Steve Moses – Big Brother 17 Winner Finale Interview

BBN: The “What The Bleep” tie-breaker where you said you forgot a zero. Was that true or were you throwing it?

Steve: Throwing F4 HoH is never a good idea. I did not throw it. I just did a terrible job.

BBN: We saw a lot of angst towards Becky in your early DRs. What caused that?

Steve: Becky would not gametalk with me at all. I remember what happened was, she was HoH in Week 2 and we were talking about her nominations. I said if you don’t put me up this week I won’t put you up if I win HoH in the next two weeks. She acted like I threw a hot potato at her that she couldn’t get away from fast enough.

Several times after that I tried to have gametalk with her, but it would not happen at all. So if this girl isn’t willing to have any kind of gametalk with me then I’m going to think she’s against me.

I love Becky as a person. I don’t have a bad thing to say about her, but her not talking to me left with nothing to assume but that she was coming for me.

BBN: What was your biggest mystery through the season?

Steve: I’ve been wondering all summer, what was America voting on. Is it a Team America, America’s Player, MVP? And there was no voting the entire summer. No interactive twists. Just a straight up game of Big Brother. Essentially last year plus add the twins and the three Takeovers.

BBN: What were your best and worst moves of the season?

Steve: Worst is easy to go back to that F4 Veto. I go back and forth with the information I had at that time. I still don’t know based on the information I had at that time.

Best move was laying low at the beginning and getting the attention off of me. I think sitting at the bottom of a 5-person alliance with 14 people in the house really did wonders for me. Then I was also willing to go back on it when I was done with it. Really I should have gone after Johnny Mac at F6, but hello, taking a 3-person alliance with Austwins? Bad idea.

I hate to say it, but Vanessa last night. Needed to be done, and frankly I should have probably done it earlier than I did.

BBN: Are you done with Big Brother? Would you ever come back?

Steve: I’m very grateful and thankful that the first time I applied I got on the show and one, but I don’t see myself doing this again. It’s just so wearing and tearing.

Watch our preseason interview with Steve Moses to see just how far he came in his game this season.


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  1. Steve played the best game of the season. He was the underdog from day one. Steve deserved to win. Congrats. I am so proud of you, Steve.

    • I think he was smart enough not to be part of early game and when he needed he started to make moves he was definitely a underdog

  2. I am very very happy that Steve won. All things considered, he did play he best, most balanced game.

    • Totally agree. I started watching in the middle of season 4, and got Ian, Andy, Derrick and now Steve. Derrick was the best of the lot obviously, but the other 3? Nothing ultimately except an annoying dork fest. People complain about Van, but I think Steve always played the victim, and other HG were too afraid to call him on it.

      • I disagree overall with your assessment…and specifically, I disagree with the victim sentiment. When he sent Jackie packing, I think he was genuinely hurt that he had to send someone he didn’t dislike to jury. He was emotional….yet by his own admission to the live feeds shortly after, 50% of the waterworks was acting. I respect the fact that Steve took his own social awkwardness and played it up to advance himself in the game and, more importantly, owned up to it. Even after all is said and done, Vanessa refuses to admit she played the victim card the entire time to her advantage.

      • I understand, but was referring to his overall image and the things he chose to play up, such as mummie, teddy bear, being ‘socially awkward’, and turning almost every conversation with female HG into a therapy session. Did I mention expecting women to always clean up after him. As evidenced by 3/4 of the part 3 seasons, we let these twerps get away with it because we’re too afraid not to. Congrats BB casting and production who made Steve feel so special you did it again.

      • You do what you have to do to win. He was legitimately awkward, and he used it to his advantage. There’s nothing wrong with that. He said it best himself…”Know who your character is, know who you want to portray,”

        As for expecting “women” to clean up after him….what did he ever do and say to insinuate he expected the female cast members to pick up after him? He might have poor manners (a lot of houseguests do) but to my knowledge, there was nothing inherently misogynistic about him.

        “As evidenced by ¾ of the part 3 seasons, we let these twerps get away with it because we’re too afraid not to.”…….I don’t know what that means.

