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Allison Grodner Interview: Emotional Jury, Blacked Out Endurance, & No Vets In BB20?

The Big Brother 19 season finale ended with plenty of twists and turns as Josh surprised and shocked us and then the Jury did the same. Josh Martinez was crowned the winner and Paul Abrahamian was beat out 5-4 again. We spoke with Big Brother’s executive producer Allison Grodner about the Jury’s decision, why Feedsters were blocked again from an important competition, and when oh when will we get a season without the dice loaded for a Vet Houseguest.

Big Brother Network: Wow. We did not see Josh beating Paul. What happened with those Jury votes and how did Paul manage to go from running the house to getting beat by one vote for a second straight season?

Grodner: This is what I love about Big Brother and live television. You can never completely predict what is going to happen. Paul played an amazing game but in the end the jury voted emotionally. They felt betrayed and their votes represented that.

After more than a decade of watching the Final HoH endurance competition (round one) Feedsters were denied that experience for the second year in a row. What has changed there and will we ever again get to see this often amazing competition (BB8 comes to mind) play out in full?

Grodner: It all depends on our episode schedule. For the past few summers we have had a Friday show after that final eviction episode and we have saved the HOH part 1 to air in that hour. Every year is is different though and this could change for BB20.

Five for five of the past seasons with Vets (when including BBOTT) have had one of the Vets in F2. Between viewer votes for advantages and innate knowledge of the game, it appears to be a strong edge for these players against Newbies. Considering it’s become “expect the expected” are you ready to get back to an all-new cast for BB20?

Grodner: Everyone has their opinions on this subject and we do take everything into consideration but I think we have had very dramatic, interesting and successful seasons with a mix of newbies and vets. That being said, the verdict is still out on what we will be doing for BB20 so anything could happen.

Thank you!

I was interested to hear why we were blocked from that Round 1 competition for the second straight year and while it does appear to be linked to scheduling the supporting reason is bogus. The Round 1 comp does not air in that special Friday clip show. We see the first 30 seconds of the comp after Julie Chen promises we’ll watch it “start.” That hardly seems like a worthy reason to withhold the competition since we know it’s not actually going to air in that memory lane show and we already know who has won at that point. Instead it ends up being held back until it’s nearly a week old. Blerg.

As for Veterans playing in the game, come on. Five for five , and six for six in North America if you include Big Brother Canada 5, seasons with returning players have had a Vet in the F2. That’s effectively ruining the chances for the Newbies and it’s sucking the air out of the season for fans. I don’t know who in the chain of top decision makers between CBS and production is insisting that a majority of fans want or enjoy Vets mixed with Newbies, but I completely disagree. Stop making the show’s theme “expect the expected” and do something “new” for a change with Big Brother 20. Fingers crossed.

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  • Every season should be all new players and then eventually an all star season. No mixing. Fans should also not be able to vote for any advantages in the game. I come to watch strategy not a popularity contest.

    • I would gladly get rid of twists and leave my America's vote at the door for some good old fashioned, back to basics, Big Brother! Bring back food comps. Bring back luxury comps. Bring back HOH room viewing & letter reading...I don't care if some HG don't like it, it gives us (the fans) a glimpse into the HGs, their families and who they are outside the BB house.

  • We need a season of no vets, no twist or Temptations, no outside influences at all.
    Also they need to increase the prize money. It has been $500,000 since season one! Stupid. These HG' need more incentive then their 15 minutes of fame. It's time for a BB to make some changes!
    Clearly they also need to do better psych evaluations LOL
    hoping season 20 is an organic season! Fingers crossed BB Pro learned this season and will fix their mistakes.
    NOT going to hold my breath!

  • Season 20 will likely be All Stars or something bigger than just a regular season, so I'm not going to hold my breath expecting no returning vets etc.
    I read a comment where someone suggested an all female or an all male cast. That would be interesting.

  • Need to have the end of competitions on the live feeds. We missed the slip and slide which is always played out live and the first part of the final HOH. Live feeds need to stay up and stop blacking us out.

  • BB needs to do an all-star season or just all newbies. Mixing them does not work. Also, "expect the unexpected" is for the contestants - not the viewers. The viewers should know the rules of the game ahead of time. Otherwise the appearance is that CBS is just making stuff up to benefit certain players. Quit trying to fix something that was never broke. :)

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