Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother OTT – Week 1

I will start this off saying that I LOVE BBOTT! This is the way Big Brother should be. We see & hear just about everything. We get to see the comps play out in real time, so no shenanigans with people thinking production is helping specific HGs. If we did not get to see the Veto play out – I am sure there would have been people complaining that Jason was helped.

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13

Also, I loved that we got to see the Big Brother Over The Top Houseguests move in and the initial reactions to meeting each other. Sure it was awkward and took a while – but those first days you see the way the interact and bond with each other. And as we are seeing now, some of those Day 1 friendships have turned into day 5 annoyances. I really hope they take a page from this season and move it over to the big show next summer.

Someone is going home tonight, and as of late last night, I could not get a grasp on who was actually leaving. There has been so much wavering on who they want gone. There are pros and cons for each one to leave, and we will find out LIVE tonight – BUT FIRST… lets see how everyone did week 1.

Jason Roy – 5 strips of Bacon – Not since BB11 didd we have only 1 returning player. Usually they at least brought in 4 people to give the vets a chance – and while the new crop of HGs realized Jason was a huge target week 1 – he was still able to make a lot of bonds, and win the Veto to remove himself from the chopping block.

One thing is for sure about Jason, he is very observant and knows a lot of what is going on in the house. This time however he is smarter and is playing the game, not just sitting outside smoking being snarky. Well, he is still doing that also, but much better so far. He will always be a target, so he will have to keep fighting week in & week out.

Scott Dennis – 4 strips of Bacon – one of the biggest superfans to play this season, I loved how Scott was first in the house – and his quirky commentary as he walked around the house by himself was pretty funny. He also was the official tour guide which worked very well for him as he had the most interaction with each HG as they came in. He has used this to his advantage by getting in good with most of them. He has a Bro alliance, he’s tight with the Girls alliance, tight with Jason – all of his bases are covered for now. His game will excel if he can keep playing all sides of the house for a few more weeks and let the bigger threats knock each other off.

Whitney Hogg – 3 strips of Bacon – Whitney is another superfan and you would think she is a just a simple girl – but this girl has game! I did not expect her to team up with “The Plastics” as I thought she was more of a Donny – but she fits in with the Mean Girls well without isolating herself as some of the other gals. Even though she is tight with Monte too – I do not think she will be targeted along with him.

Justin Duncan – 3 strips of Bacon – ok, this guy is a real breath of fresh air. We have not seen a HG like him, maybe ever. It’s cute that he has no idea what’s going on in the game. This has some HGs thinking he is not a threat at all, and a few others think he is downplaying his naivety and is really a mastermind. Keeping everyone’s belly full has been a good strategy too. He really is “feeds gold” and hope he sticks around a while.

Alex Willett – 2 strips of Bacon – her secret has been safe so far & while a couple of people (Jason & Justin) are kind of suspicious that Alex & Morgan could be related – it’s been pretty much been swept under the carpet for now. Alex has brought her BB knowledge to her group but does not come off superficial. She knows she needs to get Shane / Danielle split up – but I think is very good at listening and observing. She does not talk too much – which in this game we see all the time – loose lips sink ships

Monte Massongill – 1 strip of Bacon – yes, Monte took a shot at Jason and it backfired when he won the Veto, but he showed he is here to play and not here to make friends. He does have a solid group around him – and not being able to play for HoH this upcoming week, he will need them to protect him. He is a straight shooter which is good & bad in this game.

Taking on the first HoH was a big risk but he welcomed it. As fans we like seeing people play hard out the gate. While America may target him next week – again having so many people on his side, someone could win the Veto and remove him from the block. His bromance with Shane may take a hit if Danielle goes, but they are both the biggest “bros” in the house and will probably continue to work together.

Shane Chapman – 1 strip of Bacon – while it is DUMB DUMB DUMB to get into a showmance early – Shane and his hair were just too much for Danielle to stay away from. The “Plastics” want to get Danielle out so they can keep Shane on their side. If Danielle stays he will have to make a tough decision on who to work with. In most showmances, the guy is targeted first. in this one, the girl is, so he should have a few weeks of safety.

Neeley Jackson – 1 strip of Bacon – I honestly sometimes forget Neely is there as she has not been on the feeds much while I watched. I do not have much to work with, so I am just throwing her bacon so she can use it as a flotation device for now!

They can’t all be winners this week so now we’re on to the backhalf of the Player Rankings for this week on BBOTT…


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