Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 6

Like sand through an hourglass, these are the Days of Our Lives… if you are old like me, you remember this iconic opening of the daytime soap opera… and there are some days that the Big Brother house is more of a Soap Opera than a “game show.”

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

This week of Big Brother 18 has been very Soap-ish – especially with Zaulie having their on again / off again relationship. One thing is for sure, this season in general has been drama filled which has made for some exciting feeds & unexpected evictions. With word of another Big Brother season to follow right after – let’s hope that one is as good as this one has been. BUT FIRST – let’s take a look at how the current houseguests have fared this week.

Paulie Calafiore – 5 strips of Bacon – I still cannot believe Paulie volunteered to go on the block AGAIN, but he lived up to his promise, won Veto, took himself off, and basically controlled Paul’s HoH by getting him to re-nom Da’Vonne. As I mentioned in the opening, his showmance with Zakiyah is filling the down time between competitions & evictions – and despite how much Z says she is over him, she keeps going right back to him. For those of us on the outside – we cannot believe everyone is doing whatever Paulie says, but he’s got his own bottle of “Mist” and the rest of them fall in line.

Michelle Meyer – 4 strips of Bacon – she is the meanest of all the mean girls in the house – and says things that we all shake out heads at – but still, everyone talks to her, everyone gives her info, and she eats it all up. She is still in a very good spot in the house, as people still do not see her as a threat. As the rest of them start turning on each other, will she be able to coast to the end? I think so!

Victor Arroyo – 3 strips of Bacon – has the rest of the house forgotten Victor was evicted already? This is another week of safety for him, and while they keep saying they will go after him, the longer he is there, the better his chances of winning an HoH and really shaking things up. Not sure if his “errand boy” act is real, or if he is just biting his tongue and fitting back into the mix. Either way, he has survived another week so good for him!

Nicole Franzel – 2 strips of Bacon – Nicole was not brought back for her amazing gameplay, but for her likability factor. Her gameplay has been accidentally good so far this season. She talks to everyone, seems sympathetic when they are down, but meanwhile keeps running different scenerios with people and despite being called out, still has the trust of most. Her meatsheild Corey seems like he would go to bat for her and that kind of protection will help her in the upcoming weeks.

Natalie Negrotti – 1 strip of Bacon – she’s cute, she’s fun, she does not get in the middle of drama, and she is not a target for anyone. The comparisons to Victoria (BB16) are completely off base. Well, somewhat off base. Victoria did not have a true ally like Natalie has with James, and I think Natalie may be able to win a competition at some point.

Read on to see how the bottom half of this week’s Houseguests were ranked.


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  1. No I’m not excited for the online season mainly because I live in Canada and cannot get CBS all access so that will really suck however I will have bbcan 5 to watch

  2. I would give Jame’s the TOFURKEY for not listening to Natalie when she tells him things about Paulie.

  3. I totally agree with your assessment of Zakiyah. She seems like the abused woman type that goes back for more again and again. I hope this changes soon. I’m a big believer that you cannot let people get away with treating others badly; they need to be shown what they’re doing is not okay. Just “letting it go” or saying things like “boys will be boys” or “that’s just how he is” is not enough and not doing anyone any favors.

    • On purpose for no reason at all he made her cry, then went and told his buddy’s and they all laughed, including James who for no reason I know likes this guy, Paulie is a scumbag to women and James is the worst BB player ever.

    • Caught her in a lie and then spent the whole day confronting (and verbally bullying her) while she denied and cried. I don’t buy that her tears are just about their broken relationship but also about her blown up game. Still, he’s being an ass about it.

      • He’s been frustrated with her for a while, though, so I don’t see it as bullying so much as his temper just getting the best of him in that one instance. “Bullying” implies that he’s done that sort of thing to her before, which he really hasn’t.

      • I don’t think it was bullying. I think when you’re a grown woman or man, it becomes mean, not bullying. Children bully

    • A lot of Twitter folks are outraged over him making her cry. I don’t have the feeds but they described it as her crying and him coldly explaining to her that he is speaking to her logically and not emotionally.

      I don’t like to see folks cry. It’s a game but I cannot imagine what it’s like in that house. Never card for Bridgette but didn’t want her bullied. Hated the shunning of Tiffany but really hated when Da laughed in her face while she was crying and Z went at her with a ‘tude.

      Doesn’t make it right that Z got some karma though. Like I said, I don’t like to see anyone cry. I’d like for them to leave the game if they cry, almost. That’s stupid, I know, but it’s a tough game and it’s understood that people lie to your face and backstab during the game. I like Frank’s outlook that it’s just a game and he doesn’t seem to hold grudges once out of the house. Probably easier said than done (at first anyway) but I like that outlook. It’s healthier, too.

