The Best And Worst Of Big Brother 17 Week 2

It was a wacky week two in the Big Brother 17 house as Audrey went from target number one to totally safe and the Twin Twist was busted wide open.


At the end of the week we said goodbye to Da’Vonne just before jumping to week three with an Austin and Vanessa HOH win. But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s time for the third edition (which I should be calling a Special Da’Vonne edition) of our Big Brother 17 “Ewws and Ahhs.”

(Note: some of these things you might only have seen if you’re a Live Feeds subscriber)

Eww. The nightly podcast/talkshow. As seen on the Live Feeds and After Dark, Austin and Jeff decided it would be fun to host a podcast to entertain themselves and us. It was actually anything but entertaining. It would drag on for hours at a time, leaving any sort of game talk to happen only in the wee hours of the morning. Here’s to hoping it’s been canceled.

Ahh. Da’Vonne busts Liz and Julia. It was kind of remarkable how everyone was so distracted for two weeks that the twins managed to go undetected. And then Da’Vonne just decided one day they were twins. It was impressive how spot-on she was while everyone else was clueless.

Eww. Da’Vonne didn’t keep the twin twist to herself. While I was impressed with Day’s sharp eye, I wasn’t impressed with her telling Jason and then letting him tell everyone. She could have used that secret as leverage to keep herself in the game this week. She did try to use it to her advantage later, but by that time everyone knew already and she had nothing to hold over Liz.

Ahh. Da’Vonne gets the Last Laugh power. Even though the power did not work out for her, I loved the idea of the power and that Da’Vonne won it. I like these little twists. They’re just enough to cause some drama and maybe shake the game up a bit. I hope we get more twists like this that can actually effect voting and make the season less predictable.

John McGuire celebrates after winning the Power of Veto competition - Source: CBS

Eww. John throws Battle of the Block. I had a lot of hope that Da’Vonne and John were going to work together, but that all came crashing down when Clay and Shelli came into power. John is actually playing smart and isn’t causing any waves, so he went with the HOH this week, which didn’t work in Da’Vonne’s favor. Chile.

Ahh. John Wins The Power of Veto. Even though I was clearly rooting for Day, I was happy John didn’t get stuck on the block and Shelli wasn’t treated with a totally smooth HOH reign.

Eww. Shelli and Clay asking John to not use the Power of Veto. I mean really? He just threw the Battle of the Block for you and you really want him to sit on the block with a secret power floating around in the game? No. Don’t be stupid. I know they’re new “super fans” but come on.

Ahh. Audrey wants to flip/votes to save Da’Vonne. We can thank Audrey for not going with the house and being predictable and boring. She’s always willing to shake things up, as we saw when she came to Day in the 11th hour with a possible saving grace. Of course it didn’t work, but she did uphold her promise and voted to evict Meg instead of Day.

Eww. Da’Vonne gets evicted. I wasn’t ready for Day to go. I loved her attitude and her DRs and how smart she was in the game. Unfortunately, her mouth got her in trouble and she knows that. If only she had laid low a couple weeks, we could have gotten a lot of great DRs out of her this season. Get your life.


Ahh. The BB shade. I loved that this week’s Big Brother had a sense of humor. I guess we have Kathy Griffin’s takeover to thank for that. But let’s be real for a minute. That Andy and Jodi shade was real, y’all. I especially loved the framed photo of Jodi making an appearance in the Power of Veto competition.


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  1. I love that they used the framed Jodi picture in the Veto this week. I always get sad that she did not get to play the game since she is such a fan. But that’s BB for ya!

  2. Ewwww that they got out the most observant player in this season and the two most clueless won HoH.

    • I was peeooed about that too. Now it’s time for Clay to go this week. He’s just so full of himself and hasn’t seemed to manage winning any comp yet.

      • Yeah, except that Van seems set on keeping Shay. I haven’t figured out why, yet. Maybe as a meat shield?

      • This is the dude who cooks for everyone, constantly is teaching someone new about how to work out, treats everyone – including all the women – with upmost respect, and never goes out of his way to boast about himself. How exactly is he full of himself? I think he’s just a confident guy.

      • There’s this line between confident and cocky that people can’t distinguish. I like him, I was going for Shelly/Clay before they even hooked up. (I always pick 1 girl and 1 guy to root for on day 1.)

        However…He seems like a mini-male-version of Audrey. Although it just may be paranoia from being inside the house. He also seems crazy immature at times, but then again…he’s what…24? Still has some life lessons to learn. :P

  3. Enjoy these articles, but I gotta disagree with Day being smart in this game. I think she’s decently intelligent in general, but boy was she dumb in this game, and the giant cloud of her ego made her utterly annoying to watch. I will not be missing her.

    • Ugh I know. Watching her yesterday morning on the feeds was so unbearable. She called Shelli a coward when in fact she did the complete opposite of that by going after her. She had by far the biggest ego in the house, but would talk about other people’s egos all the time. She just didn’t have the strength or restraint to be a decent player in this game.

      • I agree with both of you, Da was horrible in this game and her ego was her biggest weakness (her second being her mouth). I won’t even be missing her DR sessions because those were just unfiltered doses of her ego.

      • so happy im not the only one who didn’t like her. I found her to be horrible. I acually heard people saying she was like Brittany in the DR. Brittany was funny Da was not.

    • Day was smart in the way that an animal is – she reacted that way too – instead of really thinking things out, she immediately went into anger/pissed off mode. She totally blew the get rid of three votes advantage, and was STUPID telling anyone about the twin twist. I don’t quite get how she went from the way she was acting before the vote – looking like she was ready to erupt and kill someone, and then get all smiley and ‘it’s ok’ when the vote came around. If the mean woman behavior was an act, she’d have been better off leaving it at home. It made her very unpleasant.

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