Spencer Clawson - Big Brother 15

Spencer Clawson
Age: 31
Hometown: Conway, Arkansas
Occupation: Railroad Conductor
Marital Status: Single

Spencer Clawson – Big Brother 15 interview:

Don’t let his looks fool you, but Spencer Clawson is hoping that’s exactly what happens inside the Big Brother 15 house this summer.

This conductor from Arksansas is hoping for his “big personality” to help form vital relationships make the other Houseguests think of him as someone they want to keep around.

After being a huge fan for years and watching at home thinking he could do better Spencer decided to attend a live audition and nailed it. Playing in to the popularity of Southern reality shows right now he grew out his beard and used that to create the look he thought casting would want. Now he hopes that same approach will move him along inside the game.

Spencer’s approach to the game is to be “primarily a social game. Physical when it has to be. My plan is just to go in there and be likeable.”

He’s going to keep his eyes open to the Houseguests who are playing an emotional game. “Hopefully I can hone in on that and the ones that do I will milk that. The ones that don’t, I’ll have other characteristics that stand out.”

As far as the balance of winning and throwing competitions, he doesn’t want to win too many, but also knows he needs to appear being so bad at comps that others won’t want to align with him as a result.

Spencer is definitely going to do well with the friendly, happy guy approach that should keep him in good graces around the house. We’re looking forward to seeing what he adds to the game this season.

Watch Spencer Clawson’s interview with Big Brother Network below to hear the rest of what he had to say including why you should root for him on Big Brother 15.

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