Adam Poch’s Big Brother 21 Player Rankings – Week 2

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Now, I know that there are many people calling this the worst season ever – but if you take a step back and look at all the drama that is going on, how can you say that??? It is for sure the SLOPPIEST season ever – as we are seeing some horrendous gameplay. But as fans watching, how can you not love it. I always say the only thing better than rooting for your favorite players, is rooting against your least favorite… and this season there are plenty of people to root against!

With that being said – I will be handing out a Ton of Tofu this week, but there were a couple of bright spots. Let’s get right to it

Sam Smith – 4 strips of Bacon – by default Sam had the best week despite suffering the biggest loss of all the players. I still do not know how I feel about them telling HGs about news from home – and I know that you may think I am insensitivity – but that effects the integrity of the game. Now the other players emotions are effected and that could come into play later. Regardless – Sam gets the big ups this week for winning another Veto – and more so for playing the game well. He tried to rally to keep Kemi and made some strong arguments which has the whole house flip flopping for the last 24 hours or so – and who knows where the vote will land. While it was his idea – Nick & Bella are taking most of the heat for the people not willing to flip. If only he took it down 2-3 dB in the DR I would have given him the full plate of 5 strips of bacon. (yes, production tells people to ramp it up in the DRs – but we get it Sam… we get it!)

Tommy Bracco – 2 strips of Bacon – Tommy is just hanging out in the background – both literally and figuratively at times. His social game is on point as no one, and I mean no one has even mentioned his name as a target. But that’s also because he has not initiated many conversations. In a season like this, that is actually a good game move (of course I will say that – remember my game???). Tommy is letting other players thump their chest and put their feet in their mouths. Is this by design or just dumb luck? I think a little of both. His reaction to the snakes in the Whacktivity comp was hilarious.

Nicole Anthony – 1 strip of Bacon – In the middle of all of the Black Widow drama – Nicole seems to be the only one to not take any heat for the alliance forming. Again, mostly because the other 3 players have made more of a stink than she has. Nicole’s mild manner approach to the game is putting her on some radars – but she quickly fades back as others sabotage themselves.

Jackson Michie – 1 strip of Bacon – Jackson seems to have calmed down a little bit this week. Pretty sure the DR chat they had with him made him realize how he was being portrayed – so now he has been running damage control this week. Even though he is still associated with Jack – he has done less in terms of rocking the boat. Again, in a week / season like this, that is all it takes to get bacon. Pretty sad!

Kat Dunn – 1/2 strip of Bacon – she is still pretty clueless when it comes to how to play the social game – but we definitely have seen a much more calm Kat this week. Sadly she is becoming someone who I am excited to watch because she has the ability to make me laugh. Just like Jackson, it’s pretty sad that alone gets her some bacon this week.

Kemi Faknule – 1/2 strip of Bacon – despite all of the signs that Kemi was going home this week – she still worked hard to try and stay. If she does happen to stay this week, it’s more because other people made it happen rather than her sales pitch to them. Kemi does have a sinister quality about her – and if she stays it will be glorious for us. Provided she wins HoH – if not – she may end up back on the block next week.

David Alexander & Ovi Kabir – 2 Bacon & Tofu S’mores to share – I love this twist that is allowing both of them to stay in the house playing the social game while not being able to play the physical game. It’s so much better than having the evictees sit in a sequester house by themselves for weeks waiting for the chance to come back into the game. The time away from the rest of the HGs is probably unnerving and when someone does come back – it’s hard for them to blend back in because they have been so out of the loop. Both of these guys are very observant – but Ovi still questions who was working to save him last week (answer = no one!) and David despite being gone for 2 weeks – has caught up quickly.

Holly Allen – 1 strip of Tofu – her association with the “FOUR-PLAY”** Alliance (Jack, Jackson, Analyse, Holly) will end up making her a target as the numbers dwindle – but she is doing a decent job making connections to others – but not good enough. **For the record – that is not an official alliance name, but I think it should be!

