Big Brother 12: Week 8 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

I actually thought the Big Brother 12 HoH competition they showed Sunday night was pretty cool.  I felt bad for Ragan though, he’s always right there in second place and it looks like his luck is running out.  A pretty lazy day all around for the hg’s but there was a little game talk and they received the last of the 3 punishments which all turned out to be duds in my opinion. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 29, 2010:

11:00 AM BBT –  The hg’s are finally stirring around, Britney is complaining (yes most everything she says is bitching about something as I’m sure you all know) about being woken up by Enzo and Hayden talking last night.  Says she wished she had slept in the other bedroom. 

11:42 AM BBT –  Brigade members in the backyard talking about how both Ragan and Britney need to go.  They think Brit would win in the final 2.  I’m thinking they’re right since she’s the only one left who has actually done anything in the game.  Hayden and Enzo say she needs to go before Ragan but Lane is trying to talk them out of it because he thinks Ragan would win being the first gay guy in the finals.  Hopefully there is still a glimmer of hope for Ragan to stay around.

12:15 PM BBT – The HoH room is locked and no one knows why.  Hayden said “they” told him the room wasn’t ready yet.  We find out a little later there was something wrong with the door and it needed to be fixed.

1:56 PM BBT –  Backyard lockdown while they fix the HoH door not much talking.

2:39 PM BBT –  Enzo has finally figured out why he won the pov comp, are you ready for this?  It’s because he wore a new pair of tennis shoes.  He says the curse was broken because of a new pair of shoes.  I mean this guy is freaking amazing, don’t you think?  He is just so smart and has played so well it blows my mind.  (I hope you all know how very sarcastic I’m being)

2:57 PM BBT – Enzo is once again making fun of Ragan during the pov comp.  Something about him yelling “oh my God! Did you see that?”  As much as Enzo has ripped on this guy I sure can’t wait to see the episode Wednesday night.  I mean my gosh, I don’t see how Enzo has the right to say crap to anyone for playing bad.  He’s the king of awful!

3:20 PM BBT – Talk turns to religion and evolution.  Lane and Hayden do not believe in evolution and get upset when people say we come from monkeys and Lane says he was planted here by the big guy and did not evolve.

4:00 PM BBT – Lane asks Brit if next week she wants Enzo out and she says definitely.  Lane is asking which one of them wants their family interviewed on tv, trying to figure out who to put up as the replacement nominee but neither wants to volunteer and Lane isn’t saying.

5:00 PM BBT –  Lane has Brit in another choke hold that she loves because she is laughing and Enzo’s been at the kitchen table for awhile making something. 

6:12 PM BBT – The hg’s have to dance every hour when the music comes on and it is quite funny.  Definitely worth going back to watch.  This is the last of the punishments for Lane opening pandora’s box. 

7:05 PM BBT – Brit and Lane laying in the HoH bed talking about how Enzo doesn’t need the money because his wife makes a good bit and Brit is really making a strong case for Hayden by saying that he was suppose to be an MLB player and instead will now have a hard life.  She’s also trying to make a case for herself. 

8:20 PM BBT – Brit and Lane still talking and she wonders if she is still engaged.  Lane says she likes girly guys and she says she likes guys who will sit around and tell her how pretty she is.  I’d say Britney’s pretty vain.  Come on girl get a grip on reality.

9:40 PM BBT –  BIG NEWS, you may need to sit down for this…Britney is on the elliptical.  Wonders never cease.

10:45 PM BBT – The hg’s have moved on to their favorite topic of conversation…Rachel.  You know, Rach should feel honored that she has so much power over these people lol.  As much as they STILL talk about her I think they’re totally infatuated with the girl.

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I think Lane is at a loss on what to do right now for the pov ceremony.  He’s worried if he puts up Brit that Enzo and Hayden will vote her out over Ragan but if he doesn’t put her up he will for sure show them he wants to keep her over the brigade

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