Big Brother 12: Week 4 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll see what happened in the fourth PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following the spoilers then you already know who won!

There’s been no disguising the true feelings between Kristen and Rachel. As things get closer to Thursday’s live eviction I’m expecting we’ll see more fireworks between these two which always makes for some awesome Big Brother feed fun!

If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome so go ahead and try it for free then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

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  1. I won’t bother watching on Thursday…these guys are too predictable and I just catch up when I don’t have anything better to do…this year is just terrible. Rachel is really from Vegas and a VIP-P and watching her with her pet Brandon is unbearable…having sex in front of cameras is what porn stars do…except she is no star. I have no favorites but like most people find Brit funny and Regan to be a rather remarkable person…outside of that, can’t must many strong feeling like most of you…it’s like season one….yawn….

  2. Regardless of the cast deficiencies, there should still be plenty of drama in the coming weeks as new alliances form and old ones disintegrate.

  3. Depending on how much Ragan is pushing to let others know that there may be another alliance (the Bord gade, things could change up on a dime in the house. Kristen seems destined to leave tomorrow night, but it may not be a done deal. If the boys feel threatened to be exposed they might just let Hayden go…since he hasn’t done much other than bring attention to the boys club this week. Just a thought|

  4. I think Kristen sould stay!! I would love to see the look on drunken slu!@# face. Also I think she is threatend buy any kind of a strong woman. If Kristen stays …be afraid Rach. Once again she makes us Vegas natives look bad! but at least we keep getting free

  5. Rachel – like you know, I really don’t like you, you know, like I can’t help it. Her vocabulary consists of about 6 words. Hope she leaves soon, and I hope that Kristen leaves tonight.Hayden is sucking up to the lovebirds, but he better keep his nose clean, or he will be back on the block. Don’t like Britney, I have said from the beginning, she is mean spirited, even tho she can be funny at times. I think that Enzo is a riot. Still can’t stand Ragan, and wonder why he is still around. He is SO annoying. I am so very tired of the lovebirds. It’a hard to believe that Brendon is so stupid.

  6. I figure that this season is sooo boring because the rest of the HG’s are doing the same thing we all are….watching the “show” that is going on right in front of them. Why bother playing “the game” when you can just sit around, relaxing in the BB house, be on a “reality show” and not have to use your brains. No one has had to work hard unless they have been put up on the block, then it is a given that they will “try” to save themselves. Not a bad way to spend the summer I’d say.

  7. I’ll be glad to see Kristen go. she hasn’t done ANYTHING the entire time! Except for now of course – only b/c she got called out by Andrew. Sorry chick! The only reason I would want to see her stay would be to see Rachel’s reaction – but I don’t want to see Kristen ever again after she is evicted this thursday. A little too late to start playing the game now – BYE!

  8. I would really love to see some ‘normal’ houseguests next season. Peaople of all ages and body types. It seems like the cast was mainly chosen on the basis on age and physical features. I feel like im watching real world with the young housse guests and all of their drama.

  9. What really bothers me is listening to Rachel’s “trying to be sophisticated” grammar.
    Every diary room session involves her saying something along the lines of, “I am trying to protect Brendon and I…People have to respect Brendon and I, etc.”
    Goddammit, it’s Brendon and ME. ‘ME’ is used in the object of a sentence (or preposition). ‘I’ is used in the subject. I am not really a grammar nazi; I just hate people who try to sound smart but fail miserably.

  10. I think Ragan’s ability to figure out what is going on is very, very good. But I don’t think he uses that ability too well.

    He figured out that we (America) are voting on a new saboteur. He was first to figure out the Brigade alliance (although production may have helped him out with that). He has also predicted some of the competitions and prizes associated with them. He definitely knows the game.

    But…. then he goes and tells half the house everything he knows. Why not keep most of the information to yourself? Knowledge like that would be an advantage, right?

  11. I totally agree with you Summer. I think the only think that he is attracted to Rachel is her body. I am so tired of her crying. I hope she goes next week.

