Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 3

They say the Big Brother game can change on a dime – and we almost saw the house flip this week as the Frank vs. Da’Vonne battle is growing stronger. There was an uprising to try and save Tiffany and vote out Bronte or Paul – but that was squashed (for now).

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

There is so much lying going on, even the live feeders cannot figure out who is playing who and who is targeting who. But, that’s what we love about the show!

As the Battle Back is looming in just over a week, whoever ends up going out the front door this week will still have a chance to make it back in. BUT FIRST – let’s see who gets Bacon & who gets Tofu this week.

Frank Eudy – 5 strips of Bacon – I expect to get a lot of you upset at me for giving top honors to Frank. He has really polarized himself this season with his overplaying and questionable behavior towards the women in the house. But let’s look at the facts – his #1 soldier & teammate won HoH giving him safety again this week, he controlled her nominations, he won Roadkill again and made the 3rd nomination, and convinced Bridgette not to save one of her other best friends after she won Veto. Yes, he is fully unaware that the other alliance he is in are mostly targeting him, and keeps running his mouth with his hit list changing depending on who he is talking to. But with all these people gunning for him, he is still a tough one to get out & the rest of the house is trying to figure out when & how to get him out. If they do not have a solid plan, it will backfire.

Bridgette Dunning – 4 strips of Bacon – If you win HoH & Veto in the same week, I usually give that person 5 strips of bacon, but a) she let Frank control her HoH & b) she got Tofu in her HoH basket. GRRRR!! I will have to have a talk with her after she gets out about the 2nd part. Still, Bridgette did win 2 comps this week – so she needs to be rewarded for that. While she is public enemy #2 for most of the house, she does have other bonds in the house that can keep her safe in the near future.

Nicole Franzel – 3 strips of Bacon – we are really seeing an improved player this season in Nicole. She is in the center of it all, and while she is dangerously close to getting into a showmance that may blow up her game later, for now she is sitting pretty. Frank, Day, & James all tell her everything that is going on – and she is thinking every scenario through, not just for this week, but down the road too.

Natalie Negrotti – 2 strips of Bacon – Natalie is starting to understand how the game works better than she did when she walked into the house. She is staying off the immediate firing line by getting close to James. While I think she legitimately likes him, she is using him game wise to get further. Of the Spy Girls – she is the lowest of the hit list – and with an endurance comp looming soon, she is built for that and could take power soon.

Paulie Calafiore – 2 strips of Bacon – coming off a week where Paulie had all the power, he was kept safe this week with Bridgette winning HoH. He probably has the best grasp on what is going on in the house behind Nicole. He is getting a little controlling, but the fact that he is thinking through the scenerios and not willing to just jump on an idea without going over all the facts is a good thing. If he starts trying to become a dictator, then he could be in trouble. Also, his “flirtmance” with Zakiyah could end up putting a target on him later if it becomes a full blown Showmance. For now though, he is the voice of reason, and with this crew that’s not too tough.

Zakiyah Everette – 1 strip of Bacon – still on no ones radar yet – Zakiyah has herself in a good spot. With Day & Paulie protecting her, she is listening to all the options – but not really bringing anything to the table. That’s actually a good thing, because in the retells around the house, no one ever says “Well Zakiyah said…” She is letting the bigger dogs go after each other while she sits back and chills.

James Huling – 1 strip of Bacon – James understands how long this game is – and is not willing to start making enemies at this point. James realizes that a flip of the vote to get out Bronte (or Paul) would just enrage Frank, and he would start targeting the people that doublecross him. Is it just his laissez-faire approcah to life, ort is it good gameplay? A little of both. Just please stop with the pranks already!

Not everyone can get bacon though so it’s on to the back half of the Houseguests this week.


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  1. The problem with Da’Vonne and Paulie is that, both think once Frank is gone they will be the new puppet masters. I think Corey is using Nicole to get ahead because he knows she won’t put him up, but he wants to keep Paulie close to him at all times. I don’t Think Da’vonne should get Tofu, but I agree that it is a huge mistake keeping Tiffany since Frank will see it as a betrayal and work harder to win comps.

    • While I think keeping Tiff is a benefit, I can see why people would want her out. It’s so Frank would have no knowledge that people are gunning from him.

      • I have been saying that from the start. DAY is pushing to keep Tiff only because it would benefit her later on with those two showmance’s in the making.

