Candice Stewart - Big Brother 15 HG

Candice Stewart
Age: 29 (will turn 30 yo during the season)
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Living: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Pediatric Speech Therapist
Marital Status: Single

Candice Stewart – Big Brother 15 interview:

Candice Stewart is one of this season’s beauty pageant queens and one of four Houseguests from Texas. This former Miss Louisiana thinks her personality and background as an NFL cheerleader helped her land a spot on this season’s cast.

Candice is a fan of Big Brother, but admits to being only a casual fan who has watched on and off over the years. She’s “super competitive” and thinks that strength can overcome any surprises she’ll face that a more hardcore fan might see coming.

She gave us our first “expect the unexpected” reference of the day and says she’s ready to be “quick on her feet” when Julie reveals the Big Brother 15 twist.

Candice’s main plan is to be “quick to listen and really slow to talk.”

The other Houseguests should watch out because she isn’t worried about doing things in the game that she might not do out in the real world. “It’s not the real world, it’s inside the Big Brother house and the name of the game is to get to five-hundred thousand dollars,” she told us.

As for saving an ally at the cost of some tough punishments she’s up for most any challenge. Burning her clothes, bathing in chum, and slop are no problems, but don’t ask her to shave her head because then you’ll be on your own.

Watch Candice Stewart’s interview with Big Brother Network below to hear the rest of what she had to say including why you should root for her on Big Brother 15.

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