Liz Nolan, a 23-year-old marketing coordinator out of Miami, isn’t just a pretty face. This Big Brother 17 Houseguest graduated cum-laude but keeps her brainiac side balanced as a “mainstay on the Miami nightlife” scene.

Liz Nolan

Liz admits to wearing her heart on her sleeve and knows she’ll have to dial it back especially to keep the peace with the other ladies who she thinks can be “catty.” Hmm, I wonder how long she’ll last if that starts up.

She isn’t looking forward to sharing a bathroom and is worried she may forget about all those cameras and, oops, walk around naked. Liz is expecting them to be her on plenty though from the sound of it.

I think we can guess which bedroom Liz Nolan won’t want to call her own this season on Big Brother. Her biggest fear is the dark so scratch that back room with no light and save her a spot in the open bedroom.

If Liz got to bring an emergency basket of goodies she’d grab a camera, a good book, and some wine. Well, let’s see where Liz takes us this season.

Liz Nolan, 23
Hometown: Miami
Current City: Miami
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator

Interview with Liz:

I didn’t expect to like Liz too much based on her bio sheet from CBS, but once I sat down with her my outlook improved. She didn’t move to the top of my list, but definitely didn’t end up at the bottom of it either.

Liz seems to follow in the casting pattern of Porsche and Victoria, both from Florida, but she definitely felt more like Porsche by the end of our talk. It’s fitting then that Liz credits Porsche as the catalyst that got her in the audition process for Big Brother 17.

I don’t get the master strategist vibe from Liz as it seems she may try to get through with brute force and outright manipulation this summer. She’s not a contender yet based on our preseason talk, but Liz could prove me wrong.