  12. Rachel does need to go. Tired of her being drunk and showing off her body parts. No accident BTW.

  13. Why can’t Brendon see that Rachel is playing him “big time” and only to get far in this game if not to the end? I like Brendon, but he is sure a fool when it comes to Rachel — can’t stand that beotch — hope she leaves next week — Kristen, bye, you’re toast, too bad, and Hayden may just be tailing you anyway — can’t trust that guy — Enzo is hilarious — didn’t like him at first, but now I do, would like to see him bottom 2

  14. What is funny “Mommy” is that it is usually the guy who does the playing. Brendon wants to find “love” so bad that he doesn’t see the forest through the trees. How insane is that? You know if he had NOT hooked up with her, if Rachel had gone out instead of Annie do you think hin and Annie would have hooked up? She did mention that he tried with her atfirst but she turned him down. Brendon Brendon Brendon for such a goodlooking and hot guy are you that desperate man?

  15. because brenden is such a nice guy that he just wants to be loved…its unfortunate…he deserves better outside of that house…

  16. trish, are you that pathetic to feel the need to bash the guy…hes been crushed basically left at the altar by his first fiance, and his parents never told him they loved him(from the feeds)…the guy just wants to be loved…its sad, but its nothing to ream him for…hes not a vile person, or a bad person…hes a good man that just wants someone that cares for him so bad that he will try and create it in any situation

    its unfortunate because he shouldnt have to try so hard.

    they will break up, he will find a girl from this

  17. @xrsbxsn, well if YOU would actually read what I wrote you would know that I love Brendon and I hate that he is with Big Red. No I am not pathetic so how about you keep your insults to yourself, ok?

  18. Trish????? Help me out here I have read your post about a dozen times to see this so called ” bashing” and for the life of me I am not seeing that. I am however seeing your questioning his choices as to where to look for love? 99.9 percent of the free world has made poor choices in thier life time and when your friends ask, are you this desperate? Or What were/are your thinking? Has never struck me as bashing just concern for where your thoughts are? HMMMM please help clarify for me (SARCASM) With his limited choices in the house, and with out BASHING men, and since it has been told to me by MORE then a few men that they will AT TIMES take the easiest target to get some instant gratification so to speak I think thats what has taken place. NO OFFENSE to the guys that would never think of it. But fact it fact it happens.

  19. I never once said that Brendon was vile. I am kinda obessed with the guy. I love him to death. I think he is a handsome and hot guy who just needs to stop this nonsense with Big Red and go out on his own.

  20. Hey what is this? I have never commented but I am a fan and I read all of the comments. I had to make a comment on xrsbxsn. If you read any of these comments or a big fan here you would know that Trish is a Huge fan of Brendon’s. Sometimes I get tired of reading about it but in no way has Trish ever said anything bad about Brendon. Hell she defends him all the time on here. Maybe you took her comment wrong, I could see that, but I don’t think she meant it as it came out. So don’t come on here and knocking someone dude, it ain’t cool!

  21. @ Trish I agree he is quiet handsome, and I think a good hearted guy myself. And I think its PATHETIC that you had to defend yourself today. I am also hoping that 1. He will start to see her for what she is (in my oppinion) all about and cut his losses with out being hurt, or 2. Flip this on US all and win HOH and put her butt up on the block an flip her Dueces all the way back to vegas. HAHAH but again thats just my scenerio in my own perfect little BB house..

  22. @Kristy281, YOU got it exactly right. That is all I was doing. I question his love life. I know there aren’t many choices in the BB house but she would be the last choice I would pick. She is NOT helping his game, she gets drunk too many times, and I think she is using him. She never tells hims she loves him back yet he tells her all the time. It just kills me to see this. I wish his eyes could be opened up by production or someone…….

  23. Well Said Nate!! We got you Trish. Psst Lets get between Rach and her man…. (laughing hysterically)

  24. @The Durhamite (12) Yesss!!!! haha that drives me absolutely insane. On Sunday’s episode I noticed Brendon was starting to do it too.

