Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother OTT – Week 3

It’s Day 22 inside the Big Brother house – and basically the last 4 months of our lives have been consumed watching people fighting for power & money! Kinda like what’s going on in the real world.

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13

One thing is for sure, the showmance of BBOTT will be broken up tonight – and at the time I am writing this, it seems like Shane is the one leaving. I think this is a horrible move for the house – but more on that later.

The lines in the sand are now starting to get a little fuzzy as we have seen a new alliance form between Scott, Alex, Justin, & Jason. How will this effect the game, we shall see, BUT FIRST – let’s take a look back at each HG’s game this past week.

Scott Dennis – 5 strips of Bacon – for the first time this season, the HoH has had a plan work. America has messed with the last 2 HoH’s by putting up nominees from thier own side only to see them walk out the door. Scott has not been shy this whole season playing a very aggressive game. He was playing both sides for a while, but is now the “Virgin King” of the Ball Smashers.

When he got America’s Care Package, he held just about all the power this week – and he changed his game to give himself the best opportunity to get his target out. While this plan was in effect, he did look forward in the game, and started the new alliance to try and get some protection for Alex & himself. Say what you want about this kid, but he is playing a strong game & that’s why he gets top honors this week.

Alex Willett – 4 strips of Bacon – her HoH reign last week was an epic fail as her ally Monte went home, but she is still in a good position with a ton of people around to help protect her. She won one of the Vetoes this week, and was able to keep Scott’s plan in place.

Just like Scott, starting that new alliance with Jason, Justin, & Scott is a great move. She also has the Ball Smashers, and always has Morgan as her ace in hole. While she may be target #1 (or #2) for the Jamboree, she has proven to be a good competitor and can win comps to protect her.

Justin Duncan – 3 strips of Bacon – GOOD MORNING Justin, welcome to Big Brother – this week Justin finally learned how to play the game, and is now playing the “back & forth” game very well. I think part of his plan to get in good with the Smashers is cause he is a huge flirt, and the girls on the Jamboree are not as attractive to him, and he loves to flirt with pretty girls. He was enamored by Danielle early, but he quickly jumped off that train.

Justin won one of the vetoes this week, and save Kryssie to keep her as a strong ally. His actions during the veto comp proved he was over Danielle, sending her into “Rachel crying in the bushes” mode. This is why he really wants her gone this week, but he will not get his way.

Jason Roy – 2 strips of Bacon – the best thing about BBOTT is the live DR sessions – and Jason spelled it all out for us last night. He is not playing this game to make friends like he did last time, this time it’s all strategy. And while his strategy game is not that of a Dr. Will or Derrick, it is much better then it was on BB17. He realized the offer to join forces with Alex & Scott was a great move for him and jumped on it. He is also still playing both sides by bringing info to the Jamboree, but he is holding some info back when he needs to.

Shelby Stockton – 1 strip of Bacon – ok, this is personal not game, because I am a huge Shelby fan. Her ditzy routine is working in the game, but her goofy attitude is why i like her. I have always been a fan of personalities over game play over the years. Some of my favs are Howie (BB6/7), Natalie (BB9), Lydia (BB11), McCrae (BB15) because of the people they are, and not the game they played.

Shelby may not be the best competitor, may not be the best strategist, but one thing is for sure, she has no filter and says some of the silly/stupidest stuff of all of them. While a lot of people want to see her gone, they are too busy trying to get stronger players out, so Shelby is sliding by. YAY!

Morgan Willett / Whitney Hogg – 1 strip of Bacon to share – things finally worked out for their side this week as they will not lose a number. Both have dropped the game to be nicer to the Jamboree, if that is strategy, or just their human nature, I am not so sure – but it was nice to see both of them be a little nicer this week.

On to the back half of this week’s player rankings list on the next page…


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  1. Great write up Adam. I’m totally on board with you. I just hope that Scott or the girls change their mind today and take out Danielle instead of Shane. He is as you said *swayable* . I can’t stand another week of Danielle!

  2. Scott had a chance to get out any target he wants this week. This is the time I’d be going after Jason. Other side/America can’t stop it and it would be cutting off the head of the other house. Forget Shane/Dani, missed a perfect chance to get Jason out. Who knows when they’ll get another?

    • Scott has liked Jason from the beginning. He is a fan of his and has tried to keep him safe from the other side. I do think Scott is a lot smarter than he looks and will not want to keep Jason to F2. He knows America is voting and also knows Jason has a lot of fans so it is best to be on his good side.

  3. Impressive work Adam.
    And I agree that this Alex/Jason/Justin/Scott alliance seems pretty badass.
    J/J needs to ditch the dead weight (Danielle/Krissy/Neely) and work with more competent allies.

  4. I agree with this week’s ranking.
    Justin doesn’t find the girls from his alliance attractive. That is funny. He did like Danielle, but she went straight to Shane.
    Shane is the worst player this season, and I also agree that Kryssie and Danielle are the most hated.
    Scott played a great game this week, especially choosing the right veto.
    I don’t like Neesy and I think she sees herself as better than what she actually is in this game.
    Neesy did great at the endurance comp, but so did most of the players, she just lasted a little bit longer. This makes her think that she is good at comps, but hasn’t proven it again.

  5. Hi Adam, thanks for the true and humorous rankings. Who is your next favorite after Shelby? I’m curious, because Shelby may be leaving soon. We will see which side America prefers in just a little while. I don’t like it when HG gets vicious with other HG. Shows No Respect.

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