The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 18 Week 11

Big Brother 18 has been quite the roller coaster. One week we all like someone the next week we can’t stand them. One week we want this group to win, the next week we want them all to go home. And no other week has quite represented those thoughts like this past one.


We’ve got plenty of Ewws & Ahhs to get through, and some of you won’t be agreeing with a lot of what I say. And this week I’m going all in. And that’s OK. Opinions are awesome. So share yours below! Let’s go!

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 11

Eww. The HGs are super boring. I don’t know if it’s just that Corey is in the house and so he just puts off an overall boring vibe or if this final 6 is one of the most boring and complacent ever. There were days when our Live Feeds update would’ve been five entries long had we not included things like “Nicole shaves Corey’s chest” or “James and Nicole talk about their constipation.” I’m serious. WAKE UP! Literally. Get out of bed and entertain us.

Ahh. Victor wins HOH. Since I’m enjoying Paul and Victor the most, as are most people who watch the Live Feeds, this was a great victory for us all. We didn’t have to worry about our boys for at least one week. The bad news is we have to worry about our third-favorite player Natalie. But she’s been a bit off the past couple of weeks anyway, so you know what, just going to say it: Never cared.

Nicole Franzel stressing on Big Brother 18

Eww. Nicole and Corey don’t want to target James. Of course they don’t want to target James. Even though that’s Victor’s target and the person they all decided on before the HOH. But you see, Nicole and Corey have loyalty issues accept when it comes to James. And that’s most likely because Nicole and James have had an alliance since even before the game. That’s hearsay but I’m here and I’m going to say it. I think it’s true.

Ahh. The new veto competition is awesome. I loved that new competition. I could’ve done without the show tie-in, but I get why that was the theme. I hope this or something like it becomes a staple. I’d love to see it evolve and grow into something that really tests HGs’ skills and performance under pressure. Loved it.


Eww. Corey wins Veto. I really want Natalie to win the Power of Veto because I already knew at this point what was afoot. If James stays, Paul and Victor are toast.

Ahh. Corey doesn’t use the veto. At least there can’t be any funny business this week and James will be weakened with Natalie gone.

Eww. Nicole and Corey are sitting too pretty. Once again these two are getting what they want and even though they’re making all the right moves for their games, they’re lacking major integrity in their gameplay.


Eww. The editing. This week’s editing was garbage. I felt like the James and Natalie narrative was grossly unfair against Natalie. Anyone who expects to have a true romance after 80 days inside a tv producer-controlled sound stage with someone they just met doesn’t deserve to get the edit James got. It’s clear many people at CBS love James and as soon as they saw his pranks weren’t charming us as much as last season, they came up with this narrative to make sure he gets that America’s Favorite Player prize again.

Eww. Jeff and Jordan. Why do we only get to see Brenchel and Jeff and Jordan EVERY season. What about BB3 Lori? What the hell has she been up to? Or BB5’s Will Wikle. I hear he’s got a new “movie” coming out. He could talk about that. Jokes aside, show us some other updates. Stop being so obvious with your favoritism both in the season and outside.

Eww. Corey and Nicole decide to flip back to James. You didn’t see a lot of this on the episode, but it was decided on the Live Feeds that Nicole and Corey would go back to James and scumbag the Final Four alliance with Paul and Victor. They will be putting both Paul and Victor up together so that there’s no chance Corey or Nicole have to go up as a replacement. James would get that honor if it comes to that.

Julie Chen with BB18 noms James & Natalie

Eww. Natalie is evicted. Not only shouldn’t Natalie have been evicted over James, but Julie kind of goes in on her overing throwing James under the bus yet Paulie didn’t get anything mentioned to him about his¬†constant misogyny while in the house. Good one, Julie. Big Brother is so fair and balanced.

What were your worst and best moments of the week?


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