  25. I agree once again Kristy281. Wouldn’t that be a kicker? But her up, send her home, and then he could start playing for real!

  26. Yeahd lets come between her and “her man”. I laughed so hard when she even used that on Andrew’s goodbye speech! Did you see the look on Andrew’s face? It was like really? OMG……Well atleast she is good for a laugh or two…:)

  27. Everyone know that Kristen will leave the Big Brother house on Thursday. Just hope that Big Brother could have another season in winter to make up this bad season, with a much more better cast. Kristen and that wig looks so bad on her. I’m so upset over this week, Big Brother.

  28. Trish did you see the post by Craig, Im still laughing he said if Kristen really wanted to stay she should have told Rach that if she goes that Bren will be gone next week and when he gets to the Jury house she (Kristen) is going to *&$% his brains out HAHAHAHA… I would have died to see her reaction I also said man Id love to see her (Kristen) Walk up to Bren and lay one him and tell him see you next week, as she goes out the door.. PRICELESS!!!

  29. I think that Kristen should just go quietly into the night… barring the biggest Brigade blunder of all time Hayden is staying put.

  30. @ Wiz AWWWW come one.. what fun is going quietly??? Id give her props for being nice going out the door but dont really see that happening. I like the get one lil dig in but again I may just be on a mean streak LOL

  31. I hope that Kristen stays, and Hayden goes. I think Kristen could easily removed Rachel from the house next week. I really hope that’s what going to happen. The BB house could be more fun to watch. What a boring show so far, except when Andrew revealed everything.

  32. I sincerely believer that Rachel is jealous of Kristen. She has a good figure and not saying she is beautiful I do think she is better looking than Rachel who is just a disaster all the way around in the face department. Fugly for sure!!

  33. On the link for Big Brother, if you click on Brendon’s picture, you will find: “Strategy for winning Big Brother: Get girls to like me and turn them against each other.” Comments?

  34. Wait, so if Kristen is evicted this week she will go to jury house? Don’t jury house evictions begin next week?

  35. @Kristy – Ok, ok, if she takes a few shots at people on her way out I guess I’ll accept it. But they have to be good, if they’re not I’ll be disappointed and I’ll inevitably blame you personally for her failures, lol (I kid, I kid).

  36. LMAO @ WIZ, the only dig I want to see her get in, is kissing Bren and watching the volcano explode when she does haha. Ill be prepared for your lashings otherwise (sticking my tongue out at you)

    @ Rex, that plays into my perfect BB house world in that Bren wins HOH next, regains his senses,puts RACH on the block after doing so, votes her out the door flipping dueces, SEE YA VEGAS !! HAHAHAHA Oh a girl can dream!!

  37. I didn’t see that what Craig wrote Kristy281. But it sounds like it would be fun! I don’t think the jury begins till next week though. I think Kristen should lay one on Brendon as she walks out the door! OH MAN!

  38. They are all stuck in the BB house. Awwwwwww. Last time this happened they had the drinking game and had a good time. WTF is up with Rachel hanging around Kristen?

  39. @Tina: your jealousy theory doesn’t hold up since Kristen is clearly stupid. There’s no way Rachel doesn’t feel superior to her. Then again, I’m looking at it through a guy’s perspective. Maybe most of you females feel threatened about stuffs as superficial as look, I don’t know. It seems silly to me for Rachel to feel jealous of someone clearly too dumb to play this game, but hey if you said so…

  40. now what would be funny is if Kristen was to stay this week (I doubt it would happen thou) send Rachel to the jury house and then have her cuddle up to Brenden or better yet have Ragan cuddle with him. she would blow a gasket someone with her man.

  41. I love this site!! Start everyday with updates from Matt! Has anyone noticed the Facebook alliance? Kristen Bitting’s profile lists brendon, rachel, lane, hayden, enzo and britney as friends but their profile doesn’t list Kristen (also says she’s in a relationship with Hayden). Meanwhile they are all friends with each other. Kathy Hillis, Ragan Fox’s FB profile doesn’t show any BB12 friends up to the letter “D.” He has a lot of friends and it only shows so far. Too many Matt Hoffman’s to figure out his real FB page! Couldn’t find Andrew either! Monet Stunson’s page is only shared with chosen people. What does everyone think of the FB alliance?

