Big Brother 12: Week 4 Power of Veto Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 episode! There’s no mystery now for who’s on the block after this week’s Veto Competition. Either Kristen or Hayden will be evicted on Thursday and we get to just sit back and watch it all play out.

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds to see the noms fight to stay in the house. It looks like Kristen could be in trouble this week with the votes. But who knows with the way these HGs are playing.

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show and who you think is in the most danger of being the evicted from Big Brother 12!


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  1. Rachel bothers me. She wants Brenden to be a thoughtless yes-man that never questions her obviously poor judgment.

  2. Is Brendon sooo hard up that he has to kiss rachel’s butt?????? She is growing more obnoxious everyday. He needs to wake up… when she rolls those eyes, someone needs to smack her upside the head.

  3. I hate the way CBS edits the feeds to make Rachel look like a bitch…
    So who is going to say “CBS doesn’t need to edit, Rachel does it on her own” first…

    • @Christina Watching BB after Dark…CBS does not need to edit anything to make Rachel look like a biznatch. Give me a break.

      • @ 4 Bbad & the lf’s. I like Rachel but she does it to herself. This is one of the resons I like the f lashback feature on the net. You can’t debate what you see for yourself.

  4. Well I think this house has been playing personal not smart…Because if they were smart they would get the guys out since they are stronger and they say they have seen the show so why havn’t they guess that guys always stick together and more guys have won this show…Keep Kristin and Vote out Hayden thats the smart move….

  5. I’m wondering how people think that the guys are stronger? Sure they have muscles but that doesn’t make them good players. There are all sorts of competitions and so far the guys haven’t dominated. Kristen is sneaky and smart which makes her a bigger threat than the brigade at the moment.

  6. That is the best editing CBS could give Rachel. The girl is a biznatch with her little lapdog behind her. Too bad cuz Brendan is very attractive but boy is he a pansy.

    • U need glasses desperately. Please Kristin is the only naturally pretty girl n Hayden is gorgeous he has both the body and the whole surfer boy look. I’ll buy u some glasses if u can’t afford them

  7. My dream final four Brendon, Enzo, Ragan, and Rachel, maybe Brit if not Rachel. Everybody else I want gone ASAP!
    Kristen-this week
    Matt-next week

    Enzo is hilarious! lol

  8. Im here I think Trish is still cooking dinner… she such a good girl.. Hey BG! be nice over there Bren cant help it.. LOL Rach is scarey hahaha

  9. I think its hilarious, how cocky all these people are. Haven’t been able to get the same two people out yet. Lol @ Hayden, “we are gonna be remembered”, what for being the sorriest alliance ever? Whats with the whole house voting together? Nobody has balls in there! Boring….

  10. Moderator, why is my date and time stamp always in purple and everyone else’s is in green??

  11. {blushing} Thanks again T.. Really hard to watch when you already know kinda whats gonna happen LOL, already looking forward to tomorrow though, HeHe and will be as bad at Trish tonight dreaming about “THE KISS” I promise yall this today ( write this down) when I make it on the show IF I ever get evicted, and there is a showmance Im so kissing the guy hahahahaha I know I know Im trouble …

  12. The guys are stronger because they’re playing strategically and not being ridiculous with all this catty nonsense.

    Kristen said she’s a very “logical” person, but her actions obviously prove otherwise and she’s pretty much dug her own grave – and I knew she would. Rachel is the strongest female player, yet even she can’t get her emotions under control and set the sex kitten routine aside. Kathy behaves like she can’t lift a feather, and Brittany thinks it’s cute to behave like a 4 year old – why folks find this appealing is far beyond me. None of these “women” so far are playing a smart game, and it’s all about personal feelings when they’ve got big money on the line.

    I’m will be so glad to see Kristen go, not because I dislike her, but because she’s a hypocrite and nuisance. I’ve never found supposedly “cool girls” appealing as they’re some of the most conniving and slutty women of all. Kristen was stupid to target Rachel as competition. The SMART move would’ve been for the two of them to team up. Likewise with Rachel, Monet, and Brittany. Unfortunately, they’re too busy comparing body parts and personalities to see that they are picking each other off one by one which will only benefit the all-male Brigade.

    All this said, I’d like to see Rachel and Brendan do well, but in terms of who I’d like to see win it: ANYONE BUT THE BRIGADE. The Brigade is useless and dumb. They’ve not done a thing so far, and while the current dynamics in the house benefit them in some way, I’ve yet to see any of them emerge as a strong player. They’re pretty much the Floating Grenade. How Rachel can say she’s targeting floaters and NOT see Enzo, Matt, Regan, and Hayden as such is FAR beyond me.

  13. Smart girl Rachel. So happy you threw Lane’s name out there:)

    Bye bye Kristen or Hayden! don’t really care which one it is…

  14. I don’t care what anyone says, Rachel has not made one wrong move in this house. She is by far the best player in the house right now.

    She won 2 hoh’s, she could be playing personal, but thinking of putting up Lane saved her ass. Did she know it? I don’t think so, but nobody knows about the brigade. We can say all we want about how to do things, but they don’t know what we know.

    She’s been doing everything right. I hope Brendon wins HOH next week and keeps it going. And now that Britney is “in” with them hopefully they’ll tag her along. She is my fav house guest right now.

  15. Poor Kathy, she simply looks like she doesn’t belong in the house. I totally forgot she’s there. Talk about laying low.

  16. Thank God Kristen will be going home! She is so annoying and not even fun to watch on the show. I have no doubt she will be evicted!

  17. Well Kristen’s fate is sealed. Now there’s only one person competing in the HOH tomorrow that doesn’t want Brenchel gone — and it’s Brenden himself.

    Maybe Hayden will get his competitive fire back. He’s looked like he’s been throwing competitions lately, as has Lane. Matt has slipped off the radar, so he likely won’t be trying too hard to get back on it with an HOH win. I’m hoping Enzo steps up his game and comes up with a big win.

  18. Man I HATE Rachel!!!! More than anyone I have ever watched. Especially how she says ” you tried to come between me and my man” every single time someone gets voted out, even the men!! She is a stupid bimbo ( degree or not) and I hope she gets hit by a truck.

  19. I completely agree with Nik. The brigade are offensively dumb, yet they think they’re something. Brendon and Rachel along with Regan are by FAR the best players in the game, although this season is lame compared to those past.

  20. OMG so i have kinda figured out this game rachel nd brendon has to go i ultimatley would like to see kristen point it in rachels face tht haha ***** i sent you packing but i dnt think tht is going to happen so since brittney did not use the veto on hayden she deserves to be on the choping block just so she can get scared but ultimatley rachel would go home but i am so sad bcuz the power couple should be packing so this is TAYLA here to provide ya with the weekly game hopefully hayden wins HOH !!!!nd i think sabetur shuld be ENZO !!!

  21. @ Nik, *applause** Best comment tonight

    I’ve couldn’t have said it any better. You are on point about the Brigade, the catty women, and Rachel not seeing the men as floaters.

    This isn’t Jr high school, its BB. Play the game and stop thinking like a bunch of girly girls.

  22. Wow…how people can even root for Brenchal is beyond me…but to each their own. I give Rachel props for the 2 wins but I have never seen such an ignorant, narcissistic, biznatch in the history of BB. Oh well.

  23. #28 Shawn – It’s easy to say that she’s doing everything right when she’s in the HOH room. What if she walks out the door next week? Will you still think that she did everything right?

    Things change in a heartbeat in this house. You can’t say Rachel is doing everything right when she is the main target on everyone’s radar.

  24. Okay, so this is ridiculous. Britney just basically gave up her alliance to the girl that cannot even get HOH next week.

    Now, (though she doesnt know this) the whole brigade will be against her and she is basically just a third wheel in that creepy whipped relationship of theirs.

    RACHEL IS A PHYSCO!! jussayin… she needs to leave. grow some balls HGs and get the power couple out.

  25. Kristen is one of the worst players ever. She’s completely oblivious as to how she ended up where she is.

    Even a child could tell you that starting a screaming match with the HoH and then refusing their apology would put you on the block.

    The fact that Hayden & Kristen actually tried to make a deal with rachel was laughable.

    • Actually I think Andrew was the worst player ever at least Kristen didn’t play a fake game like Andrew jumping up n down like a little girl when rachael won hoh 1st time n Kristen never kissed anyones

  26. I thought it sucked, but it was as I thought. The red headed B$TCH needs to go. I think this is only the 2nd or 3rd season I’ve watched, but I’ve never disliked any houseguest more than Rachel. She is a B$TCH in every sense of the word and I hope she gets gone soon!

  27. wow….wishing someone gets a hit by a truck.

    smh, this is why I’ve stop reading the comments on here. people get way too personal over a show…lol.

    why does she deserve to die again? oh, i forgot, because she’s a

  28. love the chat so who should be sabetur if the bb player even decides to go along with the power ??? nd why???

  29. @Shawn #28
    I have to agree with you there. Whether we agree with Rachel’s game or not, she is playing a good one. I believe she is the strongest female in the house… and since I can’t think of a strong male player, I would venture to say she is the strongest player period. The only issue I have with her is she doesn’t think far enough ahead to ensure she doesn’t make decisions that sabotage her own game. Come next week, if Brendan doesn’t win HOH, they’ll be up sh*t creek no thanks to Rachel, and Brendan knows it. Still, I give the girl props.

  30. Agreed ROSE bcuz sometimes i have to remind myself thx for bringing me bck 2 reality!!! but wouldnt it be cool if bb could read this !!!!

  31. @Matt B

    Yep I would totally say she did everything right. This is a game, and you’ll have targets on your back no matter what. She could have been nice to everyone and been on everyone’s good side, but she would still be targeted because she won 2 hohs (making her the strongest competition player). I applaud her for winning, opposed to some floater who does nothing and makes it to the end. That is an undeserving winner.

    Ultimately, only 1 person wins the game. No matter what, people will make moves that could benefit them or hurt them. Rachel has been the target since the beginning, and yet she’s still here. So she’s got to be doing something right.

    The future hasn’t been played yet. We hear the same people saying “they will be the target next week” (Britney, Hayden, Kristen) yet they only have been together on the block once, and it was the first week.

  32. sure Rachel has won two HOH’s but Brit. and Brenden have each won two pov’s in the long run it might be better not to win HOH’s because that will put a bigger target on ya. but getting the pov ultimetly let’s the pov holder help dictate who will go home without putting a target on themselves. And Rachel’s attitude does not help her at all that is what will keep her from winning the money.

  33. @tayla..You’re talking about the players or CBS?

    I think its a bit weird that people are so obsessed with Rachel. You would think she murdered someone the way people hate her so much. But oh well, I guess I’m not wired like that.

  34. @Nic #45

    THANK YOU finally someone agreeing haha. I agree to agree with you about her not looking further in the future. But I personally think if you plan too far, it will get ruined. She’s part of a power couple (well, she’s the power), she won 2 hoh’s, and she doesn’t choose her words wisely. No matter what she does, I think she has the largest target on her back.

    I just hope her the best. I wish the brigade slipped out and they became a target. All talk but no action.

  35. So can someone tell me who the “two lifelong friends” are in the house? I either missed CBS announcing that or BB just hasn’t yet. Your thoughts?

  36. Rose, i thought that Connie Chung mentioned it in a prior episode. I could be wrong. oh, well.

  37. the best move possible in bb12 would be putting brittney and rachel up for nominations. If either brittney or rachel win brendon would be the replacement nominee. And if the hoh wins brendon also would be the replacement. But i hope the a member in the brigrade wins excluding matt who thinks 5000 steps ahead. Also, i hope the three other people in the pov challege are kathy, anyone in the brigrade, and NOT brendon. Brendon loses hoh but wins when it counts a bit in pov. If lane wins he might not put brittney up because of friendship but to better himself and the brigade he will. brittney is stupid for not using pov on hayden because kristen will go and hayden will hate her.

  38. @Torch 48

    Definitely agree that POV could mean more than HOH. But intentionally not winning HOH because you don’t want to become a target; I don’t think you deserve to win the game of BB. At the time it sounds good, but depending on the emotional game of the house, it could cost you the half a mil’ at the end.

    If Rachel makes it to the final 2, I think she will ultimately lose because this house is full of emotional grudges. Although she “arguably” has played the best game so far, people will vote against her in spite. This is another season when a floater will triumph (imho).

