Big Brother 12: Week 4 Nominations Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 nominations episode!

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Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show. Did Rachel make the right noms? Who do you think is in the most danger of being evicted from BB12?

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  1. Rachel neeeds to play her own game…brendan is running it’s big brother get over being nice and play the game.

  2. tonights show finally show’d me why i watch this..drama…. bye bye kristen..then next week i think rachel will be out..

  3. I don’t think Brendon is doing any of the work, he’s just helping out with Rachel’s weak emotional side. Did you really think she wasn’t going to put up Kristen and Hayden?

  4. Jennie your right, i think that they should play their own game and quit worrying about everyone being floaters, then with said everyone but brenchel is a floater….she is an over powering worrier about everyone but her, Brendan was right saying she was taking a power trip.

  5. Rachel is the hatfulness skank.She ranks right in there with Last years,Natalie. Except Natalie is not a CHEAPO DRUNK like Rachel. I dislike her and weasel Matt so much.I wish Production would do something about her as she has made this game personal and it is a game of playiny with who is best in the game…I am uncertain if honesty is even in this house..Kathy is a sob story,,,,,,if she is sick..she would not be SMOKING!

  6. Well, there are only two cast members that I like – Lane and Enzo. The rest are a bunch of nitwits and misfits who would be much better as cast members on “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” Never seen so many losers on one program. Thanks Budman for your comments. Glad that I am not the only person who is annoyed by Ragan.

  7. I think Rachael is nuts. She can’t even cry real tears! She claims everyone is trying to come between her and “her man”. She even made that statement when Andrew was ousted. Has anyone else susected that Andrew and Brendan might be brothers??!

  8. rachel should remember she only have the power for a week, brendon might not win hoh for them nextweek. i just cant believe matt is out of the picture now, instead of gunning for kristen she should have nominated hayden and matt, that way it breaks the brigade. i hate matt, he thinks he is some genius, and he always talks smiling even telling his wife is ill, stupid.

  9. By the way, there is a name for guys like Brendon, and I think you know what I am referring to. One of the words is an animal and hint, hint, it ain’t dog. Meow, meow. Nuff said.

  10. OOps…typo! It should have read has anyone else suspected Andrew and Brendan are brothers?

  11. Hey Summer- Some hater named Susie attacked you on the other thread but others stepped in and defended you before I had a chance. I think she works in the brothel with Rachel

  12. I can’t believe the intelligent people in this house are not aware there is an alliance. I am hoping Britney takes down kristen, not because I dont want kristen to go, but I would like to see the brigade accidentally hit by a renom like Matt. His dishonesty is beyond the pale…

  13. I knew that Kristen and Hayden would be put on the block. I think that Rachel did the right thing to put them both on the block. Kristen and Rachel are not getting along in the Big Brother house. However there is a few more days til we find out if the POV is use, and if it not use then Kristen will leave this Thursday night. If the POV is use, and Kathy is put up against Hayden then Kathy will leave the Big Brother house.

  14. They kept cutting feeds this afternoon because everyone was calling Brendan NeedleD***. Production made them stop. Too funny!

  15. @caroline
    What folks keep forgetting is that NO ONE knows about the brigade , tha t is why no two of them are being put up, and in that way they are smart

  16. Budman – I don’t have the time to waste on people like Susie who want to attack me – know what I mean? For those who don’t like me – I don’t give a rat’s behind. Attack somebody who gives a dang

  17. I think it was poor form of cbs allowing Matt’s wife to lie and support his lie of her illness…. they must be able to edit since they wont allow people to get info from the outside… so why did they allow his wife to influnce the game with an endorsement of the lie

  18. how stupid is rachel? seriously, she wants to take out the “floaters” leaving all the big threats in. and of course first chance she will be out. note, it’s never too early to be thinking of the jury room. you can’t win the big money without the majority support.

  19. @10 doctorcatie I have been saying that since the show started…I think if they are not brothers, they are cousins

    • andrew & brendon can only be brothers if one of them was adopted. Andrew is caucasian and jewish. Brendon is hispanic (presumably catholic, but not necessarily so).
      the only thing going for kristen is that she looks great in pretty much anything (the hippietard for example). Hayden is willing to throw her under the bus for the brigade and they skate by again without being detected. Can people really not see them for what they are?
      Book-smarts doesn’t necessarily mean
      common sense. Kathy needs to go too. If
      I worked with her as a Sheriff, I’d be embarrassed! What a slap in the face to law enforcement.
      would like to see enzo and brendon (without rachel) make to the final two and maybe lane third.

  20. yes EVERYONE hates Rachel, that is apparent. even the whole house does, but she is still there and is still fighting…
    get over your own voices, and use this to your advantage…stop hating and start playing…

  21. finally some drama! so glad kristen is probably going home, can’t stand her! too funny that she says ‘ i dont lie’…riiiiiight. even better is the fact that Kathy all of a sudden thinks she’s going to do ‘great’ during the POV challenge…that idiot has not done one thing right the entire time in the house! in fact, she’s been the first one out ( i think) every time! i hope she is next! at this point I think Brendon is riding rachel’s coat tails. he is ‘letting’ her do whatever b/c ultimately she is expendable – so when her time is up, THAT is when Brendon will start playing the game. I hope Brit doesn’t save Kristen … i don’t think she will…she prob. doesn’t want to rock the boat!!

  22. This season is so bad CBS has to take video and DR sessions from the previous week. Brenda was right in saying Randy,(Rachel’s name before the sex change)doesn’t need to go on a power trip all the time. If Randy really wanted to get the floaters out, why is Kathy, Enzo & Lane not up? My head spins with the amount of sub-alliances.

    So, if CBS plans to bring back an evicted HG. Does that mean the Juror house doesn’t start until the week after this one? I was never a fan giving a HG another chance, but this season NEEDS something. IMO, Monet & Kristen would make the most noise. Maybe Annie as well. Andrew would just run back to Brenda and Randy, and hide behind them. Not much drama there.

  23. I hope that if Kristen gets evicted they don’t allow her back..I will be beyond pissed. now that she was ‘attacked’ she’s acting very cocky…like she is queen shit…can’t stand her! she thinks her s*** doesn’t stink and that she is God’s gift. just like others are saying she is going to ride on hayden’s coat tails to get her as far as possible! she hasn’t won or done…or cared about anything except these past couple of days.

  24. Annie ,I totally agree. They are related somehow. Do you recall when Rachel was HOH and mentioned putting up Andrew how Brendon became upset and talked her out of it? Interestingly too Brendon’s middle name is Josef…Jewish spelling of Joseph. I am convinced they are connected in some manner. I will be surprised if they aren’t.

  25. you know..i have watched big brother forever. it is my guilty pleasure that my sisters and i get together and watch and gossip about in a silly way…there has been only one person that has made me want to stop watching…rachel the drag queen..everytime she screams when she talks, fake-cries, says everything two or three times so everyone pays attention to her it drives me crazy. how do all of the house guests not call her out on her drag queen ways??????? omg no offense to my beloved drag queens comparing you to that lumpy weave mess!!! my sistas and i will toast when her and her lapdog are out the door!!! i like ragan and the big cowboy..

    i just wanted to say i enjoy reading everyone’s comments…thanks guys and have a peaceful night!!