  42. @ Mighty.. thats why I said a girl can dream..and also it was in reply to Rex Dana’s post about what Brenden’s profile says would be his strategy.
    ( On the link for Big Brother, if you click on Brendon’s picture, you will find: “Strategy for winning Big Brother: Get girls to like me and turn them against each other.” Comments?) However he strikes me as a genuine guy and probably does like her, going back to my dreaming.

    Trish – it was on another thread (tuesday live feeds I think) I have been all over the place today. I think your right about Jury House I just think that again would be the best last little dig. Rach would FLIP OUT.

  43. I would think the guys would keep Hayden because if he gets evicted he could expose their little thing they have going on. Kristen will be the one to go I’m Almost sure of it. I can’t wait to see who wins hoh. If I were in the house I would consider the fact that everyone hates Brendon and Rachel and it might not be a bad idea to hold on to one of them because 1) someone could get put up and there’s always one of them there to save someone else that is on the block and everyone vote to evict him/ her AND 2) wouldn’t you rather sit next to them in the end because you no noone will vote for them to win BB. Did any of that make sense? Lol

  44. Hey Torch! I don’t think Ragan would cuddle up with Brendon, he seems put off by him after that “logically debate” that pissed him off last week. Ragan seems to hold grudges. Too bad because I would cuddle up to Brendan if I had the chance! Ok is it spelled Ragan or Regan and is it Brendan or Brendon?

  45. But Trish wouldn’t Rachel blow a gasket if someone got close to “HER MAN” and she can’t do anything about it.

  46. YIKES! Ok I have been playing nice. Maybe been all over the place to much but… My post at # 48 says awaiting moderation.. MATT I have been nice I swear… LOL.. Ya’ll let me know if you see it please

  47. @Trish – Actually, I wouldn’t want to sit next to someone the house hated, too much potential for backfire.Dan (BB10), Evel Dick (BB8), Mike Boogie (BB7), Dr. Will (BB2), all people the house in general did not like but still took home the top prize. Rachel and Brendon aren’t exactly skating by… they’re winning things (POV’s and HOH’s).

  48. Kristy281 You are funny.. It would be awsome if Kristin left giving Brenden some tounge! I really hope she stays just to torture Rachel.

  49. @TheWizardofOz, what are you talking about? I never said Rachel or Brendon were skating by. Did you mean that for someone else?

  50. Shaking my head, why is it that if WE (females) say anything derogatory against a female houseguest its only out of jealousy? It cant be because the behavour they project or attitudes they have are poorly representive of us as women? Yet when the men bash the guys in the house for being dumb, muscleheads, or whipped no one accuses them of having penis envy, or jealousy. GEEEEZZ give it a rest already.

  51. In my dreams Kristen gives Brendon the biggest kiss as she walks out the door and Brendon kisses her back! Woot Woot…….fireworks will come after that for sure!

  52. For further clarification, I know nobody said that Brendon and Rachel are skating by. If one of them makes to the end (God Forbid), they have a pretty nice resume, plus they are hated. They don’t lose points, and generally speaking after everyone has had time to cool off and not be so personal, the person that played the best game wins…usually.

  53. THANKS Chrgergrl!! Torch I think its cause I copy n pasted something an it show the feeds in red like its a link or something hmmm.. here is is with the part omitted…

    Mighty.. thats why I said a girl can dream..and also it was in reply to Rex Dana’s post about what Brenden’s profile says would be his strategy.
    ( On the link for Big Brother, if you click on Brendon’s picture, you will find: “Strategy for winning Big Brother: Get girls to like me and turn them against each other.” Comments?) However he strikes me as a genuine guy and probably does like her, going back to my dreaming.

    Trish – it was on another thread (tuesday feeds I think) I have been all over the place today. I think your right about Jury House I just think that again would be the best last little dig. Rach would FLIP OUT.

