Big Brother 11: Week 4 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

Another big uproar broke out on Big Brother 11 yesterday when Michele played an unwise prank on Russell by telling others she had a talk with him on sexual dysfunction. Natalie and Jessie used this event to campaign for Ronnie by leading up another big fight and pitting Russell against Michele. Somehow all of that has made Russell, the HoH, seemingly giving his approval to keeping Ronnie. Find out how it all happened…

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 5, 2009:

9:45 AM BBT – Jessie is going through a little ‘roid rage in the green room. He wants to pop the bubbles on the wall, but BB is telling him not to. Jessie doesn’t take this too well. I think this hamster is ready to get out of his wheel and run free.

10:20 AM BBT – Jessie and Natalie are talking about Ronnie’s chances to stay in the house. Jessie thinks he has a chance, but Nat doesn’t.

12:30 PM BBT – The fight over the alleged ED discussion starts up as Russell complains to Jeff about Michele’s lie. Jeff warns Michele to cut it out.

1:00 PM BBT – Lydia discussing with Michele how Jessie has left bruises all over her from the punches. Um, how is this not a problem, Big Brother?

2:30 PM BBT – Ronnie starts weaseling in with Russell. He tells him he wishes he could get the votes to stay so he could help Russell get Michele evicted next week.

3:30 PM BBT – Natalie now working on Chima, telling her that Michele lied to Chima and lied about Russell to keep her from being mad. Chima says she doesn’t care and isn’t interested.

3:40 PM BBT – Russell calls a house meeting to explain his side of the story over the sexual dysfunction lie from Michele. This meeting goes on for quite awhile and gets very heated. Chima is taking Michele’s side while Natalie is tearing into Michele and accusing (falsely) her of additional lies.

4:15 PM BBT – Michele and Chima trying to work it out. Chima really wants to trust Michele, but she’s not making it easy for her.

4:30 PM BBT – Russell says that if the Coup D’Etat power isn’t used this week then that must mean Michele has it. Um, that’s faulty logic…

4:45 PM BBT – Jessie and Natalie trying to convince Kevin that Lydia must go. Kevin isn’t buying this too much. Now Chima is telling Kevin that Lydia threw him under the bus. Hmm, does that mean now Chima will vote out Lydia and keep Ronnie?

5:30 PM BBT – Ronnie working Jeff for his and Jordan’s vote. Ronnie promises he’d put up Russell and Kevin or maybe Michele. He’d negotiate. Jeff isn’t agreeing to anything, just listening.

6:30 PM BBT – Natalie telling Chima that Jeff and Jordan might vote to keep Ronnie and then she should too. Chima agrees. Ohs Noes!

6:40 PM BBT – Chima tells Ronnie she hopes he stays but will stab him in the night if he betrays her.

7:50 PM BBT – Jordan telling Ronnie that he screwed them and she’ll never trust him again. So at least her and Jeff won’t be voting for him to stay.

8:00 PM BBT – The “Messages from America” start up in the house. This should be fun to hear!

8:15 PM BBT – Looks like it’ll be a buzz-in quiz game tonight for HoH. Big Brother has left a stand with a clickable light on it for them to practice. Natalie pushes the button and then scurries around looking for the reward treat but can’t find it. Okay, that last part didn’t really happen.

8:40 PM BBT – Natalie agrees to finally take a shower this week at 9PM. Yes, that’s right. Natalie did not shower for an entire week because she was a Have-Not and didn’t want a cold shower. Disgusting.

9:00 PM BBT – Yep, Natalie finally took her first shower in a week. You don’t need to watch that, just good to know.

9:30 PM BBT – Kevin, Jeff, and Jordan are trying to comfort an upset Michele. They assure her that Ronnie is going home and none of them will nominate her next week if they win HoH. She doesn’t quite believe them.

10:00 PM BBT – Jessie telling Chima that he is so close to keeping Ronnie safe this week. He’s looking for her support on this. Jessie then goes to Jeff who shuts him down on the idea.

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Will Ronnie be safe this week afterall? There are just 7 votes with no chance of a tie-breaker. How will they vote? Who do you think they should evict?

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