Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 17 – Week 9

It’s Day 70 inside the Big Brother House – and this season’s 2 biggest superfans Johnny Mac & Steve are on the block. Unless some unknown never been seen before super power gets unleashed on the house in the next 36 hours – one of them will be walking out the door.

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13
Adam Poch on Big Brother 13 – Source: CBS

However, with the Jury Revival comp waiting for us this Thursday – they could walk right back in the door. BUT FIRST… lets take a look at the week that was – and see who deserves porky treats – and who deserves some inferior soy based disgusting stuff!

Vanessa Rousso – 5 strips of Bacon – I am still not 100% convinced that Vanessa’s fortune in the house is all strategic on her part, but hey, it’s working. She has been public enemy number one for a few weeks now, and came up big this week winning the Veto to ensure her safety. When she found out she was in fact the backdoor target by all of the house – she did what she does best, call people out and demand to get the answers (with some tears mixed in here & there). I still think the rest of the house will be kicking themselves when they could have gotten her out 3 weeks ago.

James Huling – 4 strips of Bacon – somehow James has kept himself safe the last few weeks despite being the only player willing to make big moves. He keeps the rest of the HGs entertained and quietly is playing a solid game. He has told Meg that if he wins HoH he will have no problem putting Austin & Liz on the block. That’s a good gamer right there – and if that happens and he can get himself to the end of the game, that is a huge talking point when addressing the jury, breaking up both Showmances this season.

Liz Nolan – 2 strips of Bacon – Liz has herself protected by 2 solid alliance members, her twin sister Julia & her boyfriend Austin. Liz does a great job making decisions after talking them over (and over and over) with them and seems like she is less of a threat than Austin. Despite her being in on the plan to back door Vanessa, nothing is coming back on her like it is the rest of the house (minus Julia).

Johnny Mac – 1 strip of Bacon / 1 strip of Tofu – I have given some players both Tofu & Bacon in the same week before. For Johnny, he earns Bacon for trying to do some last minute scrambling and willing to throw anyone/everyone under the bus. He earns Tofu because he is just sealing his own fate in doing this. I’ll be sad if he leaves, but lets face it – other than a few well timed Veto wins, his game never quite lived up to it’s potential.

Julia Nolan – 2 strips of Tofu – I still do not see much of a player in Julia. Yes, she was hindered by the fact that she was the “other twin” – and not really in the mix early on. She has yet to win anything to prove her worth to the alliance, but the rest fear her as part of the Austwins alliance.


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  1. “I would love to see Austin & the twins finally feel the wrath of the block.” …..YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Always enjoy reading this every week, Adam. I was surprised to see an HOH win the tofurkey of the week, but I think it was well deserved. I think he got hit in the head too many times in the wrestling ring.

  3. My concern about Jackie coming back is that she is a lot of bark with very little bite, I just fear that she lets herself get pulled back into that cocoon that Meg and James set up and miss out on the action. And they wouldn’t have a Becky propelling them anymore.

    Listening to Austin, okay, remember in the early part of the season he was seeming to be on the Bachelor then he was almost backdoored and he was playing for awhile? I swear, he is now acting like he is on a couples’ vacation and prefers Meg and James as fun people to hang out with. Its a silly reason to have protected them this week, he could have gotten rid of one of them, the jury would have shrugged okay. Now sending either of the boys back, you are sending two people capable of bringing people together who also know most of your game play. And you actually better hope Shelly comes back because you take away the corroborating witness.

    It is so funny, as early as Saturday morning, Vanessa was enemy number one, she might right now be the actual swing vote (and it seems like she is trying to find a way to keep JMac), and she is almost no one’s target. I might suspect Meg or James but I don’t think they hold the same loyalty to the Austwins.

    • It surprises me that Austin has never been nominated. He’s terrible. Maybe that’s why. I’m ready for him to go. I really hope it’s Vanessa that plans his demise.

      • It happens. But I think Vanessa has been trying to set things up by keeping Jmac or at least setting him up for a return.

  4. Meg is on vacation but what’s wrong with that? She’s always smiling never uses the knee as an excuse. Took a shot in the eye with no apology from 250 pound Austin and laughed it off. She’s the anti Vanessa. I’d cook her bacon

  5. I disagree…. It was wise of Austin to not put up Vanessa as the initial nominee, no need to get her to gun for you if she wins veto.
    If she had not won veto, he very well could have decided to backdoor her.

    I think that is a far stronger move than putting her up initially, and blowing up any chance you have of working with one of your closes ‘allies’.

    I do agree that he should have went after Goblins….. James has made it clear he’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty, and everyone in that house knows the Austwins need to be taken out before it’s too late.

  6. This is the first season that I actually don’t care who comes back. I like them all. (the jurors not current house guests) Becky or Jackie would be the most interesting though.

    • If Jackie comes back, she may try to convince James and Meg not to trust Austin and the twins. I am sure that all 3 girls are talking about everything that happened in the house.

      • But since James and Meg have agreed that if Jackie comes back, they want to vote her out immediately, they may not listen to a word she has to say.