  26. This version of BB is the worst ever! I really don’t like anyone of the houseguests,i thought that might change as the season went on but if anything it’s gotten worse.They just keep getting more and more boring.Give the money to Kathy give the money to really makes no difference..yawn.Wake me up when it’s over!!


    • I agree Lynn! I would prefer Rachel go… I would like to see if Brendon has any game …. we know he’s a little short of game under the sheets! :)

  28. @Jason wow you are just soooo clever. Did you come up with changing their names from male to female and vice versa all by yourself? Give yourself a pat on the back…GOOD JOB!

  29. I just wanted to say that this is a show…everyone is on here to be seen and possibly win some money. If they can’t win the money, then take the 15 minutes of fame and have everyone talk about you, know who you are etc.
    R and B are taking the 15 minute thing to the max….of course they are going to do everything they can to hog the spotlight.If you don’t win at least be remembered.
    R may not ever be a great player, but OMG from what I have read on here and other threads…she will not be forgotten… you all give her way to much time in silly discussions…she is strong in the BB house because she constantly is in everyones face/space, making sure the camera is on her. We don’t get to see enough of the other house guests or hear from them (dr should be equal time for all) perhaps because they don’t hog the limelight like R does. B is such a goofball…I had high hopes for him at the beginning…but npw I think he is a R follower with little going on in his own head. He needs to rethink his own game play.

  30. New question>> do not believe it’s ever been asked..IF Ragan wins HOH who will he nominate??
    He is closest to Matt but he buys into sympathy ploys tooo easy..Would he put up Brendon /Rachel or at least one of them??

  31. The best BB was with Janelle and Doctor Will, no doubt. There will never be one to compare. It is obvious it is a “show” and CBS is not withholding their hand in helping things move along in one specific direction. What we don’t see on camera…Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I always say I won’t watch another one since it seems so scripted and folks are influenced by CBS crew. But, here I am again. Regardless of who we like or don’t like, obviously CBS knows how to capture an audience.

  32. doctorcatie at @27 I never checked that out, about the spelling of the names…good point. There was something really weird about B’s reaction….the HG’s had only been together for a short time and B is all riled up at R for saying something about A….and Andrew nearly wets his pants when R wins….I thought something was up then. Even if what you and I think may be true…B needs to play a better game and not be relying on R or anyother player…because no matter what R says $500,000 speaks volumes, love will always finish second to that…especially is a game that you get involved in to win the $$$$$$ in the first place

  33. Connie, my opinion is that Ragan would put up Rachel and Brendon. One can hope. Personally I would like to see Enso go. He is crude in his words regarding his wife regarding what should be their private, intimate life. I think he believes himself to be “The Godfather”.

  34. doctorcatie @35 I totally agree with everything you said. I keep watching and yes Dr. Will was the best, Evil Dick was also great. This crew is so lifeless compared to other seasons…maybe it will pick up.

  35. Annie@36, you are 100% right. Brendon needs to get his game face on and think about the real reason he is there. Otherwise, their little shomance is going to cost him the game and I hardly think the relationship will last. The money would still be doing some good when R is long gone.

  36. I think Rachel will be very surprised when she realizes most of America can’t stand her & believes her to be a tramp. I don’t dislike her for that, what I can’t stand is her power mad actions when she wins something.

  37. My take on these players: 1.Rachel – bimbo shank 2.Britney – mean girl & hippocrite 3.Kristen – conceited biatch 4. Kathy – user and very annoying accent 5.Matt – he think his smaller than he is 6.Brendan – pussy whipped 7.Regan – i have nothing against gays but hate when all when all they talk about is being gay 8.Hayden – too bad his (kind of) one night stand got in the way of his game play 9.Lane – not real bright but nothing really annoying about him 10.Enzo – funny guy (who’s taking pops at me) lol Sooo…i guess Enzo and Lane for the win !!

  38. Connie, I don’t think Ragan would put up Brenchel bc he just doesn’t have the b*&^s to do it. I don’t care if he is gay. I really think he is throwing the competitions intentionally. That being said, I think if Ragan did win HOH he would put up Lane and Bozo. Just my thoughts.

  39. Best line of the season so far goes to Regan, “having Kathy on your team during a challenge is like Weekend at Bernies, you have to lug a dead body around with you.” LOL

  40. Does anyone else find Kathy’s eyelashes annoying. They look like she’s wearing two spiders on her eyes. For that reason alone I’m ready to see her leave…plus, of course, she has no game.

  41. welll doctorcatie..u know that after this weeks eviction or the next for sure (Hayden or Kristen this week) that unless R&B get HOH will be friends putting up friends..Will be interesting to see how the brigade handles evicting one of their own..

  42. Doctorcatie, I completely agree with you on Dr. Will and Janelle. That was just classic. I also agree with you about Bozo. The whole “Bro-gade” alliance is just a joke. I love it when they refer to themselves as “Reality TV stars”, they are just CONTESTANTS! And if I hear Bozo say one more time that “next week the Bro-gade will win HOH and shake up the house” I think I will puke. Hayden is the only person capable of winning in the Bro-gade alliance. Hayden should distance himself from them, I do think he is capable of winning the game.

  43. so now that K and H have been called out…there doesn’t seem to be much a showmance going on there, which just goes to prove my point that the $$$$ is what got everyone on board in the first place. Play to win, and lying with your gameface on will get you further than screaming “stay away from my man”.

  44. Who would Ragan put up, hmmmmm…

    Hopefully Rachel and whothehellcares.

    Seriously though, I think he’d put up Lane and Enzo.

    Go Team ABR!

  45. @42 I thought that was too funny…loved that movie and BTW it had more action than this BB has had (for most of the season) so far.

  46. Like, OMG, like stay away from, like, my man! OMG! Like, I’ll like throw you under, OMG, like, the bus if you don’t, like, stay away from, like, my man!! OMG

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  47. I ain’t sure about Ragan..He is way way under everybody’s radar for the time being.and he has dirt on all the HG’s as he has had close talks with all of them…SOOO he is actually the biggest threat in the house without anybody realizing it…good game play if he can keep it up a couple more weeks..

  48. Feeds>>>Hayden just told Brittney that he is playing the game for himself..not Kristen…Whoa what a revalation wow..who would have thought it..lmao

  49. Connie you are right! Ragan does listen to everyone, knows all kinds of dirt, looks sympathic and interested in everything they are saying…but…in the end he will have just enough to sway others and form his own alliance with just about anybody. Go Ragan…he just might outsmart them all.

  50. rachel definitely has the comp skills and game knowledge to win bb12. however, she’s entirely too emotional and lacks self control. it’s unfortunate that she feels the need to be such a total bitch – which, in return, keeps that HUGE target on her back and will soon be her downfall in this game. it’s too bad she can’t see that….

  51. Well actually the only ones working to stay in this house is Rachel and Brendon. They are the targets every week all the time. I like her and I like the fact she is busting her butt to stay. I do not believe Brandon is the boss it is her! She is a way better competitor then most all of them!! BUT she does get personal! The brigade as much as I like them…really is not winning ANYTHING!
    Love Rachel and Brendon!

  52. #56
    i think rachel & brendon may be getting a little “help” from the producers to stay in the house.
    “showmance” – especially when “real sex” is involved – equals RATINGS.

