David Girton - Big Brother 15 HG

David Girton
Age: 25
Hometown: San Diego, California
Occupation: Lifeguard
Marital Status: Single

David Girton – Big Brother 15 interview:

David Girton is your “surfer dude” of the season. In fact, he’s the first member of his family to become a surfer and a beach lifeguard. Life goals? Check and check.

He considers himself a hard-core fan of Big Brother, but his memory is a little fuzzy when it comes to more than names in past seasons.

David wanted to audition and get on Big Brother so viewers could get to know him and enjoy what he has to offer about himself. “I feel like I’ve always been the class clown and just like let America see who David actually is,” he explained.

As for what trait is going to push him farther in the game? Oh it’s his personality, of course. David promises to accept the other Houseguests for who they are and avoid getting under anyone’s skin.

David’s strategy is “chill and laid back and go with the flow” as he waits for the other players to fight each other before he decides to swoop in and start winning.

Don’t expect him to throw any competitions either. He wants to win everything unless he knows for sure that losing it would be his best move.

When asked if he’d do something in the game that he might not do back home he offered to consider making love for America to watch. Oh, well we meant more like lie, cheat, and steal, but good to know. I think. Just don’t ask him to shave his hair.

Watch David Girton’s interview with Big Brother Network to hear the rest of what he had to say including why you should root for him on Big Brother 15.

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