  39. @shawn Brigade they really are all tlk bcuz i think they havent had the chance to become action well matt did nd he just screwed them over but if push comes before shove w/the brigade matt should be first to go home nd its sick hes lying for money but it worked on his part

  40. yea, maybe they wouldn’t make such dumb decisions…lol. Like the whole house focusing on two people so much that they can’t figure other alliances. I really hope they figure out the brigade and get at least matt and lane out the door. they deserve to be there.

  41. Torch! Exactly. She (rach) has put the target on her and Bren, she wont listen to any reason when he does try to make her calm down and see reason she accuses him of being against her?? UUGHH. You fight EVERYDAY cause you have put your self in the position to have to. Instead of going with the flow from time to time. You wanted all the attention in the house babygirl you got it.. Go out balls blazing..

  42. Not on – on the west coast yet. Can’t comment on much. Did Hayden get a proper haircut? or does still look like Peppermint Patty?

    I have to have libations of my on standby when someone good wins HOH. I’m knocking on wood. I hope people don’t believe B/R dealmaking bs. If Hayden wins he should just do it straight up! Rub it in their faces!!

  43. Ragen is a classic example of a floater. Kathy just sits around smoking and looking as though she would rather be anywhere but where she is.
    Biotch Rachel is playing this game on a strictly personal basis and that is not the way this game is supposed to be played. I am so sick and tired of Brendon always trying to make up with her, and she gives him those nasty looks and then she looks for a camera. Her voice, her laugh, her hair, her boobs, everything about that girl annoys me…”I AM VEGAS!” I have watched BB since season 1 and she is one of the most obnoxious people they have ever had on this show. GO AWAY, and take your little wussy lap dog with you.

  44. @rose Wow…for pointing out people being “obsessed” with Rachel you seem to be obsessed with defending her.

  45. Ok I can no longer handle Rachel’s voice…CBS please auto-tune her. Her voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard! Not to mention she goes on these crazy power trips. She bas won 2 hoh comps so maybe she is a descent player but does she realize most people in America can’t stand her?

  46. UMMM King, Brit was better of saving the Veto, Lane would have gone up not Kathy THEN the Brigade would have been upset at her as it stands, Bren and Rach are on her side for keeping then noms the same..and the Brigade think she did it to insure Haydens safe and Hayden has pledged his devotion the Brigade so brit is safe.

  47. @king8129
    couldve not said it better nd to compliment ur comment the only reason brittney would go up is just so they could instill fear in her nd i also think she put a target on her back for not attempting to save haden although his saftey against kristen was guarenteed !!!

    New comment lets see:the votes they dnt have:
    * where do you think brendon goes !!!!

  48. @Shawn: both of her HOH wins was just dumb luck. The first one she should have been DQed because she didn’t show her answer and kept going after Julie asked three times for her answer and then was slow showing it. HOH #2 she got out of round 2 because Kathy hit the wrong button. her attitude is just to much for me with the way she got those two HOH’s.

  49. Brit is smart, she put the blame on Roachel for not using the veto. The house is aware that if she did use it Lane was going up.

  50. but kristy i thnk brigade would have tlked hayden into why kristen is not important in the game !!!

  51. I think when Britney heard Lane’s name out there is when she changed her mind about maybe giving the POV to Hayden. I still think Brit and Lane have a SECRET alliance. Their always whispering and i do believe they have each others back. Kristen knows why she’s there because of her “bring it on” to Rachel and tried unsuccessfully to lie to save her pathetic A$$. Her true colors came out as the biatch she is. So was just acting pitiful this week to stay in the game. Hayden should open his eyes and see there’s PRETTY girls out there compared to cross-eyed. imao

  52. Lol @ Nic, no he still looks like peppermint patty.

    I’m a seasoned BB fan, but i have to say these people are a bunch of wimps. Say what you want about Rachel, the show would be so boring if she wasn’t there. It would be the brigade picking off a bunch of cry babies, who are afraid of standing out because of being a target.

    Even if Rachel doesn’t make it to the end, I’m happy she will get to breakup that Hayden/Kristen alliance :)

  53. What I don’t get is how a house full of people can focus on one power couple and NOT think to figure out if there are ANY other alliances. Now I know it’s not always obvious, but when I’m in a room with 4 men all telling me I should vote a certain way… Perhaps it’s just me, but I’d be inclined to think they are ALIGNED!

    And Shawn #57 I totally agree about throwing comps. This has been the worst season so far in terms of throwing comps. Practically everyone is trying to stay under the radar, which is why I liked Andrew. At least he did SOMETHING.

    I hate to say it, but I see a floater winning this season and I’m not too happy about it.

  54. So what if Rachel is annoying…who has played a better game in the house so far? (Sorry, I’ll keep defending her until someone makes a legit reason)

    I don’t think that choice put a target on Britneys back. I’m sure once she tells Hayden that Rachel mentioned Lane’s name he’ll understand. I think it would have put a bigger target on her back if she did use the POV on hayden. People would think about what deal they made and how close they actually are. I’m rootin for Britney, but I think shes still in a safe position.

  55. Right on too whoever said REGAN is a classic example of a floater!!!!!!!!!!! knowing how he fights but yet his name doesnt come up in anything he WILL PROBALY WIN no matter how the votes shift nxt week he has an oppurtunity to fight for himself !!!

  56. Tayla, they already did an Hayden agreed that Kristen had to go.. SO as I said Brit is safe on both sides for NOT using it, she covered her butt,plus she has LANE and Hayden 2 of the 4 brigade thinking she did the right thing.. I want her to win HOH and Stick Rachels butt on the block.

  57. @ Chris832 and Lynn. well, when more than half the damn comments are about people hating her and wishing she would get by a I’m simply pointing out the craziness in it. If you don’t like it, oh well…

    • Don’t agree with the truck comment but if you enjoy watching obnoxious, narcisistic bimbos…oh well right back atcha! ;-)

  58. the double eviction is still probably a couple weeks away yet, it usally happens with the third and fourth jury members.

  59. @torch 72

    That is true, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it dumb luck. She had a lot of luck with her HOH’s, but the fact of the matter is that she still won. They threatened her to be disqualified but they didn’t, and I don’t think they would have if it was anyone else. The whole Kathy pushing the wrong button, that was part of the game. Think fast enough to act, but not fast enough to mess up. She still got called up every time and defended herself, so I think she deserved it.

    @Nik 78. Totally agree with the Andrew remark. He went out in style, and most of it was true. And I agree with the floater winning this season. If you make ONE MOVE in the house, your one the block. Think about it, what alliances are left that the house guests know of? Brendon and Rachel. The brigade is a mystery, and Britney, Ragan, and Kathy are floaters. In Rachel’s eyes, she has the only alliance, so of course she’s the targeted one.

    To anyone, if you think the house guests knew about brigade, do you think Brendon and Rachel would lose a lot of their attention to the larger alliance?

  60. The show would be sooooo boring without Rachel and brendon…I love the fact everyone hates them and they are winning…its pissing so many people off and thats what makes the game bearable to watch.

  61. @#40 Sam- Why would the Brigade be after her now? Enzo himself said he wanted to win the POV so he could keep the nominees the same. They wanted this to get Hayden back 100% with them and not 50/50 between them and Kristen (and whatever alliances she brings with her…as we know that is none, but the brigade doesn’t know that).

    The worst part about Brittney joining Brenden and Rachel is that if she gets voted off before Rachel, Rachel will accuse her of trying to steal her man.

  62. OK so im done about the game but i liked last season u guys are right about how a floater may win nd how when julie describes the things they did to get the win she wont have nothing to say lol but this may be the lamest season yet haha it brings back memories of JEFF & JORDAN !!! not a power couple but a couple who was set apart nd JEFF won ** Hayden nd KRISTEN ** hmmmmm nvr know nd wouldnt it be cool to have the comp of bringing a former player from another season to the game but this season is boring to me not as many twist or turns !!!!!!!

  63. Shawn how is Britney a floater she has won 2 pov’s, if she falls into your classification as a floater then they are all floaters in this game.

  64. @ shawn and danielle…I completely agree

    @ shawn, i don’t know…the other hgs seem to be easily controlled by the brigade. i think they would pick each other off before they would go against the brigade. little do they know, those guys are just as weak as anyone else.

  65. I keep imagining Rachel lunging for the door when Brendan goes walking out when evicted and getting tackled by security.

  66. @ Tayla 99

    Jordan won, not Jeff. And Rachel/Brendon could be the couple set apart, but if they make it as far as Jordan and Jeff did, then they deserve it. With the targets being so large on their back, it’ll be a surprise to me if they make it another 2 weeks (without one of them being HOH)

    Hayden and Kristen sucked as a couple. They were ‘secretive’ and still couldn’t pull it off. I honestly think Hayden did it only to be another showmance in the house with hopes to outshine Brendon and Rachel.

  67. Brittney floater no you have to have won nothing nd still getting by with no allinces to be floater according to my def.

  68. @ Nic, I would rather see Rachel leave before Brendon. But, yea, she would definitely flip her wig…lol. Hell hath no fury like coming between her and her man…

    • Exactly! Take Brenden out and watch Rachel crumble! She is on a serious power trip. If she were to go, Brenden would move on and focus on strategic play, but not vice versa. I think brittney should have used the pov on Kristen, to piss Rachel off and try to get hayden out. That brigade needs a wrench thrown in it!

  69. oh shawn well JORDAN but may i ask whts so good about BRENCHEL besides RACHEL’S good game !!!! nd her good game is not a good defense !!!

  70. What is seriously wrong with brendan to fall in love (or in heat) with a party girl, I mean call girl???? I think he’s good-looking but there is something wrong with his brain……he needs major counseling. I hope his family talks him out of kissing rach’s ass. If he as to bow down to a slut, he’s got girl issues and he’s a wuss.

  71. @ Lynn…no hun, i wouldn’t get pissed off about something like that. once again, its a tv show….lol.

  72. @Torch 91

    Exactly. She won 2 POVs, which makes her a semi-powerful player. That doesn’t necessarily mean she isn’t a floater.

    A floater in my opinion, is someone who isn’t aligned with anyone. They are ‘floating’ in the game with no real objectives, and no real allies. Britney used her POV to save herself, and then she didn’t use the second POV. If she used the POV tonight, I wouldn’t consider her a floater at all.

    Even though she is friends with people in the brigade, she isn’t in their alliance. She “fakes” being friends with Rachel, which isn’t a real alliance either. Kathy and Ragan are in the same position.

    Believe me I’m rooting for Britney. I think she has what it takes to win it. But she isn’t aligned with anyone which = floater.

  73. I would laugh my but off if Kristen gave Brenden a major tonsil licking french kiss as she goes out the door to get one last dig at Rachel.

  74. @Shawn
    You have to ask yourself would it even matter at this point. The houseguests who’ve been evicted so far really didn’t mean anything in the sense that they were not particularly strong players. So even if the house knew of the Brigade, what could they do about it at this point?

    The game has become so personal to all the women that I truly don’t see them wanting to work together. So in essence, I don’t think anyone would do anything if they found out about the alliance at this point.

    Brittany, Kathy, Kristen, and Rachel are not going to work together and Kristen is leaving anyhow. With Kristen gone, the numbers are split down the middle (Brigade / Non-Brigade) with Kathy being the only possible swing vote. With numbers like that, the only way this alliance coming out would shake things up is if they found out before the next HOH Comp, a Non-Brigade won the comp, and 2 Brigade members were nominated. Do you see that happening? I don’t.

  75. Funny thing is I dont have a favorite and I am not a band wagon fan of any of them. People play the game differently, thats fine. Emotions get the best of em, irrational moments and all. I will say like a previous poster I have watched since season 1, I have never seen a player quite as animated I will say at Rachel, but here is a thought, lets say she is there for the money great get after it, if she can make it to the end ( as evil dick did) MAYBE she will get it I wont speculate this soon. IF she is there for s showmance I am not sure the actions and behaviours are going to have the other persons family welcoming you with open arms..or the exposure, well again your getting sweetheart, but I think the only movie producers taking note are the kind that have 3 xxx’s (JUST A FACT) AGAIN I am just thinking if it were me how would I want to be perceived.

