Zakiyah Everette is a 24-year-old pre-school teacher from Charlotte, North Carolina, vows to be real as she goes into  the Big Brother 18 house and actually play the game.

Zakiyah Everette - Big Brother 18
Zakiyah Everette – Big Brother 18 Houseguest – Source: CBS

Describing herself as charming, bouncy and ambitious, Zakiyah loves to cook, dance and “any form of designing and creating.” She’s going to miss talking to her mom and hearing about celebrity drama while she’s away playing Big Brother.

While in the house, Zakiyah will maintain her looks with her beauty essentials and her workout gear. “Being fit is life,” she says. And according to her life’s motto, you can expect her to take Big Brother 18 by storm. “You only live once!” she says.

Zakiah’s favorite Big Brother player is Jordan Lloyd because she’s “innocent and sweet like myself.”

Zakiyah Everette
Age: 24
Charlotte, NC
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Current city: Charlotte, NC
Occupation: Pre-School Teacher

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Zakiyah Everette interview from CBS: