Former Big Brother Houseguest Matt Hoffman offers his advice and Big Brother casting tips as part of his series on “Confessions of a Layman: How a Regular Dude Can Get Cast on ‘Big Brother.'” Read on to learn how he did it.


You should definitely exaggerate every aspect of your character. But you definitely should NOT lie about anything. Aside from the expertise of the casting people to detect any falsities, if you make if far enough into the process then the paperwork and background checks alone will bust you out on any lies you’ve told. Not to mention the fact that you get asked the same things so often by so many different people throughout the process that merely keeping up a string of lies would be a near-impossible task.

To clarify the point, here’s a distinction…

I really like cheeseburgers. I may boldly say that I “love” cheeseburgers. I regularly eat inhuman amounts of cheeseburgers from various fast food establishments at any given time. I have completed a cheeseburger eating competition at a local restaurant, earning me a free t-shirt (which, incidentally, is more than I ever won on ‘Big Brother’…so you may just want to skip trying out for the show right now and head to McDonald’s). In a casting interview, I may say that my 2.5 lb burger was really a 3 lb burger. And that a whole crowd of my friends were there to cheer me on as I conquered it (there were only four of us). What I will NOT say is that I am a competitive eater or that I’m a professional cheeseburger chef or that I’m opening a chain of cheeseburger restaurants.

So that’s the difference…as told by a guy on his way to obesity and heart failure.


Persistence pays! How did a shifty-eyed, trollish, socially-awkward guy like myself ultimately make it onto a show catered to attractive socially-adept people?…

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