Adam Poch’s Big Brother 22 Player Rankings – Week 6

Adam Poch on Big Brother

It’s week 6 inside the Big Brother 22 House – and what a week it was. We had everything this week, fights, secret powers, tears (both real & fake), about a dozen people nominated, allies turning against each other, enemies teaming up, people threatening to quit. I don’t know about you – but my head is still spinning. The season has not shaken the stink off from the first month – but at least the 2nd half of the game has signs of classic Big Brother.

Barring any last-minute flip/flops – it looks like we will see Ian (my preseason pick) walking out of the BB22 house tonight. Does he have any magic left in his tank? We’ll find out in a few hours. But first – let’s see how everyone played this week and reward them with bacon or punish them with Tofu.

Da’Vonne Rogers – 5 strips of Bacon & 1 full-sized Veto – FINALLY… it only took 3 seasons for Da’Vonne to finally win a competition. Although last week’s HoH would have been a better win – this Veto win and her decision to use it has caused so much drama all over the house. Her decision to use it may not have been 100% game related – but this works out for her game as trust amongst the big alliance is waning – and she created that crack. Depending on how the house shakes out the next couple of weeks, the ramifications of her decision could catapult her forward.

Cody Calafiore – 4 strips of Bacon – we should be calling Cody “Teflon” because nothing bad ever sticks to him. Everything this season has worked out in his favor. The infamous “wall yeller” from a few weeks ago calling him out still stresses him out – but the only player that seems to be affecting is Ian – and he’s one foot out the door. How long will he be able to keep this up?

Christmas Abbott – 3 strips of Bacon – last week’s Tofurkey climbs out of the cellar and actually had a great week. Coming off the heels of her wishy-washy HoH reign – this week she solidified her place with several HGs. Her separate bonds with Enzo, Memphis & Tyler help keep her protected and now add a bond with Nicole (both promising to keep secrets from Dani) – and she finds herself in a pretty safe spot. It does not sound like the “other side” is not targeting her either – so perhaps there is some Christmas Joy at the end of this season.

Enzo Palumbo – 2 strips of Bacon – “yo, no way I am voting my boy Tyler out yo. I need him to be my shield bro – and that Ian character is so shady – why haven’t we gotten him out yet yo – he won this game before. He did make some good points – but I gotta cut him yo. I’ll give him a hollow hug when he goes because that’s what you’re supposed to do yo” – at what point do people start taking shots at Enzo? Not for a long long time it seems.

Memphis Garrett – 1 strip of Bacon – last week I commented on how invisible Memphis has been on the CBS show (only 7 DR clips in the past 7 episodes) – and joked about his early to bed routine – but this week, that is actually a good thing. His own alliance has been taking shots at each other – but none of those shots were in his direction. He is just skating along and before you know it it will be the Final 6 and Memphis will have so much energy from not expending it early in the game. He will win a bunch of comps and win it all! Ok maybe not win it all – but he, along with Christmas & Enzo, is in a great position.

Tyler Crispen – 1 strip of Tofu – Tyler is coming off a bad week where he almost self-evicted because he couldn’t get himself evicted. He found his way on the block this week at the hands of his own ally – and while last week he would have been OK going home, this week he seems to want to stay. He is getting Tofu because for the first time in his BB career – he finds himself not in control – well, other than the final jury vote on BB20 – but I digress. He has his boys Enzo & Cody as well as Christmas needing him as their shields, he has Memphis who wants Ian out, and he has David who wants to be included – so there are the 5 votes. Ok – I change my mind – Tyler gets 2 strips of Bacon instead!!!

Nicole Franzel – 2 strips of Tofu – as it appears the “Million Club” will be broken up – Nicole was playing it cool – until she started coming up with schemes to vote out Ian and blame it on David. Nicole does not have the skills to pull it off – and her goal of saving Ian’s potential jury vote will probably be negated once he finds out about her plan. Because – you know he will. However as the votes against Ian pile up – will she go out on a limb and actually give him that pity vote?

David Alexander – 3 strips of Tofu – we had glimpses of actual game from David – but… he oversold his Disruptor power (pretending he didn’t have it) – and then along with Kevin has such a bad read on the house and his standing that he was campaigning against someone that would actually help him in the game for someone pretending to help him. It’s all for naught anyway – and at this point, David will be finding himself up on the block as the easy nominee until he is eventually booted.

Dani Donato – 4 strips of Tofu – Dani did not want to win this week’s HoH… so what happens – she wins this week’s HoH. Dani did not want to go after Tyler – saving him as a backdoor possibility – so what happens – she nominated him before the veto. Dani has so many deals & secret alliances when it came time to have to put up a 4th person this week – there was no one else to put up, so she had to choose another ally. While she also holds the power to compete again in this week’s HoH – it sounds like she had so much stress this week that she wants to sit it out. Dani mentioned that she may want to give that power to whoever wins next week’s HoH to put a target on them – however – depending on who wins tonight – Dani may be in trouble this week. Still not sure if she is evicted next week – if she will still be able to unleash her power.

Ian Terry – 5 strips of Tofu – man this hurts, this hurts me a lot. I really thought going into the season that despite being a former winner – Ian would have the skills to go far into this game, but he started off too slow and let the game pass him by. Now he finds himself on the block without any solid allies to help fight to keep him this week. We have seen this all season – the person going home campaigning with logic and purpose – while the other nominee barely campaigns themselves and has others doing the work for them. Just think Ian, you could have had Bay, Kaysar, Janelle, Nicole A, and Keesha’s votes – instead, you may not even get a pity vote from Nicole F.

That leaves us with the Tofurkey of the Week – and it is Kevin Campbell. It could have easily been Ian – as Kevin did the same thing – got rid of all of the people that he could have worked with. But the difference is Ian’s speculations on what is going on around him in the house are pretty close to being real. Kevin… well, Kevin is still just clueless. And the icing on the Tofurkey cake was him telling Ian that he needs to join an alliance now. Ummm – that’s not how this game works Kevin – you should know that.

OK – another week in the books and another hope that somehow this week someone other than the Committee (+ Enzo) win HoH. Not too many people left to win and shake things up even more. While it is fun seeing the power alliance starting to turn on each other – as we saw from Da’Vonne – someone else winning power cracks that group even more.

My question of the week is this… we have seen a few new competitions this season – which have been great (I really loved the Veto comp this week) – but what is your favorite competition of all time?

Let me know what you think of my rankings and answer the Question of the Week in the comments section below.

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From outside the Big Brother House – I am Adam Poch – reminding you If it walks like a duck, and acts like a duck, it’s probably just Ian – looking for the Quack Pack to save his back! Have a great day!


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