Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 4

The Big Brother 18 Houseguests have been in the house for over a month now – and alliances have come & gone several times.Last week was pretty memorable as we had the biggest house flip since Dan’s Funeral! We saw enemies now become allies, and the veterans finally publicly turn on each other.

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

That has made this a very exciting week so far, and the week is still not over yet. We may see another flip tomorrow night, and then the whole house dynamic will change when someone battle’s their way back into the house. But first… here are the Bacon/Tofu rankings for week 4.

Tiffany Rousso – 5 strips of Bacon – Ok, I am going off my normal criteria for the rankings this week and awarding the person who is probably (for now) going home the top honors. Yes she did win the Roadkill comp and put up Corey originally & then Da’Vonne – so that was a great move. But that’s not why I am giving her this much bacon. Last week I gave her the Tofurkey of the Week for wearing her sunglasses all day & all night – and this week she took them off. PLUS she did stir the pot so much and got the whole house in a frenzy. She was saved last week after giving a pretty epic speech calling out “The dictator & the Cabbage Patch Kid” – and then teamed up with them this week to try and save her hide. This is the kind of gameplay that we as fans love to see. It may be all for naught, but maybe, just maybe she will be saved again and make for another exciting week.

Michelle Meyer – 4 strips of Bacon – since I’m going crazy with the rankings this week – may as well keep it up. Michelle’s stomp after the eviction last week was pretty over the top – so that needs to be rewarded, Also for having terrible sunburn and wearing an outfit that showed it off on live TV was also pretty amusing. As far as her gameplay – she is doing a great job of collecting information on the others and regurgitating only certain info back to people. While she does have quite the mean streak, Michelle seems to have the ability to bob and weave a few more weeks and as the numbers dwindle down she will have to start winning comps to get to the end. Like her or not, she is playing the game very well.

Corey Brooks – 4 strips of Bacon – I say it all the time, there is no better feeling in the Big Brother house as when you win Veto while on the block. The best nights sleep you get is when you know there is no way you are going home. He also is starting to think on his own and bring ideas to others instead of just being a “yes man.” If he could just get Paul, Paulie, and Frank into an alliance – they could be an even stronger Brigade than we had on Season 12. They would all have their side alliances (except Paul – he would be the Meow Meow of the group) and could run through the house!

Paul Abrahamian – 3 strips of Bacon – after Paulie won HoH again this week, Paul did what every good floater does, and started kissing his ass. But that’s not why he gets bacon this week, I am rewarding him for channeling his inner BB15 Andy. Game conversations happen on both sides of the house, and Paul is usually sitting in on it. A few people are starting to catch on to it, but no one has Paul near the top of their hit list. Tiffany called herself a Free Agent this week, but Paul is the real free agent. It does not take much convincing to get him to change his mind. He could be the final vote needed to save Tiffany this week, but he will need Paulie’s approval first.

Paulie Calafiore – 2 strips of Bacon – during Tiffany’s speech, she said that dictators usually do not fare well on Big Brother. She was referring to Frank, but after winning his 2nd HoH of the season, he has taken over the dictator role. The first time he was HoH he was a little more democratic. This time, not so much. But he still has an army of people that want to work with / for him – so despite his 3 competition wins in the last 3 weeks (2 HoH, 1 PoV) – he is not talked about as a big threat.

Frank Eudy – 1 strip of Bacon – Frank knows all about having the entire house gunning for you – and he knows there are people coming after him again. But that does not get him down and hide under the covers, he continues to go to work looking for a way to get out who he wants out and make new allies to protect himself. Even though Boogie was his coach on S14, he is trying to take something from Dan’s game. Will it work? Who knows, but the longer he is there, the better his chances of winning competitions to keep himself safe.

Read on for the back half of the list as the remaining BB18 HGs received a negative ranking this week.


