Michelle Meyer, a quirky, bubbly and curious nutritionist, has a clear plan on how to play Big Brother 18 and it sounds a lot like her idol Ian Terry’s game.

Michelle Meyer - Big Brother 18
Michelle Meyer – Big Brother 18 Houseguest – Source: CBS

“[Ian] is so freaking attractive to me, played the type of game I would play, acted like how I would act in the Big Brother house (taking everything in, doing weird stuff around the house), and beat Dan,” Michelle says. (Could this be Ian Terry’s girlfriend? Or future girlfriend?)

While playing like Ian, Michelle is open to showmances, taking on punishments, taking out big targets and passively manipulating people.

Michelle is ready to play Big Brother, clearly, but what she’s not ready for is the paranoia about going to bed while other people in the house are still awake. She’s also not too interested in spreading gossip and starting drama, which sounds like she’s susecptible to. “This has gotten me in trouble in the past and it’s definitely not good for my game,” she says. “It’s like a giant game of telephone!”

The motto she plans to follow while playing Big Brother is “be underestimated.” “I want to be smarter than people think I am, stronger than people think I am, etc. It gives you the upper hand!”

Michelle Meyer
Age: 23
Hometown: Washington Township, Mich.
Current city: Washington Township, Mich.
Occupation: Nutritionist

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