Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 2

The Epic Blindside last week, was not too epic as Frank told members of “The Revolution” they would be voting out Jozea. While Jozea did look surprised, and got a bit emotional when he was hanging out with the Chenbot – those frowns turned to smiles when he heard he has a chance to come back into the game.

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

This week saw the infamous “From the block to HoH” power shift. Unfortunately for us as viewers, this was not a true power shift, as Paulie is (kinda) with the Vets and another strong newbie should be walking out the door this week. BUT FIRST – let’s see who had a good week and will eat Bacon, and who had a bad week and will be bathing in Tofu!

Paulie Calafiore – 5 strips of Bacon – Last week, Paulie made a bad game move by giving the Ok to be used as a pawn, but it worked out for him. How did he react to being saved? Oh just winning the HoH and Veto – giving him (almost) all the power in the house this week. He had a risky plan to backdoor Victor – but it all worked out smoothly – and by bringing a lot of people in on the plan, it looks like his hands will be clean of blood as he returns to the general population next week. I will also throw in a slice of Taylor Ham (aka Pork Roll) – for finding out about the 8 pack and not get upset about it.

Zakiyah Everette – 4 strips of Bacon – as a member of the majority alliance in the house, and member of the Fatal Five female alliance, she has blended in nicely. She is not seen as a threat & has good bonds with both Da’Vonne & Paulie, two great Meat Shields in this game. Let’s see how she plays if/when she is up against the wall – but that may not be for a long time!

Nicole Franzel – 3 strips of Bacon – Nicole made a bold move week 1 – and for now, it has not come back to bite her. If Jozea comes back in the house in a few weeks, she may be his target, but by then, so much more game would have played out – and she will have enough allies to try and protect her. With the house seemingly about to divide into Frank vs Da’Vonne – she will have to choose a side, but she is “nice enough” to find a way to sit in the middle and let them kill each other and slide by for a while.

Frank Eudy – 2 strips of Bacon – Oh Frank… you had everything going for you up til now, and what do you do? Overplay and now you are starting to upset a lot of people. He seems to have alliances all over the place, and now that people are starting to compare notes about him, he may be in trouble. I will still give him bacon, because he is likable enough and a big enough threat to get people on his side & a competition beast so he should be able to save himself along the way.

Michelle Meyer – 2 strips of Bacon – As one of the only superfans of the newbies, Michelle has figured out a pretty good path to get herself to at least jury. She is convinced there will be a returning player from the first few evicted houseguests. Others think she is crazy for this idea – but when one comes back she will sit there and say “I TOLD YOU SO.” Michelle does have a “Mean Girl” in her – and she is doing a good job hiding it from the people she does not like (aka – the Spy Girls). Her condescending attitude is starting to surface a little. Time will only tell if that will be her downfall.

Da’Vonne Rogers – 1 strip of Bacon – when not being fed info from the Diary Room (or should I say – allegedly) – Da’Vonne is still as observant as she was last year – so knowing who to give what info to & when up til now has been her biggest asset. She is starting to lead the Anti-Frank committee – and that will either help her become a power player, or it will blow up in her face and become a target. Let’s see if her mouth gets her in trouble again this season.

Bridgette Dunning – 1 strip of Bacon – she separated herself from the other Spy Girls – and is doing a better job being an actual spy. She is listening in when not told to listen in on conversations and is picking up on some cracks in alliances. She has also “teamed up” with Frank, but as we said before – Frank has alliances all over the house. Still a better week for Bridgette!

Corey Brooks – 1/2 strip of Bacon – I am still not sold on Corey as a player. He is still hanging out in the background, but to say he didn’t know who Tiffany’s sister was – and that he only watched Big Brother 17 for Clay – is a bit odd. Clay was aligned with Vanessa the whole time he was in there. Was he watching Clay like he watched Frank in the shower? That would make sens why he had no clue who Vanessa was. Now, if he said he didn’t know who Shelli was either…

On to the Tofu side of this week’s Big Brother rankings.


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  1. Overall good rankings but surprised that both Natalie and James are so low. James should be at least a bacon since he knows he doesn’t have the ability to win the whole enchilada so he’s doing his best to stay as long as possible while trying to win the AFP again. He’s also proven he’s a team player and that’s a very smart move.
    Natalie might be a target in following weeks but she’s surely safe this week. If based on solely this week, she’s doing so well to fade into the background and float to next week, so at least a smell of James’ bacon for her this week.