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  1. just observing why this article is in control by you…

    Adam Poch – 3rd place – Big Brother 13

    If there was a book titled “How to win 500 thousand dollars on Big Brother” I’d expect the author to be Dan from BB10 or Will Kirby. If there was a book titled “How to win 25 thousand dollars on Big Brother” I’d expect the author to be Jeff from BB11. If there was a book titled “How to win 50 thousand dollars on Big Brother” I’d expect the author to be Adam Poch. He was the ultimate floater and butt-kisser. He seemed so sure he’d be asked back for all-stars on finale I felt embarrassed for the guy. I’m sure America can’t wait to watch him float and butt-kiss and try to collect his 50k this time.M+17

    ! This guy was really annoying and on finale night he tells everyone that the reason why he isn’t in the final 2 is because he would have beaten everyone. Yeah right! Plus he said that he would be coming back for all-stars 2 and win it. He is the biggest floater and butt kisser in the history of Big Brother.M+1

    Adam was always afraid to make a big move and didn’t want to make enemies with America’s golden couple Jeff and Jordan. It’s no wonder he finished 3rd because he was carried most of the game by Jeff and Jordan. Least Shelly got it that if you want to win big brother cutting off certain relationships will get you the money. – BlackDiamondsM

    He was the biggest floater in bb history… Didn’t have any balls at all

    • Wow – you dug deep in the archives to find this huh? Not bad – you should work for a private investigator. Fast forward 5 years – did you take the time to ready my article? Do you agree with anything I say?

      • Yes I do read your article, and some stuff makes a lot of sense . I’m just questioning your opinion on the way HG are playing the game when your way was a disaster on your season

      • Sorry, but a 3rd place finish on BB is not bad. Also, I think the point is to get insight from someone who has played the game. I always enjoy!!! Thank you Adam

      • I would also bring a floater to final 3.
        and if your definition of someone who PLAYED the game is Adam , we’re not watching the same show

      • I agree with that :) it’s not to be mean or anything I say that …. I just find it funny you’re the one making this article and criticize other’s way of playing

      • That’s really not my logic here….
        You can criticize when you’re really good at something, like chefs with food or Vet pro sports players with newbies ….

      • Funny you mentioned sports. You don’t have to be a great player to coach. You have to understand the game and know how to teach the game. There’s a lot of food critiques that aren’t chef. Film Critiques are not actors, but have vast knowledge of film making and the mechanics.

      • ok…so Adam should be a coach on the next coach season of big brother then !
        My point is , he was the worst player to play in the history of big brother in my eyes…
        so it’s just funny he’s criticizing how current players are playing

      • I am not denying my gameplay was not that of Dan, Will, Evel Dick, Derrick, etc… but I did play the game. Maybe not the way you like players to play. How can you call me the worst player ever. Was Jozea better than me? Also – are you a live feeder? If so you would have heard me talk to the feeders explaining my game, my moves (or lack thereof). If I had to guess, I would say you were rooting for Daniele my season. All of her fans hate me cause I had the chance to save her and I did not. If I save her, she wins the game. I knew a lot of what was going on around me, just knew better than to call people out – unlike Day this season (& last season). The bottom line is – I played Big Brother & I am a superfan of Big Brother. I know what it takes to win the game. I just did not have the skillset to pull it off. Also – I was not helped by Pandora’s Box to save me like the eventual winner of my season. Talk all the smack about me & my game that you want. It does not bother me at all, because I lived my dream of playing Big Brother.

      • I was a Danielle fan, I wish u have saved her so bad. And Rachel only won because of the Pandora Box that saved her and Jordan when Porsha was HOH at the final 6..
        Big Brother is made of different people, different culture,( and production manipulation) each person is supposed to play the game as they way they want…only thing that matters is winning the U$$500K…

      • Worst player in BB history?! I wasn’t a fan of Adam in his season (sorry, Adam), but even I think that’s a gross exaggeration. I don’t even know where to begin on players who played worse than him. I’d put Nicole on that list just from the last 2 weeks alone, but before her would be Zakiyah, who isn’t even aware she’s playing the BB game—and that’s just this season. Et al.

