Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 18 Week 9

The Big Brother 18 houseguests sleep a lot, but when they are awake, they’re providing us with plenty of Ewws and Ahhs. And this week we even got to some from the jury house, so let’s get to it!

Paul & Victor ready to fight on BB18

The Best And Worst Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 9

Eww. Friday’s “Special” Big Brother Episode. What was the point in this episode? It was basically a clip show of a season no one really wants to re-live. And then they edit Paulie out of the episode and pretend to the TV-only viewers that it was filmed after the last eviction episode. And then they insert the start of the Head of Household competition and leave the TV-viewers hanging until Sunday. It was all just so lame.

Ahh. Natalie wins Head of Household. It’s nice to see a girl in power. And she’s ready to go after Nicole and Corey! Oh, wait …

Eww. Natalie reveals that production has been pressuring her to work with Nicole and Corey. OK, we’ve always heard that production doesn’t always let the show happen organically, but when it goes against what the majority of the fans want, there’s a problem with that. Not only is Natalie being pressured into doing something she didn’t want to do, she’s risking her fanbase and popularity. And her popularity has since dropped. Drastically.


Ahh. Michelle wins the care package. Thank goodness! Now Michelle can still go after Nicole even though Natalie has decided to target Paul! Yay! Oh, wait …

Eww. Natalie convinces Michelle to target Paul. Ugh. I thought Michelle was a super fan. I thought she was strong. It took Natalie less than a minute to convince Michelle not to target Nicole and to go after Paul. Lame.

Eww. Natalie and Michelle nominate Paul and Victor. This speaks for itself. Sure it might be a smart move, but I can’t get past production’s interference and how weak Michelle is about sticking to her guns.


Ahh. Paul works the house over. Paul played a great game this week. It all started when he actually made Michelle and Natalie feel bad and regret their decision. Both later pretended like Paul was still their target the whole time, but there were definitely moments when he changed their minds.


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  1. Don’t underestimate Paul and Victor because they are one bold move of challenging for the F4. I know Nicole promised James that he and Nat was safe this week. James has never kept a promise. On the block……..Nicole!!!

    • I am sure James will be on the block but I find it very distasteful that Nicole will not return the favor to James not only for not putting them on the block in the beginning but to vote to evict Victor over Corey. Some people seem to forget things rather fast in that house and hopefully James can pull himself off the block and she has to put up either Paul, Victor or Natalie.

      • I hope it will be Nat. Vic and Paul deserve to be in the F3. Much as I find Meech distasteful, and Paul a rat (lol), Vic, Paul and Meech are the only three that deserve those spots, IMHO. If the shomances make it to F4, I’m gonna be bummed in a big way.

      • Everyone has their favorite player. Sadly not all players will get there. As of now, I think all of these 7 player’s each deserve a big shot at the money if they make it to F2

  2. Disagree. Victor and Paul are clearly the biggest threats in the house, so Natalie and James absolutely should have targeted them. Nicole is an idiot not to do the same.

    • I agree, and really disagree with this post. It seems like it is written by a Paul/Victor fan. I think that Paul and Victor potentially can win this game. The jury loves them and they are a great team and a huge threat so to take a shot at them while they could was a great game move. Just like taking Paulie out was a great move.

      • I think Victor will get cut off here soon, but Paul will go on to win the game. Paul is the brains and Victor is the beast, since Paul is less threatening physically I think he’ll get farther… I’d rather see Vic win, but Paul would still be a great winner

      • Yes, the poster is clearly a Victor/Paul fan. I admire Victor for his tenacity, but Paul is pond scum. Nicole needs to get rid of one of them and forget her animosity about Michelle.

  3. Great summary. You captured the craziness and flip flopping of the week perfectly. I’m with Vic and Paul all the way. Nicole seems to have woken up so hope that she goes after James and Natalie. Michelle not even worth mentioning

  4. Ahh – Agree VP played GREAT game this week! Vic for AFP because….
    Eww – Paul had to go there and call a girl the c-word. No bueno. If Production would be so kind as to tell him “Don’t do that”, appreesh.