  54. @Trish – Yes, if that kiss happens. There would be no words. Oh, the joy that would overflow my soul.

  55. @Torch – Enzo doesn’t have skid marks… they’re “shrapnel” from all the grenades he’s been dropping. LOL.

  56. OMG ! at you ALL ppl at work are thinking I lost my mind.. And Trish if that happens Wiz has to sing my praises from the rafters HAHAHA.. If she goes out in a flop he is holding me personally respondsible.. I think he’s jealous LMAO>… ( Kisses Wiz)

  57. Trish, just leave em off. Do your best Rachel impression (oops my jealousy slipped out quick some one put it back for me)

  58. My work place already thought I lost my mind……and I am the boss so that doesn’t do well for the company……;)

  59. now Kristen will have to do the kiss real good grab the back of his head, give him some major toungue action and wrap a leg around him now that’s the way she should go out.

  60. I just want someone to royaly piss in Rachels wheaties. here’s an idea for the next saboteur put some liquid heat on all of Rachels undies and bikinis.

  61. LOL……….Torch I love that idea……but the thing is she would probably then go commando and that is so digusting to think about…………ewwwwwwwwwwwwww :( LOL

  62. Ok, are the HG’s really that stupid. ALL of them are talking about wanting and getting Brendan and Rachel out…well then here’s a freaking idea! GET THEM THE HECCK OUT! Gosh, it’s just annoying seeing them all in the DR saying how much they want them out, but never do anything about it. like, ahh! It makes me so mad.

    Oh, and i absolutly adore Enzo, Lane and Brittany. They are absolutly HALARIOUS and i’d love to see one of them win.

  63. I think that it would be awesome if Kristen kissed Rachel’s man on her way out. I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing if that happened. Greatest BB moment ever.

  64. LOL Trish.. setting the example I see Boss Lady.. shall I bring you a fan for your cooling off at Bren cooking HOWEVER I do recall BEGGING for a yard man like JEFF last year… HMMMM

    Torch, that would be a great idea IF she owned a pair of panties (shaking my head) you know better!

    WIZ, we have been found out ( THANKS TRISH) OUTED ! RATS! Can you sing and water the grass?? Im just asking …

  65. Would they walk out if he won HOH? They would be kissing his butt that is for sure. Come on Brendan baby, win HOH!

  66. Your welcome Kristy……lol

    Ummmm I now nominate Kristy and Wiz…….because they are in an alliance……….LOL

  67. to true Kristy281, how about if she should ever be unfortunate to get HOH again put blue food coloring in the shower head.

  68. between this season and last season Laura is by far the hottest looking of all lady’s, she totally blows this season out of the water in looks.

  69. AAHHHHHHH Torch you are pure EVIl !! LOL ..

    Trish I would NOT DARE come between you and your man (LMAO) honestly though I have to say Jeff his smile just melted me, Brens is noce but doesnt invoke the personal pleasure that Jeffs did HAHA. Please dont tell Wiz that.

    LMAO@ being Nominated, I think Torch/Trish have a secret alliance.. She spoke of peeing her pants and its just to ironic for me that the intials are TT hhmmmmmm..

  70. My picks would be
    Of all Time Jeff, followed by Drew BB5
    and women Wise Janelle and Jen

    TORCH.. I am not sure we want to know that information…. LOL.. not till after Dark anyways….

  71. @Kristy – AND water the lawn? Would that be before or after I cut the lawn? Lol.

    @Trish – So, you coming at us like Andrew now? Lol. Man, looks like I gotta win POV.

  72. WIZ.. got WAYYYYYYYYY to quiet, ( or is he practicing for me?) and we seem to be dominating the board here.. PEOPLE please INPUT INPUT.

  73. Hopefully Kristen will be evicted and then Brendon will win HOH and get rid of Hayden and then Rachel will win HOH again and get rid of Enzo or Matt (Matt is so ugly)

    I forgot to mention that Matt’s wife is so hideous, I was surprised there was no discussion on that, she is so ugly.