  76. what pisses me off is Brendon and Rachel had a target on their backs from day one cuz they got a showmance on the go…but when Andrew spilled the beans about Hayden and Kristen..poor Andrew gets the boot.The only smart ones in the house to put them up was Rachel…yes her voice is annoying and she acts like a bubble but I think shes a great player and she dont trust anyone and thats her best smart move…if she goes home, its not because she sucks or stupid, its only going to be because its her and Brendon against everyone else.

  77. If only Brit had known about the brigade then she would have known Lane would be safe just like Hayden will. The boys need to let her in or the evil red haired one is going to win the money.

  78. @Torch 91 again.

    Sorry, I think we have different definitions as floaters. From what I made of BB, a floater is someone without an alliance. Because someone wins doesn’t take them out of the floater category.

    Ex. I’ve heard in many seasons that people “didn’t want a floater to win HOH, because they won’t know what to expect”. Meaning they are alliance-less and anyone could be on the block.

  79. good point pam………..but at the end of the day they all have theirs so chat rooms like these r fun but no pint !!!!!!!!!!

  80. Tayla…Britt is telling Hayden shes going to save him if Rachel puts up Kathy, and says how she cant wait to get RACHEL out next, but in the room with Rachel acting all buddy buddy.

  81. I have to say after tonight’s show I can see that Brit is a lot better player with that other girl out of the house – I do not even remember her name.

    I am clueless about Brendon – rachel is a great player – I think she is playing him and playing to the camera – good for her – Brendon is the idiot for playing wih his small head.

    I say Lane, ragan, Brit will align and seek out Kathy or Brendon as their fourth – Is kathy really that dump that she does not know they were all willing to toss her under the bus?

  82. Yes, so far Rachel has played a good game. But how long can her and Brendon’s lucky streak take them. Odds are that they will not get clutch wins as they pretty much have these first three or four weeks. (Unless production influences competitions to keep them in the house which we all know has happened.)

    The problem with Rachel truly seems to be that Rachel has an ego the size of Texas and she wants it to be stroked by everyone else. She also wants to be the only woman in the house. But the truly annoying thing about her is her vindictiveness that she shows whenever she wins competitions. Because of this, she takes obnoxiousness to a new level.

    I also find it strange that she thinks floaters should commit (preferably to her specifically). If they don’t make a commitment, she then goes after them – no ifs, ands or buts about it. You would think that she would figure out how to use floaters to her advantage against other alliances instead of continually trying to force them out.

  83. To me, Rachel’s plan of getting rid of floaters isn’t smart gameplay. What she’s failing to see is that these floaters, while they may not do anything or deserve to win, also count as VOTES. It’s the strongest players that need to be eliminated first, then you make your alliances and pick off the floaters. This game is all about striking the right balance, and I don’t think she gets it.

    It reminds me a lot of Survivor. To me, Russell is clearly the best Survivor player – possibly ever. But he had a huge flaw; he could not strike the right balance, therefore, nobody ever wanted to pick him in the end. They never learn.

  84. I like how Rachel went from not having a brain of her own to basically owning Brendon. It’s how I’ve seen it all along… Unfortunately, I don’t think her brain is making the best decisions, but I’m glad people finally have it right instead of assuming she’s brainwashed by HIM simply because she’s the woman. Please, people — welcome to the 21st century! GO BRITNEY!

  85. @ Nik107

    Thanks for answering my question. To some degree, I kind of agree with you. But I feel if the houseguests did know about about the alliance, for sure the non-brigades would have to start thinking of something, right? Whether they act upon it or not is their own decision, and whether they are strong enough to actually do something is another huge factor.

    I agree with you, the remaining houseguests won’t do anything. I feel Britney/Brendon Rachel would have the fire to try to go against the brigade, but Kathy is so lazy, and Ragan and Matt seem really close.

    The part about the women taking the game too personal, will be over after this week. Rachel and Britney have become frienemies, and Kathy is in la la land. Have they dug themselves too deep? I’m not sure. Will they actually align? Who knows.

    I’m really excited for the next few weeks though. This should start getting good.

  86. Shawn my definition of a floater is someone like Kathy and anyone who rides on the coat tails of anyone winning the two major comp. of HOH & POV the two that dictates who goes and who stays. We just have different definitions.

  87. Thanks Rose…I am so for Brendon and Rachel…can you imagine if Brendon wins HOH..then he should put up and the lying piece of crap MATT. he just sits there all pretty with noone even considering him cuz of his sick wife…lol

  88. Nik, is it not a fact that rachel seeing Lane as a floater she might put up if Brit used teh POV the only reason Kristen and not Kathy is going home? I think her approach won the day for her objective

  89. I don’t get this floater nonsense. The object of the game is to win a half a million dollars. If you made it to the end, you played the game well, and If you get your evicted house guess to give you the money, then you are the best player. The game is physical, mental and emotional. If you can plan for all of that, you are the ultimate player. Floating below the radar and letting everyone else pick each other is part of playing the game. Only a fool plays to someone else’s strength. I say use what ever strategy that gets you the Half a million dollars.

  90. BYE-BYE i will see you tomorrow nd we will see who wins hoh bwahahahahha < ** EVIL LAUGH ** lol godnight

  91. @Nik 121

    Yay I love survivor talk! I’m very disappointed you say Russel is the best survivor player ever. He is the villian, but that’s exactly why he lost. His personality gameplay was so bad people voted against him in spite. Will this happen to Rachel if she makes it to the final 2? I 100% think so!

    Oh, and getting rid of floaters isn’t smart gameplay, but in her eyes, who isn’t a floater? That she knows of anyway.

    p.s-thanks for the fun ‘arguments’. I’m really enjoying this :-)

  92. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Kristy281 and Torch. What I can’t stand about this season’s BB is everyone talks a good game but noone actually follows through, except maybe Rachel. (God I hate saying that) Brendan is so P-whipped he can’t see behind his d*ck. I believe he could be a major player had Rachel gone out the first week. He could align himself with someone. I don’t think he had such a target on his back as he does now. Brit is a mean girl. Yeah she is funny but she thinks her crap don’t stink. Her making fun of everyone is getting old. I still remember her from week 2 with Monet and I can’t get that off my mind. I liked how today on the feeds how her, Lane, Ragan and Matt were in their beds and Brit with her big mouth started saying about who Brendan would put up if he won HOH and Lane told her to shut up that her talking stresses people out. Good for you Lane. The look on Brit’s face was pricelesssssssssssss! Come on people if you don’t like someone (Brendan and Rachel is seems) stop being nice to their face. Just once I would like someone to keep their word with Brendan and not backstab him. He totally would keep his. Ex. Russell and Jeff last year.

  93. Im here Trish… was checking out some stuff online. How was dinner? and anybody seen BG or Chrgergrl and Wiz tonight?? /

  94. A good player …playing who they want and if that means being a floater good for you..but getting caught is a DUMB player and once the stupid bergades get caught its going to be a great day.

  95. @ S.S. Myles 128

    True, the ‘floater’ is a total strategic gameplay. However, it is looked down upon if you make it to the final 2.

    Say you were playing the game and unfortunately made it to the jury house. Would you vote for someone who had an alliance, won HOH’s, and saved themselves with POVs? Or vote for the person who stayed under the radar, didn’t make an alliance, didn’t win anything, and didn’t make friends/enemies in the process?

    I would reward the person with the best game play. Floating is a gameplay, but in my opinion, it is not a gameplay I would favor. But again, that’s just my own opinion.

  96. CBS is making kristen look like a saint. if you don’t watch afterdark and don’t watch the feeds then you have no idea how kristen really acts. on the episode they aired tonight (if you didn’t have the extra knowledge) you might feel bad for her! She totally deserves to go!!

  97. Did you see that smile on Rachel face,win Britney did’nt use the POV on Hayden or Kristen? I bet if she did, Rachel would have put up Lane on thr block, not Kathy because she knew if she did that Kathy would leave the house and go after her and Brendon if one of them won HOH Thursday. What Rachel and Brendon do not know is if any other housegust won HOH they would still be out up, unless Brendon won HOH.

  98. I wish they should bring back Janelle…I think they all would crap their pants…lol. She is my Alltime favorite. She was also a underdog, which she used as fuel to tear the house down. She was a good player and had a good attitude in spite of being around a bunch of catty, crazy women.

  99. One thing that I find truly intriguing regarding Rachel’s HOH runs is that everyone bows down to her and her desires. She does this by “culling the herd” so to speak and talking to players one on one instead of in groups. If all of the players talked to each other and compared notes during her reigns, they may not be so obedient to her wants.

  100. @Rose, Don’t call me “hun.” I am fully aware that it is just a TV show.

    OMG, Brendon is wearing his little beauty mask to sleep. Watching on live feeds. These people really are a bunch of bores. Someone better make a bold play tomorrow night or I am done watching, and that player better not be Brendon!

  101. @Bobby #127
    Rachel threatened to put up Lane if Brittany used the Veto because she knew that would prompt Brittany not to use it, not because she thought of him as a floater.

    I’m not going to debate on the definition of a word, but to me a floater is someone who does nothing and simply relies on others in the house for survival – Veto Comps don’t count unless they’re used to make moves. Yes, I believe Lane is a clear floater, but I doubt Rachel is looking at anyone but the females as such.

  102. That is so true Ken. If I didn’t have the feeds or BBAD I wouldn’t know what a witch she really is. Everyone who gets put on the block whines and crys and whatever. Except Rachel and Brendan the first week. I noticed they talked game and how to win POV instead of going aganist each other.

  103. Trish.. Heck yes.. Well said boss lady..this is a hard season to get into but yet here I am. Some one called me a junkie today. I was thinking to myself well yea, but I am a self proclaimed junkie. IF and yes I am SAYING IF cause I do not want to see it happen BUT IF Rach makes it to the final 2 THEN I will swallow my pride and say she had game. But its going to be hard. Now then on piont with some one keeping their word to Bren, Im at the point of Ragan Kathy and Brit bringing him in there ot Hayden some how showing him that caring about a girl an playing for the money are 2 different things. Please let him argue that if Rach really cared about him she would support him in HIS choices as well, if she cant then DUECES Vegas kick rocks

  104. Ken: I was thinking the exact same thing about how they edit Kristen… she is pulling out all the stops now..ha, too late moron! see ya!

    Beth: I liked Keesha too, how funny! I don’t think a lot of people really think about her, but I really liked her.

  105. Totally agree with bringing back Janelle, she was awesome and definitely was one of the best BB players ever. Probably the best, but I’d have to refresh my memory on all the houseguests.

    The brigade better not go down as one of the best alliances. I think America sees how horrible they are, but they make themselves seem like their gods. ugh…

  106. Also, keeping in mind I don’t really care for Rachel..I will say that she IS smart to not be clouded by the lies Hayden / Kristen were promising her. some people might have been ‘blinded’ by the temp of safety for the next couple of weeks…but Rachel (whether it was jealousy or gut instinct) saw right through it and knew they were going to backstab her…so kudo’s to her for that move! even though everyone is gunning for her/brendon anyway ;-)

  107. I liked Lisa from big brother 3. She was a “floater” that won when she needed to and won the game. I would vote for a “floater” because they took advantage of a situation but part of winning is your end game. You have to convince the other house guess to vote for you. My respect is earned not from win competitions or floating, it is how you convince me to give you the money.

  108. @ Danielle I agree Janelle was the Best female player I have ever watched. Hands downs. And PROOF that you can have huge boobs, work as a waitress in a club wearing practically nothing and STILL play this game with your mind and if I am correct she still holds the record for winning comps. She never rubbed in it anyones face’s she never showed us EVERYTHING under her clothes ( but im sure the guys were hoping ) LMAO .. She was awesome and will forever have her name etched in BB history…

  109. I liked Keesha. Janelle is my favorite from all seasons though besides Jeff and Brendan. Janelle kicked butt in the POV’s! But my favorite duo were Dan and what was his name? Part of The Renegades? I loved how Dan played his game without any malice (even though Jerry called him a Judas, although Jerry didn’t know he was America’s Player) and won the game! BB10 awwwwwwwwwww what memories!

  110. seriously TBROTHER # 33 as if you would ever wish for a character on a show to be hit by a truck? what kind of person wishes that? it is a person on a show, you have no idea who these people even are? they are playing a game!

