We caught up with Brendon today to get his thoughts on Big Brother 13.  I think he’s totally real with his answers and I’m pleasantly surprised. I was happy to see him go out with class last night.

Chloe – Why  didn’t you work with Daniele and evict Adam instead of Dominic?

Brendon – Because I knew that Daniele wanted Dominic there to work with him and I didn’t trust that she would keep Rachel and I over Dominic, especially after she wanted to betray our alliance so early on.

Chloe – Who would you like sitting next to Rachel in the final two?

Brendon – I would really like to see Jordan sitting next to Rachel in the final two, because Rachel fought very hard to get there and I know no one will want to give Jordan half a million dollars again.

Chloe – Which cast do you believe was better between your two seasons and why?

Brendon – I definitely connected with more people from this cast and enjoyed it more.

Chloe – What is your biggest regret in regards to the game?

Brendon – Not being able to make it with Rachel to jury.

Chloe –  You often told Rachel to not engage in arguments, but would then join her in them with other HG’s.  Do you regret not following your own advice and avoiding those confrontations?

Brendon – Absolutely, I wish I had not been so confrontational at times but the problem with me is that anytime anyone starts to personally attack Rachel I will always come to her defense.

Chloe – Besides Dani, who do you feel betrayed you the most?

Brendon – I do kind of feel betrayed by Shelley because we had gotten really close and I  wanted to trust her in the game. But before I left, I know she said something to Jeff that I had told her in confidence which reaffirmed for me that I couldn’t trust her in the end.