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Big Brother Celebrity Cast Rumor: Blac Chyna

The Big Brother Celebrity cast is getting its first potentially legitimate rumor with the new season likely just a few months away. After that first batch of ridiculously way too early attempts at stirring rumors passed we’ve been waiting for details on what we might be seeing this winter. Has it arrived?

First up is the rumor coming from Us Magazine with their claim that Blac Chyna is on the short list for who the BBC producers want to see in the Big Brother house in the series first celebrity edition.

“The production team behind the show is trying to get Chyna to do Celebrity Big Brother,” one insider tells Us [Magazine].

Maybe you’ve heard of her, or maybe not. Us Mag introduces her as a model while Wikipedia offers her past careers as an entrepreneur, model, and former stripper. Either way, some of her most recent pop culture presence had to do with an engagement and subsequent drama with Rob Kardashian.

If this turns out to be true then I think it should help scale back the hopes or expectations for some fans who thought they could expect a higher grade of celebrities in the series. As a reminder, check out Branden’s shopping list of potential BBC cast members. Of course, maybe they can’t all be B-listers (you know we’re not getting A-listers, right?) and she’s a balance to that, but I imagine Blac Chyna would deliver on the drama factor in no small fashion.

CBS has yet to announce just when Big Brother Celebrity will start but we know that even with the regular summer additions the cast is kept secret until just a week before the season kicks off. Would they keep things just as secretive for a higher publicity crew? I doubt it.

We’ll keep watching for what comes next whether it’s an official announcement from CBS on what to expect or a continued drip release of rumors and speculation of who will be on the Big Brother Celebrity cast list. In the meantime, what do you think of the possibility here for Blac Chyna? Reasonable or ridiculous?

Source: Us Magazine via @rbbq
Image source: Instagram

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