  111. I loved it when Hayden had his prize, the hippietard, and traded it to take the POPV from Kristen. Way to watch out for your girl. Them he ends up with 24 hour solitary confinement, and Britney gets POV. Sweet. And smart for her to not use it. You go Britney!

  112. Ducks in… ::waves:: Ducks back out. Gotta watch the show on DVR, be back in about 30 to join the festivities.

  113. Wasn’t she in BB6? Then the all stars too? I hear next season will be all-stars…..I hope that is true!

  114. @ Ken 156

    google tells me it was BB #6. I can’t remember who else was in that season. Was that the one with Marcel? I think his name was

  115. Janelle was in #6 and allstars and she finished third in both and she was the one who knocked out dr will in allstars.

  116. Do you guys think we will have another endurance comp again so soon? They have been locked from the back yard all day, and it doesn’t look like its going up soon, soo do you guys think we will have another endurance just two weeks after the first one?

  117. Dan, Dr. Will and Evil Dick are my favorites. Dan for getting out of that america’s choice mistake and still win, Dr. Will for telling people he was playing them and people still kept him. Both times around. Evil Dick for being hated and yet no one had the guts to vote him out.

  118. Yeah thanks Mary. Memphis. I liked how he “pretended” to be in an alliance with Jesse and his crew and then got Dan off the block when he had POV and there it went from there………oh yeah!

  119. MARY – LOL @ memphis I hated him so bad I had to luv him, Enzo kind of reminds me of memphis he thought he was doing a lot too but never really did hahaha..

  120. I wish for Rachel to go, then someone in The Brigade to align secretly with Brendan. Hayden comes to mind.

  121. I liked evil dick too. If next year is all stars I am freaking jazzed! I don’t even want to start thinking about my ideal candidates…so moving on!

    Tonight and tomorrow will probably be boring on the feeds :-( But as soon as the live show is over my a** will be planted by the computer..omg…that just sounds so sad! lol.

  122. if floating was actually their strategy then i might would ok wit it but they are floating cause they are lame…lol

  123. @Shawn #130
    Ok, so I don’t reckon Russell lost simply because he’s a villain. I reckon Russell lost because he (for the 2nd time) underestimated and totally disregarded the power of the social element of the game. You can play a great game, but if you’re forcing everyone to hate you in the process, then no one will vote for you no matter how well you played the game. I don’t personally feel this is fair, but I DO believe it is an important aspect of the game that provides an important twist – it just needs to be tweaked a bit better IMO.

    Rachel is following in Russell’s footsteps. While I do not believe she is the most powerful player I’ve ever seen, I do believe she’s playing a great game. The problem is, she’s totally missing the fact that she will need friends in the jury house lol.

    So one could argue that these 2 individuals are indeed not such great players given their major flaws, but I disagree completely. IMO what these games show is a major flaw in our society to reward followers & floaters and penalize individuality and strength… Sorry mate if I went too deep for a moment lol.

    Anyway, I reckon every player has an Achilles Heel and makes a mistake or two, so the best player does NOT always win.

  124. LOL dang it … Posters dont hit TAB it evidently works as enter LOL.. now then..
    Trish – Torch and I were talking that earlier I think All Stars will be Season 14 IF they do that.. would make sense but.. as we have seen making sense is NOT part of BB…

    Ken – Google her Janelle Pierzina.. you wont regret it

  125. Kristy: Enzo! LOL!! I could see that in comparison to Memphis…and kind of lane too. They were both kind of just…”there” (then memphis started playing more later…) OH! And both memphis AND lane put ice in their cups when they drink and it drives me freaking insane when I am listening to it on the feeds….

  126. PLEASE, No good by messages from Rachel. If I hear her say “Between me and my man” one more time……

  127. @ Nik, Love your post.

    I just think something needs to happen that is so jaw droppingly (I know that is not a word) amazing that it will make it the turning point of the season. BB needs to step it up a bit. I am ready for the monkey wrench to be thrown in the game!
    Where is WIZ, Rico, and Sterling???

  128. Mary the ice is NOT worse the hearing the little kisses by Rachel and Brendan. THAT is so annoying!!!

  129. Rachel thinks she’s like Janelle I see no simularitys myself, but if she want’s to be like Janelle I say let her then she won’t win the game either.

  130. Trish: Ugh, you just made my hair stand up! those ‘wet’ fast and slurpy kisses 100x a minute make me want to rip my ears off…i actually have to mute the tv! who would even enjoy that? giving or receiving…just knock it off already!! cringe.

  131. So what happened? Why did Britney NOT use the POV and what has been the fallout? Last I watched Britney promised Hayden she WOULD take him off IF Rachel put Kathy up. Someone please briefly explain the change of heart???

  132. LOL Torch. Why does Rachel keep getting around Kristen? Kristen does NOT want to be around her. I am so sad too, when Brendan came down from the HOH earlier people at the table (Lane, Brit, Ragan,) got up and left. How obvious are you idiots? Yeah let him win HOH next week and YOU all will be up his butt!!! I noticed too that whenever Kristen and Hayden are alone Kathy butts herself in there. Is she like in love with Kristen or what?

  133. How many times has Brendon told Rachel he loved her and she has yet said it back ? Brendon, you are so P A T H E T I C !

  134. @Nik 174

    Well of course, Rachel is not the best house to ever play the game. In no way is she. But, I think she is the best in this season, so far anyway.

    Your totally right about the social game. And like I said before to agree with you, Rachel won’t win the half a mil if she makes it to the final 2. Her social gameplay will be a factor, but I think a bigger factor would be the spite of all the other guests.

    Could you imagine how aggravated the houseguests would be if she made it to the final 2? She has been the target supposedly the entire game. If she makes it that far, I hope they’d grow the balls to actually say “you deserve the win”

    Russell probably deserved to win, but I sure was happy he didn’t. It’s odd I don’t feel the same about Rachel, I actually like her.

  135. LOL MARY>>

    Hey Neicy Wiz is watching BB DVR’d he had to mow my lawn LMAO ( hes gonna kill me when he reads that)

    LMAO @ Summertoo.. I Like ( cant love Trish’s man) Bren but THAT WAS FUNNY. I hope he comes to his senses soon. a

    TORCH.. PULLLLLLLLLEASEEEEEEEEEE Rach isnt worthy of holding Janelle’s dirty socks.. ( rolling my eyes)

  136. I know Mary, right? I get off the feeds when those two go to bed…..can’t handle anything they do. I might love Brendan but I can’t stand any of that…….ughhhhhhhhhhh!

  137. i think rachel is over brendon but she knows she ‘needs’ him to get farther and to keep up appearances. i dont think it’s ‘fun’ for her anymore…probably only ‘fun’ b/c she likes to manipulate, she’s just playing a little game in her own head. Brendon is his own sad story. Even how he speaks…not just what he says…but the tone he uses, good freaking grief. be a man.

  138. and isn’t brendon supposed to be ‘so smart’ he didn’t even know the word is “consummate”!!!!

  139. I noticed that too. I think Rachel is over Brendan. He kinda knows it too. She pulls away and he clings more. WHAT a girl he is! :(

  140. thanks Kristy281, they crack me up. Did you read the posts from the pov blod last night. the Wiz is too much. Greatness.

  141. Although Rachel couldn’t get any better moneywise than Brendan. Or class wise. She wants to party and he doesn’t like that she does……’s over ……

  142. SEE TRISH… all them short wet slurpy kisses… ALL the more reason Kristen needs to full on walk up grab him by the back of the head and tongue wrestle him like has never imagined and walk out… Bren would have the deer in the head light look as would Hayden ( casualty of war) and Rach would lose her flipping mind and make Chima’s tantrums look like a walk in the park..

  143. Torch I would get him in a dark alley, he would walk in a girl but walk out a man. LOL

    Kristy: I so wish that would happen. Then to make it better Brendan would win HOH, and he wouldn’t have to put up Big Red, she would have to leave like Chima did. OH MAN!!!

  144. Trish – we went over this Im not getting between the 2 of you :P

    Torch – you been waiting on that ALL DAY huh? cause you want her to get BAD..Shame on you..

    Neicy I know my face has hurt all day from laughing at ya’ll today made work go by so fast. Im appying for a job at Trish’s place of employment..

  145. Hey BB are you listening? Production, listen up: Tell Kristen what we said here and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! ;)

  146. LOL Neicy25!! Yeay! Yeay! Patron platinum! obvi! ha ha ha!! yeay!! vegas!!!!!

    Brendon “Baby… i love you, I know that’s who you are…you’re vegas…I get that…baby…I know you are vegas…” blah blah! lmao.

  147. LMAO @ Trish, thats if he could walk at all…. and Id pay money to get that message to her. I would freaking LOVE to see that happen. THAT would be a BB moment in History…

  148. Oh Torch I would get that girl out of him no worries. That man would be walking tall and have his “man” swagger back!!! ;)

  149. okay is it just me? do britney and lane have a secret alliance or are they related somehow? The look on brit’s face when lane’s name was mentioned as a possible replacement for hayden kinda gave something away, don’t ya think?

    I really was Kristen gone – that unitard was hideous! Then I would like to see Matt (for lying about wife), Brenden ( for being a lapdog), Kathy (for quietly floating), Hayden (for needing a haircut), and Rachel (well,,,for being Rachel)

    That would leave Britney, Ragan,Enzo, and Lane as final 4.

  150. Hey Trish I need a job too!!! Yea you need to make Brendon a man. He needs to get the punk out of his pants MAN UP!!

    “Brendon, I moved to vegas when I was 22 because….it is a part of me”

  151. I was rooting for Brendon and Rachel in the beginning just because they were the underdogs, but after watching Rachel and her actions these past few weeks, I can’t wait for her to go and sad to say that she probably ruined any game Brendon could have had if he would have kept away from the fake laughing red head. Then I see Hayden and Kristin and their showmance appears more genuine than Rachel’s. UGH!!! So, wish Kristin and Hayden would still be in the house so I could see where they went, maybe another Jeff and Jordan..Oh well..

    • Yeah I agree that Kristin n Hayden actually liked eachother where rachael is just using brendon how can she not even say I love u back to him. I feel bad for him

    • Yeah they keep harping on past seasons talk about the present who cares about the past n how much they love or laugh at each other.

  152. Dang typing skills huh?? well as long as you dont expect me to be accurate. Backspace is my friend. HAHA OMG Neicy, Trish already had A LOT of laundry to do today dont get her started again.

  153. I agree with you Torch…..I am loving this tonight…….Had a tough day at work….now I come on here to relax and have fun……thanks to Torch, and Neicy and Kristy……Thanks gang!

  154. Night Rose, sorry but sometimes you got to have a laugh or two…..

    Neicy I will man him up…….and um other things too…….Brendan is such a hotty, if he will just keep his mouth shut I could take him……..

  155. People talk smack about playing the game because of personal issues rather then playing the game then how is voting someone off because they get on your nerves or because their voice drives you nuts not personal? I’m just saying. With that said I’m not a Rachel fan AT ALL! I always like to look at both sides. Ya no what they say. No matter how flat ya make a pancake there’s always 2 sides. Love ya guys!

  156. I cannot believe Britney succumbed to evil Ra–chill , Now we have to continue looking at her cocky attitude, even her beloved is getting tired of miss Vegas. Kathy is useless & Britney blew it. Enzo ^ Tex is the only ones that sees the irony of the whole picture.

  157. Awwwwwwwwwww Neicy you are welcome…..I do try to put in some of the topic so we won’t be put in moderation…….So here is my “topic” part……Ragan talking about piercing his own ear and his dad saying that “Ragan, you will get aids doing that”, and Ragan saying no dad that is the Other NEEDLE….

  158. NO worries Trish we got ya. But first chance I get Im nominating you and Neicy with the intention of backdooring Torch LMAO cause we Women have to unite you know hahaha He can rally Wiz to try and get votes to keep him..

    and Ummmmmmm did Ken just stop talking after I told him to google Janelle ??? (shaking my head)

  159. I don’t think Brendan is getting tired of Rachel so much as it is Rachel getting tired of him. Am I wrong?

  160. My favorite of the lady’s was Annie I was so made when she left. In my opinion she is the hottest looking female in this season. Next would be Brit.

