Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother OTT – Week 6

Wow – what a week in the BBOTT House huh? We had the most important Care Package awarded – and saw the most gaming of all the weeks so far this season. One thing is for sure tonight – the Ball Smashers will be reduced to 2 – and possibly 1 after the highly anticipated Double Eviction.

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13

After tonight – we will be down to the final 6 – which means everyone will have a chance to fight for their safety during the Veto. BUT FIRST – lets see how everyone’s Big Brother week went.

Danielle Lickey – 5 strips of Bacon – Danielle did not win HoH or Veto, yet this week went exactly how she wanted it to go. heck, this week went exactly how she NEEDED it to go. She is no longer the main target for the remaining Ball Smashers, and even has some more support inside her own alliance despite Justin & Whitney starting to create their own sub-alliance. She has proven to be a good competitor – and a strategic player – so if her own alliance does not turn on her soon, she could be a lock for final 3.

Jason Roy – 4 strips of Bacon – sure, he was given HoH power by America – but played it out exactly the way he should have & winning Veto put the icing on the cake to give him all the power this week. Since he is vulnerable going into the DE, he did enough to keep his side protecting him. He will for sure be nominated if Morgan or Alex (whichever one does not leave) wins HoH – but he has 4 other people playing against them. With those odds – that means one thing… Morgan or Alex WILL win HoH. Let’s see how he gets himself off or keeps himself safe. If he gets through tonight – he could coast to the end & has the best shot of winning America’s vote at the end.

Justin Duncan – 3 strips of Bacon – he was ok with his name being thrown around as the replacement nom, and played into it very well, not showing his cards. But then again, he has not really shown his entire hand this whole season. part of it is pure luck, and part is by design. Justin has got to start winning or needs his new #2 Whitney to win to keep him safe the next couple of weeks ya dig?

Whitney Hogg – 2 strips of Bacon – Whitney has now officially turned on her alliance & joined the other side. It would have been better for her and for us if she did it in a grandeur fashion. If she was the final vote to get one of the Ball Smashers out – or the HoH to nominate them. Instead she casually & sheepishly just floated over to that side. She does have strong bonds with Justin & Kryssie now, and that does scare Jason & Danielle, but they need her for now. She realizes she is at the bottom of that totem pole – but if it means another couple weeks of safety – that’s good enough for her

Kryssie Ridolfi – 1 strip of Tofu – no way, no how will I award her bacon this week. Sure her side of the house had their best week in a while – but she farted on Shelby’s pillow. Most weeks, this would have gotten her the Tofurkey of the Week award – she is just lucky that other people had even worse weeks. Kryssie is still the one that everyone will try to bring to the end as they think they can beat her. She better do something, errr – a lot of things to change America’s perspective of her.

Morgan Willett – 2 strips of Tofu – for the 2nd straight week, Morgan was the renom – but she did get to play in the Veto and the chance for her to win & save her sister from the block. She failed miserably at the challenge. She should not be in as much danger tonight as her sister, since the other side of the house views Alex as the bigger threat.

Morgan is pretty much on her own tonight in the Double Eviction and needs to step up her game and win HoH or Veto or she will follow her sister out the door. IF she stays, she no longer will have her sister as a strategic ally, and we will see what kind of tricks she has up her sleeve. Problem is – she wears a lot of sleeveless shirts – so…

Shelby Stockton – 3 strips of Tofu – this hurts me bad. I am giving my personal fav tofu for the 2nd straight week, and its well deserved. Yes – she did KILL the HoH competition. She is a very observant girl, and her ability to memorize people’s faces is great – BUT… what she did with her power this week was horrible. More about her HoH failure in the Tofurkey.

Not just a bad HoH – but an even worse gaff during the Veto – where she was neck & neck with Jason, but after getting to 20 balls, stepped off and had to reset. This guaranteed the victory for Jason and made her HoH all but voided. Every person that ever lost Big Brother can always go back to the one moment they wish they had back. This will probably be her moment.

That brings us to the Tofurkey of the Week – and it goes to Alex Willett. Yes – all season Alex has not earned 1 strip of Tofu – because she IMO was playing the most strategic game. Up til now – all of her moves were well thought out, even when things did not go her way, she found a way out of it. Could it have been Scott being next to her and using him as a deflection? Probably! First mistake she made was not going to Shelby and telling her to nominate her this week.

With 2 HoH’s – she should have seen this as Battle of the Block all over again, and being nominated would give her the best chance of not going up as America’s nominee & guarantee she played in the Veto. Then she did get put up as America’s nominee, gets her chip pulled and brings her sister into the Veto to help protect her. OK, maybe that mistake would not come back to bite her. Instead she did just as miserably in the Veto as Morgan. Ok, now she is in a real pickle. So she did another good move in trying to get Jason to flip on Justin. Did she really think that would happen?

If this was another season, or another person that she tried to make a deal with – maybe that would have worked. but she truly underestimated Jason’s loyalty to his side. Now that she is on the block come eviction night – she has pretty much rolled over and died. Sure she does not want to turn on her sister – and there is no way she will be able to shift the target onto Whitney. But coming into the house she said she would turn on her sister if she needed to. Perhaps we will see some 11th hour campaigning – but it’s probably too little too late for Alex.

Phew – we are just a few weeks away from crowing the champ of this season – and then a much needed break for a few months before BBCanada this spring & BB19 this summer. I still hope the CBS show brings over the Live DR’s as well as Live Feeds for all challenges as this has brought a lot of excitement & the burst of freshness to this season.

My question of the week is – Should Jason have taken the deal and turned on Justin? You do need to reshuffle the deck at times during the season to get further, and his loyalty could be his demise.

From outside the Big Brother house, I am Adam Poch, have a great day!

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  1. “Phew – we are just a few weeks from CROWING the champ of this season….” Who crows the most out of all the players? To me, it’s Danielle. She’s a lot like a rooster – if there weren’t any chickens around as female equivalents. Could this typo be a Freudian slip? Cock-a doodle-Danielle?

  2. It’s killing me to even say this, Adam, but this is yet another fair assessment. And thank you for sharing Alex’s strategic moves throughout the game. Every time someone asks why we say she’s one of the best female game players to come along, I just shake my head because it’s obvious they haven’t been watching her at all.

  3. Shelby did misuse her HOH power. nominating Whitney, instead of Kryssie or anyone else from that side was a horrible move from her part. I think Justin was playing a good game. It may seems as if was floating through, but he socializes with both sides. I do think that his relationship with Whitney and his inappropriate rudeness made him a target.

    • Jason made Kryssie and Justin safe. Shelby, at best, could have made Whitney safe to make Alex or Morgan her nomination. In the end it wouldn’t have mattered because neither couldn’t win the veto.

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