  74. There he is! LOL @ your loaded questions..

    LMAO@ Torch, she is the boss you know, she just might.

    Now where is Chrgergrl she slipped out on us?

  75. I totally agree “abbylicious” his wife gave me nightmares…lol…Im hoping that regan wins this one and really throws a wrench into everyones plan…start some real drama…if he doesnt through the comp again…

  76. Abby, I think unless there is some magical dust being sprayed in the house as we speak Kris will be going out the door. ( PLEASE PLEASE slip be some tongue haha)

    I cant fully agree with you on Rach getting another HOH IF she did then OK she has some game but I am not sure I can stand her antics about it. Thats just me. (DISCLAIMER: I SAY THAT ABOUT ANY MALE OR FEMALE HG THAT GOES OVERBOARD WITH POWER PLEASE DONT ANYONE MISTAKE IT FOR JEALOUSY)

  77. my question
    who do you want to win HOH? and why?

    personally I want brendon because the rest of the house wants him out!!

  78. Alright guys, I gotta go for a lil bit. Be back sometime after the show airs tonight.

    Ok, @Kristy I’ll just cut the grass first, lol.

  79. Ok, I would take Brendon and show him how to REALLY kiss. Those quick annoying kisses he does with Rachel are NOT kissing….. That is all I can say till BBAD……;)

    Oh Kristy you can come between me and “my man”…..that is ok…….

    Wiz: Yeah buddy you better win POV or your butt is out the door!!!! LOL ;)

  80. I also want Brendan to win…….he hasn’t won yet and I think he deserves it plus for the reason they all want him out………

    Yeah I was in dreamland till Big Red came out and pushed me outta the way………biotech!

  81. Bye Wiz ( SECRET KISSES)

    @ Kathryn, Id like Bren to as well BUT Only if I knew he’d put up Rach in my perfect BB house that would happen.

    but at the point Id like to see Ragan I thinks He’d expose the Brigade put one of them up and one of Bren/Rach (I THINK) and be in a players spot to make one side or the other protect him the next week. Never know though

  82. OK GOOD ppl, Its 5 pm Im out the door will see you all this evening. and FOR GOD’S SAKE PLAY NICE !

  83. But Torch if Brenden doesn’t win HOH next week he is on the block……or so everyone says…….I wonder who would be big enough to actually do that….

  84. and Trish of the two I do like Brenden a lot better than BIGRED, at this point I would like anyone but Rachel to win the money.

  85. It would be awesome if on Thursday when Kristen opens the door the alarm sounds and she gets to stay. Skanky would blow a fuse.

  86. I can’t wait till Thursday to see who wins hoh. Even though people (brit) say that they would nominate rach/brendon if they win hoh – I don’t know if she actually would. Since Hayden said that he would keep them safe if he wins hoh, makes you wonder if he would go back on his word…doubt it. I hope Kathy goes next – she just irritates me. I can’t wait till tonight to see some more DR sessions…those are the best part of the show! MINUS Hayden’s ridiculously annoying DR sessions and Rachels ‘screaming’ sessions in the DR.

  87. that would be wild Blackgirl, especially if she gave Brenden a wicked kiss on her way to the door.

  88. I would like to see rachel gone though, or at least someone confront her for her stupid fake behavior. I am sick of her PRENTENDING to be ‘drunk’…and talk about VEGAS. I wish someone would just put her in her place and make her feel so stupid. She is 26, does she think it is funny to pretend to be drunk and make an ass out of yourself for fun?! If she is downing patron platinum everynight there is NO WAY she can be getting legitimately drunk with the amount of alcohol she is ‘allotted’ in that house. talk about a wannabe famewhore.

  89. @Wiz, I am looking forward to hanging with you Sterling, and Rico on here tonight. I have a feeling it will be better than last night. I gotta go, so I will catch you guys for BBAD!!

  90. Hi guys–I was just watching the feeds waiting/hoping for something/anything to happen. Matt is lying in bed with his hand
    down his pants as usual. I sure hope he washes
    his hands before he gets ice out of the freezer! Ewww!

