Howard Overby - Big Brother 15 HG

Howard Overby
Age: 29 (will turn 30 yo during the season)
Hometown: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Occupation: Youth Counselor
Marital Status: Single

Howard Overby – Big Brother 15 interview:

Howard Overby is a “Southern gentleman” from Mississippi who works as a youth and family advocate to help and connect families with services in their area.

He’s a people person with a “great big spirit” about him. Howard wants to play the game with integrity but knows it’s inevitable, but he still wants to be the first African-American to win the show and do it without too much “back biting and deceiving.”

Howard is a real fan of Big Brother and has watched every season but when he was in college playing football.

His plan is alliance and social focused as he gets ready to head in to the house. He knows he has to be social to break down barriers his strength could introduce.

You won’t see Howard throwing any competitions this season. “I’m not shying away from any power early. If you’re already a threat, why not?” he told us.

As for just how far he’d go to save an ally he’ll take a chum bath for you, but don’t ask him to eat slop for a month to get you off the block!

Watch Howard Overby’s interview with Big Brother Network to hear the rest of what he had to say including why you should root for him on Big Brother 15.

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