Jessie Big Brother 10Renny’s nightmare came true last night when Jessie stepped up and took over in the 4-way tiebreaker during the Big Brother 10 HoH competition. Now with the bodybuilder at the helm I’m expecting a more forceful and directed plan of attack over what we saw with Jerry last week.

So who has Jessie set his sights on? His obvious desire is to see Renny gone. He’s expressed this repeatedly both before and after becoming HoH. Fortunately for Renny, Jessie has Memphis to keep his emotional needs in check. Memphis is playing a strong role in helping to navigate these nominations and is steering Jessie away from Renny. Instead these two guys have agreed that either Dan or Steven needs to go this week.

Later today Jessie will make his BB10 nominations known to the house. From what we’ve seen on the live feeds I’m expecting Jessie to stick to the plan and nominate two of the following three: Dan, Steven, and Renny. Renny may be a stand in as a back-up for a possible PoV win that doesn’t synch with Jessie’s plans so he could later swap in Steven or Dan.

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