    • Hahaha – yeah, I have to give some people Tofu. I just do not see what Natalie has done this week that will get her far in the game. Frank & Day – I was considering giving Tofu to – because they are setting up to fail – but one will come out of this war and one will not. Stay tuned for next week to see who rises & who falls.

      • Btw your Corey comment is hilarious. He does love staring at Frank’s butt. Paulie caught him twice doing that haha.

      • Sure, but I don’t think it’s odd at all to only watch a reality show because you know one of the contestants.

  2. Thanks for your interesting perspective of what’s happening, if you were in the house, Adam, who would you align with? Who do you predict will become F2 and win? Personally, I hope one of the returning players win, preferably Nicole, Paulie might be the only newbie I’d like to see win, I can’t say I’m overly fond of most of the newbies.

    • Not sure – may have liked Paul from the start because of his metal background – or Paulie & Natalie cause they live in NJ. As far as F2 – way to early to prdict. So much game to go and so many twists to come.

      • Paulie is looking pretty good to me. Sounds pretty smart on BBAD by laying low and doing alot of observing.

  3. I would have given Day more bacon and Z less. The way I see it, Z is pretty much riding on the coattails of Day. Majority of folks think Day is making a big mistake in trying to take out Frank early. But, I disagree especially if Victor leave this week and Frank next week, then the two big guns can battle it out in the battle back competition.

    • Z is setting herself up to go further in the game. Day is trying to make a bold move too early and it will be her downfall. The goal is to get to the end of the game and win it. You cant win week 2 – but you can lose week 2.

    • I’ve seen where Day is telling Z to decide on what is best for her game instead of going along with her but maybe riding her coattails is what’s best for her game right now.

    • I think D’vonne should get the most bacon this week. she is trying to get a big player out. Until D’s plan backfires, and hopefully it doesn’t. I think she should get a full plate of bacon.

  4. I like your points here Adam, but I would give my own rankings

    -James should be given atleast one bacon for staying out of drama. He may not have done much but he’s pretty much flying under the radar.

    – I would give Frank a tofu for kinda repeating what he did in Season 14- become too obvious of a threat. Because Frank rubbed people the wrong way last time, and here it’s even worse.

    – Also another Tofu for Day. She’s overdoing things with her lies and is pretty much doing the same thing Audrey and Vanessa did.

    But hey that’s just me

    • Thank you for the feedback. I still do not think James is playing a “winning” game – that’s why I gave him Tofu this week. And Frank/Day – one of them will come out looking good, one will come out looking bad – time will only tell which one is which.

      • With all these hot heads in the house James could survive for a long time yet but I do appreciate your opinions Adam.

  5. Zakiyah 4 strips of bacon. Haha are we watching the same show? She does absolutely nothing except hang on Paulie.

  6. Don’t think Frank deserves any bacon. He’s tanking his own game by over playing and while he thinks he’s outsmarted everyone, they all are seeing how he’s tried to have every single person in the house on his side…

  7. Zakiyah is just meat for the grinder. She does nothing. Just hides behind Dvon. When it´s needed, just makes some jokes into the cameras.

    • I do not like this girl. I barely understand what she is saying and I agree that she is just following D’vonne’s lead. She should be all the way in the bottom of the ranking or not at all.

  8. I disagree with the Paul ranking. I think Paul does not trust anyone, especially Paulie even after he took him off the block. Right now he has to do whatever it takes to make sure they trust him and include him somehow in their alliance, but he doesn’t care to keep these people around. Victor’s mistake was trusting Paulie and Frank and not his alliance member Paul, but he could come back.

    I disagree with James ranking as well. His strategy is to be likable and use both sides of the house to his advantage. He has not chosen to play hard as he is able to because it is not needed at this point. He is not a target. It was working last season, but he became to trusting, so hopefully he learned his lesson.

  9. Always happy too see these articles, especially as they come from a fan who’s actually been INSIDE the BB House.

  10. If they do end up sending Tiffany home, that’ll make Paulie the Turkey of the week. Victor will be coming at him guns a blazin!

  11. Frank Screw his game badly he done gonna safe Bonte for sure since she would of been next to go

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