Jeremy McGuire - Big Brother 15 HG

Jeremy McGuire
Age: 23
Hometown: Katy, Texas
Occupation: Boat Shop Associate
Marital Status: Single

Jeremy McGuire – Big Brother 15 interview:

Jeremy McGuire is a son of Texas having been born there and spent most of his life growing up in the Lone Star State.

He’s been working on his own since as early as he could get a job and thinks that work ethic is going to help set him apart. Well, that and the fact that he lives on a boat. If he wins this season then you can expect that boat to get even bigger.

Having never seen the show before being cast, Jeremy was pushed to apply by his mother who happens to be a huge fan of Big Brother.

He’s going to miss his freedom this summer being stuck in the house with a bunch of strangers who are out to get him, but he’s ready for a break from work.

Jeremy plans to put his studies as a Communications major to work, but he isn’t ready to reveal his strategy just yet though he promises that he won’t be a floater.

If you’re on his team then Jeremy has your back. He’s willing to do just about anything to do anything to win a Veto and save you from eviction, but don’t ask him to eat slop for a month. In that case, “sorry, dude, you’re going home. New friends,” he explained.

Watch Jeremy McGuire’s interview with Big Brother Network to hear the rest of what he had to say including why you should root for him on Big Brother 15.

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