      • Ha! His game was FAAAAR from the worst! I think you bumped your head darlin. There were worse players in his SEASON even lol

      • People can talk big but unless you have been there they just don’t know. Thank you for your insight I alway enjoy.

      • I’ll give you this Adam, if you were hired as analyst of this game, then you’d be given the half mil in a paycheck. Seriously I think you’re really good with analyzing this game.

      • That’s kind of lame. Just because you personally don’t win something and aren’t the GOAT of BB, doesn’t mean that you can’t have strong opinions that are valid. Like they say, those who don’t do, teach! Plus, he’s analyzing the game from the OUTSIDE now, not from the INSIDE like when he was playing. That a huge difference in strategy perspective.

      • Aww, how sweet that this person wants to get your attention so bad, Adam! ?

        Anyway, how’s Fara and the kidlet? :)

    • Please remind me; what place did you get in your season?

      No? You haven’t been in the house? Really?

      Prattle on…

    • whoa. harsh. i find it odd when people use floater as a description of someone who doesn’t win a lot of comps. there is a lot involved in getting to the end and socializing and aligning yourself in the right spot at the right time is strategy w limited info compared to what us on the outside have. Third place is nothing to bash about.

  2. job well done, Adam. I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing that Frank seems to have stolen some pages from Dan Gheesling’s play book

    • Which is funny because Frank hated Dan. And still seems to show signs of resentment.

      More irony: Dan and Frank are buddies now, and Dan is rooting for his new homeboy/rival

  3. I’d like to see Glenn come back. He’s the only one who would come in with no agenda or alliance so he could look at the players and choose what he wants. And he’d be mature enough to take a good HARD look at the players, maybe weed out the teeney boppers playing summer camp and make some game happen.

    • I think he’s just too far behind. He’d just be an easy target unfortunately :(

  4. After this weeks eviction and the Houseguest are told of the Battle Back.
    Which Returning Houseguest would they want back? And Which One they would not?

  5. “…as many as Julie Chen – ZERO!” – hilarious!

    Love what you wrote about Tiffany, Adam. I’m not her #1 fan but man, that was exciting last week. I think the emphasis on her dictator comment was on the first syllable. I saw what she did there! ha ha

    I want them to evict Natalie tomorrow and Victor win his way back and then we have a house full of Tiffany, Davonne & Victor! Exciting!!!

    • ole suave himself. lol. that would be a good outcome. anything that will keep entertainment up

    • I would LOVE to see Glenn back – doubt it will happen. He needs to win 4 comps in a row. Now if it is the same comp each time, he has an advantage. The learning curve is huge in those types of comps

    • ha. awe, glenn. maybe i do want him to win the chance back in. after all, had they listened to him about that bottom puzzle castle piece, their team coulda won, and it was very close between him and corey.

  6. Adam, I think you meant “Battle Back” in Day’s TOTW paragraph.

    I’d like to see Glenn come back.

  7. Between the first four evictees, I’d have to say Glenn is the only one I’d care to see come back. He really didn’t get a chance to play, and bringing back Jozea, Victor, or Bronte would probably end up being a waste

  8. I also want to see Glenn come back. It wasn’t fair to blindside him with a competition that favored small lightweight people.

    Remember those tilting Islands? Clearly there was favoritism towards the smaller people in the house.

  9. I think Tiffany does deserve 5 strips of bacon this week for finding a quick alliance with the person she outed as the dictator. There is a big possibility that she may even stay in the house and Da will go now that Paulie is changing his mind.

      • One day he is against Da’vonne and the other against Tiffany. Tonight is the night. It is a lot better for viewers not to know for sure who is going. Last season it was the whole house against one person and we always knew before Thursday.

  10. Hopefully Glenn comes back, but I don’t see it happening unless the challenge is a fan vote.

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