  53. Did CBS not explain the rules to Rach? She’s playing as if her reign of HoH lasts past a week. She better hope that “her man” wins the next HoH. Otherwise she will be on the block + probably out of the house.

  54. If I am not mistaken, Rachel took part in Hawaiian Tropic pageants in the past. As I understand it, there are a lot of divas that are very cutthroat in these competitions among other women when it comes to trying to win pageants. Maybe this partially explains why she truly wants to be the only woman in the house.

    Britney better not count on the power of taking a bubble bath with Rachel in order to stay in the house, if she is the last woman in the house with Rachel and Rachel is HOH at that point in time.

  55. well HAYDEN surely did try n’ throw Kristen under the old bus..dam hit n’ run kinda dude…ain’t love grand..lmao

  56. no it was not mentioned…may not be but will be up to Julie Chen if she wants to broach the subject tHursday nite..I kinda doubt she does ..but u never know

  57. IMO, H and K may have a showmance, but they realize that they have to play as individuals. Hayden was my pick to win from the start and I think that if Kristin goes he will be better off.

  58. When Jessie and the crazy girl had their tryst last year it was discussed, but did Julie Chen mention it or was she quiet on the topic? I don’t remember.

  59. to I Hate Rachel,
    totally loved your making fun of the way she talks….did you notice how hayden asked her to complete a sentence with out saying “like”
    I am proud of Kristin for putting Randy (rachel) in her place..soooo sick of her and her power trip! Brit take kristin down and make an alliance and get rid of Rachel!!!

  60. Not sure on that Jessie n’ Lydia thing..It may have been discussed to get Natalie’s (SHOCK VALUE) attention but DON’T THINK IN THE BEGINNING IT WAS A MAJOR ISSUE..

  61. @#10…didn’t see that connection, but Rachel does kind of remind me of MANchelle from the season with ROIDboy Jesse.

    Everytime Rachel uses her sista from the hood voice I throw up in my mouth! Can’t wait for her to leave!

  62. @babydoll, thanks, I was copying somebody from another thread. I wish I’d thought of it first!

    Unless something happens, I don’t think Brit will use the veto.

    The Brigade has 3 votes this week, 4 are needed to evict. All they have to do is convince one person to vote their way.

    Brendon of course will vote whichever way Boobzilla wants him to vote. That leaves Brit, Ragan, and whoever is not on the block between Kathy, Hayden and Kristen.

    If Brit takes Hayden off the block then the Brigade controls the eviction.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  63. LORDY LORDY A GROWN WOMAN FROM THE SOUTHERN REGION OF THE USA AND SHE AIN’T NEVER SHOT POOL..!!!!Say it ain’t so…Where was Kathy raised?? she ain’t a pool player..never has been so she says..

  64. i’m starting to feel like i’m wathching a episode of the hills. as much as i loved that show, so glad it is over. the hg’s keep saying this is the best season ever. i don’t agree but they do have everyone talking. good or bad, just look at the threads.

  65. does anyone know what happened to the old showtime/meebo chat? You have to use a password to access it now. What gives?

  66. @connie – I’ve lived in the south for good portion of my life, and I know many people who don’t shoot pool.

    Not even every redneck I know shoots pool, and I know a LOT of rednecks.

    In any case, from what I saw on BBAD before I lost my free Showtime, there’s nobody in the house that shoots good stick.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  67. Kathy is just as bad as the rest of them. he has NO loyalty (as well as no game). She was kissing Rach’s a** so hard when she was HOH the first time… pretending to be her friend this whole time…then when Kristen threw her mini fit Kathy went over to console her. As much as I dislike Rachel, she had a completely valid point about kathy not ‘consoling’ her…i’m glad Rach called her out on it…all kathy could do was roll her ugly eyes! kathy is the biggest ‘floater’ of them all! i hope she goes next!

  68. I tried to give Rachel the benefit of the doubt. But from what they have shown on CBS – the rest of went down last week; she’s just horrible. If Hayden cuts some two week deal, he’ll need to throw HOH for one of the other guys. And Brenden was talking crap after the HOH last week too.

  69. this is the worst cast ever…why am i paying for live feed. they are all (minus britney and hayden) literally just sitting down, looking half dead!

  70. @nic hayden has been thowing comps since he was hoh. he thinks it will put a target it oh him. the brigade is already ready to cut him loose. so if he makes it this week, he should change his game play. actually all of them should.

  71. kristin needs to go this week! then a few brigade members! hayden and matt will most likely be the first two of the four brigade people to be evicted. i hope rachel and brendon last throguh the next few weeks. theyr guarenteed jury spots atleast so im proud of them lol.

  72. First, Rachael is a bimbo shank, Britney is a mean girl and hippocrite, Kristen a conceited biatch, Kathy a user and unskillfull, Hayden too bad his (kind of) one night stand interfered in his game plan, Brenden is p**** whipped, Regan i have nothing against gay people but i hate when all they talk about is being gay, Matt is not as smart as he thinks, Lane nothing against him but weak, and Enzo is a funny guy (who’s popping stuff about me) lol so i guess that’s Enzo or Lane for the win

  73. i dont think the brigade wants to cut him lose. hayden said he is on board for getting rid of kristen and they still want to take the brigade (hayden included) to the end.

  74. GREAT! now brenchals gonna end up being in the jury house together and were gonna have to listen them..STILL!! ‘wow’ to those who have won HOH!

  75. not to disagree with you emily but enzo, matt and lane have all said hayden can go anytime. just not to his face. enzo, matt & lane want final 3.

  76. I understand that Britney told him he should cut a deal. If he does, its better he throws the next HOH if one of the other Keystone Cops is in line to win. I think is the only one that has not kissed up. I just don’t know which one should go first.

  77. RachLover : I agree!! can’t stand Kristin – want her gone now… and Hayden irritates the sin out of me! his D.R. sessions are the worst…he talks so different and over enthusiastic…it’s just weird…can’t stand him anymore. Matt is just a lame duck – he’s really cocky. I DO think Kathy needs to go though – probably before Hayden even! I can’t STAND her!!!!

  78. Connie@71, you better watch out, Tim@34 will jump your ass for typing in all caps..according to him, it’s rude.

  79. @ Ann Maris: yea shes such a floter. im glad rachel called her out. there needs to be a big shakeup soon. brendon and rachel need to keep winning the next few HOHs lol. brendon MUST win HOH for week 5 if they are going to stay together in the house.

  80. Altruism and BB don’t mix.

    If you think BB is a nice game, think again.

    This is a game of lies, deceit, misdirection.

    Rudeness is as rudeness does. What comes around goes around. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Mama always said, life is like a box of chocolates.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  81. @93, it’s not directed at any specific post, but is a general comment IRT many past posts and threads.

  82. Yep! Reap what you sew!! Enjoy your run through the forest 2minBren and Boy George!! Gosh I hope Rachel does not mind the right side of face on TV. When sit across from Julie after the eviction thats the side closest to the camera. The tide turns folks. Swim or float gravity sucks!!

