Tonight On ‘Big Brother Over The Top’: Live Eviction Show & HoH Competition

We’re a week in to BBOTT and tonight will technically be the first episode for Big Brother Over The Top with this week’s live eviction, an issue that’s confused many viewers and left the “Full Episodes” video tab of the show empty for far too long. That finally ends tonight when Julie Chen arrives for the debut live show of the season.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Over The Top

Things kick off tonight at 7PM PT (10PM ET) with what could be a long night with the official BBOTT schedule showing up to three hours of events tonight, but I’d be surprised if CBS is really having Julie Chen stand on that stage for three hours at a time each week. Since this is still in our first round of events we’re learning the real schedule as we go but keep in mind that you must be subscribed to All Access to watch the show tonight.

With the entire series running on the Live Feeds you’ll need to be signed up (get the Free Trial now) and then you can either watch on your mobile device, computer, or even streamed to your TV so you can watch it like a regular episode of Big Brother on CBS TV. If you can handle Netflix streaming on your TV then you shouldn’t have any trouble getting All Access on there either.

Big Brother Over The Top Live Feeds Free Trial

First up is the weekly Wednesday night show starting at 7PM PT which is slated to run for an hour before the live eviction takes place at 8PM PT. After Tuesday’s Veto ceremony the nominations changed up to leave us with Cornbread, Danielle, and Kryssie on the Block. The latter of the three as this week’s renom after Jason saved himself. Now one of those three will become the first ever BBOTT evictee.

Things don’t look good for CB at this point due to a shift yesterday that took the target off of Kryssie thanks to efforts by Shane and Danielle. Shane appears to be shifting away from Monte and playing both sides of the game which could be fun for us to watch but he isn’t the only one trying to play all the sides.

The next Head of Household competition could draw the lines again as we’re still so early in the season that alliances may be quick to fall apart and follow the power to set a new course for BBOTT. Which side do you hope takes control next? The HoH comp will round out the night’s events.

Remember our BBOTT schedule is a little different with nominations on Saturday and Sunday night then Veto on Monday and the Veto Ceremony on Tuesday before the next Wednesday eviction. We get a bit of a lull after the HoH comp for nearly two days but once things move again it goes quickly.

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  1. I’m digging the group of five that includes Kryssie, Jason, Justin, Shane and Danielle. They’re hoping to bring in Neely, but that’s it. I hope they take over the house next. You learn a lot more from those that stay up late compared to the ones that went to bed earlier. They’re almost certain they have enough votes to send CB home without the need for a tie breaker. And their target is Monte and Shelby. Can’t believe Shane is going along with the plan! So hope one of these six wins HoH so they can make it happen! Let the games begin!!!

    • Me too Joni! I could not believe how Danielle got that house flipped! She got Shane on board and between them and Neeley they switched the target from Kryssie to CB! That was impressive. :) I just cast my votes for CB to be evicted… Who did you vote for?

      • I voted for the same…CB. After hearing the DRs last night, I finally knew who I was going to side with…not the Plastics (which Scott is referring to them as and now Jason and Justin are as well). Glad it wasn’t us feedster viewers that did that..LOL I’m going to feel so bad for Scott, who doesn’t read people as well as he thinks he does. He’s still siding with Monte and Shelby. So it’s going to be exciting to see his alliance crumble before his eyes if one of those six get their wish and nominate Monte and Shelby! Won’t Morgan, Whitney and Alex be stunned when this happens? What “man” will they turn to then to put their trust in? hahahaha

      • Hahaha! Right? Yeah, I think it is going to be CB leaving tonight… Danielle really went to work yesterday, as did Neeley and Shane and by the end of the night, they had flipped the entire house–even Monte was going along with voting CB out!!

    • I watched a little bit last night, but I guess I guess I missed this new alliance forming. This happened in the backyard? Did they all talked and finalized this plan? So, there’s no need for a tie breaker?..that’s good news.

      • Good morning Cy… :)
        I think it kind of started b/c Danielle talked Shane into keeping Kryssie and voting out C/B…and the group (as a whole) kind of decided that was how they were voting. I’m not sure it’s an actual “alliance” though. At least that is how I saw it. I might have missed something. I’m playing catch up on the feeds b/c I was out all day yesterday. :)

      • I had a feeling something good is happening with this group when I saw all of them in the backyard chatting and having a good time, while the rest are already in bed. …thanks TGJ, and good morning to you too.

      • Aren’t Wednesdays the best right now? We get an episode of BBOTT @ 7pm and then Survivor @ 8pm!! YAY! So happy!

      • I know. Hey Cy…where’s Sharona been? I was hoping she’d still check in here even though she doesn’t have the feeds. I promised her we’d all give her a good run down… :) I miss her spunky comments. :(

      • I thought she was here couple of days ago. It’s hard to appreciate this OTT if you didn’t subscribe. There’s no TV version/BBAD.

      • I know. I wish CBS would give POP TV the rights to air BBAD for OTT. I think it would help their viewership, Cy, and the reason being is BBAD is a teaser that would allow people (who aren’t feedsters) to get to know (and love) the HG. If a viewer gets invested, then they might buy the feeds once they have faves. You know what I mean> And POP’s ratings for BBAD would surely double if not triple b/c that would be some people’s ONLY access to OTT… It is a win/win for both networks if you ask me.

      • That was only if one of them won HoH this week. Not sure how it’ll be handled now, since Alex won.

  2. I voted for CB to go but actually I don’t care out of the 3 who goes. Kryssie gets on my nerves. Before she was even nominated she’s saying she wants to go home and crying then Justin crying saying it’s only day 5 and he thought about leaving before he even got in the house. WTH. I don’t have any favorites yet and I’m sick of people getting recruited. Justin thought he was voting to evict after the veto ceremony. SMH

    • Yeah, he {Justin} has no clue what’s going on..but he is pretty funny! Although, according to Monte, he says some pretty terrible things about the numerous women he’s been with–I haven’t heard these comments personally, but Monte mentioned it in his live DR last night.. I’ve only heard him playing nice & funny, if not a bit clueless. ;)

  3. So, apparently Cornbread offended half the house yesterday with a comment he said about Jewish people and the stereotypical views of them being frugal and haggling over price-tags. It was a rude and insensitive comment. I wonder if he calls a gay man the “F” word in private or African-Americans the “N” word?? Any lingering respect for CB flew out the window real fast after hearing that!

  4. I’m excited that I get to watch the live HOH comp. I hope that they show it and don’t start showing the fish tank as they did last season. I would love to watch them set up the backyard for the comps rather than the HGs on lock down talking about nothing.

  5. Are you guys watching right now? Scott/Monte talking in the storage rm? Justin is behind the door listening and I think he heard a lot about their game plan..It’s still going. Ha!

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