  91. 2 different issues
    1st off if you like brend you realize he needs rachel in the house, he cant win every week and the rest of the house has been gunning for him b4 and irrespective of rachel.
    i dont think ragan consciously knows about the brigade, i think his subconscious knows. But regardless, I dont thindk he has the kahunas to put them up at this point in the process…

  92. Torch, that would be fantastic cuz I am sure there would be a chick fight. Remember do one is gonna take away her man. That would awesome.

  93. I am watching the live feeds I wish that Ragan would keep his mouth shut about the comp’s he is telling Rachel everything. I hope Britney,Lane or Enzo wins they will put their Ass’s up

  94. ellen: right! that is so disgusting! he is ALWAYS putting his hand down there! he just leaves it there…every once in a while he will move his hand around… talk about disgusting, lol! he is on live tv for crying out loud! the other day Enzo did the same thing – I couldn’t help but laugh…what is wrong w/ these people?! OH! And what was worse, was when Enzo did it..he gave it about 45 seconds before he WIPED his FACE with his hand! blah!!

  95. The truth is that Rachel and Brendon are Big Brother favorite this season and they are doing everything to make sure they both stay in the house. I know Kristen will leave the house on Thursday, i guess it ment nothing to the other houseguest what Kristen said to them to stay in the house. I just know, that Hayden is the lucky one to stay..but you never know til thursday night.

  96. Poor Kathy……..who will she have once her BFF for this week is gone? I am from the south but even I am getting of her ya know and her stories and well everything about her.

  97. to true Trish, when their on I take my headphones off. I really listen when Brit. is in the conversation waiting for one of her 1 liners or stories.

  98. On the right side over there it keeps showing Kristen’s butt and her getting into her uni-tard. Um I have to admit woman or not, she does have a nice butt! (Nope I like men but…)

  99. Torch did you listen to her awhile ago when she was talking to the camera when she was in bed? She is kinda funny at times! Talking about Brendan and his wizard voice and said if Brendan keeps doing it the whole house will walk out and he will win by default. LOL

  100. Catch ya in an hour…….I am now leaving work and I got dinner to prepare for family so catch you later on here Torch…….:)

  101. Kristen only has to suffer about 24-26 more hours then she’ll realize that she never stood a chance. Poor girl :(

  102. the talk Hayden had with R/B do you all think he is only telling them what he knows they want to here like being on there side and not putting them up?I personally don’t trust Hayden fully, he even asked them if they think he should throw the hoh game.hmmmmmmmmmmm make me wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. I want the players to pull a true BB move and evict hayden.
    That would throw it in rachels face.
    It would break up the WEAK 4.
    Force everyone to into new groups.

    small chance … but I can dream!!!!!

    Next week get rid of brendon leaving
    rachel and kristen in the house together.

    Now that is the kind of play and drama
    I am looking and hoping for in BB.

    small chance — but I can dream!!!!!

  104. If Kristen stays that could at least bring some drama in the house between her and Rachel, we need some action

  105. OMG TRISH !!! OK an I was about to toss a shoe at my TV with that Look Rach was giving Bren.. GET A CLUE BREN!!! Please… By the ways Hellos again you lovely people…

  106. Awww Thanks Torch, hope everyone has on dry britches and thier cheeks dont hurt from all the laughs we had earlier. Im relying in you guys to keep me up to date this evening after the show, since i have no feeds and no BBAD here:(

  107. I was just watching her on the show and how she treated your boy after the nomination ceremony.

  108. we should head over there.. also just for those who care LMAO .. if In chat which I have only used once my name is Slinkz…. that would be me..

  109. Please BB give the house guests something to do “Twister” past bb ppl as aliens in mirror anything!! Iv’e been in chat rooms everyone is board!!! tks Lets have some fun!!

  110. Hey BB fans! Catching up on the epi watched it online just now, and well well well does anyone else not think that Lane & Britt have SOME type of alliance? She sure flipped her switch on that deal pretty fast!

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