  83. I don’t hate those who actually play the game. I’d be less worried about the ‘floaters’ & more worried about the ones winning the comps. Duh. Rachel is playing the game, no matter how annoying she is she’s playing the game (she’s not a ‘floater’ those who try & actually succeed at WINNING comps are not floaters). I can’t stand her DR’s I don’t understand why she has to yell? Hello camera is right there in your face why do you have to yell at it?
    She’s playing the game, she’s winning the comps she needs to win to stay in the house.

  84. Rachel needs to go now. I can not stand her any longer. The house is stupid for not evicting her the first week. If i hear her say ” if you come after me and brenden im coming after you” or me and brenden this me and brenden that..please find something new to talk about!!

    Kristen all the wayy

  85. Kristen is one of the worst ones there! she’s conceited, hasn’t won anything…has done anything except make empty threats. tells everyone she ‘doesn’t lie and won’t kiss ass’ and what is she doing right now? preparing to kiss rachels ass AND britneys so that brit uses the veto on her…and then she’s going to throw Kathy under so that she can stay! AND then she’s doing things w/ hayden while she has a boyfriend back home…that just shows how ‘loyal’ she really is! Kristen needs TO GO!!!!!

  86. I think she is still undecided. but brit spends a lot of time w/ lane and enzo…and they all want kristen out… so I’m hoping she doesn’t use it!!! hopefully she wont be swayed…

  87. think brit is going to use the pov to save hayden so that kathy goes up against kristen and goes home. hay and bri are talking about it now… saying they are going to to talk to rachel and brendon about it later tonight… looks like that’s what is going to happen. BOO! i wanted kristen OUT!!!!! maybe the ‘brigade’ will pull together and get kristen out anyway?!?!?!!!

  88. rick: i know right?! i can’t believe hayden is playing so hard for kristen…he needs to get his head out of his ass and play for himself! i can’t stand kristen!! i am so mad she is probably going to stay!!

  89. AND for kathy being so loyal to kristen …for kristen to pull this?! that just shows again what kind of person kristen is… can’t stand her

  90. god i really hope enzo and lane talk to her and not use it kristen has to go she sucks and is not a nice person

  91. yeah lan! i hate her. i think brit is going to use the pov to save hayden and put up kathy…so either way…i think kristen will be saved this week! i’m so mad about it, don’t even get me started!!! lol

  92. everyone except rachel ! LOL! they don’t like to giver her a lot if she has some DR sessions to go into! i wish they would just let the hg’s get wasted every once in a while…these ones need it! spice things up in there!! its so booooooring!

  93. i know rick!!! i hope he does!!!! it makes more sense to kick off kristen now… she is more of a physical threat than Kathy – ever! they should get rid of Kris NOW while they can b/c they can take Kathy out, anytime!

  94. @Ann Marie I agree, get our Kristen and then Kathy after. Kathy will NEVER win any competition that requires physical labour. XDD

  95. I’m glad Brit just said that if rachel says she doesn’t want her to use the POV no matter what Brit won’t use it… i just can’t see rachel saying “ok, save hayden and we’ll get kathy out” rachel really doesn’t like kristen…i just wish the POV ceremony was right now – so that things couldn’t change! i want kristen GONE!! lol. let kathy stay and hang out a little while longer, she wont be winning anything… so might as well get rid of the ‘threats’ while you can!! this is an easy decision!

  96. plus, kathy thinks she is just ‘untouchable’ and ‘so well liked’ … you know? she was on the block and didn’t go home… she thinks everyone likes her…she thinks she is going to make it to the end, double talking everyone, kissing asses everytime someone wins an hoh…all of the hg see right through it though… she’s just freaking irritating…she’s ALWAYS making references to her being a deputy sheriff….PLEASE! what is the population of her county?! 21?!!! she is completely useless.

  97. i agree rick. i guess everyone is ‘overthinking’ everything…the jury house especially.

    if it were kathy and (almost) ANYONE else in the final two the jury house might vote for Kathy!! only b/c she played kind of neutral throughout the whole thing… don’t know?!!

  98. kristi: lmao! the best part was when lane was talking about ragan saying he could really win an hoh or something b/c you know “he’s good at thinking” i’m dying laughing!!!

  99. britney is a smart girl and i think lane is a lot smarter then most people think i think there is only 1 in her county were ever it is they should be embarrassed that she is a sheriff

  100. they are running through as many scenarios as possible, Brit. is smart she will do what she thinks is best for her.

  101. kathy just walked in. i wonder if she heard anything lane and brit were saying? you know, using her police skills.

  102. doubtful. kathy is too busy talking about bruises. what’s her freaking issue! she told people she had been SHOT before… i’m laughing as i’m typing this (probably sleep deprivation) anyway… if you’ve been shot before – i don’t think you’d be bitching about a couple bruises! keep on walking kathy… you weird ass.

  103. kathy wouldn’t discuss any further details of ‘the shooting incident’… she just told everyone she was shot before. probably gang related in her younger days… lol…

  104. i know rick! i hope brit just doesn’t use it!!!! she will be screwed over hard! i just can’t believe lane is being so stupid, telling hayden that he needs to ‘get on rachel’ so that he can convince rachel that it is a GOOD idea to let brit use the pov on hayden so that kathy can go up and get evicted! JESUS!!!

  105. All the men around here – look at all the women hating on Rachel – for NO. GOOD. REASON!

    Nonsense like that is why WE RULE THE WORLD!

  106. why are you all hating on kathy i think she is a good person if anything you all should be attackinh brendon and rachel she is annoying and her laugh and brendon is using her HOH power to convince her on who to put up since he cant win a thing!

  107. deesa: brit is not considering using the pov on kristen. she is considering using it to save hayden, so that rachel will put up kathy as replacement and then send kathy home. so it would be kristen vs. kathy.

  108. god dam it someone needs to shake britney and knock some common sense into her kristen needs to go home!!!!!!!

  109. jerrick: kathy is a lame duck. she hasn’t won anything, in fact she has been #1 out for almost every single competition. she lies to everyone, pretending she is on ‘their side’ and says the same things to every hg. she has no real loyalties. she was up rachels butt when she won first hoh … but when this most recent win happened for rachel she was consoling kristen instead….THEN she went up to the hoh room to apologize to rachel! kathy is just ‘there’ she thinks she is going to coast to the end.

  110. don’t get me wrong, i like lane but as far as books smarts go, collage maybe. he has street smarts out the @ss. that is a compliment by the way. ol and hey torch!

  111. What has kathy done so bad that she should go home?? i hate wheh ppl talke bad about ppl who dont deserve it only rachel and brenden deservie it

  112. i know, right deesa?!! I hope brit wises up and keeps kathy – ONLY to get rid of Kristen, who is OBVI a bigger physical threat than Kristen.

  113. jerrick. I can see you have a different point of view, totally cool. However, brendan and rachel are NOT the only ones who deserve it. kristen is a snake…matt’s lying about his wife’s supposive ‘ailment’ and hayden and kristen both flat out said that they would promise rach/brendon safety next week but if either one of them won hoh next week they would put both of them up together.

    Kathy does a lot of ‘favors’ for hoh etc… to keep on their good side. (wash clothes, fresh blankets, etc…)

  114. I don’t think Rachel and Brendon need to go home either. I think they are playing the game real well. Kathy will be good to get out later because she is not a threat to anyone. They need to get out the competitors. I have to admit though I am getting kinda tired of listening to Kathy

  115. you know ann kathy is a good person to keep in the house she could help be a vote and all that yeah she is not the best in challenges but i recall her saying in the DR that is her game play and come on she is the oldest one in the house! Think about that ANN!