      • Paul was talking with James and Michelle interrupting. Sure she can be annoying but use better judgment and don’t call her the c-word because of it. I hate that word regardless of who uses it.

      • I hate that and the ‘T’ word. No woman should be called those words. Despite that (and I am NOT minimizing his use of the word) I find Paulie’s actions and words much worse. Production should have stepped in many, many, many times with a “Don’t do that.” What a freaking pig.

      • Years ago I worked with a British girl straight from London and she would use that word all the time like it was no big deal – it was actually kinda humorous to hear such a word come out of an otherwise proper and well mannered young lady. Apparently it’s used quite commonly in every day conversation over there – even amongst professionals. We managed to coach her out of using it so much:)

  5. The jury segment was most definitely the highlight for me. I was super glad Z stood up for herself. Now Paulie wants to talk and she’s not having it.

    • Just please, please Z … do this for yourself and do not budge and may you learn and grow into your whole self by yourself when you leave this game.

    • I thought it was a bit immature the way they acted though. I think that they could have called Paulie out and dug into him a little. However, there needs to be a point where you take the high road and move on. Paulie did not come out guns a’blazing or anything. All three of them lost points in my book.

      • They got lots of points in my book. I can’t blame them one bit for their joyous greetings and continued verbal retaliation which they were unable for the most part to serve him while in the game. You can’t talk sense to someone who is as insensitive .. and I do mean to the core .. as Paulie. He has no concept as to why they don’t just adore him and he never will. They mean nothing to him and he will move on to others who will show him the proper adoration.

      • I think you are missing the point. Inside the house Paulie wasn’t called out on his behavior. He said and did a lot of things and they were finally able to confront him.

      • Not at all. Telling it straight up is what they did … something Paulie can only do between his legs apparently.

      • Agree but Paulie still does not see where he was “wrong” and made “mistakes”.. He has no “understanding” that he was at fault in certain negative situations that occurred in the house.. He accepts no responsibility for his mistakes..

      • What was Paulie gonna say In his defense??? There were 3 women standing there that knew/know what a lying sleezey dickhead he is…Paulie deserves whatever ridicule insults and belittling jabs those women can hurl at him.. And then the egotistical piece of crap had the gall to ask Victor to throw the comp cause he did not wanna go back to the jury house….Paulie made a bad bed for himself and he will be spending a lot of time alone in his self centered world…Paulie needs to look up the definition of the words “apology” and “humility” and then go from there..

      • It was completely deserved and justified based on how he treated them and his attitudes towards women. It was about time they spoke their minds which they couldn’t do in the house.

    • I am proud of Z. But the girls were ganging up too much. Bridgette is nothing but a instigator . She is creating more problems between Z and Paulie.

      • oh crap on that….There was Never a Paulie and Z relationship to create problems for.. Bridgette was used and treated like dirt by Paulie …Payback came in the form of 3 women that Paulie walked over at some point..Paybbacks are a bitch but in Paulies case “3 bitches” and if Michelle goes in I would not doubt that Paulie will self evict.. Michelle would be the icing on Paulies eviction cake..

      • There was! What show are you watching? Zakiyah always flirted with Paulie and wanted a relationship with Paulie. Once she saw Paulie was uninterested she got upset and tried starting drama. And to make matters worse Paulie began insulting Zakiyah and did not use the veto.

      • U must have been watching an edited version of BB 18 …The Paulie and Zakiyah “relationship” was a “sham” not a true relationship.. I will not argue/debate happenings that occurred in the house that over a million other viewers saw as well and know the truth…

      • There was what show are you watching. Zakiyah always flirted with Paulie. She only got upset since she realized Paulie did not really have feelings for her. It was even more apparent when Paulie did not use the veto on her. Bridgette has done nothing but manufacture drama this whole season. Bridgette is not a nice person. She is fake.