      • That is because they know that they are alone, but if a new member comes back it will be better for them to get together and get rid of Austin. He made the deal with him so just get him out.

  7. Austin is a below average player, with some knowledge of the game, who has the twins to back him up. Won some comps. That’s about it. Peaked too early. I don’t expect him to win this game….I think an Austin nomination is coming soon.

    • Disagree, people don’t give Austin the credit he deserves because they don’t like him personally or are frustrated when he doesn’t target people they want out personally. You don’t play the game as aggressively as Austin at his size and stature and get to the final 8 without ever being nommed with being at least somewhat good at the game, besides an early hiccup with Jace he’s managed to pick good allies that have all been at one point or another as big of a target as he is incase he needed cover, if he gets nommed next week he has vannessa and a twin he can throw in front of himself as an out and the guy has a underrated social game, he’s good at schmoozing people, he talked liz off the block in the early game and he managed to convince clay/shelly not to backdoor him when they were dead set on it, which in hindsight im sure they regret. This week he’s going to take out Jmac, who’s the austwins biggest threat and he’s kept his word to the goblins which may buy him some goodwill on there part whether in the game or if there on the jury and he needs votes. unlike ability does not translate into bad player.

    • Hopefully, but Austin is playing everyone in the house without their knowledge and Vanessa does it even though the house knows about it and don’t vote her out.
      Austin has three different alliances and they all trust he will stick with them.
      If james wins and he continues with his Austin alliance, then I hope he gets voted out soon for being an idiot.

      • Austin kept saying Vanessa was not running his HOH this week and then he would yell at her and say “Tell me what to do!” Austin has no spine!!!! And if you believe Liz that she like Austin now you are easliy fooled. She recoils every time he touches her or tries to kiss her. I think its funny. He is cheating on his gf on Naional TV and the girl of his dreams is using him.

  8. Adam you must have missed when Austin said he wanted James and Meg to stay because he had fun with them. Stupi reason to keep someone.

  9. Might as well give Vanessa the whole smokehouse full of bacon as much as
    everybody else is giving the googly-eyed maniac everything… She’s
    lucky on top of everything else, but as for me, I have zero respect for
    people who don’t own their game when confiding in the DR. She is truly
    delusional and seems to believe her own lies. I think her strategy is a
    sawed-off shotgun burst designed to take out a room full of nitwits.
    Confusing people with her erractic behavior may be working, but it’s not
    by design ergo I can’t even. The only good reason to not take Vanessa
    down this week is that she will be at the point of no return. If these
    people can’t take her out after that, they might as well just give her
    their jury votes, the mouth-breathing invertebrates.

  10. Off topic but Vanessa’s hands are so ugly. The fingers must be a foot long! Anybody else notice her long fingers?

  11. I think you are spot on with the Bacon/tofu. If Jmac leaves, are all the deals he made null and void? If so I hope he come back in wins HOH, puts up Austin/Liz, then if one of them wins POV and comes down then replace with Vanessa, it a win win for whomever is HOH, if not then James maybe or Jackie I think these are the only ones that have the guts to do it.

  12. Once again Adam, it’s a joy reading what you write. I have to disagree with one thing though: NO ONE has had the courage to get blood on their hands…especially Austin. Although, when he has to face his real life girlfriend, he may have blood all over him! Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask this for a long time: is that a pipe in your mouth? Just curious…:)

  13. I am getting soooooo tired of hearing those nasty twins cutting down John and oh my gosh, gross Austin, won’t stop with the “John is the guy in Taxi” crap. John is NOT the Taxi guy, Austin, and you are not clever or cool or liked/admired by those of us watching you on the feeds or After Dark. Austin honestly seemed puzzled by the comments that Zingbot directed at him. I don’t think he gets how gross everyone really thinks he is. He clearly has a very unrealistic view of how he appears to others. Nothing cool about him. The fact that he quickly abandoned a nine month relationship outside of the house in order to poke Liz says enough about his character that I need not elaborate. The twins – hah, Liz apologized for trashing John the other day (after apparent advice by production) because she is worried about how she will be perceived by viewers. Apparently she is not worried enough because she immediately started trash talking about him again behind closed doors with her allies. Does she not realize how petty and small minded she is coming off? Very unlikable. There is another one – well, two, add her sister to this – who has a distorted image of what others see when they look at her/them. I think it’s hilarious that these twins think they are so doggoned hot. They are – at best – very average looking and their voices are worse than nails on a chalkboard. Their personalities? God awful. If Liz hadn’t prostituted (her word early on, not mine) herself to Austin, those twins wouldn’t even be there at this point. PLEASE, Karma, knock out Austin and the twins. I can’t stand Vanessa either but I would rather she win than one of those three. As for the rest, I am fine with any of the rest of them winning although my personal favorite is Johnny Mac. For me, it won’t be worth watching if John goes unless he comes back the next week. James is my number two pick because he makes gutsy moves and is fun to watch. However, if it comes down to it, I won’t bother to watch After Dark or the show anymore if John goes. I will just keep up with what’s happening by reading these posts because it is too agonizing to listen to Liz, Julia, Austin and Vanessa without John around to lighten it up.

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