  116. I am tired of reading all about Kathy,, Just you watch she will come out and win! I dont care if rachel and breandon are always fighting to stay they desirve to go and rachel is just flat out annoiying

  117. sorry torch. should of known. we think to much alike. lol my husband is laughing his @ss off at the comment reagon just said to matt. are you watching the feed?

  118. I don’t know why everyone is jumping on Ann Marie – she already said that she thinks Kristin needs to go and they should keep kathy around to use her until it’s time to get rid of her. lighten up and like she said before you start writing crap on here you need to go to the beginning to educate yourself.

  119. my last 3 comments were ‘awaiting moderation’ and didn’t post…so, whatever. You need to read everything before you decide to target a person and weigh in. my name is Ann Marie – Jerrick.

  120. ok guys we can debate without attacking eachother. let’s be adults and respect eachothers opinion

  121. Yeah Jerrick I guess it is. considering A M said that she wanted kristin gone instead of kathy and now your jumping all over her talking about how ‘great’ kathy is. kathy is an old hag – she’s a liar just like the rest of them. just b/c you obviously have the hotts for her or something doesn’t make you right.

  122. I read everything already! and ann is close enough but now you are targeting me and you have rick taking your side and kristen should stay

  123. hey Kristi did you catch the full conversation between kathy and lane about her and shooting pool I missed part of it.

  124. Jerrick you aren’t making any sense. for the third time, my name is Ann Marie. when you have something that will contribute to a conversation I will respond. until then i’m just going to ignore you – so ‘attack’ me all you want, i don’t really care.

  125. I think Rachel put up the right people, but the way she is acting is way out of the hand. If she doesnt want her and “man” as targets then she needs to stop going at people the wrong way. And even at Kathy I mean she was just being a friend.

  126. Finaly someone who says something nice about kathy why do yall only talk about brenden rachel and kathy like there is more than them in the house!

  127. I’m not going to be ostracized for defending myself against Jerrick – i’ve been on this chat board for quite some time and have not had an altercation before, so if anyone else here wants to “uninclude” me after I’ve been civil and communicating w/ everyone – then whatever. I’ve done nothing but talk about BB until this person came along…so, that’s that!

  128. no torch i didn’t sorry. as for the rest of posters. read the rules. debate the show and players. no personal attachs to the posters.

  129. Jerrick it”s rude to keep shorting some ones name when they have asked you not to, I only said this because the majority want to keep things cival.

  130. I must have missed something – is there a chance Kristen won’t be sent packing? When did this happen. Even the BBAD crawl line states that the Brigade want Kristen out because she is hurting Hayden’s game. We know Rach and Brendon want her out – so why would Kathy be voted out? Kristen has been too emotional and over reacts to Rach – and yes she can be difficult – but she just doesn’t use her head. Also, why does Brit think Hayden needs to be “saved” – he doesn’t look or act like he is in trouble.

  131. Kristens problem is that she thinks if she yells the loudest she’s the toughest she needs to go go go go if she stays though i think it will be on then between her and rachel

  132. wow…everyone wants to write ‘ read the rules ‘ if that’s how you all felt, then you should have jumped on Jerrick when he first typed something…i believe he stated “think about that ANN!” which was way before she even wrote anything! what is wrong with all of you people?!

  133. You know i think im done in this chat since yall are attacking me now and she never asked me too call her the full name she just said my name is …

  134. Sterling: brit might use the pOV to save hayden then rachel will put up kathy and kathy will go home. that’s what the plan ‘might be’ … but don’t know if its going to go down yet!!

  135. i can’t believe rachel believes tha act brit is putting on giving the fact that brit hates her.

  136. kristi: LOL! i think rachel is so desperate for a ‘girl friend’ that she doesn’t care if brit is insincere. rachel will just use the friendship until it blows up! it IS funny though that brit can carry it off so well…you really can’t tell that she doesn’t care for rachel when they are together, lol

  137. I think Brit well be really good playing the “new” Salvatore for the two weeks. with her acting like she is Rachel’s friend

  138. Funny how quickly Rachel forgets about what people (Brit and Kristen) said about her so she listens to their (fake)sob story and thinks their friends again. What is wrong with her?

  139. I think the only way anyone is really ‘safe’ is if they keep on winning!! if you can’t win HOH , better hope you can win POV!

  140. Thanks Ann Marie – but I still don’t see why Brit would be moved to use the POV. She would be better served by just leaving them both up (honoring the HOH) and she could easily see that Hayden doesn’t need to worry about being evicted.

  141. deesa469: i know what you mean. I don’t care for rachel, don’t get me wrong, but I think she just really does want to have friends, and i think she really does like people when it comes down to it… when you’re STUCK in a house like that, I guess it’s better to at least pretend to forgive ;-)

  142. so true Ann Marie this game is 25% skill 75% pure luck. and it’s any ones game at this point.

  143. Brit is promised something in return from hayden & kristen. Brit says that kristen would be “forever indebted to her’ if she uses the POV to ‘save her’…hayden would promise brit some kind of loyalty.

    however, hay/kri both have blatently said that if they are both in the house and win hoh next week even if they promised rach/bren they would be safe they would put BOTH of them up as nominees! so you can’t trust them, that’s for sure!!

    I just hope brit doesn’t use it at all!

  144. read past post…. i’m not the only one who try’s to remind people ot obey the rules of this site. I aslo only state it if and when i feel i should. i’m just trying to keep the peace so someone doesn’t get banned because they can’t respect the rest of the posters and Matt.

  145. Kristen has a lot of fire and needs to stay another week or two. Why get rid of her now, and leave Kathy??

  146. Rachel realling bugs me with that talk of hers like when she says omg!! they are “trying” to take Brendon from me” or something like that. She acts like a little kid on her part of being H.O.H. just my thought

  147. I wouldn’t even trust what Hayden and Kristen told Brittany. Is she really going to fall for that?

  148. Nic: they should get rid of kristen NOW b/c they would be eliminating a stronger physical player. they can keep kathy around longer and dispose of her anytime.. kristen has a better chance of winning hoh & pov…and she’s up on the block… who knows when the next time she’ll be up? kathy is a ‘pawn’ (says a lot of people in the house) so she can be put up anytime.

  149. Go Britney! Perfect time to get rid of Kristen. But, it would be fun to keep her around and watch the fur fly with Rachel!

  150. i hope brit doesn’t fall for it! hayden/kristen will tell anyone anything b/c they are both so desperate right now! hayden, not desperate for himself…but desperate for kristen b/c he doesn’t want her to go home!!

  151. I think Kathy really hasn’t done anything bad to people i mean she has been or trying to be there friends and doesnt want to get on the bad sides of people

  152. still hating on rachel i see (sigh) for ppl’s who claim to hate her y’all sure talk about her WAY too much! :P….u say u wish she would be evicted, but somehow me thinks y’all protest way too much! you are the reason why she’s gettin’ so much fame in the 1st place! u can’t help but watch! as for ragan being HOH, i surmise he’ll put up rachel not sure if he’ll put up both. course ragan is so neutral u really have NO idea where his head is at! Brit is the one that surprised me this weekend, she’s sure lookin’ like a strategic player now! @ sterling – i agree, there’s no way Britt would be foolish enuf to use that POV, by abstaining she keeps her allies with B&R + the Brigade safe, b/c her using it means ANY one of them could go up in a potential backdoor, who wants that? U can’t just assume Rachel would put up Kath b/c she verablized it! As you know things change mighty quickly in the BB casa so why tempt fate – and piss off 3/4 of the house same time?