      • They didn’t gang up enough imo. Paulie deserved the verbal beatdown and more. He was a complete misogynistic pig, and that is being nice.

      • Dayvonne and Zakiyah did not as much. But Bridgette was overboard. Paulie never did anything to Bridgette.

      • Anyone that watched what he did in person would be affected, she had every right to get in on that, she lived with the douche for however many weeks, day in, day out. This guy needs to learn how to treat women. Period If Bridgette came off heavy handed, boo hoo. Get over it Paulie. You get what you give, and you, Paulie gave what these 3 handed right back to you.

      • Just because someone bullies, it does not mean you bully them back. It is always better to be the bigger person. She should ignore him and not talk to him instead. The jury house is pretty big so I am sure she can do this.

      • Just because you’ve posted that same comment a dozen times does not make it so. Think about his absurd reaction when she said she was a feminist. Paulie went on and one about how she hated men. He thinks feminist = lesbian perhaps.

      • Well your comments are not necessarily true either. His reaction was absurd because because the way Bridgette was acting. She is not a feminist. She is nothing but a follower. She was attached to Frank in the beginning.

      • Ganged up on him too much? I guess you didn’t have access to the feeds or watch BBAD. Or maybe you didn’t hear him talk about having his cousin beat up Natalie.
        Yeah, you’re right. Probably ganged up on him too much.

      • Paulie was out of line for saying that. But Natalie was not one of the ladies in the jury house. He was rude to Z. But he never did anything to Bridgette. So Bridgette has no right ganging up on him.

  6. I hope that for season 19, we will see less showmances, girls who try to play the game/better female players, less sexism/nasty behavior, and less one-man-who’s-a-jerk-runs-the-house stuff.

    Not saying this season sucked, I think it’s been pretty good so far, but I definitely would’ve enjoyed it more had none of that stuff went down. Regardless, I think this season has had some great moments!

    • Maybe a little more would help BB19 — like no vets, less production manipulation and NEW comps for goodness sakes (not just new backdrops) — get someone creative in there.

    • There is always a showmance and jerk type behaviors. There has been great female players in the past, but they have to take over the house in order to do that. I think Nicole could take over this whole game, especially if production is helping her. Only Michelle is after her, but not really.

      • LOL, Meech might say she is after her, but the only thing she is after is about 20 hrs of sleep per day and all the food she can eat.

  7. Can’t leave out Paul calling Michelle the c word as an ewww…

    I don’t dislike Paul but under no circumstance should you use that word

  8. Why would Nat wanting Vic or Paul out a bad move? Vic hopefully will win this whole game and they know that.
    Production making Natalie do something she doesn’t want could be a lawsuit if it causes her the game and she is smart enough to realize it. I know I would find everything that is against my contract illegal, especially since they all went there to win, except for James of course. Unless that is part of the contract and it was signed anyway.
    The best game move is separating the pairs, but unfortunately the only one who is out of a partner is Michelle and she can’t play this game.

  9. Paulie is still the jackass he always was…I loved that Day, Z and Bridgette got in his face…he is such a sexist jerk. He obviously feels like the female species is way beneath him…BB better not ever bring this guy back for anything…no returning veto host..nothing!! BTW…what the heck was up with those ridiculous short shorts he had on last night? It was revealing something when wet and I have to looked a little small to me!! Not surprised!

    • I honestly think Zakhya was acting because Da’vonne was there. I’m sure the minute that Paulie gets a chance to gaslight her some more, she will be all over him again, if he wants her to.

      • I was thinking that too. I know too many girls like her that have all kinds of courage when their strong friends are around but the minute they get alone with the guy they fall right back under his spell. Sadly I think that will happen to her, but I hope she’s had enough. Smh

    • 1000% agree – please no Paulie at all for nothing ever never never ever never ever. Never cared either.

