Cornbread is a 41-year-old tree removal company foreman from Augusta, Georgia. He’s also a three-time Redneck Olympics champion. Because of course he is.

Michael “Cornbread” Ligon

The “outgoing, funny and loving” Georgian doesn’t have a complex strategy for Big Brother Over The Top, which is probably good since we all know how those can go. Instead he just plans to “go with the flow, make plenty of friends, be strong in competitions.”

And to no one’s surprise, his favorite past Big Brother player is Season 16’s Donny Thompson. “He’s just a good ole boy,” Cornbread says of Donny. “He’s funny and outgoing and he’s real.” His least favorite: Devin, also from Season 16. Makes sense.

A few other interesting tidbits about Cornbread: He has a redneck news channel on YouTube and is the president of his canoe club.

Michael “Cornbread” Ligon
Age: 41
Hometown: Augusta, GA
Current city: Augusta, GA
Occupation: Foreman at tree-removal company