  161. just reading what everyone is writing is all. i can’t think of anything witty enough to say. Mary is making me laugh and Neicy too.

  162. @Neicy #179
    lol! And yes, something needs to happen because this season is a bit like eating a rice cake at times. When it comes down to it, there just isn’t enough gameplay going on and I reckon it goes back to CBS trying to orchestrate too much. They need to go back to just putting everyday folks in the house and letting things unfold naturally rather than purposefully trying to create drama. So many programmes make this same mistake time and again.

    @Shawn #192
    My point exactly. Players never seem to have the balls to admit when someone actually deserves the win and has out-played them. Instead, they play personal. But I guess that’s what the game is about; where is the line to be drawn in terms of social dynamics and gameplay? Personally, I’d like to see things tweaked a bit more so that votes aren’t the end of the story. It’s not that I want to completely eliminate the social aspect of the game, what I’d like to see is a bit more balance in the game so that folks who played well and deserve to win actually get a fair shot.

  163. Rose, we are just funning there is to much to speculate and it seems if there is to much game talk ppl get all ruffled an fights starts thats no fun so we are just being silly. Nothing we can do to change matters at the moment cept see what happens at eviction tomorrow and who gets HOH.

  164. Trish, that needle thing is funny, almost as funny as Britney asking if anyone wanted any Patron flavored Vagina nuts last night.

    Yea Brendon is clueless unfortunately. Rachel is playing him like there is no….vegas. lol

  165. OBVI i have not actually been paying attention on the feeds today…I just now realized that the hg’s have been stuck inside all day…they must be setting up for a BIG comp. tomorrow.

  166. YOU all know what I wish? That it would go back to America picking who gets voted off on VETO day… Season 1. Then the HG’s would play a different game.

  167. LOL Ken, there you are. Thought we lost you. I didnt have to do any sit ups today my tummy hurts from laughing.

    @ Nik I am sure IF Rach makes it to the final 2 they will infact say she played and deserves the money. They did it with Evil Dick he was mean and manipulated the HG’s and even borderlined caused physical harm to On ( burning Jen with a cig accidently) but they gave him the money. So I think they will see it IF it happens that way. We will see in Sept

  168. i like the idea trish has about america voting off people. how about the next BB be called
    Big Brother: Doing it old school?

  169. I think They should mix the big brother allstars with some of us.

    Trish, Torch, me, Kristy, Wiz, and a couple of others. Give Trish Brendon, and whoever else from previous seasons….maybe Jeff….

  170. I got an idea for a great season let’s put Rachel in the house with chicken george,dr. will,mike boogie,evil dick,cowboy,nakomis,lydia,janelle, jen,kaysar,memphis,russell, natalie from #9, and jedi howie for some color.

  171. 1. I vote to evict Hayden.
    2. Rachel will get her butt kick soon.
    3. Brenden got to be stop from winning competitions.
    4. Britney and Kathy dangerous unpredictable women.
    5. Ragan is my favorite, and is also popular fan favorite.
    6. Kristin will continue to be a target.
    7. Enzo looks like a sabotour.
    8. Lane is quite but maybe sneaky from behind the scene.
    9 And Matt was a sick guy to volunteer for eviction.
    10. Andrew breaks the spill just so people kick him out.
    11. I think Annie was caught sabotage and Monet was innocent.
    12. This season has turn ugly.. coming up who will be the next victim ?

  172. Torch – No comment on being backdoored LOL…

    TRISH – I AGREE. AGAIN BB Lets us vote again on who goes LOL.. We will make it real entertaining.

  173. Yeah I like that you all like that idea…….yeahhhhhhhhh BB listen up: Proudction make it happen!!! LOL

  174. omg! i read CHICKEN GEORGE and instantly want to turn my computer off. I cannot even tell you how much this man got on my nerves! i would rather be in a house w/ rachel over chicken george!

  175. I think the problem with America voting vs. HG voting is that; the later makes it appear a bit more organic. Where production just announce who won. Like in AI where we know stuff goes on behind the scenes.

  176. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Torch HAHAHAAHAH…. That was excellent !!

    Neicy.. YES !! I keep telling production they should have picked me GRRRRRRRRRRR see I have fans LOL .. BUT… Put me in a house with Jeff and well I might have to ruin it for Jordo.. Trish well, she would be showing Bren a few things LOL

  177. I want Annie or Laura from last season. And has for the fans doing the voting it would have to be done different than season one, because chickengeorges hometown flooded the lines with multiple votes each to get that seasons Britney out.

  178. Kristy, your backdoor plan might not go off without a hitch….sort of like Matt’s brilliant backdoor plan, we might not be able to get rid of Torch…

    chiken George was a H.A.M.: Hot A$$ Mess!!!

  179. I don’t want to get rid of Torch though… I just think we would all bring some life back into this game man!!!!

  180. at first i liked him – i mean he’s old – i thought of him like my grandfather and kind of felt bad for him for a while…but then…my oh my how the tides turned! lol…thinking about him right now is making me really appreciate the hg that are in there right now!

  181. Rachel and Brendon got to be stop ! If either of them keeps winning competitions things will continue to be ugly. And of course Rachel will safe Brendon, and Brendon will safe Rachel.., get rid of Brendon in the next week or two and Rachel will bit herself.. and no more confident.. get rid of Rachel and Brendon will learn that she is a Vegas showgirl hore… that was just using him.

  182. LOL Trish better stop yelling at production or your gonna get moderated like I did hahaha..

    and we are going to have to talk about your NOT so secret alliance missy ..

    Torch and Wiz would be secretly campaigning against us sneaky lil fellas

  183. Torch, kristy281, trish, Indy + any1 I missed hi! To many posts to read can you catch me up. I’ve been reading the F c c rules & reg book + trying to figure out the changes & my eyes hurt. But as soon as I figure this shiz about as far as rigging, I’ll let u know. Lots of stuff to read. Been way to long since I had to read this shiz. Lol

  184. Kristy you are such a bad girl talking about backdooring me, but i’ll willingly if I can have annie.

  185. I don’t want to be disrespectful but can we keep the chat about the houseguests (any season) this other chatting is boring – we’re here to talk about big brother…not bitching, just asking ! :-)

  186. Kristy you better NOT backdoor Torch. LOL I might backdoor um Jeff……….unless you make a deal with me Kristy….LOL

  187. Sorry Karen but I am not bored…….are you Kristy or Torch or Neicy? LOL

    Hey Kristi……how are you?

    • Tired. Been reading f c c shiz all day about this stuff. Now I’m on bb overload & can’t sleep. I guess my husband should break out the recorder & record me talking in my sleep about bb tonight. Lol

  188. Kristi we have had a romping good time today, Trish wan’t to get Brenden in a dark alley and turn himfrom a little girl into a man, and we are all talking about the perfect allstar group, and how we wished we could all be in it.

  189. Neicy, I think you have a secret alliance with Torch now :P..

    We would sooooooo make it entertaining in there.

    MARY. he did flip tail fast

  190. Thursday around 8:24pm EST

    Julie Chen: Houseguests, I will now announce who has been evicted and that person will only have a short time to say their goodbyes and then immediately leave the Big Brother house.

    Julie: By a vote of 7-0… Hayden… you are safe. Kristen you are evicted from BB. Say your goodbyes.

    (unintelligible insincere goodbyes from houseguests)

    (Kristen still in her Hippietard hugs Hayden and Kathy goodbye and begins her walk towards the door)

    Rachel: BYE!!!

    (Kristen stops at the door turns around and takes off her wig while making a beeline towards Rachel)

    (All the houseguests are watching closely as Kristen passes right by Rachel and is suddenly standing before Brendon who is by Rachel’s side)

    Brendon: Wha—

    (Kristen grabs Brendon and wraps him up in the most passionate kiss ever seen on BB, Brendon gets into it a little too much before realizing what is happening…)

    Rachel: Brendon?!?!?

    (All the houseguests are in wide-eyed amazement and have no words except one…)

    Enzo: GRENADES!!!!!!

    (Kristen ends the kiss, walks through the door without another word, not before looking back at Rachel with a look that only says “Gotcha b—-.”)

    (Rachel storms off and the other houseguests are left to put together what just happened)


    Prophetic dream or wishful thinking??? LOL.

  191. Q, it has been said on BBAD and on the feeds that Brendan’s little head isn’t so little……but still you are right…….if I were him I would be afraid of cathing something from Rachel.

  192. Wow, now we can’t talk about what we want?? WTF is that about??

    I might have alliance’s with everyone….I can’t say yes, or no. lol

  193. Um Kristy hate to blow your mind but actually me and Neicy and Torch and Kristi have a secret alliance……… if you want in you gotta give up Jeff! :)

  194. Nope Im not bored at all, and we can talk about the houeguest and game all you want Karen, but forgive us that have been here on and off today an keeping up with the feeds we are amusing ourselves..

    HEY Kristi !! Keep us posted on what you find in the F C C ..

  195. Being in the BB house with some of you would be absolutely hilarious, lol.

    @Kristy – you doubt me. ::shakes head:: I thought we had a final two thing going here.

  196. @Wiz……did you get Kristy’s lawn cut? Or were you two in the HOH talking um “game”….yeah that is it! LOL

  197. DANG TRISH! Well I guess I gotta send Mr McHotty yard guy back to Jordo…

    WIZ!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi dear….

  198. how juvenile kristy. this is suposed to be about big brother and you’re not talking game at all. i thought we were supposed to keep the conversation on topic? no one wants to hear whats going on in la la land…

  199. Trish, I have an alliance with you as well… I kind of have one with everyone…I’m a greedy bi***.

  200. KAREN you need to back it up! We are talking BB and we are having fun. If you don’t like the topic of conversation then bounce!

  201. Torch I might have my man Brendan but he is yet a man yet. I have to make him one once Big Red is gone. Oh pleae let “my man” win HOH this week!

  202. i dont need to ‘bounce’ you’re NOT talking BB your making up retarded alliances amongst yourselves… maybe you don’t understand what ‘on topic’ means?

  203. Trish – you know I have your back.

    Torch – I dont think we had to drag Mary very far she was on the edge we have cookies on the dark side.

  204. Oh here we go, yet another ignorant soul who wants to come in here and tell everyone how to write or what to say. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. Next??? LOL

  205. Trish, if Brendon wins…then Big Red is safe, because he is too dumb to kick her to the curb when she obviously doesn’t love him back. But, we will see what happens as this progresses.

  206. Yowza! I left to cook up a warm delight and came back to all of this! Karen, I will talk BB with you … what do you want to discuss?!

    Alright, I’m going to bring up my distaste for Matt! At first he was under the radar…then he was getting irritating…and now I can just not freaking STAND him! if i see his hand moving toward underneath his gym shorts one more time…i am going to lose it! “national tv” is all i have to say!! i’m going to call him “AL”

  207. Hey Kristy I know you have my back and I have yours! Brendan just walked into the room where Lane, Matt, Enzo are and they suddenly stopped talking. Brendan my beautiful “boy”, get a hint!

  208. Why do we have a mom on here telling us what to say, and what not to say? I don’t have to do what you want Karen. I am a grown woman. If you don’t like what we are talking about….why are you still on here???

  209. anyway, Trish I’m with you too!! We all got each others backs…even though we are plotting against each other.

    What else is happening on the feeds?? I can’t see them. lol

  210. (In the Old Spice man voice) Hello Karen, look at the world around you, close your eyes, now open them, you’re now in la la land. A world better than anything in the history of everything, where unicorns run rampant on the meadows lined with rainbows and pots of gold.

    Close your eyes, now open them, we’re now in the Big Brother house where me and Kristy have a final two alliance and nobody can stop us. Look my right hand has the HOH, (waves left hand over right), now it’s the Coup D’Etat. Ha.
    500K never was easier to win. I’m on a horse. Hyaaaa!!!

  211. You guys are being realy bad tonight & I missed it all. I feel so left out. :( especially since I’m doin the homework. Lol

  212. Neicy well Kristen and Kathy are talking and Kristen REALLY thinks she has the votes and will stay. OMG…..really?

  213. LMAO Neicy! using my lines are we??

    Im trying, really hard to care 2 ounces about what was just said, but I just cant.

    Let see, Shall we go back an read ALL my post from today and see if I have the ablilty to talk game, past present or future?

