Lessa over at Big Brother Craze has the quickest eyes I know. Lucky for us, she caught sight of the latest Big Brother 10 commercial and shared it with the rest of us. So what’s the big deal, right? We’ve seen other Big Brother 10 CBS commercials. Sure, but this one gives us more info than ever!

In case my secretive headline didn’t give it away there will be 13 houseguests this season, not 14 like last time. Awesome! No couples, no even couple mischief, and especially no “WaaahAmber” this season either.

With just over four weeks until the return of BB10 things should really start picking up soon. About a week before the season premiere on July 13th, we’ll get our first glimpse of the houseguests. I can’t wait. I’m feeling especially good about this one and the voices in my head agree (they usually do).

[flv:/videos/bb10/BB10_commercial_3.flv 470 380]

So check out the latest commercial for Big Brother 10 above and then check out what else Lessa discovered about this new season!


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