    • I wonder what his baby mama thinks of him. Does she have the same opinion that the rest of America now has of him. Did she figure it out too late, before she became pregnant. I feel sorry for her, having to deal with him for the next 18 years of bringing up a daughter. Paulie isn’t ideal father material and even worse, having a daughter to bring up, he clearly thinks females are below him.

      • She has been fake and rude to everyone. Look how she treated Michelle. She even talked bad about Dayvonne and Zakiyah. Now she is all buddy buddy with them. She also continues to insult Paulie. I understand Paulie was a jerk. But there is a limit. You cannot keeping putting down a person . Paulie has not done anything to Bridgette. So Bridgette really should keep her mouth shut.

  10. On BBAD last night, Paul mentioned that the care package might be 5 grand, or something, and how is it that Paul can go on,and on about getting the care package into the camera for about a half hour, without anyone hearing him, or coming into the room, heck he was talking pretty loud to? It’s like he knew nobody would Interupt him,heck he never even glanced at the doorway to see if anybody was coming in? Pretty shady stuff BB, also the dude thinks he can snow anybody including America!

    • Come on, we know Nicole and Corey will be upstairs in the HOH for the rest of the week, so no worry there about them busting up the party and as for the rest, Meech, Nat and James, these 3 noodles nuts are idiots. I can’t believe they made it this far.

  11. A lot of Eww’s for Branden, a lot of Ahh’s for those of us who were worried about foregone conclusions and a boring week!

  12. I must remind everyone that in the beginning when the returning vets showed up, it was Paul that was very adamant about the vets leaving. He as far as to say they already had their chance. He brought Josea, Z and Victor along for the ride but somehow manged to stay clear of the eviction. If these people would put their heads together they should evict Paul now not later. Paul has in some way or another used each of these HG’s and made it look like he was the innocent one. However, I give him Cudo’s for doing that and if for some reason or another he finds himself on the chair at F2 without Victor then he should be the winner of season 18.

    • But that is what good players do, use other players, It is the way of BB. No one is smart enough in the house to put 2 and 2 together, so why shouldn’t Paul do what is good for his game and no one the wiser.

      • So so true. Plus if he was able to hide his alignment from the rest of the house that makes it better.

  13. Natalie has contributed to her so called fan base dropping all on her own. She doesn’t need BB in the least to help her in that dept. I really liked her until this last week. She has changed a lot since the beginning and not for the better. All we get from her now is her complaining that Paul said something about her “FT’s”, her words not mine, repeatedly throughout the day. And she is constantly on a rant about Paul and these bizarre conspiracy theories. I find it strange that her and Meech are so consumed with Paul. They better wake up and watch out for Nicole and Corey and instead should have been partnering up with Vic and Paul. Not have all day bitch fests.

    • And another thing when she don’t want to be straight up with James she goes into a self pity mode: “America hates me”.. “people are talking about me behind my back” or “I hate my body I’m fat”…Natalie is very self centered and James needs to realize that he has been a stepping stone to get her as close to the end of the game as possible…

  14. ACP time….so, I am a little confused with this one…does the winner of the CP have to give someone 5K to switch a vote? I’m not sure…it went to Corey.

  15. Branden, again–thank you for calling out Production on their ‘swaying’ of the HG’s. As a fan, I appreciate it. I know this is ‘reality’ TV; but as a fan, I feel like I’ve been duped all the years I’ve watched and defended a show I’ve LOVED. I guess I’m incredibly naive to think that Production has no say in what happens. After watching Paulie and his poor sportsmanship with the whole pie and ‘I’m not going to jury’, and ‘I lied on my app–my shrink said I shouldn’t have come to the BB house’ CRAP, I realized something was up. And yet, I still wouldn’t believe it. Refused to believe it. So, thank you for opening my eyes. I’m not ready (yet) to say it’s rigged (lol), but the fact that you confirmed that there IS interference by Production, has saddened me greatly. Naive? Yeah. Stupid? Yup. Smarter? Absolutely! But I’m also suspicious and cynical; and that sucks.

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