    Or lets take a gander at the “TOPIC” of discussion.. OH look it seems that 90% of the posters here are talking about how funny some of our comments about “the game” are with the side notes of us joking with each other.. GEEZZZ…


  214. @Neicy, just logged in, I missed the show!! Alittle electric storm knocked the shit out of the local tv station that airs it!!! UUGGHH!! Thank ya all for the comments I have a good idea what went down. I have been readin and laughin my tired ass off! Thank you guys! SO, Everyone wants raskankal gone still, right? What happened between her and whip boy? Please some one fill me in I don’t get the feeds.

  215. I am sorry that you Mary and Kristi feel left out. Usually it is me. I have no work I had to bring home for once and the family is letting me have “my time” so I am good!

  216. Sorry Kristy, i had to use some of your lines. lol

    I agree we have been talking game. So I really didn’t understand the problem. If I don’t like something, I don’t look at it anymore. I am waiting for BBAD.

  217. Game talk: I wish that Rachel didn’t play so emotionally, she’d be even more dangerous, as a player. (Unfortunately, she’s a danger to herself already) I sincerely hope that someone just gets the fortitude to vote against the will of the house, just once.

    @Trish – If you must know, I talked “game” until Kristy was fast asleep, and THEN I cut the grass, lol.

  218. if bbad is as lame as the feeds have been for the past 3 hours…then there will not be a lot of entertainment from the hg tonight either! i hope none of them eat cereal tonight…ugh!

  219. Now Hayden is there with Kristen and Kathy. Kathy if YOU only knew how bad those two have talked about you. OMG. And Kathy is such a floater…….she is lucky she didn’t go home last week. W/O Kristen she will be wanting to go to the jury house next week for sho..

  220. Denise, it was discussed earlier today that Ragan may have been clued in on the Brigade by production BUT we cant confirm that, Kristi is at the moment looking up some F C C rules to see if its possible to do that well legally.

    I agree with you about his HS class the parents and his coworkers as well. On a serious not I HOPE he still has a job at the end of this. Sadly he hasnt put the best image out there.


    And to the rest of you guys yall are the best..

    Geee did I just screw up and actually talk game :O

  221. lol! Looks like Jennifer21 is looking for some attention. kristen…natural? lmao! she’s a chipmunk frog mix with fake breasts…PASS!

    • I think u r just jealous bc u most likely have a horrible personality if u have a problem with hers n u probablely look like a sheman. U think I want attention, but u comment on what everyone says. So getover yourself biznicht!

  222. that was awsone the wizardofoz. hat’s off to you. very witty!! and torch am i getting cheated on. lol

  223. Neicy 25 I have been “awaiting moderation on a comment” I didn’t say anything bad about commentators. I missed the show. I asked about raskankal and whip boy? OH that must be it.What the h—?

  224. Kristen does have a nice butt though. Yeah I am straight! :) And no I am like Mary I can’t stand the B!

  225. Mary, agreed. This is supposed to be a fun blog site. Hey now Kristy281, I have the alliance with the wiz….”No one gets between me and my man”…*gags* I think I just threw up typing that. eww. I won’t quote Rach again.

  226. to be quite honest…this season is boring & bland compared to other seasons.

    Kristen– “i’m the strongest & smartest girl in the house” yet hasnt won or even come close to winning a damn thing!! Her begging Britney to use the veto on her was CLASSIC bc she has done nothing but belittle her as a person & didnt have two words to speak to her before she needed her so GOODBYE Kristen…we won’t miss your high waisted pants or your superior mentality!!

    The Brigade– one of them will win this game bc at this point they have done a great job at not being obvious in their alliance & whn one of thm is up, the other 3 save him.

    Reagan– the biggest floater in the house. & i like reagan, i think hes funny but i dont really understand his game play & at the end what can he say he has done or won tht made an impact? NOTHING

    Britney– i love her. i think shes smart & i think shes witty but shes also done a great job at making the target on her back smaller & smaller! if she can succeed in taking out 1 or 2 of the guys in the brigade i think shes got a chance. & i think she will be the new sabotuer so she’ll at least get 20k out of this game which is 3rd place.

    Kathy– i’m a razorback fan so i loved her initially but i cant watch her on bb afterdark bc half the words in a convo she has is “ya know” i have never been so tired of hearing the phrase “ya know” in my entire life.

    Brechal– loathe them. Rachel is annoying as hell & really screwed herself whn she clicked up with Brendon & Brendon is the worst strategic player i’ve ever seen. not to mention tht he’s a pushover & he has terrible posture, which REALLY bothers me!

  227. LOL @ Mary,
    WOW we have dragged you over to the dark side. I dont hate Kristen I kinda wanted her to stay an Brit an her take out Rach but alas again that will only happen in my LA LA LAND BB World LMAO.. But that was funny….

  228. so far on the rigged thing. the only thing that might make it legal is the fact the reagon told the houseguests and us. but i’m still working on it. this one is tricky.

  229. Hey all. I have enjoyed the banter between you all and thought I would join in. Karen or anyone else who doesn’t like it well take a hike. Now…I like Brit, she is gorgeous and funny. And Neicy you are one funny woman.

  230. Kristi I still lov ya gal it’s you and me, Trish has Brenden, Kristy281 has wiz, and lets hook neicy up with dany. how does that sound doll.

  231. @Jennifer21

    Kristen is not naturally pretty– naturally pretty= NO MAKEUP. & the last time i checked she wasnt all tht pretty without makeup. & her clothes are disgusting. she walks like a bird. & hell would freeze over if she ever wore pants tht didnt touch the bottom of her horrid, botched implants!!!

    • Wow jealous much u might need to borrow some self confidence cause I can get u some. She’s a Philly girl n so am I so watch what u say we r never nice people but allows get what we want. Calm down the jealousy I don’t know where ur from but that is what a naturally pretty girl looks like on plant earth :)

  232. I think if we were all in the BB house, we’d just say the hell with it and have a royal rumble in the backyard – let me win, and rest of ya’ll hop the fence and opt out!!

  233. Okay, Why does everyone hate Rachel? She seems to be one of the strongest players in the house. Shes smarter about the game than Bren, she hasn’t figured out the (four boys) but other than that I think shes pretty much Best in house as far as I can see.

  234. OMG Brit is up there again with Rachel and they will be in the tub again? I thought Brit didn’t like that? Why is she doing it again then?

  235. Dom – excellent points I,m not writting this season off yet I THINK.. there may be a chance Brit or EVEN RAGAN will win HOH and surpise us all.

    Niecy – you should go gargle with acid for quoting her LMAO..

    WIZ… I wasnt asleep you silly boy I was pretending so you would cut the dang grass..

    Tishe – I dont think you offended did you copy an paste anything by chance or type anything about feeds it did that to me earlier today .. It may just be a glitch

    Kristi. your a trooper girl,

  236. Ryan: the only reason i would want rachel & brendon to stay would be to see rachel get ‘fake drunk’ and act a fool so I can make fun of her on these chat boards the very next day.

  237. well Trish I guess Neicy and nate are together so you can have dany, now how does that sound but we still have to find someone for Mary.

  238. I missed the show, I wanted to know what happened. No attitude here. You want attitude? Here,The brigade have no balls, I should say Matt has no balls. Raskankal is diving head first into I’m VEGAS and I want to be an unemployed chemist but a FAMOUS REALITY STAR! I WANT TO BE LIKE SNIFFLES WITH SOMETHING weird STUCK ON THE TOP OF OF MY HAIR, oh sorry her name is snookie. I am VEGASSSS! I am better! Sorry ya all I did not say anything that should have been cut from this comment log, I will be surprised if ya see this!!

  239. LOL, I’m glad you guys liked what I did there. I’m having so much fun in here.

    There is one move I’d like to see: Brendon winning HOH and putting up Rachel. I know this is highly improbable, but his nomination speech can be “Baby, I love you, but you’re effing with my money…” It’s so simple, and I’d be so understanding and okay with that move.

  240. tishe, I see it. I think you might have posted a word or something that got flagged. That happened to me yesterday as well.

  241. Wow – I just turned on BBAD – imagine my surprise seeing Brit and Rach in black face sitting in a bathtub together. My oh my.

  242. ty torch. i think dany would agree, but i haven’t talked to him in so long :(. realy we have always had fun on this site, what’s the big deal tonight. i haven’t even realy seen any personal attachs to the posters. have fun guys!!

  243. @Neicy – Screwed you over? Uh oh. I think I definitely missed something. I’m sorry. lol.(No Brendon, lol)

  244. There you are Sterling!! You’ve missed alot. Rico needs to come along as well.

    Yea, I don’t think I could take a bath with Rach…

  245. @Sheila– Rachel is a smart player but personality wise, shes not smart. its not smart to take those extra jabs tht she takes– especially whn she knows EVERYONE is against her. Why would you not try less to get on these peoples nerves. For me, as a viewer, i dont like tht she yells at me whn shes in the DR. i dnt like tht everytime somebody gets voted out in her goodbye msg she always has to throw in something abt ‘her man’ & i dnt like tht she is playing for her & Brendon….i dnt like tht she told julie she’d give up the 500k for brendon. i dnt like tht she said she would use the veto on brendon. to me yeah shes fighting to stay but i really think she was just fighting to make it to jury & tht is soooo disrespectful to the game & people who really needed & wanted to play the game.

  246. sterling this isn’t the first time time rach and brit have done this. like i said earlier to torch brit could be an actor. hech win as oscar for making rachel believe they are friends.

  247. Jennifer21…are you paying for the feeds? b/c kristen does in fact kiss someone…HAYDEN…she gives him a hand job for crying out loud. i don’t really have too much to say about andrew – he is gone now… but kristen absolutely played a fake game..i take it back..she played NO game!!

    • U really don’t know how to read. I didn’t say anything about kissing or HJ I said she had a guy for 2 months before going into the BB house n she can do whatever she wants especially against an ugly guy like that. But she did play a game which was a real game not kissing a**. I don’t know how else to write it out for u maybe u should have someone interpret it all for u. I like her n Hayden u r getting r my last nerve does that also need interpretation?

  248. Niecy allign with Nate, make sure you tell him who writes your stuff :P …
    LMAO Hey nate jump in anywhere..

    Sheila, I wont rebuke your oppinion but I ask that someone explain to me how winning 2 HOH makes her the best player? By that I mean, she hasnt figured out who is alligned with who, just that everyone hates her an Bren. She wont listen to Bren telling her to play a bit smarter and NOT go off half cocked ( thats funny) at the spur of the moment. She has only targeted and gone after 2 of the dare i say ” pretty girls” in the house not the ones that are TRUELY gunning for her and have the means to get her out.
    Now yes I see that the Brigade hasnt won nothing yet but they have 4 strong votes regardless they can make things happen. She took the girls out just to be the only one in the house. I say that from her scene over being the ONLY girl to watch the movie.
    Im just saying.

  249. Hi – Neicy25 – looks like you have been busy. It’s neat to see the actual show – the way everything is portrayed for primetime TV. The spins are always interesting.

  250. I don’t no Kristi it’s just someone who doesn’t have a fun bone in their body is trying to put a wet blanket on a boring day on the feeds.and I won’t mention her name. And I haven’t heard from Dany in a couple of days either.

  251. WOW It is there Neicy 25 , so what’s up with you and nate? Ya all might make Torch jealous.! I just got off work, and everyone else is going to lala land. So I will read up on everything manana.

