64. Dani is so trying to brainwash Kalia. Dani is annoying me more than Kalia now. You are not HOH this week, Dani.

  65. Yes…… Yes…… YES!!!!!

    Dani and Kalia are explaining reasons for putting Porsha on the block!

    It is Adam’s birthday

    Shelly has been on the block

    Lawon has been working with Kalia from day 1

  66. Dani is pathetic. She says Rachel is worried. Dani is up Kalia’s a**. She won’t leave the HOH for sh**!

  67. Jeff and Jordan should tell Kalia about how Dani threw her under the bus after Jeff was nominated.

  68. Dani and Kalia trying to say Janelle wasn’t great strategically? Dani’s game sucks without her dad and Kalia has won a single comp and now she is an All=Star?

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