  153. kathy is being nice to everyone’s face. she talks crap on almost all of them when the time is right for her. she has talked crap on brit/rachel/kristen/…. it all depends on whose butt she wants to kiss. i’m not saying she’s a ‘terrible person’ blah blah.. its just a freaking game. she’s doing what she needs to do now to stay in the game.

    plus kathy is not a physical threat. she hasn’t won anything, so people will keep her around longer and get rid of the stronger competitors first… who knows?!!!

  154. i don’t think we have been talking about rachel a lot tonight? I think more of “i hate kristen” has been going on… lol

  155. in the bb game you really cant, for ex: look at Kristen she said she doesnt lie, bu she is the relationship between her and Hayden. And same with Hayden he lied to his boys.

  156. that’s been my opinion to Ann Marie, almost all of the talks have been on either Kristen or Kathy or what Brit. is doing with the POV

  157. not sure Ann Marie but I haven’t seen her take it off so I think she might be required to wear it.

  158. I think Rachael made the right decision. I just wish she would start being nice to everyone, so her and Brendon have a chance at winning. I either want the power couple to win or Reagan! Go Brenchael!!

  159. I really don’t hate Kristen – I just don’t think she has played a good game and hasn’t used her head. I know a lot of people don’t like the cast this year – but at least they do spend a fair amount of time talking game and strategy. I actually think it’s getting to be more interesting and the next two weeks could prove to be kinda fun.

  160. I figured as much…i would hate to wear a wig all day! at least they shook it up a little bit and got a tie dye unitard this time!!

  161. Sure but Kristen for at least next week will stay with the Brigade side of the world and get one of them (B/R) out. Is she a competitor? Getting rid of Kathy, you have more people likely to put them up. Matt, Kathy, Brit, Ragan are playing too loose… See what I mean?

  162. I don’t “hate” any of the houseguests, really. It IS just a game ;-)

    But I don’t like Kristen. She has layed low the entire time and NOW all of a sudden (b/c she got called out by Andy) she is going to start playing? too little too late if you ask me. I don’t like her b/c she lies ( ha.. .ha.. like all the rest) but she is devious as well. PLUS the fact that she is screwing around w/ hayden while she has a boyfriend back home… I just don’t care for her and think hayden would play a better game if she were gone.

  163. I had a dream that Britney used the POV to save Kristen from the block!! I want Hayden and Kristen to stay in the house so badly I am even having dreams of this!!

    I will stop watching if Kristen or Hayden is voted out this soon. I cannot stomach Rachel.

    Please let my dream come true!!! Lol

  164. A: don’t know yet! ;-) but I sure hope Brit comes to her senses and realizes that Hayden/Kristen will stab her in the back and she leaves the nominations the same!!

  165. Hi, ya all, Kristen IS a liar…. Rachael,”Boobzilla” is a liar. Brendon is P—- Whipped. OK! Let us get back to Boobzilla, Can someone please naghhhh that pimple off her face and then the other one too?! Did her hair shorter?? Torch help me here please. NIC

  166. What do you guys think about Enzo, Hayden, and Brendon winning the prize? was that funny or what? and do guys think its mostly Rachel that house doesnt like? Cause it seems like it to me, they dont say things about Brendon, its all about Rachel.

  167. rachel’s hair gets shorter when she takes her extension pieces out! lol. i noticed that she only puts them in when its competition time or the live show on thursday… she probably thinks it makes her more attractive….

  168. @Ann Marie – I agree that Kristen should go because she laid low for too long (and I forgot about her BF back home) but mainly I don’t think she is doing Hayden any good. One plus of having Kathy go up and then go home is we won’t have to listen to her say “you know” any more…you know.

  169. omg…poor kathy. “I appreciate all you(hayden) and kristen do for me”… little does she know that it was Hayden’s idea to ask brit to use the pov on him to put up kathy as replacement to get her out instead of kristen….

  170. Ann Marie: Okay thanks, i hope so too, and if she keeps it the same Kristen is more likly to go home, because Hayden has half of the house besides like one or two votes

  171. Brit will probably be flipping back and forth until the pov ceremony. So we won’t know until tommorow afternoon.

  172. Sterling: LMAO! You know… you are completely right! I mean any form of cheating is an ultimate sin and can attest to someone’s character… look what Kristen has done…meeting w/ Hayden in secret? AND she really hasn’t won anything… I think she just depended on Hayden carrying her though b/c she knows he is ‘friendly’ with the other guys… I’m glad she got called out!

    Kathy does irritate me, the things she says and some of her actions… but I want Kristen to go, I guess for the pure fact that the entire episode tonight she was SO cocky saying “you wait and see” stuff like that… she’s like “I’m not going anywhere” HA! if you only knew girl! PLUS she was saying earlier how Kathy is a true friend etc… but look what she is willing to do!

  173. Sterling: What i didnt know that Kristen had a bf back home!! ooh she is soo going home with a bad thing to look back at

  174. I don’t know how much later I can stay up tonight… but Brit DID say that she is going to ask rachel about using the POV to save hayden etc… and if rachel says NO then, that’s that! so… we’ll see what rachel says…I can’t wait till tomorrow to find out if she uses it or not! i will ‘rest easy’ if brit doesn’t use it — b/c i know kristen will be going home :-)

  175. It’s going to be interesting to see how Brit handles this POV. She is going to get a lot of advice and pressure – but I think she may be a little smarter than she acts. She will (I hope) figure it out and leave things alone.

    Poor Kathy – she really hasn’t got a clue. I wonder how much the University of Arkansas would pay her to stop wearing that sweatshirt?

  176. Putting Kristen and Hayden up was the right thing to do and I if the nominations stay the same, Kristen is gone. Rachel is a competitor, like it or not and it has been the other women in the house that have been jealous of her, treating her as if she was not worthy to be there…that she was trash just because of her job. I would have liked to see Matt go, however, it was better for Rachel and Brendon that Kristen go first. Matt is the worst, lying about his wife being sick in order to garner sympathy and loyalty – that’s just horrible!

  177. I do not understand this game anymore? You have people defending boobzilla” Is she really that good? She is riding on the coat tails of a man? She will have her fame tho, as little as is!The Kristabitch is worse., I can not understand her. She really is pretty, but she does not know how to Karma! These women are a insult to the rest of us. I dare Big Brother to actually have people with heart, with soul, you want Reality? Search what,? is what is ya all the money! Hi, Summer,

  178. Well I’m off – good to see the posts were active tonight and game focused for the most part. Now, if Britney just keeps the noms the same……all is good :)

  179. I want Kristen and Hayden to stay!!!!!

    Britney needs to use the POV so they can vote Kathy out. I cannot watch this crap anymore if one of the two of my favorites leave.

    Britney is smart but afraid of Rachel’s wrath. The Brigade need to convince Brit to use it to save Kristen!!