  252. you guys are awsome, they realy should cast us. we, well you guys tonight, cuase i’v been doing the homework. have way more personality than this cast. love ya all

  253. Jennifer: I don’t follow? who is “they” had power? Kristen was absolutely fake. she didn’t speak to anyone besides kathy until andrew outed her…then she HAD to start talking to people. she started lying and spinning her gears to try to stay in the house. she never had any power. at all. and if ‘true to yourself’ means cheating on your boyfriend is ‘okay’ then…. i don’t know…

    • I really think u need to either watch the same show I am or get an education so u understand what someone says. Anyway, her n Hayden r the only 2 that didn’t act fake which means change of personality such as when Kristen didn’t go upstairs kiss rachaels a** to see her stupid hoh room. She kept her Philly attitude even if it might have got her in trouble sometimes but she was only w/ that ugly guy for 2 months be4 going into the BB house so I do really count that as a relationship u might if u r a stage 4 clinger but who knows to each there own. But never try to out talk a philly girl we’ll also win n have the last word while lookin

    • I really think u need to either watch the same show I am or get an education so u understand what someone says. Anyway, her n Hayden r the only 2 that didn’t act fake which means change of personality such as when Kristen didn’t go upstairs kiss rachaels a** to see her stupid hoh room. She kept her Philly attitude even if it might have got her in trouble sometimes but she was only w/ that ugly guy for 2 months be4 going into the BB house so I do really count that as a relationship u might if u r a stage 4 clinger but who knows to each there own. But never try to out talk a philly girl we’ll also win n have the last word while lookin good

  254. hey y’all… what did i miss??? @379 yeah there cant be that much water in the tub…. with all that water displacement from rach’s ‘floaters’ ;)

  255. Oh tishe, me and Nate have an “Alliance” in our LaLaLand BB house. Torch is alligned with some other of our house guests.

  256. Hey Rico I will pair with you. They are putting me with a BB player who I can’t talk too but look at.

  257. Rico, You and Sterling are in an Alliance.

    Rach kind of looks like a Bird of Prey with that mask on…

    Did I hear her say she and brendon don’t talk game with anyone???

  258. WIZ you know your a happy man.. and LOL Torch we discussed that scene earlier too Id Love to see Bren flip an put Rach up ahaha, sad to say I see her doing it to him first. Id quote her but as Neicy did earlier I dont have any acid handy to rinse my mouth after wards.

    DOM – (APPLAUDS) valid on every point.

    NATE AN NEICY sitting in a …… sorry I got Off topic LMAO…

  259. WoW! 407 comments! That’s the highest I’ve seen in a long while, that a record Matt? And only for a Wed epi? Wonder what’ll happen after Thur’s live one’s shown? . Still think Britt & Lane have a ‘friend’ship of some kind…as for Kristen unless I missed something on the ‘online’ cams she’s leaving…? Correct me if I’m wrong!

  260. Oh, I see how it it, Trish. You “pair” with me, then go right to sleep…. Isn’t that my role?

  261. MJ: I know right?! I’m excited for tomorrow…the best part about the show is getting on here to talk to everyone about it! lol!!

  262. Ohh, wow, it will take me all night to read & comment on the posts. I shall quickly skim…you guys always post the funniest stuff!
    Craig from 2 boards back not sure if you’re on here, but man oh man still lovin’ that idea! (fyi: he said when kristen leaves on thurs she plants one on Brendon- SCORE!) :P hee*

  263. Night Trish !! LOL I gotta be up at 5 am I cant tear myself away..

    MJ – Yea we have been a little busy today.

    Sterling & Rico, heard yall names dont know ya but have seen your post in the past. Nice to meet ya

  264. Jadelle – that’s been talked about for hours tonight! lol…I don’t know if i could take another go round of it though… just saying!!! :-)

  265. Mary – I am sooo excited for that epi as well, and yeah I’m NOT closing tomorrow so I get to watch it LIVE (as opposed to DVD’ed) so my comments will post much earlier! I feel like I’m posting always wee hrs! And I got my friend who also closes with me hooked too! Hee* Right Jade?

  266. Chris: I am QUICKLY starting to really dislike Hayden. Especially b/c of how he acts in the D.R. He is driving me nuts, and i’m not just talking about his hair. I too think he needs to go. He has gotten REALLY cocky!

  267. I have to go take two Exams for my online course. I will be checking in periodically….so I dare all of you to make me laugh HAHA!!! lol I am still watching BBAD though so I will return.

  268. I can’t watch the show live…i need instant gratification! I will TIVO it so I can fast forward through the commercials…I have absolutely no patience!

  269. @Jadelle – I saw that one too. I think it might the greatest exit ever – Kristen puts a big wet kiss on Brendon at the door… I love it!

  270. Jadelle, Yea I laughed so hard at Craig today, we have all discussed the best way for that to happen Scroll WAY up WIZ played it out (hilarious)

    Niecy – WHAT? I cant secure myself with back up alliances in case you all turn on me? GEEZ your just mad I got to them first. HAHA. (whispers we have an ALL girl Final 4 no worries)

  271. i hope Kristen recycles her lace, mermaid colored shirt & high waisted jean/leggings from the week Annie was evicted!

  272. did i hear that right…does Kristen have to wear the hippitard when she is exiting the house to talk to julie??

  273. torch i have like 6 copy’s, all several books so realy couldn’t telly you. plus once i find a lead then go to a reference, i find out it was amended and the amendment was amended. the whole thing has complicated everything. realy giving me a headach but i wont stop til i figure this out. even if i have to call some old buddies.

  274. & i’m sorry but i do NOT think Hayden is cute….AT ALL….actually none of the guys are cute.

  275. dominique: lmao! that teal lace shirt with those super high waste dark denim jeans… that was freaking CLASSIC!!! doesn’t she manage a boutique too? that’s even worse!!

    • Yes Mary *wink * wink. I don’t know where u guys live but we dress different n up to date in Philly. Just like Kristen I don’t know any of u n don’t care what u have to say. It’s actually funny how close all u r it’s so cute:)

  276. I don’t know anything about putting facial masks on, but Brit’s seems to be put on with at least a small amount of care. Rachel’s seems to be slathered on.

    Both are kinda freakin’ me out, though.

  277. SO does everyone still think it’s a 7 – 0 vote or 6 – 1 (Kathy being upholding her morals).

  278. rachels mask might be drying…when it dries it cracks and gets lighter in color – she might have applied it too thin… i cannot believe i am discussing a facial mask right now…

  279. I figured as much thanks Mary, I will read the posts & comment accordingly! Y’all inc. Torch, Kristi with the #’s, Neicy, Rico, Trish, Craig, all crack me up on a daily basis! Sigh, yes MJ you got me hooked on BB, it’s ALL you talk about in da warehouse, drives me postal, figured I might as well join the BB party! OK, back to reading & scrolling! :P. MJ go to bed, unlike moi, YOU have to open tomorrow! (hee)

  280. OK Ladies.. and gentlemen.. I am off for the night too, thank you all for an incredible day and rest assured I will be here tommorow I cant stand to miss yall.. Please let me know if anything earth shattering takes place please.

    Since I cant Kiss Bren on my way out I will just say…. DUECES.. KICK ROCKS !! ( cause Neicy likes it when I do that) hhahaha

  281. if i were on big brother and everyone was going to vote unanimously i would intentionally vote for the other person and then when julie announces that it was not unanimous i would pretend to be shocked! and watch all the drama unfold!!

    • Kiss kiss good night sweetheart hope u enjoy looking in the mirror tomorrow morning and like what u hear when u try to put a sentence together. Bye bye !!

  282. I’m watching bbad on the tv but using my headphones on the computer with the feeds and they are so out of sequence.

  283. oh hey rico, didn’t see you either and again to anyone else i missed. has kathy said anything about going up to the devils den today or is she off that kick. it was sooo anoying. also if you guys missed it, lil mis lohan had to go straight to rehab. jlo is new ai judge and the v*mpires suck is on of the funniest movies i have every seen. you’ll like it if your a lover or a hater of the twi saga

  284. @Sterling – It’s definitely going to be a 7-0 vote. Nobody has the fortitude to even think about doing anything other than what the house wants.

  285. I’m finding it so hard to to watch the “girls” sit in the bathroom talking serious strategy – looking like they are going to break out in a chorus of “Mammy” at any minute.

  286. Mary– it was HORRID…as soon as i saw her i was like WTH is she wearing??? as a boutique manager she has really not stepped up with the fashion!!

  287. @ Kristy281. I don’t know how to cut or copy and or paste, what the he– is that. I do understand that MATT NEEDS TO GO RASKANKAL NEEDS TO GO , i LEARNED THAT WHEN you talk in caps, it means that your being insulting. I wasn’t,. OK! oops, am I bad? I will wait for the outcome of the BB commentators saga! It is better than the show!! I vote for Neicy 25 and Sterling, Torch with a wanna be raskankal in the mix!

  288. You know how people say couples start to look like eachother?

    Or how owners start to take on the appearance of their pets??

    Look at Matt and Ragan laying on the couch…

    • Try reading a book before going to bed to try to educate yourself. Ur gay little party is so cute. U guys can’t even talk about BB u have to dream about past casts or bad mouth the players. Can I say JEALOUS! It’s sad SORRY:(

  289. Even tho a lot of you hate her. RACHEL probably isn’t going anywhere for awhile . She is playing the game and she’s doing a pretty good job at it.

  290. Brendon and Rachel actually think there are 3 or 4 people in the house that won’t put them up together next week…

    Are they insane? Or am I?

  291. 451 – Wiz – why is that? It seems like there are never any surprises in the votes. Someone needs to mix it up just for fun.

  292. Rachel is going to get left and realize she really doesn’t have a game of her own. Once Brendan is gone she will flip. The Brenchel thing is in its own twilight! Game on!

  293. Rico, I think you and I, and a couple of other people on here know who is really insane. Its not you.

  294. @Rico – They’re definitely insane.

    Alas, my good people, I’m off to sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow in hopes that my mini-script has played out in some form or fashion. Good night all.

  295. @Sterling – I agree that someone should mix it up, but everyone is afraid to do something different because they think it’ll put a target on their back. People are playing too scared to even lend a sympathy vote.

  296. @BBfan… yeah, you’re right about Rachel’s game. She has definitely shown she knows the game and is a very strong player (whether you love her or hate her, you gotta give her that).
    But… I think that by being so strong so early and having such a strong and open alliance so eary, she has almost assured herself she can’t win. Too much of a target for too long to be able to last. Even if she makes it to the end, she won’t have any votes.

  297. torch my husband said the only way we will know it is rigged is if rachel won hoh tomorrow, since she can’t play, that or she is bb and running the house, or as kathy says, she is the devil and the bb house is her den.

  298. I have to officially sign off for the night. I must get this homework done. Tomorrow is going to be GREAT. lol catch you all later.

  299. the majority of winners on this show usally fly under the radar at the beginning then come on after the jury house starts.

  300. Nite Neicy25 – you should try to find a major that requires you to watch BB. Then you could do you homework 24X7.

  301. They have no idea how well Britney is playing. She distracts attention off the guys. Hayden played them well too. Matt/Ragan getting HOH scares me. I think Enzo still wants to cruise a little. So lets go Lane!!

  302. Is Lane for real? He just started watching BB (on tape?) a few months ago – and he made it one the show? Wow.

  303. Someone help Brendon meet w/ a psychologist! Textbook case guy loving those that are the worst for him! And help him find a sense of humor! He’s attracted to abusers! Sad for a Guy so gorgeous!

  304. Kristi I had someone earlier today try to tell me that Britney is a floater even with winning two pov’s.

  305. also guys, not joking at all but when rachel laughs, one of my dogs barks at the tv. don’t know why. he has never done that before. he started a couple days ago, thought it was by chance but no, he does it every time now. lol

  306. Nic – do you think Lane can play the game? He is always doing Larry the Cable Guy – is it an act, does he have a second gear?

  307. honestly torch, i am enjoying the research. it’s been 8 years since i had to know this stuff and it realy is fun for me atleast and helps me understand the game more. huge bb fan and that dedicated.

  308. ok i figured out a good twist. production evicts 5 people for being bored and brings 5 of us from on here to shake things up and win the 500g’s. we have earned it. of course, i like the behind the scenes production, editing, producing stuff but that can help you all out if it is rigged.

  309. Sterling, I think he likely has a huge game-day kick ass side to him. If tomorrow is physical at all and its left down to him a one other – he is gonna go strong. Since this game has been dull, its easier for him to play humor over agression. But he’s gonna get pulled out like Kristen if doesn’t make a move to show a presence to pompous ass Brendan who thinks he’s an Olympian. (Sorry Trish when you read this back)

  310. see i disagree with that. that’s the one thing i don’t like about this show. you’ve seen my myspace page, hell i have blue streaks in my hair and health probs also, but atleast it would we would be real.

  311. OK Nic – I actually hope so. I fear that some Brigade people are thinking “don’t win HOH tomorrow because next week is going to be a double eviction week and we want everyone to be eligible to play”. I also agree that if you lay low too long you can get picked off – eh Kristen.