        Production has a job to do: make sure the show has good ratings. So they create a character with the footage they have based on the characters the houseguests create…there was no problem in how this was done, nor was Steve doing anything wrong.

      • Production decided on final questions, but this was only the icing on Steve’s win. If you read Jokers, you could see how they would joke with Steve throughout the game. There are some who think it possible that the game was adjusted around his preferences and oddites. I don’t believe this entirely, but do think it was a factor.. Notice how the ‘twists’ just went away? Notice the huge lapses in live feeds that frequently seem to occur just when Steve was going do or say something ridiculous? And when he didn’t win dem apples, Steve got his crossword. Part of production’s job is also to insure a fair game. Good try Van and Liz, too bad you never had a chance.

    • Steve played the game beautifully. He struck the right balance of being weak enough to avoid the early grenades, and strong enough to take out some of the strongest players in the game, including the feather in his cap in the form of Vanessa.

    • Wow, I have watched every season and I could not disagree with you more. I was thrilled to see Steve win!

  3. Question: List all the winners(from season 1-17) from the most deserving winner to least? why?
    Just want to know………..

    • I didn’t watch 1 (doesn’t really count tho), 3, 4, 5, or 9. Only really watched some of 6 so I’m not going to elaborate on that either

      Most deserving to least deserving
      1. Dr. Will (S2 Greatest reality tv competitor of all time)
      2. Dan (S10 Perfect Victory need I say more?)
      3. Derrick (S16 almost completely flawless game, only blemish being the 2 missed jury votes at the end)
      4. Hayden (S12 dude was a competition beast and knew respected Enzo’s control game enough to make a $500,000 winning decision. Also went really deep in Survivor, causing the first rock drawing in over a decade that almost gave him the win.)
      5. Evel Dick (S8 A true monster manipulator and his performance in the final HOH endurance competition is something to really be respected at his age)
      6. Rachel (S13 One of the top 3 greatest female players imo up there with Janelle and Vanessa. She had a huge target on her back because of how hated Brenchal was, and without Brendan in the game and her only alliance member left in the game being Jordan she still won out and got the victory)
      7. Ian (S14 IMO Dan deserved the victory but the jury was too bitter. I like Ian, but he should have taken Danielle. Taking Dan should have cost him half a million dollars but he got lucky that the jury wouldn’t get their heads out of their asses)
      8. Steve (S17 I don’t care what anyone says, he floated behind Vanessa and did whatever she said most of the game. In final 4 HOH he wrote the wrong number down which gave him the win, and in Final 3 he won a guessing game. So overrated)
      9. Jordan (S11 Was the first season I watched live. I was happy for her but she rode Jeff’s coattails and I don’t think she really deserved the win)
      10. Andy (S15 is the worst season besides Season 1, and he floated his way to $500k. No respect for this little rat)

      • Wow Jason, you make me wanna watch prior seasons. I could not agree more about Andy, Steve and Ian though. Steve is especially full of himself having clearly been taught he is the center of the universe, and will take credit for all the Vanessa moves that he hid behind. There is a reason Van may have had to be portray remorse because BB doesn’t want a strong, assertive female to win. They cast jealous catty women who ultimately only serve as willing pawns.

      • It isn’t all Steve’s fault that he comes off obnoxious because he is clearly on the autism spectrum. Ian was in the same boat but he was in a house with much more competition (Season 14 was probably the strongest cast since All-Stars) and he wasn’t nearly as obnoxious. I actually would put him higher had he just taken Danielle. His argument “to be the best you have to beat the best” was garbage because if he was the one to evict Dan, that would be “beating the best”.

        Andy tho. I legit despise him more than Frankie Grande. Both are horrible representatives of the gay community (Jason from this season, Reagan, and Kevin from season 11 were all pretty cool imo) and I hope I never see them on the show again. Rather I hope they bring back Andy for all-stars and he is evicted first

      • STEVE is full of himself? Did you see Vanessa, Austin, the twins? How about Shelli, Clay, Audrey, Jason, Jeff? How much more full of themselves were they?

