Diary Room: Adam Poch Looks Ahead To Week 8 On Big Brother 16

It took 8 weeks, but Big Brother finally got the results they were hoping for when they announced someone who won HoH could also go home the same week. Sadly for us it was Nicole who was so sweet & genuine, but in this game, those are not always great qualities. So now she is off to the Jury house for a week & will be able to compete to get back into the house along with Jocasta, Hayden, and whoever is evicted next.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

For the 4th time in Big Brother 16 Frankie won HoH and he is paired with Derrick who won for the 2nd time this year. With only 8 people left, half the house will be on the block tomorrow – the question at hand is who will be going up. Derrick promised his little safety net Victoria she was 100% safe. But depending on how this week plays out – she can always end up going up &/or go home.

Derrick & Frankie promised not to back door each other (how did that work out for Nicole & Christine last week???) and I think they are serious about that as they are part of Team America. There is still money to be made, but they also need to keep Donny around for it to work. This will be a problem since Donny is Public Enemy #1 for everyone else in the Detonators+1.

Derrick promised the live feeders there would be fireworks once the HoH reveal was over – and they would all get together to discuss how to go about the nominations this week. Before hand, Derrick & Frankie came up with a plan (well, Derrick did) where they would try to make sure Derrick remained HoH this week – since they think next week will be endurance – and Frankie would have a better shot at winning that. This puts Derrick in a tough spot as he will be vulnerable.

As with most other things this season, the anticipation fell short of the execution. Once everyone got upstairs – they laid out the plan. Donny is the target & Victoria is not going on the block so they can use her as a replacement nominee. Great, ok, that was easy… but now comes the hard part. There are 4 chairs and 3 people in the alliance would have to go up. But who – and how. I know most of us were hoping everyone would start freaking out and the Detonators would blow up leaving no one officially safe this week. After a few rounds of “I dont wanna go up” – they all agreed to pull Skittles out of a bag and see who the other 3 people would be.

With Donny already a guaranteed nominee, the first name pulled out to go up next to him is Christine. OK – not bad, she has not been a fierce competitor – and even though the group decided whoever is with Donny would throw the comp. This is probably the best scenario for that to happen, since Zach & Cody would have a hard time throwing a comp. Caleb, well, we all know he’s willing to throw comps – but that does not always work out. So now they had to pick the other 2. For the first time all year, Cody is going up and he will be paired with Caleb. On paper it looks like a slam dunk – Cody & Caleb should be able to win anything physical… but this is Big Brother, and something tells me it will be a mental or puzzle challenge – and that actually favors Donny & Christine.

What I would LOVE to see is Donny & Christine win BoB & Victoria win Veto – so that the rest of the house would have to eat one of their own. Chances are in this scenario – Derrick would be dethroned, Vic would not use the Veto because then Derrick would be vulnerable, and Caleb would be against Cody on Thursday. Caleb has always been the odd man out in the Detonators, so they would vote him out. Now – Beast Mode Cowboy would be Beast Mode Pissed Boy – and then have a chance to come back in that night.

There are still plenty of opportunities for fireworks to fly this week – and don’t worry – they will. Last night was just the first time the group had to discuss how to turn on each other. They kept it civil for the most part. But afterwards the whispers started… and the backdoor scenarios started being discussed. Everyone is still telling Derrick who they want out and he is filing it away to use to pit people against each other later. Zach is still the one they fear is too much of a wildcard and will turn on them first. As numbers dwindle and the $500K in sight, greed will start taking over, and no one will be truly safe.

Julie made some announcements last night – including the return of Zingbot – which is always fun for the fans & always good to stir up some drama among the Houseguests. This is the last week of the BoB – and someone is coming back in. All of this is sweet music to my ears so we can get back to traditional Big Brother & the Kumbaya we have been forced to endure will be gone. Let me know in the comments section below who you want gone this week & who you want to come back in the house next week.

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  1. Only remaining is Caleb, Christine, Zach, Victoria, Cody and Donny. 4 out of 6 will have to play BoB. Who are they?

  2. After last night, I expect at least Cody to try and get out of being nominated. I actually can picture all of them trying to change what’s going on. But still at the very least 2 of them are going on the block. This could be the week that the Detonators start to make their intentions known of who they see on the bottom of the alliance.

      • Other than look like a man whore, no he hasn’t. He’s the one that seemed the most nervous about going up, I suspect that is because he realizes that his only value to the alliance is with Derrick and Christine.

    • If Cody was smart, which is debatable, he’d want to be on the block. That way if he wins the BoB, he can’t be put up as as a renom, if the POV is used.

  3. Adam: Are you not a fan of the double-HOH twist this summer? Personally, I like how it mixed things up and changed the way the game is played.

    • I know this question was for Adam, but in my opinion, I don’t like how winning an HOH against everyone in the house except one person doesn’t keep you safe. Yet winning BOB against only two other people provides safety for the week.

      • Fair point, however, from my perspective, it’s breathed fresh air into what was, imho, becoming too predictable of a game.

