Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother OTT – Week 2

Here we are back again… another eviction night looming for Big Brother Over The Top and Danielle & Kryssie find themselves back on the chopping block. Just like last week, neither one of them were America’s nominee, and most likely both will be safe again – but you never know!

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13

It was a “violent,” errr ummm, I mean volatile week in the Big Brother house. There were so many fights, spats, arguments, whatever you want to call it – and for us, that’s FEEDS GOLD! Most of it surrounded Monte &/or Danielle and their respective sides stuck up for each other thus creating something we have not really seen since BB6 with a house so divided.

After tonight’s eviction a new HoH will be crowned – but America has been playing a stronger HoH game than the “lucky” houseguest who sleeps upstairs the first 2 weeks – so let’s take a look at how everyone’s game progressed this week:

Shane Chapman – 5 strips of Bacon – if you are an avid reader of my column each week, you know I usuaully give someone high praises for winning a Veto when they are on the block, and this week Shane did just that. It didn’t hurt that he has a golfing background – but let’s face it – that was not why he won. Just about everyone else was horrible at the challenge- so after what seemed like a real 18 holes of golf, Shane finally sank his 2nd 30 pointer and walked away with the Veto.

In all honesty – Shane is a pretty boring player on BBOTT. Yes he had his Bromance with Monte, and has his Showmance with Danielle, but you never really hear him coming up with strategy. This is actually good for him, as the target stays on Danielle, and he will be able to get further if/when she leaves.

Neeley Jackson – 4 strips of Bacon – similar to Shane, so far Neely has been a pretty boring player, but she is doing it on purpose to avoid being in the middle of the drama. She is doing a much better job staying tight with people on both sides of the house. This will allow her to go much further in the game, but she will need to start doing something down the road if she is going to win this game. For now though – she is keeping a low profile, and in this house, that is very smart!

Alex Willett – 3 strips of Bacon – just like Monte last week, Alex won HoH and took a shot at a big target – or in her case, targets. As a superfan, she knows the longer you keep a Showmance in the house – the stronger they get. So she went right to work and tried to split Shane & Danielle apart.

Unfortunately for her, America did not like that, and her HoH reign will come to an end with her ally Monte probably leaving. In the process, the target on her has grown & now she will have to fight for the next few weeks. She has shown she has fight in her. So this will be interesting to watch.

Justin Duncan – 2 strips of Bacon – I get it, Justin is the class clown & viewers love him. His gameplay leaves a lot to be desired and he is just floating along. He likes not knowing all the details of the plans, just wants to know what to do & when to do it. What his side does not realize is how hard it will be later to get him out. Unless he is up against Jason, Justin would probably win it all.

It’s so funny how he can do no wrong – even in his fight with Monte, he did not have all the facts of what was said & how it was said so he blew up on Monte. Later though in classic Justin fashion, he hugged it out to show he was over it – even though he isn’t.

Shelby Stockton – 1 strip of Bacon – I do not care what other people (inside & outside the house) think of Shelby – I think she is hysterical. Her air-head act is not really an act sometimes, she is just a goofball. Sadly she got roped in by “the plastics” and has annoyed the “Jamboree” – and Shelby’s name keeps coming up as a possible target. Her rap during the live DR session last night was hard to watch – but still, she is trying to entertain.

If she had it all to do over again, I would hope she made some better friends. She is not as big of a threat as the people she is working with – so that should help get her further, but unfortunately – all it will take is one more snide remark to the wrong person at the wrong time, and she may get the boot. Please America – keep her safe in the weeks to come!

Kryssie Ridolfi/Jason Roy – 1 strip of Bacon to share – America awarded Kryssie the Care Package this week, and she used it on Jason to ensure that he did not go up on the block. I really do not think he needed it as Alex was never seriously considering nominating him. Kryssie now finds herself back on the block but an even smaller target than she was last week. Jason is still just having fun and being catty, but this season surrounded himself with the numbers and looks like a genius.

Now on to the second half of this week’s Power Rankings…


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  1. Right on the money with this as usual! Just hope that America votes out Danielle this week. Her drama and stirring the hate has to end!

  2. Excellent article as usual, Adam. I really enjoyed reading this one.

    And, yes, Danielle needs to go first. There will be other chances to get at Monte. He will always be a target as long as he is in the house.

  3. Jason just having fun and being catty? I guess you don’t watch all the disgusting, vile, nasty threatening things he says on the feeds late at night.

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