  4. I have never thought James was a good player. He should be… I mean he’s great at comps, great social game… but he never knows what’s going on in the house. He thinks he does, but has no clue really. This irritated me about him last season as well. so much potential.. wasted.

      • He should have kept Da actually. He’s at the bottom. Only being used as a number… just like last year. He waited too long to go against “the house” which is really just the power alliance.

  5. Your assessment of Michelle is WAY off. You said she’s in a good spot in the house and no one sees her as a threat… Um, have you watched the feeds this week? The boys, mainly Paulie, have repeatedly said this week that Michelle is next on their hit-list. And if you’re only Paulie’s hit-list, you’re likely in serious trouble.

    Michelle is catching on to things this week and is starting to figure out what’s going on inside the house, but unless she or Zak win HOH, I’m almost positive she’s going to get nominated right next to Bridgette.

    • I admit I did not watch feeds as much this week as some other weeks – so I missed it. I only see her getting info and not coming up as a target.

      • Yeah she definitely gets info and has done a good job this week putting pieces together, but the boys and Bridgette want her out!

      • The guys have brought up her name, along with Bridgette and Zakiyah. I think Paulie’s preferred order would be Michelle, then Zakiyah, and Bridgette some time after. But even then, I think it’s going to depend on what happens in the next HOH comp.

      • Adam, she’s now his top hit for next week since she told Vic she hates it when they whisper. I lost all respect for pp after last nights after dark episode

  6. “-this season in general has been drama filled which has made for some exciting feeds & unexpected evictions.”

    Idk, I supposed the feeds have been pretty exciting. Definitely frustrating at times, but I feel like the evictions have been pretty darn obvious and expected. I was so PUMPED when Bronte was voted out instead of Tiffany, though. I thought for sure the power in the house would change, but Day had to ruin it for me. She could’ve worked w/ Frank, Bridgett, and Tiffany, bcuz Paulie wasn’t going to have her back. Then, Bridge could get her friendship w/ Nat back in order and James could have Day’s back. I would’ve liked that. It could’ve worked for a while.

    • Agreed. Day’s lack of shrewd game play has been the biggest disappointment for me this season – ESPECIALLY the whole thing after the house flip in Tiffany’s favor. She’s clearly only capable of thinking short term and not getting past personal biases in favor of her longer term game. As much as I despise Paulie’s behavior and grip on the house, I won’t shed a tear to see him succeed in evicting Day this week. A real shame.

    • I hate this season. One of the worst since show started. I’ve watched all seasons, and I really dislike this season. I hate they brought back these vets I would never miss

  7. Hey Adam, throw your weight around and use your influence on the producers to start giving Paulie a fair edit. The nasty things he’s said about the women in the house, mostly Zakiyah, should be shown.

    • ummmm – why do you think I can influence production? They gave me a horrible edit down the stretch after I did not “save Dani” over Kalia

  8. Uh, Adam dear, DOOL is still on the air. Lol. Just because EJami (EJ & Sami) have left and Bo has left, doesn’t mean it stopped airing. Ha ha.

  9. Unless they start winning some comps, I look for those without Y chromosomes to leave the house in short order.

  10. Paulie is an asshat, BUT Z made her own bed (literally).
    She is a grown woman, and if she let’s Paulie (or anyone) talk to her in such a manner, especially in these circumstances I have very little sympathy for her.
    Let’s face it .. the chick is delusional. Yes, Paulie has paid attention to her, but she is fantasizing about a life long commitment with wedding bells and rug-rats. PUL-eee-se Miss Thing!

  11. Adam, this is a great assessment of the HGs this week! And, yes, I too did a physical face palm when James said “Bridgette and Victor” that night, as did all of America.

    Oh, and LOVE Days! Amazing way to start the article! I laughed as soon as I saw it. Because you’re right. The way Zakiyah is acting, she’s basically a character right out of Days or GH.

    • Haha. I haven’t watched soaps in years, not since I used to take breaks from mind-numbing studying for final exams to watch ‘Young and the Restless’ and the first time I saw Paulie he struck me as the kind of walk-on/supporting dude player they used to have on Y&R. Who knows, maybe his performance with Z is a drawn out audition for a place on the show after bb18. haha

  12. Yes. James and Zakhya are in the right spot this week.
    Paulie will get the top bacon every week from now on, unless the HG grow some bs and he gets evicted.

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