Morgan Willett on BBOTT

Morgan Willett is half of the Willett duo this season with her sister Alex Willett for Big Brother Over The Top. Their mom is a huge fan and she’s very excited, so let’s go ahead and strike off the hanky panky showmances, right?

Morgan is a 22 year old publicist from Texas and there’s no shortage of energy here. Oh yes, she’s been a cheerleader her entire life so watch for that to spill over in to the BBOTT season, but will it be too much for her fellow Houseguests? She volunteers “hyper, energetic, loud” and I’m guessing that won’t be far off.

Her strategy here looks to be going strong with the social game and talking with everyone, not just the HGs she’s going to align with. Sounds smart. Morgan hopes she can be that Southern girl-next-door charmer to make that happen. It’ll be interesting to see when she discovers that most of the cast for this season seems to be Southern as well. Might make it hard for that to stand out.

After things settle in and the game is rolling Morgan plans to bring out her cutthroat side of her game for Over The Top. Think it’ll work for her on Big Brother? We’ll see how it goes soon enough.

Morgan Willett (22)
Current City: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Publicist