Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Finale Week

Well, here we are – finale night… or should I say FINALLY the finale night. I have been saying all of Big Brother 18, that 90+ days is just too long. Although we did see a lot of action this season, and plenty of tears, fights, scheming, and backstabbing. Two revivals added unnecessary weeks where we could have been enjoying our summer doing something else. But then again, if you are reading this, then you are addicted to BB like I am, so,…

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

Who would have thunk 99 days ago, that Paul, Nicole, and James would be in the final 3? if you can prove that they were your top 3 preseason picks, then I will give you 5 lbs of bacon… BUT FIRST – let’s take a walk down memory lane as I give each HG Bacon or Tofu based on their time in the BB house. Instead of top to bottom, I am going to go in order of eviction (final 3 in my predicted order):

Glenn Garcia- 2 strips of Tofu… so bummed we did not get to see more of Glenn as he was a preseason fav of mine. He had the potential to be the funny guy a la Enzo from BB12. He did have the chance to win one of 2 competitions to extend his game in the house, but came up short both times. Just think about this, if he beats Corey in the balancing coconut comp, there probably would not have been a Nicorey, and the other showmances would have stood out more. Damn you Glenn!!

Jozea Flores – Tofurkey of the Year! Yeah, we will always remember Jozea for one word MESSIAH! For people that do not like recruits on Big Brother, this is a perfect example of why we need them on Big Brother. They do not understand the concept of; It takes 90+ days to win Big Brother, it takes 1 day to lose it. In his case one word. As soon as he said it to Da’Vonne, he believed it, and he owned it. And then he walked out the door with it.

Victor… we’ll get to him.

Bronte D’Acquisto – 1 strip of Tofu – Unfortunatley – Bronte never really caught on to what was going on in the game, She had a cutesy little alliance with the Spy Girls, but other than coming up with names, they never put their plan into action until Bronte was gone. And that was only when they had a common enemy – Paulie. Wait, aren’t I supposed to talking about Bronte’s game? EXACTLY. (for the record, yes, she does look like Tori Spelling)

Tiffany Rousso – 3 strips of Tofu – in every preseason interview, Tiffany said she did not want to play emotional like her sister. That lasted, what? 3 days? She was smart & cunning like Vanessa, but her emotions took over. Her spats with Paulie, Frank, Da’Vonne were fun to watch, as was all the times groups would break up as soon as she came around. As fans, we loved the last minute flipping of the house to save her, in the hopes she would go after Frank, but that backfired as they teamed up. Didn’t matter anyway, she left the following week.

Frank Eudy – 1 strip of Bacon – as big of a target as Frank was on BB14, he had an even bigger one on him on BB18. For anyone that still wants to call him out on his inappropriate behavior, remember, as soon as he was confronted about it, he stopped & apologized, Unfortunately for him, it was too late as the damage was done. I think part of it was his competition prowess, but once he & Da’Vonne drew the line in the said, that was his last straw. Who knows just how close he came to convincing Michelle to use the Veto on him,

Da’Vonne Rogers – 2 strips of Bacon – similar to last season, Da’Vonne was not afraid to speak her mind. Unlike last season, people actually listened & supported her… for a little while. When the Frank/Da’Vonne beef was all said & done, her name was dragged through the mud as well, and she followed Frank out of the house. She did however make it to Jury. I could have done without the hair flipping.

Zakiyah Everette – 5 strips of Tofu – Zakiyah played such a non-game, that there were like 4 or 5 episodes in a row that she did not even appear in any diary room sessions. Not to mention she threw her game away for someone that did not even have the decency to remove her from the block when he had the chance.

Bridgette Dunning – 1 strip of Bacon – I didnt really know what to expect from Bridgette before the season started – and early on she seemed to just be there. She won the 3rd HoH and by then, she was all in with Frank. That would have been a great person to align with, except he was on his way to becoming Public Enemy #1. She completely let him take control of her HoH, and since he won Roadkill that week – he essentially made all 3 nominations.

Once Bridgette found out that he was responsible for one of her Spy Girls going home, did she jump ship and try to mend fences? NOPE! Once Frank left, she caught on to Paulie running the house and was instrumental in leading the charge to get him out. It’s just a shame that feisty side of her did not come out earlier.

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