  312. Thats true they seem that way. They want Britney to win. Buts whats the point after B/R are broken up? Then you are going against yourselves. Use the alliance to get these two mfers out!!

  313. @kristi…. I hardly ever use my myspace page, but if BB saw my picture, they would definitely put me on!

  314. they have had those maskes on their face for so long, faces will be red and dried out for tomorrow for the live the make up will be hard to work with tomorrow. it’s a girl thing. sorry guys. this post was boring to you but funny to some of the girls.

  315. Nic – I suppose they fear tow of the Brigade could get put up even if B/R are broken. Right now they really have an advantage because I still don’t think anyone is wise to them. Individually they are weak but as a 4 vote block they will soon rule the house.

  316. rico i use it all the time, i dislike the other site. and let me say i rock those blue streaks!! go Mountaineer!! i’m pretty much a preppy punk redneck mid 30’s

  317. Is everyone in college? I am a hard workin woman hooked on a show,a game, a social experiment.!I do not, want to member her name!!!! BBN must come up with a something bigger, something better than this! Oh, My gosh, make a show, a game of the folks that are talking right now. They are so much better than all the people BBN picked! Look, you have Neicy, Sterling, Torch, Karen(the mom!) BBN,ya all have better people right here than on the show right now!!

    • U think very highly of yourself. WOW! Maybe u don’t fit the mold or aren’t interesting enough to be on BB I think production has casting down by now sorry

  318. Has anyone seen a recent picture of “Bubbles” the chimp?

    If I recall properly, I think Rachel’s forehead looks identical to his right now…

  319. True Sterling. It also seems that B/R are so far off that getting put up this week will get them good!!

  320. Okay guys, I really am not in favor of the Brenchel alliance, but I have to say that after watching tonights episode a am starting to feel very bad for Brendon. He seems so clingy to Rachel and I think it’s because of his previous relationship going as far as engangement and then he got dumped, and left broken hearted. I feel very badly for Brendon as it seems he actually deeply cares for Rachel and “wants to be with her” but I can’t see her staying with him outside of the house. It’s just unfortunate that he may get hurt again and if he does I am truly sorry for him.

  321. hey Kristi did you see my updated pics. and by the way that dog was my boy JOKER he was a blue nose pitbull and some city cops killed him, they maced him to death.

  322. Sterling, Darling, no one fears the toll of the brigade, they do not know even fear themselves! Matt, dork for brains isn’t even afraid of his jock strap!

  323. 509 Rico – LOL. I was about to say she is starting to look like Jolson’s grandmother but you beat me to it.

  324. tishe – don’t underestimate the fabulous Brigade – they might just lull everyone into a stupor of yawns and slip into the final weeks.

  325. heard james is doing porn, matty is in jail and along with evil dick. don’t know if any of that is true tho. i’m headed out all. have a great night. happy posting;)

  326. yea torch i did, i left you some comments. also it’s my girl dog that barks at rachel’s laugh. he says it’s because a b*tch knows a b*tch. lol again good night all

  327. Torch Darling, is that something that raskanal would be afraid of? YES, maybe even whip boy?? May I ask a question? What is up with Ragan? Kewl guy, but under the radar? YES,Sterling, I will not under estimate the brigade. They do a a pretty good job on their own!! They under estimate each other! Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, I give up. Good Night

  328. Oh my lawd, the posts are soo funny! I totally agree Fabulous BB post-ers, you lay low too logn you’re likely to get picked off! And really what jury is going to award $ to a floater THIS time around? These guys & gals all have bones to pick and grudges and such, I mean that jury house is goin’ to be like a court house grand jury deliberation room! INtense! K, Craig,scrolled up to read #275, ah Wiz, that made my night! Oh my Oh my, that is toooo funnny~! Hee-hee, I almost fell off my chair, and laughed so hard woke up the entire house! They were like, you & that posting again! It was well worth it! I’m a BB fan, no shame! K, off to read the next 200 posts! Now we’re at 525! Dang y’all you are crazy 2nite! @ Kristi – heartily concur on that one, Rachel’s laugh drives me *awol* at first I though it was cute, but her voice hitches on these weird high notes constantly, esp in the DR room? Why?????? Anyhowz, as for Britt, she’s playin’ the best way right now, not too ‘floaty’ and not too ‘bold & brash’ just right like the 3 Lil Bears….and Goldilocks…who would be the bears to Brittany’s goldilocks? Things that make you go hmmmm…….. ;)

  329. Hmm..interesting stuff guys, though wasnt’ ready for that “inter-league” BB house that invented itself with some of you – lol – that was fuNNY! @ Nic – I agree sometimes the best players do NOT win, I mean how would Jesse have been voted off SO fast & well if not for that Coup D’Etat! Yes I will keep posting that until CBS hears my cry and brings it back! I saw others posting about it on the last board it’s such an exciting part of the game!

    Ragan Rocks / Britt beams / Lane loafs /
    Brendon bangs / Rachel romps / Hayden Hopeful /
    Kristen kisses / Enzo’s Entertaining
    Matt Mimicks Macho Man / Kathy’s _______ (no words need help on this one)/

    Was so close to a perfect alliteration but Kathy just boggles the mind! :P

    Sterling – pls dont’ tell me you’re with this brigade brady bunch, they do NADA, they’re so fruitless they only have ‘cons’, do you see any ‘pros’? putting me to sleep does not count! :P hee*

  330. I think Kristen should be elimated. I am actually a fan of Rachel and Brendon. Matt is the one that should go next and then Britany…they are both snakes. When everyone finds out that Matt lied about his wife, he wil have no friends.

  331. While I’m glad Britney did not use the power of veto, because I can’t stand Hayden and Kristin, Ragan, a REAL floater, drives me nuts. he so two-faced. I wish he would be put up on the block. He thinks hes being so smart, he needs a wake up call. I beginning to like Matt though,

  332. its really disgusting, they are the floating grenade(brigade)

    and brit’s brenden joke is that if its endurance, once he drops, you will see everyone else racing to drop…what a bunch of losers…will anyone think outside the box and make a move?

  333. matt sits around all day with his hands in his pants…literally

    regan at least tries to think about the game
    brigade is a floating grenade

    kathy is the only thing more useless than a brigade member

    Brenden needs to win HOH, and someone needs to tell him how much people talk #### about him for no reason, and start a side alliance…

  334. agree jd, brenden is a good guy that obviously has some issues after being hurt…he just wants to be loved so badly that he will force it….he will find it eventually though…a nice guy like that with a job will have no problems eventually

  335. Of course people talk about him. Look how Brendan talks crap about everyone else. Bye B/R enjoy kissing up for votes!!

    I really just wanted to comment that Rachel needs to let that shrunken sweatsuit go…

  336. If there is a lifelong friendship in the house it would have to be B/K. What idiot tells a girl/guy he loves them after 2 weeks. I think they were just playing Annie in the begining with the whole “oh wow, your into science too? bit
    I’m puling for Lane or Enzo to win HOH. Get some Willie CD’s and some pickled okra, or some of that famous Jersey pizza in the house.
    I don’t want to have to wait too long to see Brendons face when he hears Matt is a scumbag liar.

  337. And the only reason I don’t want Regan to win tomarrow is because he would be the only one that might not put both B/R up.

  338. I hope brit does team with B and R…it HAS to happen with ragen attached to matt and the brigade floating around intact…it will implode, but it just might work with brit’s disdain for brenden

    I hope Brenden gets HOH…it must happen to keep this game going, he or Ragen or Brit for HOH

  339. brenden only “talks crap” about their GAME, he doesnt tear them down or make fun of them right in front of them

  340. its pathetic to hear them talk about trapping people with brenden on and on and on…its not like matt with his hands down his pants saying “its going to be crazy” lane picking at his hands, or ragen staring off into space/enzo sleeping, saying yo all the time is remotely entertaing

  341. I hope bren wins hoh, even though that means rach will be safe. Kat should join hayden’s lil team. They are are pretty useless in the game – all just floating by.

  342. I think the lifelong friends in the house are Britney and Lane. It doesn’t seem like those two have had an alliance at all, so for her to be so upset that Brenchel would have put him up as the re-nom is a little suspicious.

    Cannot wait for tonight’s episode! GET KRISTEN OUT! She is sooo annoying and I am sick of her constant whining and complaining. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Brendon is the new HOH. How funny would it be to piss off the rest of the house even more!

  343. This season the cast is boring and the coolest person (Kristin) is going home! Rachel IS STUPID and the most annoying person ever!! Big Brother is not what It used to be! I am disappointed every year!

  344. i think krstin needs two go home for sure she is the strongest player in the house right now

    • Finally someone smart n that watches the same BB that I do. I love Kristen she stayed true to playing real and kept her great philly attitude (which probabely got her in trouble) and I really liked her n Hayden together they were both real n not kissa**es.

  345. Enjoy the show trmendously.. Likin’ Lane and Ragan.. Matt has to go… Brendan without Rachel would be a BONUS..

  346. America has voted and Kristen you get $5,000 to plant a big old KISS on Brendon as you leave the House. Bren wins HoH… yeah, right – 1 against 7, oh wait… forgot Kathy, 1 against 6. Though he will have Rach in his corner “you’re doing GREAT Bren”. It could be EXCITING if they let Rach drink… “none of you b*tches better not get between me and my man”. After saying that I’m rooting for Kathy. Hah!!!

  347. why does brit care if lane goes up on the block… is something up with them two? they dont seem to be that close of friends on the show yet she couldn’t “risk” him being put on the block.. I wonder why that is

  348. Matt still has his hands down his pants!
    Delightful to I guess. While it would be great for Brendon to win HOH, it seems highly unlikely, somehow I think a floater will ‘stream’ through and nab it! Think Kristen will do something spectacular when she exits…if shes does? How are the online cams & BBAD – was anything revealed to say different?

  349. @ jax – i know the results of who will be the next sab is sun aug 8th, i guess the pandora’s box will occur the same time, since the new HOH will be crowned tonight. i’m sure they’ll alude to the PB all night tonight! should be a great epi 2nite!

  350. @ marsha – I know eh? Glad you caught that too, one drop of Lane’s name as a possible replacement and Britt went 360 on Hayden.
    I’m not subscribed to BBAD or online cams, did she ever get the chance to tell Hay & Kris that, or did producers of BB send Britt to the DR room? lol.

  351. There is definitly something up with Lane and Britt…but maybe not cuz if she used the POV and Lane got put up then Britt would have the bragades on her back.

  352. MJ and MARSHA – Brit has formed a friendship with Lane, and knows he can offer her some protection so when she saw that Rach was going back on the deal to Put Kathy up as a replacement she didnt want to risk it, No she didnt get a chance to tell Lane before the eviction she was called to the DR but I am sure she has by now and so she is safe from B/R cause she kept thier noms the same convincing them she was with them, and she has the Brigade not gunning for her cause she saved there alliance to with out knowing..

  353. I think Britney made one of the best, clearly thought out decisions all season. Shes in good standing with all the top players & I like Kristen but keeping her was not worth the risk. I wish we could get Rachel and Brendon out because I dont know how much longer I can stand watching them lol how ridiculous.. they just met. And i’m sure Brendon’s family thinks Rachel is super classy!! haha

  354. this years bb is really boring with lazy people that don’t want to do much but lay around. come on big brother get them moving.
    drinking and getting drunk is not a sport in my book. HELP!

  355. What is with enso putting his hands in his pants and then smelling his fingers on after dark last night. He sure has no class at all.

  356. oooh that makes sense thanks kristi w/#’s! :)
    i was hoping someone answered my query about lane & britt, i didn’t realize they were that close, gotta watch the subtle cues & looks on 2nite’s epi!

    @ danielle – thurs shows (evictions are live @ 8pm about 1 hr 20 minutes from now.

    @ jessica – where’d you get that info? or are you hoping for a double eviction 2nite? you really want the K & K to go home? why?

  357. well last week when I got on his I knew who was going home and who won hoh a few hrs before he show came on …and im anxious to know lol…I think Jessica is wrong anyways cuz theres no was kathy is smart enough to win hoh

  358. Gee isn’t anyone in that house smart enough to see the guys hanging together all the time…to bad Ragan can’t throw out the name to others..and try to break them up…

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