      • I think it was a good idea, but I don’t like the way it played out. People too afraid to make a move on big players because their chance of winning BOB was greater. I think that winning BOB should have taken you off the block and given you an automatic chance to play for veto to keep you safe, but you could still be renomed if the veto is used.

      • That’s a good idea. Winning BoB resulting in automatic veto play rather than complete safety for the week. I like it.

      • It became Battle of the Bore, because they just kept throwing the competitions. I believed, the one coming will be thrown again.

    • I loved the concept of it – but the execution came up short like some other BB twists (see Saboteur). We never had a real house divided – and one from each side won HoH until this past week. At that point is was 7 vs 2 (donny / nicole)

  4. I know we don’t know who the fourth juror is yet but still – I want Hayden to return to the game. If not him, Nicole but only in hopes that Hayden schooled her on not trusting Derrick & Cody.

    • Without yet knowing who the 4th person eligible to come back is, I agree that it should be Hayden. Although it’d be pretty awesome if it was Beast Mode Cowboy evicted and then immediately comes back into the house all pissed off (and confused).

  5. Would be nice to get a strong Detonator out this week and Nicole winning and coming back next week. We need to change the dynamics in the house because until now, nobody outside of Derrick is making any moves!
    We are past boring now, really, really boring when the alliance votes the outsiders one by one each and every week. No strategy, no game play, no nothing! I hope Donny survives this week so, if Nicole comes back, maybe, she can have an ally in Donny. Also, that means the Detonators lost one member and one vote on their side.That is the best case scenario to hope for. More likely, Donny is sent to the jury house and the Detonators just got nearer for one of them to win that $500,000.

    • If you want to change the dynamics then hopes Hayden comes back. If he and Zach joined forces it could get fun.

      • The only reason I favor Nicole is I think she might win HOH. Whoever comes back needs to win HOH because if not, Derrick will target that person and put him or her on the block and they could be gone the following week. Of course, we do not know if Hayden is capable having won one POV however, he has not been winning HOH when he was in the house. Not saying he can’t because he might be playing possum and trying to mislead the opposition. The drawback being Nicole not using her head. If she comes back not trusting anyone except Donny then, she might be able to have a chance to evict one or more Detonators. That is probably her only chance. I would not even bother trusting anyone in the Big Brother House except, Donny.
        Do not know if you can trust Zach because he sucked up to Nicole only because she was HOH. He was not really sincere about it so, I would not even trust Zach.

  6. I don’t want Donny gone yet. I wuv him. And me also loves some drama!
    That being said, if Christine throws BoB and they’re up, hope Donny wins POV for himself. Might be “easy” to get rid of her this week BUT – Derrick may be thinking 2 moves ahead. If he threw up Frankie next to Christine, he has the votes to evict Frankie: Cody-Victoria-Zach-Donny. Caleb would want Christine gone first. Derrick and Frankie aren’t that worried about Donny staying another week themselves. Derrick would rather see Zach go first because he’s a loose cannon. But lose Zach this week, then when Derrick guns for Frankie the “next time” the opportunity presents itself, Frankie may be on the block against Donny (likely) or Victoria (could happen) or even Cody. Then Derrick has lost 1 or even 2 votes to evict Frankie. He’d only have Cody & Victoria (if Donny was up against Frankie). Frankie would still have Christine & Caleb. And if Donny was NOT on the block, Frankie might make Donny a sweet deal to save him. Of course the “x” factor is the returning Juror. Just saying – this may be a good week to take out Frankie, if you’re Derrick…and the opportunity presents itself.

  7. If POV isn’t used and it’s Cody v. Caleb – Beastmode transforms into Jurymode and is saddling up and riding off into the sunset. Derrick-Victoria-Christine-Donny vote him out. Zach probably wants Cody gone first but no matter. But if neither of these two win POV you can bet there will be some begging & deal making going down with the POV holder to use it. Donny & Christine would be safe but Derrick would be in play along with Victoria and Zach.

    • Frankie could taunt Derrick by saying that we HAVE to use it this week – so we can put up Zach and save Cody & Caleb, Of course the Veto has to be used on Caleb since that’s HIS boy – just like if Derrick was HoH he’d expect him to use it to save HIS boy, Cody. The important thing to remember is that we have to use this to put up Zach – he’s terrible for all our games. And Derrick would then be powerless to not go along! Then Frankie actually throws up Derrick vs Cody after saving his cowboy. – With the intention to evict Derrick with votes from Caleb-Christine (ez)-Donny. Victoria & Zach might vote to evict Cody over Derrick but who cares? Victoria probably won’t win HoH and Zach won’t be heartbroken.

  8. If Christine and Donny can manage to win bob, I do not believe Derrick will put up Victoria. That leaves Caleb and Zack and Frankie to bd. I hope Christine starts to use what little brain power she has this week.

    • Actually, Derrick loses his HOH if Christine and Donny win the BOTB and it is Frankie who has control via HOH. On the plus side, Donny will be safe and Frankie has Caleb and Cody on the block and the only question is who wins POV and will they use it to save one of those guys?

  9. Slim chance of it happening, but I want Christine gone. I’d be happy to see either Hayden or Nicole come back into the game.

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