      • I agree with your first 3. I just can’t get behind Evel Dick and Rachel being above Ian and Steve. You make a good argument, but putting yourself in a position where you HAVE to win in order to stay doesn’t deserve a higher spot than someone who didn’t have to win to survive. Evel Dick and Rachel were targets because they made themselves targets.

      • I think Jordan deserves more respect than she gets. I loved that season because of her, and because of the relationship she and Jeff had. She was truly hilarious and a genuinely good person. I know that isn’t how BB is supposed to be played, but if what they’re selling is entertainment, I found her very entertaining in a “no drama” kind of way.

  4. I always said Steve us playing a mich smarter game than we give him credit and everyone would argue with me. I said we will see cause I could understand their points and maybe I was just seeing it wrong. But no, he was and he won. Great job Steve.

  5. I wasn’t going to beat this dead horse any further but I can’t help myself. A few things have become very clear…

    First, I wondered if I had been giving Steve a bit too much credit for his awesome game play and now I see that I was right in my evaluation of him and that he deserved to win and am glad he did.

    Second, I wondered if we were unjust in too harshly criticising Liz and I have come to this conclusion…we did not criticize her nearly enough. After hearing her post BB interviews it is very clear that she was whoring herself out and has no intention of stopping.

    Third, Vanessa, I gave her credit for game play even though I didn’t like her bullying or bribing tactics but I thought she was a genuine gamer and couldn’t help herself (although she had no business being on this show)…now I see that she is a vindictive spoiled brat who could not admit that she got outplayed. The comments about her wanting a girl to win is something that a child would do, or an innocent like Meg. She didn’t play her butt off for three months and have that degree of paranoia to bring it down to wanting a girl to win without admitting defeat.

    Shock and awe…not.

    • Liz was chooses in a casting for Twinning a show from MTV she did not have any intention to apply to BB so you can tell she was just looking for “air time” luckily for her she got 50k at the end

      • Yeap she is laughing all the way to be bank while most deserving HG’s like JMac and Jordan (I love him) left empty handed…

        I just thing is not fair she get 50k when she did not spend 100% of the time in the BB house and start the show with an advantage

  6. How much in total do Steve, Liz and James receive. Since Liz was second place does she get the weekly pay along with the $50,000? Does James get the weekly pay plus the $25,000?

    • Last year I heard Derreck tell Cody that they were indeed getting their stipend on top of any prize. Cody was asking because he wasn’t sure. Derreck sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

      • I think that the winner and the runner up both gets their stipend along with the cash prize. Because James gets 25K for AFH and his stipend. So he is leaving with $64,000 for coming in 7th place. Becky gets 10K for her prizes plus her stipend, so she gets $49,000 for coming in 9th place. It wouldn’t be fair for the others to not make it to the final 2 but get more money than the runner up.

      • I believe Becky will leave with around $25K and probably just under that. They’ll get $1K/week + her $10K prize.

        Last year we did see Donny leave with more money than Cody, so it’s weird for the runner-up to make less than Jury members, but it can happen.

      • I heard that they get $3K a week. That’s what I heard James say during the feeds earlier in the season.

      • No it’s $1K/week, so Becky will get $24K and Liz will get $64K. Julia and other jury member get $14K. So the twins wil have $78K to start their new business. Depending what kind of business they start, they might be able to save a lot on taxes.

      • Oh I thought that it was $3K, maybe I heard it wrong. But do 1st and 2nd get their stipend? Last year I read from hamsterwatch that Donny made more than Cody last season and that the F2 don’t get their stipend along with the cast prize.

      • From what Derreck was saying last year, they do. And as I said, he was pretty definite about it, which lead me to believe he knew what he was talking about.

    • Steve and Liz do not get their stipend, they get $500K and $50K respectively. James does get his stipend in addition to the $25K.

      • That’s not what Derreck was saying last year. I don’t think that would fair if they didn’t get their stipend. BB can certainly afford the $28K involved.

  7. Just jumping in here so it may have been mentioned. Did the “dentist ” say why his teeth looked so bad? And more importantly, why he screamed in the diary room?

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