Christie Murphy – 2 strips of Tofu – her HoH was somewhat successful as the person that went “home” holds no hard feelings against her if he comes back in. But the problem I have with Christie is she contradicts herself over and over. Perhaps its paranoia when it shouldn’t be. Christie is still good with just about everyone in the house – but she needs to listen more than talk sometimes, as we witnessed when she listened to Cliff’s “private” banter Tuesday Morning. But then to tell everyone everything after… not good!

Jessica Milagros – 3 strips of Tofu – here’s the deal with Jess – she got busted – plain & simple. She may not be solely responsible for the formation of the Black Widows – but her denial has made her look even more guilty than she really is. Emotions are hard to keep in check in that house – so I understand that the pressure got to her and she already had a chip on her shoulder.

Jack Matthews – 4 strips of Tofu – can you say HoHitis??? He had that last week when he was not even HoH – and this week it got even worse. I am so upset that CBS did not air his house meeting telling everyone to not talk game with the Camp Comebackers and for giving him an overall decent edit when we live feeders / blog readers / twitter stans – whatever you want to call us – know the truth about him and his game. Sadly he has this powertrip because others are scared of him, but he thinks it’s because they all respect him. I know we all cannot wait to see him on the block. Even if he does not go home, it will be fun watching him panic. Originally I had him at 2 strips of Tofu – but the faux pas of outing Gr8ful to Sam – and his horrible recovery knocked him down a few rungs.

Analyse Talvera – 5 strips of Tofu & 1 HUGE **** – “wait there are cameras in the HoH bathroom”

That brings us to the Tofurkey of the Week – and this week we have 3 of them. I think this is the first time I have ever given it to 3 people – but these 3 are so deserving.

Let’s start with Cliff Hogg… oh Clifford Hogg III – I get it. You are a superfan, live feeder, so your morning chats are fun for us early risers – but as you say in one breath never assume no one’s listening / sleeping when you walk into a room.. you needed to take some of your own advice and make sure no one is listening on the other side of the door. He basically gave away his whole strategy not just once on Tuesday – but then again on Wednesday when Jackson heard him. Add to that his constant “I will do what the house does” comments just is irritating. Cliff could not even take care of a stuffed owl and now Orwell has been kidnapped. What a bad week for Cliff.

Just as bad a week for Nick Maccarone & Isabella Wang – one of the worst showmances in Big Brother history. Neither one of them knows how to be slick & discreet. I actually give myself Tofu for having both get Bacon last week in the rankings. Bella not only sells people out – but tells them she sold them out. Who does that??? I am all about the chaos that she is causing, but when you light a match and throw it on some gasoline, you don’t stand there and tell everyone “LOOK WHAT I JUST DID” – you run and let everyone else burn their games to the ground. But there was no need to out the Black Widows to save herself. That was a perfect side alliance. Then she outted Gr8ful to Sam, which did get him to start the “Keep Kemi” wheels in motion – but that also got spun around and put even more heat on her. As for her man Nick… another case of loose lips sink ships. Nick just cannot leave well enough alone – stirring up drama and trying to pit people against each other ended up backfiring on him and he is now public enemy #1 for his former alliance members once the Camp Comeback twist is over. The two of them may still stick around for a little while – but trying to earn trust from people again will be next to impossible. They will both go back and watch the show and look at Week 2 as the reason neither of them win this game.

Well, there ya have it – another week in the books – a possible last-minute switch in the eviction vote will definitely shake the house more than the 2 earthquakes they felt this week. My question of the week is – who do you think had the worst week in the house – one of the three Tofurkeys – or someone else?

Please let me know what you think of my column & answer my question in the comments section below. And for more thoughts on #BB21 – follow me on Twitter @HeavyMetalTeddy – and listen to my podcast Big Brothers@BigBrothersPod

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!


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