  180. If I have to watch Brendon and Rachel kiss one more time I will seriously throw up all over my tv!!

    UGG!! I cannot wait until B & R are out of the house. If Brendon wins HOH next week I will just die!

  181. Finally I saw the epi for 2nite! (had to work) and my oh my Kristen shot herself in the foot, arm, leg & head! She’s so two-faced, its’ amazing how much her floating butt has evolved into this hyena the past wk! Brit just keeps the laughs oncoming ‘bubbles up!’, I mean at least she’s nice about it. Gotta know when to have manners and Kris seems to have none! I do agree tho w/Bren about Rach’s parting speech though, saying ‘bring it on’ just puts a further target on their back, but I mean the target was already bigger, I’m not sure her saying nothing would have made a diff. The house wants her out – period.(more than Bren I might add)..I’m going for her b/c she’s the underdog! Her voice grates on my nerves :S, but I can deal. Wow she used to be a blonde eh? Stunning….:P Why am i not surprised she was a cheerleader too? As for Ragan & Lane it’s clear these floaters are sitting pretty thty were 4 & 5 on the safe list during the nom’s ceremony! Obviously no brigade alliance is on her radar! (sigh) Can’t ANYone see this?

  182. I was thinking that it could be cool to send Annie back into the BB house, but I undoubtedly think she would side with B & R. We can’t have that at all!

  183. @ big bro fan – there is NO way in hell those brigade guys are goin’ to try to convince Britt to use it on Kris, she will get mega suspicious about that, remem she’s the only one that’s actually chilled out and convo’ed with the 4 allied guys, if she thinks they have something goin’ on with Krazy Kris she will go straight to Rach and then THAT will be excellent! (power backdoor move!) if ONLY the LADIES would align they would TAKE out all the guys inc. so-called ‘brilliant’ brigade. I almost fell of my chair when ‘meow mix man Enzo’ claimed he wanted them to get back into power?! Um when were Y’ALL EVER in power! Hee*
    Only Hay will be talkin’ to Britt about saving Kris, those guys are fed up they do NOT care! Kath should stop talking doesnt’ she realize she’ll go home if the POV is used? HeLLLO? You were the last key to be pulled, GET A CLUE!

  184. @ Jules #253, I agree with what you said about Brittney. As of right now, she is my favorite person in the house. She is not above back stabbing and gossip, but she is smart enough to pretend to like people.

    Ideally, I’d like to see Brittney and Enzo in the final 2. But they really need to start winning something!

  185. The Brigade would be stronger if it were Hayden, Lane, Enzo, Kristen and Britney. Therefore the girls even out the balance and Britney can be used to manipulate Rachel.

    Matt will be the FIRST to turn on the Brigade.

    My fingers are crossed for Kristen staying in the house!!

  186. Thank You BB Fan. That’s what I’m trying to tell people. BBAD cut off just as Hayden was making the offer. Bold guy. Why more red over dye Rachel? Why?

  187. I just hate Rachel she looks soooo stupid with her hair !!!!! It’s not even pretty and she sounds stupid when she’s fighting there’s nothing smart coming out of her mouth !

  188. Uhhgg! So sick of the Brenchel showmance already! Enough is enough. I blame Matt for not taking out Rachel or Brenden when he had the chance. I mean the guy is supposedly a genius right? lol! What again are the benefits to him & his game play in keeping those two “love birds” around when he obviously has an existing four person alliance with the Brigade? He made such a stupid move. Hayden & Kristen are my favs personality wise, however, neither have been playing a great strategic game so far. I am hoping that Brit will use the veto on Hayden and Kathy will be nominated as a replacement and will be voted out. Nothing against Kathy by any means, she seems like a great person but I don’t personally feel as though she’s really there to play the game.

  189. @RICH81 (: I agree like one billion % lol but I think that they should kick Matt out and bring Kristen in WAY smarter lol !

  190. :) @ Nic

    I can see this happening. Hayden & Kristen and Brendon & Rachel making an alliance or a “faux alliance” and Britney using POV on Hayden and they put Kathy up for replacement and the house votes Kathy out.

    Enzo and Lane already like Britney and Britney distrusts Matt which he cannot be trusted. The Brigade will transition into Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Kristen and Britney and all target Rachel, Brendon, Matt and Raegon.

    Am getting all excited.
    I need sleep LOL

  191. Yeah Lane would be ideal, since the others have been a bit too close. Those of you whole have all day access, please laugh for me when B/R think they have most of the house on their side.

  192. tonights episode was awesome! I agree with enzo – he’s looking on the brighter side of things. Catfight! Hope britney does not use the POV.

  193. Enzo!! Is annoying the crap out of me. Why is it alright for him to want to keep Britney but he keeps wanting to ruin it for Hayden wanting to keep Kristen.

    What is he the only one ALLOWED to choose the girls he wants to stay. I swear if Enzo ruins this deal to keep Kristen he will be on the cringe list with Rachel!!

  194. If Enzo would stop his paranoid episodes and realize that the main threat is Matt in their Brigade.

    Enzo is the problem right now trying to persuade Britney or scare her into not using the POV. Even Britney made comments on how distrustworthy Matt is.

    The Brigade will be strong with Hayden, Lane, Kristen, Britney and unfortunately Enzo. Hayden and Kristen have a FANTASTIC PLOY to offer the Brigade control of the house.

    Enzo will regret trying to get rid of Kristen and questioning Hayden when he realizes Matt screwed them and it will be Rachel, Brendon, Matt and Raegon (possibly Kathy) against Enzo, Lane, Britney and a wounded Hayden. Which Hayden having Kristen taken away because of Enzo could have him change sides to Rachel and Brendon.

    Enzo you idiot!!

  195. I like Enzo but some things he says aren’t so smart but he could be a good jury vote (;

  196. I can’t handle Kathy saying “ya know” anymore…it just ruins the conversation ya know? :-)

  197. Reading the Live Feed between Rachel and Brendon it seems they will screw over Hayden and Kristen. This means I will no longer watch Big Brother 12.

    I was so excited that Hayden and Kristen would stay. Hopefully Rachel’s bipolar disorder kicks in between talking to Britney about using the POV and she encourages her to use it.

    PLEASE!! All I have is Big Brother until Dexter starts LOL

  198. Seems to be quite a bit of jealousy of Kristen on the part of Rachel and many of the female posters here. You should admire a smart nice-looking woman rather than feel threatened by her.

  199. BB 12 seems so fake this time around…it should be called BB Brendon and Rachel. I can’t stand either one…showmance? what an act they are putting on…fake fake fake. I watch, but not really ‘into it’ this time around.

  200. I think Brit should use it. I keep hearing Skanchel say “bring it”, well I would so LOVE to see Brit say something like” you said to bring it, consider it brought!” throw her words back @ her!

  201. Rachel is driving me crazy and her voice is enough to send me running from the room screaming!!! Please let her go home next week!!!

  202. I was hoping that Britney would use the POV on Kristen but she won’t because Rachel wants Kristen OUT. I don’t think Brit will use the POV. Rachel is more of a threat in this game than Brendon, she loves the drama. Matt should have put up B/R when he was HOH but didn’t want confrontation with Rachel. She is trash but a good game player.

