Diary Room: Adam Poch Gets Us Ready For Week 3

As I predicted last week, this past week in the Big Brother 16 house was one of the crazier ones in Big Brother history. I do not think we have seen a POV meeting blow up like that since the Veto Roulette in Season 10.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Also – as most of us predicted, the Bomb Squad exploded from within. This is why Alliances that big just do not work. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. Devin’s reign of terror ended with Paola being evicted. He must have told her 1000 times she was going to be safe, he would save her with Veto – and then went against his word and went against his alliance. Everything Zach said to Devin & about him was true. Devin said he would never jeopardize his integrity for any amount of money & did just that. When Zach called Devin out at the VZeto meeting and gave him a chance to explain himself – Devin’s response was “Good luck bro.” He had to know Zach was right!

So now looking forward to the new week. I am happy for Derrick to win HoH and see a picture of his wife & daughter (hey Devin, did you know Derrick has a daughter?). And Nicole was a surprise getting the top spot – just proving once again that there is a little bit of luck in the BB Game. They both agree that Devin is their target this week – and both want to backdoor him. But this could blow up in their faces if somehow he gets picked to play & win POV. Nicole is still a bit bitter over the Bomb Squad – and her best friend Christine was part if it, knew she was going up as a “safety nominee” and did not warn her. Will this come back at some point and fracture their friendship / alliance? We’ll see.

Both HoH’s went right to work to figure out how to play this out in their favor – and both are very smart players. They were running different scenarios, and two names being thrown around as possible nominees include Donny, Jocasta, because they “voted against the house” to keep their friend Paola. Another scenario includes Nicole putting up Amber as a payback for Amber putting her up last week. And Caleb “volunteering” to go up as one of Derrick’s nominees so he can “throw the BotB” and come out looking like her knight in shining armor.

But with so many things having to fall into place, one wrong move, one slip of the tongue (didnt everyone get pissed at Paola for throwing a challenge?) and one of these Superfan HoH’s could come out with more blood on their hands than they want at this point in the game. Derrick is doing an amazing job getting people to do what he wants – without them becoming suspicious of him. I do not think he will get a case of HoHitis, he’s got to much to lose.

A quick little rant here – why why why can’t BB use the HoH competition to also decide who the Have Not’s will be. Last night was simple – lowest 4 scores become Have Not’s. The volunteering / HoH picking is ridiculous to do in the first place. You should have to fight for your food and comfort. I understand why they don’t have a competition at this point in the game, the CBS Sunday shows are too packed with the nominations & BotB (which is also why we probably wont see any endurance HoH’s til this twist is over).

OK – that’s it for me for now. Hopefully #OperationBackdoorDevin works because I like both of the HoH’s – and anything other than him going home could be detrimental to their games.

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    • That’s a way for her not to tee off Derrick & Co (at least until BoB) and maybe get Devin’s protection if he wins POV, for next week. Think Nicole & Brittany are planning to rally around Devin next week (maybe secretly) if he wins POV.
      Don’t think Nicole will send home Amber while Caleb is in the house if she can help it. Once he’s gone, she’ll want her gone asap. She’s too afraid of blood (period) and especially Caleb.

  1. I also think Frankie needs to do some damage control because his name is on many lips as someone who should not be trusted. I think he sees this also.

    • I think Derrick told Frankie to cool it and zip it this week, to let people forget about him for awhile and keep the eyes on Devin. I’m sure that is probably why Derrick didn’t want Nicole putting up Frankie, as well (that and Team America). He was going to volunteer for slop. That will maybe win him some sympathy.

      • I dont think it is in Frankie’s nature to cool it and lay low. He has a profound need for attn and drama and to be in the middle of things. We will see if he can do it.

  2. Great post and I think right on the money. As for your rant… why can’t we just get rid of the Have Not’s all together, it is not a focus of the game any longer and just basically puts four people out of the mix for the majority of the week because they are zapped of energy and lay around or sleep most of the time.

    • Besides, this year has gotten even crueler than before. It is just meanness. But, philosophically, that is the metaphor of the game–that there is a big brother watching your every move and screwing with your life just for fun.

  3. Spot on! Nicole and Derrick are very smart players.. i look for a Amber/Donny – Caleb/Victoria scenario, with Devin getting bd’d. Buh bye, Devin.. you are completely cray cray!

    • Although, I actually wouldn’t mind Devin staying just for my daily giggles.. hehe! I wouldn’t mind seeing either Caleb/Amber/Jocasta go this week. #devinhasadaughter

  4. BB hasn’t been this amusing since Evil Dick’s reign of terror. Zach’s flying fit was great.

  5. I agree with Adam’s read. I like the idea of Bottom 4 being the HNs. Most of the time it’s going to be the weak (sometimes pure luck) but eventually most HGs will get the experience at least once.

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