      • Willie Willie Willie…Day is pushing to keep Tiffany for the same reasons most of the other houseguests have realized what keeping Tiffany would mean…another vote against Frank. By the way, Day is pushing to keep Tiffany for the same reasons Frank is pushing to evict Tiffany. She’s a possible vote for/against them.

      • They have the votes to get Frank out WITHOUT Tiffany so why would you keep her? One reason, two shomances and DAY being the fifth wheel. Now if there was no showmance or there wouldn’t be any conflict of interest, then I would not be saying that DAY wanted her to stay just to benefit her.

      • Well, it seem like the others have figured out it would benefit them as well to keep Tiffany.

      • I just don’t see how keeping Tiff will benefit anyone in the house other than DAY or maybe Paul.

      • it could help corey and Nicole one because tiffany is on there team incase she wins they would be safe and two because they would be the last two members on their team which would make them a target more because they are already being seem as being a showmance which would make an easy target but if tiffany stays they can avoid that situation

  2. Oh Adam, I agree with almost everything (even the top and second spots) but no way in heaven that Nicole deserves that 3 bacons, seriously? She has a clear brain? Flip-flopping on everything, getting caught on the lies, constant paranoia of being nominated, playing with so much emotions and even admitting that relationship was more important than half a million. Are we talking about the same Nicole? Nicole who chokes on water and pees on the pants, that Nicole?
    Btw, Day shouldn’t be that low and Big Meech should get at least a smell of bacon for her rapping alone.

    • Yes – she is toiling with her decisions – but in the end always comes out looking good – unlike Day

    • Need I say more than what you’ve clearly spelled out. Frank and Bridgette do deserve 1 and 2, but Nicole Hell Nawh!!! Loved the way you broke down “the golden child” aka Nicole’s bloops and blunders.

  3. OMGosh, it kills me to think Frank deserves a piece of bacon, considering he is a pig. But, I’ll let that one go for now. The one that sticks out more to me is the tofu for Paul. Although it does seem at present, he is floating, I don’t think he has any other choice and is playing it smart. He has upped his social game to work in his favor. Since you did give him 5 strips of Tofu last week, at least you did see an improvement.

  4. I’d have given Day the tofurkey – she was sitting pretty, then overplayed her hand, blew up her alliance and wound up in a position where she’s not sure who she can trust and people are starting to not trust her. If anyone reversed their standing in the house more dramatically than Day, and by their own hand no less, I can’t see it…

    Also, I’d give Paul more credit than Natalie. Besides the fact that I am in the “she’s using James” camp, I think she’s still relatively clueless about how to play the game and totally depending on James (and to a lesser extent the Powerpuff girls) to keep her safe, whereas Paul has really upped his social game, and I could see him following the same path as Johnny Mac last season, riding being everybody’s pawn and whipping boy a very long way towards the end of the summer. The difference being, in Paul’s case, once a few more strong players get eliminated, I think his social game is much stronger than Johnny Mac’s was, and if he can last as long he may very well find himself being in a leadership position once the numbers within the house dwindle, if he can last that long, and considering all the other targets jumping the line ahead of him on most people’s radars, those chances seem to be improving with each passing week.

    • While I think Paul has grown since his buddies left, comparing him to Johnny Mac is a bit of a stretch. Paul has little knowledge of what’s going on, and while John was in the outs with the Sixth Sense, he knew that Vanessa was the mastermind from the start.

      As for social game, Paul rubbed some people the wrong way while John was liked by others from the start (minus Austwins).

      Maybe it’s just me but Paul has a long way to go before becoming Johnny Mac.

  5. I agree on everything except I would swap Da’Vonne and Tiffany. Yes Tiffany’s paranoia somewhat got her into this mess but it was Da’Vonne who pitted Tiff vs Frank and caused the destruction of the Eight Pack late last week. Anyone who causes that kind of destruction of an alliance then cries in the DR about how her alliances are falling apart around her is a walking talking Tofurkey. She should know better than to keep Tiffany just to stick it to Frank when that move, while awesome for us feedsters, would be gameplay suicide cause she is showing her hand to Frank causing him to step it up and win comps.

  6. They need to get rid of the teams so only the HOH is safe. Maybe after the Battle Back and the former evictee comes back, they will get rid of the teams.

  7. You have to give props to the Vets there are only 4 of them but only one has been HOH and not one Vet has been on the block and this week another Newbie is leaving.


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