Update: We’re going to update this to detail how to use the new Flashback archive system through CBS’s interface. Once access is available and we can learn how it works we’ll get this guide updated with the latest information and images.

The Big Brother Live Feeds offer a feature that allows you to rewind the Feeds to any day, hour, and minute in the season to watch any events you missed or want to see again.

Here’s how to get your Live Feeds and starting using Flashback:

1) If you do not have a Live Feeds account then use this link to reach the Big Brother SuperPass sign-up page and get your free trial:

2) After creating your account log in to the main BBLF site. Mouse-over the first menu option, “Big Brother.” Then select the “Big Brother Archives” option.

3) Now you’ll be on the “Big Brother Archives” page. Here you’ll select the day, hour, and minute you want to watch from the Big Brother Live Feeds. If you don’t see the gray bar menu option at the bottom, then mouse-over the area to make it appear.

4) You’ll now be watching previous events on the Big Brother Live Feeds. To change cameras simply select one of the five numbered green boxes on the left side.

5) When you want to change times on the Live Feeds Flashback simply mouse-over the lower area of the video screen to bring the gray menu bar back up. Select the small calendar icon and the day/time menu will appear. Repeat the actions from Step 3.

Congratulations! You’re now ready to enjoy the full Big Brother experience this summer with unlimited access to live & uncensored in-house cams to see what goes on inside the house when the CBS shows end and the real action begins.

Note: Flashback is not available on mobile devices.