  203. I think it’s silly that the brigade would want to get rid of Kristen. IT’S ANOTHER VOTE THEIR WAY!! They don’t have to tell Kristen anything about them, she will go with whatever Hayden says most likely. Ditto on Britney. As long as Hayden keeps saying he’ll stay with them, what’s the issue?! Now, whether Hayden would stay… that’s another story, but I don’t think (at this point) he’ll throw the brigade under the bus for Kristen. Maybe when it’s down to 5, he will… but that’s the chance to take. Personally, get Kathy out this week and work at Brendan and Rachel AND PUT THEM BOTH UP AND GET ONE OUT! Stop trying to backdoor when it’s NOT NECESSARY!! Anyways, just my thoughts…

  204. as annoying as rachel is, she is honest and plays the game to win.ditto on brendon… hayden is a liar and a user, basically said he will lie and promise anything but his word is not good, ditto for britney, lane, kristen and matt… so who does that leave us – ragan and enzo and brenchal – a final four that would be interesting but highly inprobable

  205. one more thing, as much as I think brit would be a fool to use the pov… actually the best outcome would be if she took down kristen, and then accidentally rachel could end up putting 2 of the brigade on the block, its really the only chance brenchal has to avoid eventual war of attrition waged by the house

  206. OK, now that’s better more talk about Kristen! I recant, the posts got less ‘bashing’ and more ‘game play’ halfway down the page! :P. M from Phx – what are you talking about the live feeds hold a surprise? (is it the 4 way deal alliance b/w Breanchel & Krayden?) what else IS there?
    And why can’t the Brigade see they have an autovote in Kristen b/c of Hay, hello EXPLOIT that already! They are so not the smartest fries in the happy meal! I mean they are not even on the menu! :S.

  207. rachel is such a hoe . i think rachel needs some help for real that gril has a mind of her own hopely one of the brigade people will win hoh on thursday and put rachel and her man on the block and send one of them home .

  208. Personaly I think that Matt was an idiot ! Just for not putting B/R up because it was the best chance they had, now someone from the brigade NEEDS to win (:

  209. You people take this BB game too far. Insults will not make your favorite win, ya know? LOL What is with all this whinning about how Rachel and Brendan didn’t stick to the deal? Did any of you really think any of them would? Please! Kristen is a backstabbing witch (yeah I thought I would try it) who is now trying to talk game with Brit. Wasn’t it not too long ago that Brit was with Rachel in the HOH bathtub talking smack about Kristen? I know alot of you “dislike” Brachel but I love them. They atleast keep true to their word. OK, so they didn’t with the final four deal, but they KNEW Hayden and Kristen wouldn’t either. If Brit uses the POV then Rachel will see her for what she is and hell will break loose in the BB house!

  210. Ok I like rachel but the way she talks is sooooo annoying! Me personally I would have put up kristen and matt and if the pov is used to save one of them then I would have put up one of the strongest guys like hayden or enzo. Not that I dislike them but y keep the strongest around when the point is to win and only one person can win!? And matt is smart and grimy! Maybe I’m after him just because I watch the show and see what he talks about when nobody else is around. Now that fight that happened last night was funny! I think kristens strong minded and she’s just playing the game- I like how she stated she was kissing rachel a$$ but if it is to keep her in the game then she would apologize! I hope she stays cuz I can’t wait for the drama to really pick up! Next sabator needs to be enzo or lane- neither is in danger of being evicted both are in the biggest alliance and they both have pull in the house! Just stay outta the showmances guys!

  211. Everyone’s a floater…everyone in the brigade minus matt are floaters, kathy, brittney and kristin were always floaters, and ragans the biggest floater of them all. And the only reason Brenden isnt a floater is becauee of who he associates with,

  212. I think Matt knew just what he was doing. He
    has several alliances going and nobody knows it except us. He is playing this game very smart. I think Kristen needs to go and will go. Her trying to kiss *** is too little to late. R sees right through her, and for good
    reason. R&B are playing a pretty good game, yes
    the kissy face get a bit much at times but R is really focused on winning. I just can’t stand it when she whines. Brit is also playing hard. I wonder what R is going to think of Brit when she sees all the DR talk.
    That is what I want to see is all their reactions when they watch their season. That
    would be good TV.

  213. OH I agrees Katherine,
    Between the LIKE, LIKE, LIKE from Rach and
    the YOU KNOWs from Kathy you just want to
    reach through the monitor and strangle them.

  214. I think Brandon is acting like rachel is his fist girlfriend, the way keeps pecking and babing her. its almost unbering and sickening to watch. Rachel thinks shes hot stuff, but she doesnt even come close to being as pretty as Brittany or Kristen. She’s a pig!

  215. I think if everyone thought about themselves and about winning themselves, but also having the alliances like the game is suppose to have playing the the way the game is suppose to be played there wouldnt be so much drama but then again thats why its BIG BROTHER….. thats why we all wath it … but this season take the cake! OMG!!!!! I USED TO WANT RACHAEL AND BRENDON TO WIN BUT RACHAEL IS A WITCH AND HAS A ATTITUDE SINCE WINNING hoh 2x’s..its sad…. brendon is making stupid choices he has no common sence!

  216. racheal is making stupid choices and brendon is following behind her like a whipped puppy he needs to make this showmance romance come to a hault this isnt what he came to BIG BROTHER FOR HE CAME FOR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ right!!!!!!!

  217. cathy needs to take a step up, how did she become a sheriff? she needs to put it in action or she is going home! they are gonna use her as an outlet a floater! And how can Kristen promise britney anything? she is a liar shame on her! now i know really what this game is … but it should be called big brother it should be called ” BACK STABBER LIAR LIAR”

  218. I have the feeds, and I can honestly say that I have never watched the feeds as little as I have this summer. Rachel makes me gag, Brendan is a wimp and this is the most boring cast EVER. The saboteur “twist” is ultra stupid. Wow, someone to make noises and bug the houseguests woooo. We need some drama and a REAL TWIST, CBS! WE ARE BORED!

  219. Of all the people in America that sent in applications to be on BB, I cannot BELIEVE who they chose. The entire cast is completely incompetent. The only person from what I can tell that has any value as a player is Ragan, and even his personality is questionable. The heart of this game is the people you choose to put into the house together. They did a really lousy job of making them interesting or original. They always have the small town girl next door, huge breasted bimbo, flaming gay dude, muscular jock retard, etc.

    Britney is a catty bitch, Kathy is still in week 1 with her face down in caramel. She’s a blubberin g idiot. The Brigade is stupid. I choked from laughter when I watched Enzo form that pathetic excuse for an alliance. Yeah man, you are the shit. The meow meow. That’s not how you form a game-shattering alliance.

    Please get people with some substance in this place.

  220. What was with Brendan’s comment “This is for Andrew?” Goes to show he and Andrew are related just as I suspected all along.
    Poor Rachel. I have never seen anyone so insecure. EVERYONE that has been eliminated, she has left in her message to them “That will teach you to come between me and my man”. Geez. She even said it to Andrew. She thinks everyone wants Brendan??! PULEEZE! She is a Joke.

  221. I felt badly for Kristen at first, then I found out she left her “boyfriend” in the dust! Well all I can say is, she will get what she gave. Silly girl. Her heart just might be broken by Hayden.

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