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Jessie Big Brother 10Is this the end of everyone’s least favorite body builder in the house? The votes are posed to give us the most exciting live eviction of Big Brother 10 after weeks of nearly everyone voting like Lemmings. Best of all, it looks like America will be putting Jessie over the edge with our swing vote pushing it to 4-3 with Memphis staying.

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I’m obviously still predicting that tonight, much to the shock and surprise of half the house, Memphis will be safe and Jessie will be packing. HGs voting for Jessie to stay should be: Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle. HGs voting to keep Memphis will be: Keesha, Libra, Renny, and Dan/America (good work, America!). It’s going to be an awesome crap-hitting-the-fan kind of moment when Julie Chen announces the BB10 results. You definitely won’t want to miss it.

Moving from the voting to the backyard it’s going to be one heck of an HoH competition. I would hope they’d do something physical considering all the adrenaline and emotion pumping through the house by that moment, but I’m expecting another quiz style comp. Ah well. Memphis’ saviors will have a 5 to 3 person lead over Jessie’s followers. Those aren’t unsurmountable odds for April, Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle, but it sure makes it a lot tougher.

Who do you want to see win the next HoH competition?

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